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             nPth - The New GNU Portable Threads Library

* Overview

  This is a library to provide the GNU Pth API and thus a
  non-preemptive threads implementation.

  In contrast to GNU Pth is is based on the system's standard threads
  implementation.  This allows the use of libraries which are not
  compatible to GNU Pth.  Experience with a Windows Pth emulation
  showed that this is a solid way to provide a co-routine based

  See the file AUTHORS for contact and copyright information.

* License

  nPth is released under the LGPLv2+ license.

* Porting hints

  Documentation is currently missing.  If you are using GNU Pth you
  should be able to understand the API.  Given that GNU Pth is rarely
  used, we hestitate to spend work on a migration guide.  If you have
  questions, please ask on gnupg-devel.  Here are some hints:

  - Pth mutexes are recursive, that is they will not block if called
    by the same thread.  In contrast, nPth mutexes are not recursive;
    it is best to change your code to avoid recursive use of mutexes.
    nPth uses non-recursive mutexes for performance reasons.