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MYCMD=`echo "$0" | sed 's%\/% %g' | awk '{print $NF}' -`

cat <<_EOF
Usage: $MYCMD [options] file....

Available $MYCMD options:
    -echo         - Show exactly what this program is doing.
                    This option should normally not be used.
    -show         - Show the commands that would be used without runnning them.
    -compile-info - Show how to compile a program.
    -link-info    - Show how to link a program.
    -v            - Version info of $MYCMD and its native compiler $NC.
    -help         - Give this help message.
    -profile=XXX  - Use profiling configuration file,
                    As a special case, or may be used
                    if the library is in $libdir.
    -config=XXX   - Use configuration file, $MYCMD-XXX.conf.