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This is an attempt to give credit to the people who contributed in some way to the mpg123 project.
There are names and email addresses listed. Please use these addresses only to contact contributors with some question about their mpg123 contribution.
You are explicitly not allowed to send them unwanted business offers or to question the quality of their sex life.

Being on the list of contributing authors not necessarily means that there
is significant copyright in parts of the source code. There are obviously
contributions of differing complexity. I try to mention people who motivated
changes at least by suggesting some definite code changes, even if their
code did not enter the mpg123 source verbatim. Trivial changes like pointing
out ovbious syntax errors that make compilers cry do not land here.


Current maintainers with various sorts of contributions:
	Thomas Orgis <>
	Patrick Dehne <>
	Jonathan Yong <>
	Taihei Momma <>

Co-initiator of the revived mpg123 project, but not that involved anymore:
	Nicholas J Humfrey <>

Special thanks go to Taihei, the person who keeps the assembly optimisations alive
and takes care of portability to OSX/iOS platforms.

Generic address pointing to the current maintainer (hopefully still works in future in case maintainership will change again): <>

The creator: Michael Hipp (email: - please bother maintainers first)

Contributions/ideas Thomas Orgis era (includes backports from mhipp trunk):

Won-Kyu Park <>: patch to get rid of asm textrels (x86 PIC)
Michael Weiser <>: update of coreaudio output to AudioComponents API
Bent Bisballe Nyeng <>: patch for MPG123_NO_PEEK_END and MPG123_FORCE_SEEKABLE
Eric S. Raymond <>: man page fixes
Tobias Weber <>: patch for --disable-equalizer
Hans de Goede <>: patch to skip APE tags
Stephan Vedder <>: MSVC++ 2013 port update
Rajeev V. Pillai <>: pointing out/patching issues in HTTP code and behaviour of mpg123 remote/terminal control
Jarno Lehtinen <>: tinyalsa output
Anthony Wells <>: initial version of ID3v2 APIC patch
David Wohlferd <>: Win32 WaveOut buffer destructor fix.
Mike Gorchak <>: QNX native audio output (QSA)
Dan McGee <>: various patches (also for test suite)
Jonathan Yong (jon_y) <>: win32 hacking, win32 wasapi audio.
Malcolm Boczek <>: Common language runtime wrapper
Elbert Pol (TeLLie) <>: OS/2 port fixup
Jeroen Valkonet <>: motivate pitch control, suggestive patch for pitch command in generic control interface
Andy Hefner <>: patch for that second UTF16 issue
Taihei Monma <>: A whole lot of new/improved assembler code, including Altivec!
Christian Weisgerber <>, Brad Smith: sndio output
Patrick Dehne (P4tr3ck) <>: more MSVC++ porting, patch to handle missing bit reservoirs
Thorsten Glaser <>: icy2utf8, suggest utf8 locale stuff
Dan Smith <>: ABI fixes for ensuring stack alignment (esp. for MinGW-built DLL with MSVC)
Michael Ryzhykh <>:
Stefan Lenselink <>: initial aRts output
Sergej Kvachonok <>: win32 audio rewrite
Winston: SunOS-4.1.4/gcc-2.7.0 testing and suggestions for fixes (legacy Makefile, integer type headers)
Mika Tiainen: pointing out the fix for the UTF to ASCII filtering of tags to actually work
Nick Kurshev <>: extended 3dnow (from mplayer)
Zuxy Meng <>: SSE (from mplayer)
Honza <>: idea and prototype patch for ICY meta data support
Petr Baudis <>: patches: term sigcont, id3 display unicode fallback and condensed output
Petr Salinger <>: i486 enhancement linux-ppc-nas Makefile.legacy entry
Adrian Bacon <>: patched decode_i586_dither (noise shaped float/int rounding)
Cool Feet Audio project <>: realtime equalizer control
Steve Grundell <>: clean stdout in control mode with stdout decoding
Romain Dolbeau <>: Altivec support (taken from mplayer)
higway <>: MMX Patch
Clemens Ladisch <>: ALSA 0.9/1.0 support

Debian Daniel Kobras <> era:

Steve Kemp <>
Dan Olson <>
Syuuhei Kashiyama <>
Rupert Levene <>
Andreas Dilger <>
Erik B. Andersen <>
Chris Butler <>
Martin Sjogren <>
Chet Hosey <>
Roland Rosenfeld <>

Debian Colin Watson <> era:

Helge Deller <>
Chet Hosey <>
Christopher C. Chimelis <>
Roland Rosenfeld <>
Marcelo E. Magallon <>

Initial Debianers:

Tommi Virtanen <>
Paul Haggart <>

Contributions/ideas Michael Hipp era:

Mikko Tommila: DCT9
Oliver Fromme <>
MPEG Software Simulation Group: reference decoder package
Tobias Bading: idea for DCT64 in subband synthesis from maplay package
Jeff Tsay and Mikko Tommila: MDCT36 from maplay package
Philipp Knirsch <>: DCT36/manual unroll idea
Thomas Woerner: SGI Audio
Damien Clermonte: HP-UX audio fixes
Niclas Lindstrom <>: OS2 port
Stefan Bieschewski <>: Pentium optimizations, decode_i586.s
Martin Denn <>: NAS port
Niklas Beisert <>: MPEG 2.5 tables
<mycroft@NetBSD.ORG> and <>: NetBSD Patch(es)
Kevin Brintnall <>: BSD patch
Tony Million: win32 port
Steven Tiger Lang: advanced shuffle
Eric B. Mitchell: esd port
Ryan R. Prosser <>: esd port for Solaris
Andreas Neuhaus: initial generic control interface

(additionally fetched from changelog:)

Ralf Hildebrandt <R.Hildebrandt@TU-BS.DE>: audio_alib changes
<>: BSDOS 4.0 with gcc added to Makefile
Bertrand Petit <>: frontend changes
Erik Mouw <>: SGI audio fix for non RAD machines
Daniel O'Connor <>: freebsd-esd make-entry
D. Skarda <>: enhanced head_check
Wilson, Jeff D <>: xterm-title
Robert Bihlmeyer <>: esd changes
Hannu Napari's <>: SGI audio patches
<>: native AIX support
<>: playlist patch
Gilles Zunino <>: SGI audio patches
Matthew Parslow <>: esdserver patch
<>: equalizer patch (equalfile setting)
Ducroquet Erwan <>: HPUX/ALib support
Shane Wegner <shane@CM.NU>: genrepatch
Samuel Audet <>: wav-File patch
"J. Dean Brederson" <>: SGI-RAD support
Chou Ye-chi <>: sajberplay/FreeBSD patch
Fabrice Bellard <>: 486 optimizations
A. Hermansen <> and J. Kysela <>: ALSA output
KIMURA Takuhiro <>: K6-3DNow
Petr Stehlik <>: MINT
Andy <>: float2int speed up proposal
Brian Foutz <>: TK3Play
Thomas Niederreiter <>: RIFF header fix
Stefan Gybas <>: m68k patch 
Grant Erickson <>: Linux PPC patch
Peter Berger <>: BSDi patch 
Henrik P Johnson <>: HTTP auth
Steven Tiger Lang <>: advanced shuffle
"Brian J. Swetland" <>: front-end (remote) patch
Tillmann Steinbrecher <>: shuffle patch
M.Stekelenburg <>: i386-getbits
Antti Andreimann <>: outburst patch
Hur TaeSung <>: 'http accept' patch 

(from post-0.59 changes that yet have to go into new trunk:)

Hans Schwengeler <>: audio_dec additions
Wojciech BaraƱski's Mp3Play (check the tools folder): Mp3Play frontend
Daniel Koukola: audio_oss.c patch
Munechika SUMIKAWA <>: IPv6
TEMNOTA <>: HTTP,FTP patch/playlist fix
Peter Surda <>: VBR patch
Ben <>: ARM startup time improvements 
Dave MacKenzie <>: init_output() patch
pasky's <>: close-on-stop patch