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	mpg123: main code of the program (not of the decoder...)

	copyright 1995-2015 by the mpg123 project - free software under the terms of the LGPL 2.1
	see COPYING and AUTHORS files in distribution or
	initially written by Michael Hipp

	mpg123 defines 
	used source: musicout.h from mpegaudio package

#ifndef MPG123_H
#define MPG123_H
#include "config.h"

/* everyone needs it */
#include "compat.h"
/* import DLL symbols on windows */

#include "httpget.h"
#if WIN32
#include "win32_support.h"

#if defined(WIN32) && defined(DYNAMIC_BUILD)
#define LINK_MPG123_DLL
#include "mpg123.h"
#define MPG123_REMOTE
#define MAXOUTBURST 32768

#ifdef __GNUC__
#define INLINE inline
#define INLINE

#include "local.h"

#define VERBOSE_MAX 3

extern char* binpath; /* argv[0], actually... */

struct parameter
	int aggressive; /* renice to max. priority */
	int shuffle;	/* shuffle/random play */
	int remote;	/* remote operation */
	int remote_err;	/* remote operation to stderr */
	int quiet;	/* shut up! */
	int xterm_title;	/* Change xterm title to song names? */
	long usebuffer;	/* second level buffer size */
	int verbose;    /* verbose level */
	const char* output_module;	/* audio output module to use */
	const char* output_device;	/* audio output device to use */
	long  output_flags;	/* out123 flags */
	int term_ctrl;
	int term_visual;
	/* Those are supposed to be single characters. */
	char* term_usr1;
	char* term_usr2;
	int checkrange;
	int force_reopen;
	int test_cpu;
	long realtime;
	int w32_priority;
	long listentry; /* possibility to choose playback of one entry in playlist (0: off, > 0 : select, < 0; just show list*/
	char* listname; /* name of playlist */
	int long_id3;
	int list_cpu;
	char *cpu;
#ifdef FIFO
	char* fifo;
	long timeout; /* timeout for reading in seconds */
	long loop;    /* looping of tracks */
	int delay;
	int index;    /* index / scan through files before playback */
	/* parameters for mpg123 handle */
	int down_sample;
	long rva; /* (which) rva to do: 0: nothing, 1: radio/mix/track 2: album/audiophile */
	long halfspeed;
	long doublespeed;
	long start_frame;  /* frame offset to begin with */
	long frame_number; /* number of frames to decode */
	long outscale;
	int flags;
	long force_rate;
	int talk_icy;
	long resync_limit;
	int smooth;
	double pitch; /* <0 or >0, 0.05 for 5% speedup. */
	unsigned long appflags; /* various switches for mpg123 application */
	char *proxyurl;
	int keep_open; /* Whether to keep files open after end reached, for remote control mode, perhaps terminal control, too. */
	int force_utf8; /* Regardless of environment, always print out verbatim UTF for metadata. */
	long index_size; /* size of frame index */
	char *force_encoding;
	double preload; /* buffer preload size (fraction of full buffer) */
	long preframes;
	long gain; /* audio output gain, for selected outputs */
	char* streamdump;
	long icy_interval;
	const char* name; /* name for this player instance */
	double device_buffer; /* output device buffer */

enum mpg123app_flags
	,MPG123APP_LYRICS = 0x02

/* shortcut to check application flags */
#define APPFLAG(a) (param.appflags & (a))

extern char *equalfile;
extern off_t framenum;
extern struct httpdata htd;

extern int OutputDescriptor;

extern int intflag;

extern int varmode;
extern int playlimit;

/* why extern? */
extern int play_frame(void);

extern int control_generic(mpg123_handle *fr);

extern struct parameter param;

/* avoid the SIGINT in terminal control */
void next_track(void);
void prev_track(void);
void next_dir(void);
void prev_dir(void);
int  open_track(char *fname);
void close_track(void);
void set_intflag(void);

/* equalizer... success is 0, failure -1 */
int load_equalizer(mpg123_handle *mh);

void continue_msg(const char *name);