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	stringlists: creation of paired string lists for one-time consumption

	copyright 2015 by the mpg123 project
	free software under the terms of the LGPL 2.1
	see COPYING and AUTHORS files in distribution or
	initially written by Thomas Orgis

	Thomas did not want to introduce a list type complete with management
	functions just for returning driver module lists.

#include "compat.h"

/* Construction helper for paired string lists.
   Returns 0 on success. */
int stringlists_add( char ***alist, char ***blist
                   , const char *atext, const char *btext, int *count)
	char *atextcopy = NULL;
	char *btextcopy = NULL;
	char **morealist = NULL;
	char **moreblist = NULL;

	/* If one of these succeeded, the old memory is gone, so always overwrite
	   the old pointer, worst case is wasted but not leaked memory in an
	   out-of-memory situation. */
	if((morealist = safe_realloc(*alist, sizeof(char*)*(*count+1))))
		*alist = morealist;
	if((moreblist = safe_realloc(*blist, sizeof(char*)*(*count+1))))
		*blist = moreblist;
	if(!morealist || !moreblist)
		return -1;

		(atextcopy = compat_strdup(atext))
	&&	(btextcopy = compat_strdup(btext))
		(*alist)[*count] = atextcopy;
		(*blist)[*count] = btextcopy;
		return 0;
		return -1;