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	httpget: HTTP input routines (the header)

	copyright 2007 by the mpg123 project - free software under the terms of the LGPL 2.1
	see COPYING and AUTHORS files in distribution or
	initially written by Thomas Orgis

	Note about MIME types:
	You feed debunk_mime() a MIME string and it classifies it as it is relevant for mpg123.
	In httpget.c are the MIME class lists, which may be appended to to support more bogus MIME types.

#ifndef _HTTPGET_H_
#define _HTTPGET_H_
#include "mpg123.h"

/* Pulled in by mpg123app.h! */

struct httpdata
	mpg123_string content_type;
	mpg123_string icy_name;
	mpg123_string icy_url;
	off_t icy_interval;
	mpg123_string proxyhost;
	mpg123_string proxyport;
	/* Partly dummy for now... later proxy host resolution will be cached (PROXY_ADDR). */

void httpdata_init(struct httpdata *e);
void httpdata_reset(struct httpdata *e);
void httpdata_free(struct httpdata *e);

/* There is a whole lot of MIME types for the same thing.
   the function will reduce it to a combination of these flags */
#define IS_FILE 1
#define IS_LIST 2
#define IS_M3U  4
#define IS_PLS  8


int debunk_mime(const char* mime);

/*Previously static functions, shared for win32_net_support */
int proxy_init(struct httpdata *hd);
int translate_url(const char *url, mpg123_string *purl);
size_t accept_length(void);
int fill_request(mpg123_string *request, mpg123_string *host, mpg123_string *port, mpg123_string *httpauth1, int *try_without_port);
void get_header_string(mpg123_string *response, const char *fieldname, mpg123_string *store);
char *get_header_val(const char *hname, mpg123_string *response);

/* needed for HTTP/1.1 non-pipelining mode */
/* #define CONN_HEAD "Connection: close\r\n" */
#define CONN_HEAD ""
#define icy_yes "Icy-MetaData: 1\r\n"
#define icy_no "Icy-MetaData: 0\r\n"

extern char *proxyurl;
extern unsigned long proxyip;
/* takes url and content type string address, opens resource, returns fd for data, allocates and sets content type */
extern int http_open (char* url, struct httpdata *hd);
extern char *httpauth;