DISCLAIMER: The contents of the ports directory are included for convenience,
but they usually contain files contributed by various people, not the core
mpg123 team. The stuff is not tested by us. In some cases, it's even
impossible to tell what is really inside. Use at your own risk (well, like
all Free Software, actually;-).

This directory contains some (contributed) works covering usage and/or building
of mpg123/libmpg123 from different programming environments. Note that those
may be a bit outdated (especially when a file is added/removed in libmpg123
sources); as the team lacks resource to test everything. But in any case,
the ports can provide a good starting point on the respective platform, to get
it to work with minimal fuzz.

- Delphi: mpg123_.pas
  Unit for linking against libmpg123 (Win32, DLL). Arthur Pires <>
- Sony PSP: Sony_PSP/; building libmpg123 for the PSP (used for the MODO player). Bastian Pflieger <>
- MSVC++: Microsoft Windows / Visual C++ builds
  - MSVC++/CMP3Stream:
    project for building libmpg123 with interface class. "Gates Fan" <>
  - MSVC++/mpg123.h
    A wrapper header over (yes, the template file in
    ../src/libmpg123) to use in MSVC++ projects that link to libmpg123.
  - MSVC++/YYYY contain project files for building and using libmpg123 with
    the corresponding versions of Microsoft Visual C++.
    To use it add the project to your solution. Then add a reference to
    libmpg123 from the project that wants to use it.
    Also add ports/MSVC++ and src/libmpg123 to the include path. 
	If you want to use the asm build you will need yasm ( 
	Please put yasm.exe into a directory where MSVC++ can find it. Finally
        switch the libmpg123 project to the 
	Release_MMX_Dll (outdated! There should be Realease_X86_Dll or similar by now)
        build using the Visual Studio Configuration Manager.
  - Xcode contains the project file for building and using libmpg123 with
    Xcode for Mac and iOS (arm and simulator builds). Please add the
	ports/Xcode folder to the header search path of your project so that 
	Xcode can find the right mpg123.h and config.h. Then drag the mpg123
	Xcode project into your own project. Finally in your build target, build
	phases, add mpg123-ios or mpg123-mac to the libraries to link.