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1.  Test Suite Organization and Procedures

This readme presents an overview of the organization of the
OSF/Motif Test Suite and the procedures for building and
running the tests.  The testing procedures have changed sub-
stantially since the 1.2 release of Motif.  We think you
will find the new procedures more intuitive and easier to
use, but please familiarize yourself with them by reading
this guide before you run the new tests.

These test suites are the test suites that we used to test
OSF/Motif prior to the 2.0 release.  We provide them for
your convenience, and expect you may have the following uses
for them, although you may have other uses for them.

   * To examine our testing procedures

   * To test your implementation of OSF/Motif

   * To see examples of working code spanning the range of

   * To check for bugs in the Motif source that may be caus-
     ing problems in your code

1.1  Identifying the Tests

Some of the areas of OSF/Motif Test Suite include:

   * The OSF/Motif Resource Manager (Mrm) Tests

   * The OSF/Motif Toolkit Tests

   * The OSF/Motif XmString Tests

   * The OSF/Motif Window Manager (mwm) Tests

   * The OSF/Motif User Interface Language (uil) Tests

   * The OSF/Motif Drag and Drop (DragAndDrop) Tests

   * The OSF/Motif Internationalization (I18N) Tests

   * The OSF/Motif Universal Transfer Model (UTM) Tests

1.2  Locating the Tests

The Motif 2.0 release software is shipped with the tests
located one level below the top directory.  Unless you move
the tests to another location after installing the Motif
software, you should have no trouble locating them.

Throughout this document, we use the path ./tests to specify
the path to the Test Suite.  The ./ indicates the testing
tree root and is not an actual path designation.  For exam-
ple, you might install the release software at a location
called /source/Motif.  In that case, the path ./tests
translates to /source/Motif/tests.

The Test Suite consists of a hierarchy of directories and
files; each directory has subordinate directories and files
relevant to that content area.

The different test sets are located in the Mrm, Toolkit,
XmString, mwm, and uil subdirectories of ./tests.

1.3  Building the Tests

The OSF/Motif Release Notes specify how to build the
OSF/Motif software.  If you follow this process, the tests
can be built along with other build components.

However, be aware that the test suites are very large and
can use large amounts of disk space when compiled on some
machines.  Consequently, you may prefer to build them indi-
vidually prior to running the tests.

If you build this directory separate from the rest of Motif,
make sure you do a make wml before you doing a make depend
in this directory.  There are dependencies between files
created by the make wml process and the test files.

1.4  Running the Tests

There are a variety of procedures for running the tests in
the Test Suite.  In general, tests are run individually
by hand, following instructions provided in a separate win-
dow for each test.  Scripts are provided for running a
number of test in series.  These scripts often provide some
initialization for the tests.  Any necessary initialization
is also described where appropriate in this guide.

In order to run the tests you should have read, write, and
execute permission in the test suite tree.  If you do not
have complete permissions, you are not able to run all
the tests correctly.