Instructions for creating Motif RPMS. -------------------------------------------- Written by Jonathan Nierenburg ( Initial Release: 03/17/2004 -------------------------------------------- 1. Check the source out of CVS or download the source tarball. -If you downloaded the tar ball it should have the filename: motif-x.x.x.tar.gz. Unzip the source tarball file. -If you checked out Motif from CVS do the following: $ cd motif $ ./ $ ./configure $ make $ make dist You should now have an motif-x.x.x.tar.gz file in your motif directory. 2. Copy the motif-x.x.x.tar.gz to $RPMROOT/SOURCES Note: $RPMROOT is usually /usr/src/redhat, /usr/src/RPMS, /usr/src/packaging or something similar. 3. Copy the motif/distro/xmbind file to $RPMROOT/SOURCES. 4. Copy the motif/distro/motif.spec file into $RPMROOT/SPECS 5. Make any needed changes to the spec file such as version number or filename updates. Note: If you are building Mandrake RPMS you should append mdk to the end of the Release variable. 6. As root, run the following command in $RPMROOT/SPECS: rpmbuild -ba motif.spec Note: If you are running an old version of rpm you will have to use: rpm -ba motif.spec The RPMS will be placed automatically into $RPMROOT/RPMS/$DEFAULT_ARCH/ and the source RPM will be placed in $RPMROOT/SRPMS.