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* ModSecurity for Apache 2.x,
* Copyright (c) 2004-2013 Trustwave Holdings, Inc. (
* You may not use this file except in compliance with
* the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
* If any of the files related to licensing are missing or if you have any
* other questions related to licensing please contact Trustwave Holdings, Inc.
* directly using the email address

#ifndef __MSC_TREE_H__
#define __MSC_TREE_H__

#include "modsecurity.h"

typedef struct CPTData CPTData;
typedef struct TreePrefix TreePrefix;
typedef struct TreeNode TreeNode;
typedef struct CPTTree CPTTree;
typedef struct TreeRoot TreeRoot;

#define IPV4_TREE 0x1
#define IPV6_TREE 0x2

#define IPV4_LEN 0x20
#define IPV6_LEN 0x80

#define TREE_CHECK(x, y) ((x) & (y))
#define MASK_BITS(x) ((x + 1) * 8)
#define SHIFT_LEFT_MASK(x) ((-1) << (x))
#define SHIFT_RIGHT_MASK(x,y) ((x) >> (y))

#define NETMASK_256 0x100
#define NETMASK_128 0x80
#define NETMASK_64  0x40
#define NETMASK_32 0x20
#define NETMASK_16 0x10
#define NETMASK_8  0x8
#define NETMASK_4  0x4
#define NETMASK_2  0x2

struct CPTData {
    unsigned char netmask;
    struct CPTData *next;

struct TreePrefix {
    unsigned char *buffer;
    unsigned int bitlen;
    CPTData *prefix_data;

struct TreeNode {
    unsigned int bit;
    int count;
    unsigned char *netmasks;
    TreePrefix *prefix;
    struct TreeNode *left, *right;
    struct TreeNode *parent;

struct CPTTree {
    int count;
    apr_pool_t *pool;
    TreeNode *head;

struct TreeRoot {
    CPTTree *ipv4_tree;
    CPTTree *ipv6_tree;

CPTTree  DSOLOCAL *CPTCreateRadixTree(apr_pool_t *pool);
TreeNode DSOLOCAL *CPTIpMatch(modsec_rec *msr, unsigned char *ipdata, CPTTree *tree, int type);
TreeNode DSOLOCAL *TreeAddIP(const char *buffer, CPTTree *tree, int type);

#endif /*__MSC_TREE_H__ */