Contributed TIFF Software

The contrib directory has contributed software that uses the TIFF library or which is associated with the library (typically glue and guidance for ports to non-UNIX platforms, or tools that aren't directly TIFF related).

contrib/vms scripts and files from Karsten Spang for building the library and tools under VMS
contrib/dbs various tools from Dan & Chris Sears, including a simple X-based viewer
contrib/ras two programs by Patrick Naughton for converting between Sun rasterfile format and TIFF (these require libpixrect.a, as opposed to the one in tools that doesn't)
scripts and files from Niles Ritter for building the library and tools under Macintosh/MPW C and code warrior.
contrib/acorn scripts and files from Peter Greenham for building the library and tools on an Acorn RISC OS system.
contrib/win32 scripts and files from Scott Wagner for building the library under Windows NT and Windows 95. (The in the libtiff/libtiff directory may be sufficient for most users.)
contrib/win_dib two separate implementations of TIFF to DIB code suitable for any Win32 platform. Contributed by Mark James, and Philippe Tenenhaus.
contrib/ojpeg Patch for IJG JPEG library related to support for some Old JPEG in TIFF files. Contributed by Scott Marovich.
contrib/dosdjgpp scripts and files from Alexander Lehmann for building the library under MSDOS with the DJGPP v2 compiler.
contrib/tags scripts and files from Niles Ritter for adding private tag support at runtime, without changing libtiff.
contrib/mfs code from Mike Johnson to read+write images in memory without modifying the library
contrib/pds various routines from Conrad Poelman; a TIFF image iterator and code to support ``private sub-directories''
contrib/iptcutil A utility by Bill Radcliffe to convert an extracted IPTC Newsphoto caption from a binary blob to ASCII text, and vice versa. IPTC binary blobs can be extracted from images via the ImageMagick convert(1) utility.
contrib/addtiffo A utility (and supporting subroutine) for building one or more reduce resolution overviews to an existing TIFF file. Supplied by Frank Warmerdam.
contrib/stream A class (TiffStream) for accessing TIFF files through a C++ stream interface. Supplied by Avi Bleiweiss.

Questions regarding these packages are usually best directed toward their authors.

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