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	Changes in TIFF v4.0.4beta

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<B>Current Version</B>: v4.0.4beta<BR>
<B>Previous Version</B>: <A HREF=v4.0.3.html>v4.0.3</a><BR>
<B>Master FTP Site</B>: <A HREF=""></a>, directory pub/libtiff</A><BR>
<B>Master HTTP Site</B>: <A HREF=""></a> 
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This document describes the changes made to the software between the
<I>previous</I> and <I>current</I> versions (see above).  If you don't
find something listed here, then it was not done in this timeframe, or
it was not considered important enough to be mentioned.  The following
information is located here:
<LI><A HREF="#highlights">Major Changes</A>
<LI><A HREF="#configure">Changes in the software configuration</A>
<LI><A HREF="#libtiff">Changes in libtiff</A>
<LI><A HREF="#tools">Changes in the tools</A>
<LI><A HREF="#contrib">Changes in the contrib area</A>
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<A NAME="highlights"><B><FONT SIZE=+3>M</FONT>AJOR CHANGES:</B></A>


	<li> None


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  <li> Updated to use Automake 1.15 and Libtool 2.4.5


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  <li> TIFFCheckDirOffset(): avoid uint16 overflow
       when reading more than 65535 directories, and effectively error out when
       eaching that limit.

  <li> TIFFNumberOfDirectories(): generate error in case of directory count

  <li> TIFFAdvanceDirectory(): If nextdir is found to
       be defective, then set it to zero before returning error in order
       to terminate processing of truncated TIFF.

  <li> JPEG-in-TIFF: recognize SOF2, SOF9 and SOF10
       markers to avoid emitting a warning. Fix for compatibility with mozjpeg library.
       Note: the default settings of mozjpeg will produce progressive scans, which
       is forbidden by the TechNote.

  <li> JPEG-in-TIFF: Fix regression introduced in 3.9.3/4.0.0 that caused
       all tiles/strips to include quantization tables even when the jpegtablesmode
       had the JPEGTABLESMODE_QUANT bit set.
       Also add explicit removal of Huffman tables when jpegtablesmode has the
       JPEGTABLESMODE_HUFF bit set, which avoids Huffman tables to be emitted in the
       first tile/strip (only useful in update scenarios. create-only was

  <li> JPEG-in-TIFF: fix segfault in JPEGFixupTagsSubsampling() on
       corrupted image where tif->tif_dir.td_stripoffset == NULL.
       (<a href="">#2471</a>)

  <li> NeXT codec: add new tests to check that we don't read outside of
       the compressed input stream buffer.

  <li> NeXT codec: check that BitsPerSample = 2. Fixes
       <a href="">#2487</a> (CVE-2014-8129)

  <li> NeXT codec: in the "run mode", use tilewidth for tiled images
       instead of imagewidth to avoid crash

  <li> tif_getimage.c: in OJPEG case, fix checks on strile width/height
       in the putcontig8bitYCbCr42tile, putcontig8bitYCbCr41tile and
       putcontig8bitYCbCr21tile cases.

  <li> in TIFFDefaultDirectory(), reset any already existing
       extented tags installed by user code through the extender mechaninm before
       calling the extender callback (GDAL #5054)

  <li> Fix  warnings about unused parameters.

  <li> Fix various typos in comments found by Debian lintian tool (GDAL #5756)

  <li> tif_getimage.c: avoid divide by zero on invalid YCbCr subsampling.
       (<a href="">#2235</a>)

  <li> tif_dirread.c: In EstimateStripByteCounts(), check return code
       of _TIFFFillStriles(). This solves crashing bug on corrupted
       images generated by afl.

  <li>tif_read.c: fix several invalid comparisons of a uint64 value with
       &lt;= 0 by casting it to int64 first. This solves crashing bug on corrupted
      images generated by afl.

  <li>TIFFSetField(): refuse to set negative values for
      TIFFTAG_XRESOLUTION and TIFFTAG_YRESOLUTION that cause asserts when writing
      the directory

  <li>TIFFReadDirectory(): refuse to read ColorMap or
      TransferFunction if BitsPerSample has not yet been read, otherwise reading
      it later will cause user code to crash if BitsPerSample > 1

  <li> TIFFRGBAImageOK(): return FALSE if LOGLUV with
       SamplesPerPixel != 3, or if CIELAB with SamplesPerPixel != 3 or BitsPerSample != 8

  <li> no longer use "#define snprintf _snprintf" with
       Visual Studio 2015 aka VC 14 aka MSVC 1900

  <li> LZW codec: prevent potential null dereference of sp->dec_codetab in LZWPreDecode
       (<a href="">#2459</a>)

  <li> TIFFReadBufferSetup(): avoid passing -1 size
       to TIFFmalloc() if passed user buffer size is 0
       (<a href="">#2459</a>)

  <li> TIFFReadDirEntryOutputErr(): Incorrect
       count for tag should be a warning rather than an error since
       errors terminate processing.

  <li> tif_dirinfo.c (TIFFField) : Fix data type for TIFFTAG_GLOBALPARAMETERSIFD tag.

  <li> Add definitions for TIFF/EP CFARepeatPatternDim and CFAPattern tags
       (<a href="">#2457</a>)

  <li> tif_codec.c, tif_dirinfo.c: Enlarge some fixed-size buffers that weren't
        large enough, and eliminate substantially all uses of sprintf(buf,
        ...)  in favor of using snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), ...)
  <li> Improve pkg-config static linking by adding -lm to Libs.private when needed.

  <li> tif_write.c: tmsize_t related casting warning fixed for
        64bit linux.

  <li> tif_read.c: uint64/tmsize_t change for MSVC warnings.
       (<a href="">#2427</a>)

  <li> Fix TIFFPrintDirectory's handling of
       field_passcount fields: it had the TIFF_VARIABLE and
       TIFF_VARIABLE2 cases backwards.

  <li> PixarLog codec: Improve previous patch for CVE-2012-4447
       (to enlarge tbuf for possible partial stride at end) so that
       overflow in the integer addition is detected.

  <li>tif_{unix,vms,win32}.c (_TIFFmalloc): ANSI C does not
        require malloc() to return NULL pointer if requested allocation
        size is zero.  Assure that _TIFFmalloc does.

  <li>tif_zip.c: Avoid crash on NULL error messages.


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  <li> tiff2pdf: Fis various crashes and memory buffer access errors (oCERT-2014-013).
  <li> tiff2pdf: fix buffer overflow on some YCbCr JPEG compressed images.
                 (<a href="">#2445</a>)
  <li> tiff2pdf: fix buffer overflow on YCbCr JPEG compressed image.
                 (<a href="">#2443</a>)
  <li> tiff2pdf: check return code of TIFFGetField() when reading TIFFTAG_SAMPLESPERPIXEL
  <li> tiff2pdf: fix crash due to invalid tile count.
  <li> tiff2pdf: Detect invalid settings of BitsPerSample/SamplesPerPixel for CIELAB / ITULAB
  <li> tiff2pdf: Assure that memory size calculations for
                 _TIFFmalloc() do not overflow the range of tmsize_t.
  <li> tiff2pdf: Avoid crash when TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION tag returns one channel,
       with the other two channels set to NULL.
  <li> tiff2pdf: close PDF file. (<a href="">#2479</a>)
  <li> tiff2pdf: Preserve input file directory order when pages
       are tagged with the same page number.
  <li> tiff2pdf.c: terminate after failure of allocating ycbcr buffer
       (<a href="">#2449</a> CVE-2013-4232)
  <li> tiff2pdf: Rewrite JPEG marker parsing in
        t2p_process_jpeg_strip to be at least marginally competent.  The
        approach is still fundamentally flawed, but at least now it won't
        stomp all over memory when given bogus input.  Fixes CVE-2013-1960.
  <li> tiffdump: Guard against arithmetic overflow when calculating allocation buffer sizes.
  <li> tiffdump: fix crash due to overflow of entry count.
  <li> tiffdump: Fix double-free bug.
  <li> tiffdump: detect cycle in TIFF directory chaining.
       (<a href="">#2463</a>)
  <li> tiffdump: avoid passing a NULL pointer to read() if seek() failed before.
       (<a href="">#2459</a>)
  <li> tiff2bw: when Photometric=RGB, the utility only works if SamplesPerPixel = 3. Enforce that.
       (<a href="">#2485</a>, CVE-2014-8127)
  <li> pal2rgb, thumbnail: fix crash by disabling TIFFTAG_INKNAMES copying.
       (<a href="">#2484</a>, CVE-2014-8127)
  <li> thumbnail: fix out-of-buffer write.
       (<a href="">#2489</a>, CVE-2014-8128)
  <li> thumbnail, tiffcmp: only read/write TIFFTAG_GROUP3OPTIONS
       (<a href="">#2493</a>, CVE-2014-8128)
  <li> tiffcp: fix crash when converting YCbCr JPEG-compressed to none.
       (<a href="">#2480</a>)
  <li> bmp2tiff: fix crash due to int overflow related to input BMP dimensions
  <li> tiffcrop: fix crash due to invalid TileWidth/TileHeight
  <li> tiffcrop: fix segfault if bad value passed to -Z option
       ( <a href="">#2459</a>)
       and add missing va_end in dump_info
  <li> thumbnail, tiffcrop: "fix" heap read over-run found with
       Valgrind and Address Sanitizer on test suite
  <li> fax2ps: check malloc()/realloc() result. (<a href="">#2470</a>)
  <li> gif2tiff: apply patch for CVE-2013-4243. (<a href="">#2451</a>)
  <li> gif2tiff: fix possible OOB write. (<a href="">#2452</a>, CVE-2013-4244)
  <li> gif2tiff: Be more careful about corrupt or hostile input files (<a href="">#2450</a>, CVE-2013-4231)
  <li> tiff2rgba: fix usage message in that zip was wrongly described
  <li> tiffinfo: Default various values fetched with TIFFGetField() to avoid being uninitialized.
  <li> tiff2ps: Fix bug in auto rotate option code.
  <li> ppm2tiff: avoid zero size buffer vulnerability (CVE-2012-4564).
       check the linebytes calculation too, get the max() calculation
       straight, avoid redundant error messages, check for malloc
  <li> tiffset: now supports a -u option to unset a tag.
       (<a href="">#2419</a>)
  <li> Fix warnings about unused parameters.
  <li> rgb2ycbcr, tiff2bw, tiff2pdf, tiff2ps, tiffcrop, tiffdither :
       Enlarge some fixed-size buffers that weren't
       large enough, and eliminate substantially all uses of sprintf(buf,
       ...)  in favor of using snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), ...), so as to
       protect against overflow of fixed-size buffers.  This responds in
       particular to CVE-2013-1961 concerning overflow in tiff2pdf.c's
  <li>html/man/tiff2ps.1.html, html/man/tiffcp.1.html,
        html/man/tiffdither.1.html, man/tiff2ps.1, man/tiffcp.1,
        man/tiffdither.1, tools/tiff2ps.c, tools/tiffcp.c,
        tools/tiffdither.c: Sync tool usage printouts and man pages with


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    <li> Fix warnings about variables set but not used.
    <li> contrib/dbs/xtiff/xtiff.c: Enlarge some fixed-size buffers that weren't
        large enough, and eliminate substantially all uses of sprintf(buf,
        ...)  in favor of using snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), ...), so as to
        protect against overflow of fixed-size buffers.

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