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Date: 04 Dec 95 10:34:23 EST
From: Philippe <>
To: TIFF/sam Leffler <>
Subject: TIFF library and Windows 95
Message-Id: <951204153422_100423.3705_BHG101-1@CompuServe.COM>


First, let me thanks all of you how have worked 
on that great TIFF library !

Here is some information that may help someone.

I build the library under Windows 95 as a 32-bit library.
The contribution of Scott Wagner (tif_win32.c) worked fine, but 
the makefile "makefile.msc" was unsable because it was
written for DOS or Windows 3.1 and all the files names 
are limited to 8 characters.

Here is the makefile I used : makefile.w95

Also, I had to disable fax3 support because I wasn't able
to build (as it is) the tool "mkg3states" to generate the include
file "g3states.h". 
This source file must be modify to be build under Windows 95.

To build the library under Windows 95 with Visual C++ 2.0, 
I had to :

- undefine CCITT_SUPPORT in "tiffconf.h"

- create the file version.h with this line :
      #define VERSION "3.4beta024"

- build the makefile "makefile.w95"

I also join the source file "tif2dib.c" that I created, 
it contain the function LoadTIFFinDIB that load 
a TIFF file and build a memory DIB with it and return the 
HANDLE (HDIB) of the memory bloc containing this DIB.
Since DIB is the "natural" bitmap format for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT,
this function sould be usefull for some Windows 95 (or NT) developer.

Sorry for my approximate english ...


Philippe Tenenhaus