Subject: tiff stream interface (contrib)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 10:48:51 -0800
From: "Avi Bleiweiss" <>
To: <>, <>

Here at Shutterfly we have augmented the file based tiff library to support
C++ streams. The implementation is an adaptor class, which takes any C++
stream from the user and in return it deposits i/o operation method pointers
(e.g. read, write, seek and close) into the tiff's library client state.

The class TiffStream has an overloaded factory method - makeFileStream -
which takes the C++ stream as an argument, calls TIFFClientOpen and returns
a tiff handle. The class retains the tiff handle in its local state and
provides a helper function (getTiffHandle) to query the handle at any time.
Additional helper method - getStreamSize - provides the stream size to the
user. The implementation assumes client responsibility to delete the stream
object. The class calls TIFFClose at destruction time.

Attached are a definition (tiffstream.h) and an implementation
(tiffstream.cpp) files of the TiffStream class. No changes are required to
the tiff core piece and the class sits on top of the library. The code is
fairly tested at this point and is used internally in Shutterfly imaging
software. The code is portable across WindowsNT/Linux/Solaris.

We at Shutterfly believe this software has benefits to the larger community
of tiff library users and would like to contribute this software to be part
of the tiff distributed package. Let me know of any issue.