Blob Blame History Raw

#include "jemalloc/internal/mutex.h"

extern malloc_mutex_t	bt2gctx_mtx;

extern bool	opt_prof;
extern bool	opt_prof_active;
extern bool	opt_prof_thread_active_init;
extern size_t	opt_lg_prof_sample;   /* Mean bytes between samples. */
extern ssize_t	opt_lg_prof_interval; /* lg(prof_interval). */
extern bool	opt_prof_gdump;       /* High-water memory dumping. */
extern bool	opt_prof_final;       /* Final profile dumping. */
extern bool	opt_prof_leak;        /* Dump leak summary at exit. */
extern bool	opt_prof_accum;       /* Report cumulative bytes. */
extern bool	opt_prof_log;	      /* Turn logging on at boot. */
extern char	opt_prof_prefix[
    /* Minimize memory bloat for non-prof builds. */
    PATH_MAX +

/* Accessed via prof_active_[gs]et{_unlocked,}(). */
extern bool	prof_active;

/* Accessed via prof_gdump_[gs]et{_unlocked,}(). */
extern bool	prof_gdump_val;

 * Profile dump interval, measured in bytes allocated.  Each arena triggers a
 * profile dump when it reaches this threshold.  The effect is that the
 * interval between profile dumps averages prof_interval, though the actual
 * interval between dumps will tend to be sporadic, and the interval will be a
 * maximum of approximately (prof_interval * narenas).
extern uint64_t	prof_interval;

 * Initialized as opt_lg_prof_sample, and potentially modified during profiling
 * resets.
extern size_t	lg_prof_sample;

void prof_alloc_rollback(tsd_t *tsd, prof_tctx_t *tctx, bool updated);
void prof_malloc_sample_object(tsdn_t *tsdn, const void *ptr, size_t usize,
    prof_tctx_t *tctx);
void prof_free_sampled_object(tsd_t *tsd, const void *ptr, size_t usize,
    prof_tctx_t *tctx);
void bt_init(prof_bt_t *bt, void **vec);
void prof_backtrace(prof_bt_t *bt);
prof_tctx_t *prof_lookup(tsd_t *tsd, prof_bt_t *bt);
size_t prof_tdata_count(void);
size_t prof_bt_count(void);
typedef int (prof_dump_open_t)(bool, const char *);
extern prof_dump_open_t *JET_MUTABLE prof_dump_open;

typedef bool (prof_dump_header_t)(tsdn_t *, bool, const prof_cnt_t *);
extern prof_dump_header_t *JET_MUTABLE prof_dump_header;
void prof_cnt_all(uint64_t *curobjs, uint64_t *curbytes, uint64_t *accumobjs,
    uint64_t *accumbytes);
bool prof_accum_init(tsdn_t *tsdn, prof_accum_t *prof_accum);
void prof_idump(tsdn_t *tsdn);
bool prof_mdump(tsd_t *tsd, const char *filename);
void prof_gdump(tsdn_t *tsdn);
prof_tdata_t *prof_tdata_init(tsd_t *tsd);
prof_tdata_t *prof_tdata_reinit(tsd_t *tsd, prof_tdata_t *tdata);
void prof_reset(tsd_t *tsd, size_t lg_sample);
void prof_tdata_cleanup(tsd_t *tsd);
bool prof_active_get(tsdn_t *tsdn);
bool prof_active_set(tsdn_t *tsdn, bool active);
const char *prof_thread_name_get(tsd_t *tsd);
int prof_thread_name_set(tsd_t *tsd, const char *thread_name);
bool prof_thread_active_get(tsd_t *tsd);
bool prof_thread_active_set(tsd_t *tsd, bool active);
bool prof_thread_active_init_get(tsdn_t *tsdn);
bool prof_thread_active_init_set(tsdn_t *tsdn, bool active_init);
bool prof_gdump_get(tsdn_t *tsdn);
bool prof_gdump_set(tsdn_t *tsdn, bool active);
void prof_boot0(void);
void prof_boot1(void);
bool prof_boot2(tsd_t *tsd);
void prof_prefork0(tsdn_t *tsdn);
void prof_prefork1(tsdn_t *tsdn);
void prof_postfork_parent(tsdn_t *tsdn);
void prof_postfork_child(tsdn_t *tsdn);
void prof_sample_threshold_update(prof_tdata_t *tdata);

bool prof_log_start(tsdn_t *tsdn, const char *filename);
bool prof_log_stop(tsdn_t *tsdn);
size_t prof_log_bt_count(void);
size_t prof_log_alloc_count(void);
size_t prof_log_thr_count(void);
bool prof_log_is_logging(void);
bool prof_log_rep_check(void);
void prof_log_dummy_set(bool new_value);