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ChangeLog.old of MCPP and its accompanying Validation Suite

2005/03/19  kmatsui
        * V.2.5
        * Absorbed POST_STANDARD mode into STANDARD as an execution time
        option, absorbed OLD_PREPROCESSOR mode as an execution time
        option of PRE_STANDARD.  (all the sources)
        * Changed the evaluation of #if expression in PRE_STANDARD mode
        to use only (signed) long, not to use unsigned long.  (eval.c)
        * Revised the Standard mode macro expansion routine using GCC 3.
        2 testsuite and Wave 1.0 testcases.  Revised "blue painting" of
        the same name macro.  Revised debugging information.  Revised
        handling of token separator in STANDARD mode.  Split
        is_macro_call() from is_macro().  (expand.c)
        * Revised the old-preprocessor mode to follow "Reiser cpp model".
        * Removed FOLD_CASE settings.  (system.c)
        * Renamed most of #pragma __* directives as #pragma MCPP *.
        * Added porting to GCC V.3.3 and 3.4.  Changed some options
        accordingly (changed -c to -@compat, changed -m to -e, removed
        -E, added -finput-charset=).  Created init_gcc_macro(),
        undef_gcc_macro().  (system.c)
        * Sorted usage() message lines alphabetically.
        * Removed documents on older preprocessors (DJGPP, compiler
        systems on MS-DOS except Borland C).
        * Revised judgment of GCC version and include directories.
        * Provided man page.
        * Renamed the documents.
        * Validation Suite: Moved tests of multi-byte character encoding
        to quality matters.
        * Validation Suite: Changed points allocation of the test items.
        * Validation Suite: Added a few testcases for macro expansion.
        * Updated Japanese and English documents.

2004/03/20  kmatsui
        * V.2.4.1
        * Revised recursive macro expansion.  (expand.c)
        * Added -c option (compatible mode to GCC expansion of recursive
        macro).  (expand.c, system.c)
        * Revised some testcases in cpp-test/test-t directory.

2004/02/25  kmatsui
        * V.2.4 release.
        * Implemented handling of multi-byte character encodings other
        than 2-byte encodings.  Made various encodings available
        simultaneously.  Added #pragma __setlocale.  Added -m <encoding>
        option.  Enabled environment variable LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE and LANG
        to specify the encoding.  (all the sources)
        * Created mbchar.c.  Moved type[] from system.c.  Created type_*
        [] tables for various encodings of multi-byte character.
        Created encoding_name[][] table.  Created mb_init(),
        mb_read_2byte(), mb_read_iso2022_jp(), mb_read_utf8(), mb_eval(),
        set_encoding(), search_encoding() and strip_bar().  (mbchar.c)
        * Added porting to Plan 9 / pcc.  (noconfig.H, system.c)
        * Validation Suite: Added tests of various multi-byte character
        * Updated Japanese documents.
        * Updated English documents which were translated by Highwell,
        inc. ltd. from the Japanese documents.
        * Renamed the documents.

2003/11/28  kmatsui
        * V.2.4 prerelease.
        * Named this proprocessor as MCPP (This is not necessarily the
        name of its executable).
        * Changed predefined macro __decus_cpp as __MCPP.
        * Created configure script to make mcpp executable automatically.
        Accordingly, reorganized system.H, created configed.H and
        noconfig.H, and changed some macro names.
        * Diagnostics on macro expansion or macro redefinition were made
        to show the original macro definition and its location.
        * Changed DEFBUF and FILEINFO structure, reorganized some
        functions and variables.  Created set_fname() in system.c.
        (other than system.H, eval.c lib.c)
        * Created look_and_install().  (control.c)
        * Removed CON_NOEXPAND and CON_EXPAND modes.  Renamed CON_FALSE
        mode as PRE_STANDARD.  (all the sources)
        * Removed append_string(), catenate() and conv_st_quote().
        * Added #pragma __push_macro, #pragma __pop_macro, #pragma
        __preprocess, #pragma __preprocessed.  Created push_or_pop() and
        do_preprocess(), revised do_pragma() accordingly.  (system.c)
        * Implemented -MF, -MT, -MP, -MQ options for GCC-3-compatibility.
        Created md_init() and md_quote().  (system.c)
        * Added porting to Visual C++ .net.  (system.H, system.c)
        * Removed the oldest settings on VMS, DEC C and OS-9/09.  And
        removed accordingly vmsparse(), reopen_stdout(), set_stdin(),
        get_redirection(), put_start_file(), put_fname() and put_source().
        (system.H, system.c)
        * Added strstr() and strcspn().  (lib.c)
        * Moved open_file() and add_file() from main.c to system.c.
        Moved sharp() from system.c to main.c.
        * Updated test-reports on LCC-Win32 and ucpp.
        * Updated the Japanese documents. (The English documents are not
        yet updated.)

2003/03/29  kmatsui
        * V.2.3 patch 1.
        * Debugged the modes other than STANDARD.  (system.c)

2003/02/28  kmatsui
        * V.2.3 release.
        * Implemented identifier-like operators in C++98.  Created
        chk_ops() in eval.c and id_operator() in support.c.  (eval.c,
        control.c, support.c)
        * Reinforced checking of __VA_ARGS__.  (control.c)
        * Enabled interspersed options between filename arguments.
        * Renamed #pragma __debug and #pragma __warning to #pragma
        __debug_cpp and #pragma __warning_cpp.  (system.c)
        * Created the edition of Validation Suite for GCC / testsuite.
        * -j option (GCC-compatible diagnostic format) added for testsuite.
        * Created the document named mcpp-summary.pdf.
        * Updated documents.
        * Released English version of documents which were translated by
        Highwell, inc. ltd. from the Japanese documents and revised by

2002/12/16  kmatsui
        * V.2.3 prerelease 2.
        * Port to GCC 3.2.  (system.H, system.c)
        * Fixed the bug of #include_next.  (system.c)
        * GCC-compatible options (-I-, -std=*) added.  (system.c)
        * Created norm_path() to normalize include directories.  (system.
        * Fixed the bug of rescan() which warns an innocent macro call.
        * Updated documents.  Renamed the documents.

2002/08/26  kmatsui
        * V.2.3 prerelease 1.
        * Updated according to C99 (ISO/IEC 9899:1999).
        * Added compatibility mode of C++ to C99.  (eval.c, expand.c,
        * Increased the class of warnings from four (OR of 1, 2, 4, 8)
        to five (OR of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16).  Changed some errors to warnings.
        * Fixed the bug of 0-parameter function-like macro.  Modified re-
        examination of macro of the same name.  (expand.c)
        * Fixed the bug of handling digraphs.  Implemented UCN in pp-
        number and string-literal.  (support.c)
        * Fixed the bugs of parse_env() and bsl2sl().  (system.c)
        * Implemented many GCC-compatible options.  Added -dM, -dD,
        -include and -isystem option for GCC.  Added -a (-lang-asm, -x
        assembler-with-cpp) option.  Extended -D option to enable
        function-like macro definition.  Changed specification of -S
        option and added -V, -h option.  (system.c)
        * Implemented #include_next and #warning for GCC.  Implemented
        also #pragma __include_next and #pragma __warning_cpp.  (system.
        * Created conv_case(), chk_env() and at_end().  Split set_limit(),
        set_pragma_op(), def_a_macro() from dooptions().  Split
        search_dir() from openinclude().  Removed is_id().  (system.c)
        * Port to Linux / GCC 2.95.3, LCC-Win32, Borland C 5.5.  (system.
        H, control.c, system.c)
        * Renamed functions and some variables using underscore to
        separate the two words.  (internal.H, all the *.c files)
        * Updated the Validation Suite.
        * Updated the documents.
        * Renamed the directories and the documents by NIIBE Yutaka.
        * Registered to CVS repository at by NIIBE Yutaka

1998/11     kmatsui
        * V.2.2
        * Updated according to C++98 (ISO/IEC 14882:1998)
        * Changed to evaluate "true" as 1 and "false" as 0 on C++,
        according to C++ Standard.  (eval.c)
        * Updated UCN constraint on C++ according to C++ Standard.
        * Fixed the bug of interaction of predefined non-standard macro
        with -D option.  (main.c, control.c, expand.c, system.c)
        * Created undef_a_predef().  (main.c)
        * Removed alloc_mem().  (system.c)

1998/09     kmatsui
        * V.2.1
        * Updated C99 features according to 1998/08 draft (including UCN,
        optional multi-byte-character in identifier, type of #if
        expression in integer of maximum size and concatenation of wide-
        character-string-literal and character-string-literal).  (main.c,
        eval.c, support.c)

1998/08     kmatsui (Kiyoshi Matsui <>)
        * V.2.0
        * First release of MCPP (DECUS cpp V.2) at nifty-serve and
        * Re-written according to ISO 9899:1990 and it's Amendment 1,
        Corrigendum 1, 2.
        * Implemented translation phases precisely.  (support.c)
        * Revised tokenization according to the Standard and Amendment1.
        (support.c & others)
        * Implemented the pre-defined macros __STDC__, __STDC_VERSION__,
        __TIME__, and revised __DATE__.  Made these standard macros
        cannot be undefined nor redefined.  (main.c)
        * Implemented _Pragma() operator.  (main.c & others)
        * Revised some non-standard pre-defined macros.  (main.c)
        * Implemented #error directive.  The error message is output to
        the stderr.  (control.c)
        * Implemented #pragma __once directive, -i option and -M* option,
        imported from GCC.  (control.c & others)
        * Implemented #pragma __put_defines, #pragma __debug directives
        and the old style directives corresponding to them.  (system.c &
        * Made #pragma lines to be output with warning to the stderr for
        the compiler which can't recognize the directive.  (system.c)
        * Made #line argument to be subject to macro expansion.
        (control.c, support.c)
        * Reinforced the test of #define syntax.  (control.c)
        * Created Standard conforming mode of macro-expansion (including
        the processing of #, ## operators).  (expand.c)
        * Created "post-Standard" mode of preprocessing, which is a
        simplified version of Standard mode.  (all the sources)
        * Simplified CON_FALSE mode corresponding to K&R 1st.
        specifications.  CON_NOEXPAND, CON_EXPAND modes of the original
        version are retained (after revising).  (main.c, control.c eval.
        c, expand.c)
        * Revised # operator so as to inserts \ before \ or " in
        stringized arguments (except in MBCHAR) in Standard mode.
        * Changed the type of #if expression from int to long / unsigned
        long.  Reinforced expression evaluation.  (eval.c)
        * Implemented wide character constant, multi-character character
        constant, and revised multi-byte character constant in #if
        expression.  (eval.c)
        * Revised the handling of MBCHAR in string literal and character
        constant.  (support.c, expand.c, eval.c, main.c)
        * Supplemented the optional phase for the pre-Standard compiler-
        proper to concatenate adjacent string literals, convert '\a' and
        '\v' to octals, convert digraphs.  (main.c)
        * Implemented the features of C99-1997/11 draft except Unicode-
        related features (_Pragma operator, variable arguments of macro,
        // comments, long long of #if expression, p+ of pp-number) (all
        the sources)
        * Supplemented the C++ preprocessor option.  (support.c, system.
        * Refined error checks and diagnostic messages.  (all the
        * Implemented -M* option.  (main.c, system.c)
        * Updated MS-DOS memory model option.  (system.c)
        * Revised command line options.  (system.c)
        * Made the source files compilable by C++ as well as C.  (all
        the sources)
        * Re-organized and re-written the source files to be portable to
        many systems.  (all the sources)
        * main.c:
        * Renamed cpp1.c main.c.
        * Created do_pragma_op(), de_stringize(), devide_line(), putout(),
        putline(), post_preproc(), conv_esc(), conv2oct(), is_last_esc(),
        esc_mbchar(), conv_a_digraph().
        * Removed output().
        * Moved sharp() from cpp1.c to system.c, addfile(), openfile(),
        initdefines(), unpredefine() from cpp3.c to main.c,
        * Revised most of the functions and variables.
        * control.c:
        * Renamed cpp2.c control.c.
        * Moved dodefine(), is_formal(), mtokensave(), stparmscan(),
        doundef() from cpp4.c to control.c.
        * Moved lookid(), defendel(), dump_a_def() from cpp6.c to
        * Moved doinclude(), openinclude(), vmsparse() from cpp2.c to
        * Split doline() from control().
        * Split getparm(), getrepl(), def_stringization() from dodefine().
        * Split dumprepl() from dump_a_def().
        * Devided defendel() to install(), undefine(), lookprev().
        * Removed textput(), charput(), checkparm() from cpp4.c.
        * Expanded specification of stparmscan().
        * Revised most of the functions.
        * eval.c:
        * Renamed cpp5.c eval.c.
        * Created overflow(), dumpval().
        * Split evalsval(), evaluval() from evaleval().
        * Made #if error returns 0 (rather than 1).
        * Changed the type of #if evaluation from int to long / unsigned
        long (unsigned long is only for the compiler which has that type)
        or long long / unsigned long long for C99.
        * Reinforced expression evaluation (eval(), opdope[]).
        * Implemented evaluation of multi-character character constant,
        wide character constant and revised evaluation of multi-byte
        character constant.
        * Revised most of the functions.
        * expand.c:
        * Split from cpp4.c and cpp6.c (support.c).
        * Created Standard conforming mode of macro expansion.
        * Created is_macro(), squeeze_ws(), skip_macro() as common
        routines, expand(), replace(), def_special(), prescan(),
        catenate(), stringize(), substitute(), rescan(), disable_repl(),
        enable_repl(), is_able_repl() for MODE >= STANDARD, expand(),
        conv_st_quote() for MODE < STANDARD.
        * Split expcollect() into collect_args() and get_an_arg().
        * Renamed macroid() to rescan(), expand() to replace(), expstuff
        () to substitute() for MODE < STANDARD, dumpparm() to dump_args().
        * Revised most of the functions.
        * support.c:
        * Renamed cpp6.c support.c.
        * Created get_unexpandable(), scantoken(), cat_line(), scanop(),
        parse_line(), last_is_mbchar(), cnv_digraph(), at_eof(),
        xrealloc(), putline(), dumptoken().
        * Split getline(), read_a_comment() from get().
        * Extended cfatal(), cerror(), cwarn(), removing cierror(),
        * Removed save(), cget().
        * Moved macroid(), catenate(), appendstring() from cpp6.c to
        expand.c, lookid(), defendel() from cpp6.c to control.c.
        * Renamed scanstring() to scanquote(), getmem() to xmalloc().
        * Revised most of the functions.
        * Revised line splicing and tokenization.
        * system.c:
        * Created this file gathering routines from other files.  Moved
        sharp(), sharpsub(), getredirection() from cpp1.c to system.c,
        doinclude(), openinclude(), hasdirectory(), vmsparse() from cpp2.
        c to system.c, setincdirs(), dooptions(), zap_uc() from cpp3.c
        to system.c,
        * Created setoptlist(), setcplus(), bsl2sl(), put_depend(),
        dopragma(), doonce(), included(), dumppath(), is_junk(),
        alloc_mem(), print_heap();
        * Split reopen_stdout(), setstdin() from main(), put_start_file(),
        putfname() from cppmain(), setfiles(), usage(), mem_model(),
        is_id() from dooptions(), doold(), dodebug(), doasm(), put_asm()
        from control().
        * Split setincdirs() to setsysdirs(), setenvdirs(), parse_env(),
        * Moved type[] from cpp6.c to system.c.
        * Revised most of the functions.
        * system.H:
        * Re-written and renamed from cppdef.h.
        * internal.H:
        * Re-written and renamed from cpp.h.
        * Created Validation Suite for C/C++ preprocessing.
        * Provided some supplementary tools for preprocessor testing.
        * Wrote comprehensive documents (in Japanese).

* Edit history of DECUS CPP (MM: Martin Minow)
        * 21-May-84    MM      "Field test" release
        * 11-Jul-84    MM      "Official" first release (that's what I thought!)
        * 31-Aug-84    MM      USENET net.sources release.
        *  7-Dec-84    MM      Stuff in Nov 12 Draft Standard
        * 07-Jun-85    KR      Latest revision