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specify posix.sys.times:
- before:
    tms = require "posix.sys.times"

- describe times:
  - before:
      table.unpack = table.unpack or unpack
      times = tms.times

  # posix.times takes an optional string or table as its first
  # argument, followed by zero or more strings only if the first
  # argument was a string; since we can't express that with
  # `badargs.diagnose` do it all manually again...
  - context with bad arguments:
      badargs.diagnose (times, "()")

  - it returns a PosixTms:
      expect (prototype (times ())).to_be "PosixTms"
  - it fetches everything without an argument:
      keys = {
        "tms_utime", "tms_stime", "tms_cutime", "tms_cstime", "elapsed"
      t = times ()
      expect (t).to_contain.a_permutation_of (keys)
      for _, key in ipairs (keys) do
        expect (type (t[key])).to_be "number"