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Slingshot release rules for GNU Make.


Copyright (C) 2001-2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Originally by Jim Meyering, Simon Josefsson, Eric Blake,

Akim Demaille, Gary V. Vaughan, and others.

This version by Gary V. Vaughan, 2013.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.




GNU Make magic.


This file uses GNU Make extensions. Include it from GNUmakefile with:

include build-aux/release.mk

Make tar archive easier to reproduce.

export TAR_OPTIONS = --owner=0 --group=0 --numeric-owner

Helper variables.

_empty = _sp = $(_empty) $(_empty)



Check that $(VARIABLE) is in the space-separated list of VALID-VALUES, and

return it. Die otherwise.

member-check = \ $(strip \ $(if $($(1)), \ $(if $(findstring $(_sp),$($(1))), \ $(error invalid $(1): '$($(1))', expected $(2)), \ $(or $(findstring $(_sp)$($(1))$(_sp),$(_sp)$(2)$(_sp)), \ $(error invalid $(1): '$($(1))', expected $(2)))), \ $(error $(1) undefined)))

include Makefile




GIT ?= git LUA ?= lua LUAROCKS ?= luarocks TAR ?= tar

Override this in cfg.mk if you are using a different format in your

NEWS file.

today ?= $(shell date +%Y-%m-%d)

Old releases are stored here.

release_archive_dir ?= ../release

Override this in cfg.mk if you follow different procedures.

release-prep-hook ?= release-prep

build-aux ?= build-aux my_distdir ?= $(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION) prev_version_file ?= $(srcdir)/.prev-version old_NEWS_hash-file ?= $(srcdir)/local.mk gl_noteworthy_news = ## Noteworthy changes in release ?.? (????-??-??) [?]

PREV_VERSION = $(shell cat $(prev_version_file) 2>/dev/null) VERSION_REGEXP = $(subst .,.,$(VERSION)) PREV_VERSION_REGEXP = $(subst .,.,$(PREV_VERSION))




gitlog_to_changelog = $(srcdir)/build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog

dist-hook: ChangeLog .PHONY: ChangeLog ChangeLog: $(AM_V_GEN)if test -d '$(srcdir)/.git'; then \ $(gitlog_to_changelog) $(gitlog_args) > '$@T'; \ rm -f '$@'; mv '$@T' '$@'; \ fi

Override this in GNUmakefile if you don't want to automatically

redistribute all the maintainer support files (take care that

Travis CI is finicky about this, and will likely need tweaking

to cope with missing any of these if you decide to omit them).

_travis_yml ?= .travis.yml travis.yml.in

release_extra_dist ?= \ .autom4te.cfg \ GNUmakefile \ bootstrap \ bootstrap.conf \ local.mk \ $(_travis_yml) \ $(NOTHING_ELSE)

EXTRA_DIST += \ $(_build-aux)/release.mk \ $(gitlog_to_changelog) \ $(release_extra_dist) \ $(NOTHING_ELSE)

all-am: $(_travis_yml)




The vast majority of what follows is preparation -in the form

of early bail-out if something is not right yet- for the final

check-in-release-branch rule that makes the tip of the release

branch match the contents of a 'make distcheck' tarball.

Validate and return $(RELEASE_TYPE), or die.

RELEASE_TYPES = alpha beta stable release-type = $(call member-check,RELEASE_TYPE,$(RELEASE_TYPES))

This will actually make the release, including sending release

announcements, and pushing changes back to the origin.

Use it like this, eg:

make RELEASE_TYPE=beta

.PHONY: release release: $(AM_V_GEN)$(MAKE) $(release-type) $(AM_V_GEN)$(MAKE) push $(AM_V_GEN)$(MAKE) upload $(AM_V_GEN)$(MAKE) mail

submodule-checks ?= no-submodule-changes public-submodule-commit

.PHONY: no-submodule-changes no-submodule-changes: $(AM_V_GEN)if test -d $(srcdir)/.git \ && git --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then \ diff=$$(cd $(srcdir) && git submodule -q foreach \ git diff-index --name-only HEAD); \ case $$diff in '') ;; \ *) echo '$(ME): submodule files are locally modified:'; \ echo "$$diff"; exit 1;; esac; \ else \ : ; \ fi

Ensure that each sub-module commit we're using is public.

Without this, it is too easy to tag and release code that

cannot be built from a fresh clone.

.PHONY: public-submodule-commit public-submodule-commit: $(AM_V_GEN)if test -d $(srcdir)/.git \ && git --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then \ cd $(srcdir) && \ git submodule --quiet foreach \ 'test "$$(git rev-parse "$$sha1")" \ = "$$(git merge-base origin "$$sha1")"' \ || { echo '$(ME): found non-public submodule commit' >&2; \ exit 1; }; \ else \ : ; \ fi

This rule has a high enough utility/cost ratio that it should be a

dependent of "check" by default. However, some of us do occasionally

commit a temporary change that deliberately points to a non-public

submodule commit, and want to be able to use rules like "make check".

In that case, run e.g., "make check gl_public_submodule_commit="

to disable this test.

gl_public_submodule_commit ?= public-submodule-commit check: $(gl_public_submodule_commit)

These targets do all the file shuffling necessary for a release, but

purely locally, so you can rewind and redo before pushing anything

to origin or sending release announcements. Use it like this, eg:

make beta

.PHONY: alpha beta stable alpha beta stable: $(submodule-checks) $(AM_V_GEN)test $@ = stable && \ { echo $(VERSION) |$(EGREP) '^[0-9]+(.[0-9]+)*$$' >/dev/null \ || { echo "invalid version string: $(VERSION)" 1>&2; exit 1;};}\ || : $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) prev-version-check $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) vc-diff-check $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) release-commit RELEASE_TYPE=$@ $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) news-check $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) distcheck $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) check $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) $(release-prep-hook) RELEASE_TYPE=$@ $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) check-in-release-branch

prev-version-check: $(AM_V_at)if test -z "$(GIT) ls-files $(prev_version_file)"; \ then \ echo "error: checked in $(prev_version_file) required." >&2; \ exit 1; \ fi

Abort the release if there are unchecked in changes remaining.

vc-diff-check: $(AM_V_at)if ! $(GIT) diff --exit-code; then \ $(GIT) diff >/dev/null; \ echo "error: Some files are locally modified" >&2; \ exit 1; \ fi

Select which lines of NEWS are searched for $(news-check-regexp).

This is a sed line number spec. The default says that we search

only line 3 of NEWS for $(news-check-regexp), to match the behaviour

of '$(_build-aux)/do-release-commit-and-tag'.

If you want to search only lines 1-10, use "1,10".

news-check-lines-spec ?= 3 news-check-regexp ?= '^##.* $(VERSION_REGEXP) ($(today))'

Makefile.in: NEWS

NEWS: $(AM_V_GEN)if test -f NEWS.md; then ln -s NEWS.md NEWS; \ elif test -f NEWS.rst; then ln -s NEWS.rst NEWS; \ elif test -f NEWS.txt; then ln -s NEWS.txt NEWS; \ fi

news-check: NEWS $(AM_V_GEN)if $(SED) -n $(news-check-lines-spec)p $< \ | $(EGREP) $(news-check-regexp) >/dev/null; then \ :; \ else \ echo 'NEWS: $$(news-check-regexp) failed to match' 1>&2; \ exit 1; \ fi

.PHONY: release-commit release-commit: NEWS $(AM_V_GEN)cd $(srcdir) \ && $(_build-aux)/do-release-commit-and-tag \ -C $(abs_builddir) $(VERSION) $(RELEASE_TYPE)

define emit-commit-log printf '%s\n' 'maint: post-release administrivia.' '' \ ' NEWS: Add header line for next release.' \ ' .prev-version: Record previous version.' \ '* $(old_NEWS_hash-file) (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.' endef

.PHONY: release-prep release-prep: $(scm_rockspec) $(AM_V_GEN)$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -s announcement \ > ~/announce-$(my_distdir) $(AM_V_at)if test -d $(release_archive_dir); then \ ln $(rel-files) $(release_archive_dir); \ chmod a-w $(rel-files); \ fi $(AM_V_at)echo $(VERSION) > $(prev_version_file) $(AM_V_at)$(MAKE) update-old-NEWS-hash $(AM_V_at)perl -pi \ -e '$$. == 3 and print "$(gl_noteworthy_news_)\n\n\n"' \ readlink $(srcdir)/NEWS 2>/dev/null || echo $(srcdir)/NEWS $(AM_V_at)msg=$$($(emit-commit-log)) || exit 1; \ cd $(srcdir) && $(GIT) commit -s -m "$$msg" -a @echo '**** Release announcement in ~/announce-$(my_distdir)'

Strip out copyright messages with years, so that changing those (e.g.

with 'make update-copyight') doesn't change the old_NEWS_hash.

NEWS_hash = \ $$(sed -n '/^*. $(PREV_VERSION_REGEXP) ([0-9-])/,$$p' \ $(srcdir)/NEWS \ | perl -0777 -pe 's/^Copyright.+?[12][0-9]{3}.+?\n//ms' \ | md5sum - \ | sed 's/ .*//')

Update the hash stored above. Do this after each release and

for any corrections to old entries.

old-NEWS-regexp = '^old_NEWS_hash[ \t]+?=[ \t]+' update-old-NEWS-hash: NEWS $(AM_V_GEN)if $(EGREP) $(old-NEWS-regexp) $(old_NEWS_hash-file); then \ perl -pi -e 's/^(old_NEWS_hash[ \t]+:?=[ \t]+).*/$${1}'"$(NEWS_hash)/" \ $(old_NEWS_hash-file); \ else \ printf '%s\n' '' "old_NEWS_hash = $(NEWS_hash)" \ >> $(old_NEWS_hash-file); \ fi

ANNOUNCE_ENV = LUA_INIT= LUA_PATH='$(abs_srcdir)/?-git-1.rockspec' ANNOUNCE_PRINT = $(ANNOUNCE_ENV) $(LUA) -l$(PACKAGE) -e

_PRE = " https://raw.githubusercontent" _POST = "/release-v$(VERSION)/$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)-$(rockspec_revision).rockspec" GITHUB_ROCKSPEC = (source.url:gsub ("^git://github", $(_PRE)):gsub ("%.git$$", $(_POST)))

announcement: NEWS

Not $(AM_V_GEN) since the output of this command serves as

announcement message: else, it would start with " GEN announcement".

$(AM_V_at)printf '%s\n'                     \
  '# [ANN] $(PACKAGE_NAME) $(VERSION) released'         \
$(AM_V_at)$(ANNOUNCE_PRINT) 'print (description.detailed)'
$(AM_V_at)printf '%s\n' ''                  \
  'I am happy to announce release $(VERSION) of $(PACKAGE_NAME).' \
$(AM_V_at)$(ANNOUNCE_PRINT)                 \
  'print ("$(PACKAGE_NAME)'\''s home page is at " .. description.homepage)'
$(AM_V_at)printf '\n'
$(AM_V_at)$(SED) -n                     \
    -e '/^\#\# Noteworthy changes in release $(PREV_VERSION)/q' \
    -e p NEWS |$(SED) -e 1,2d
$(AM_V_at)printf '%s\n'                     \
  'Install it with LuaRocks, using:' ''             \
  '    luarocks install $(PACKAGE) $(VERSION)'

branch = $(shell $(GIT) branch |$(SED) -ne '/^* /{s///;p;q;}') GCO = $(GIT) checkout release-tarball = $(my_distdir).tar.gz

Anything in $(_save-files) is not removed after switching to the

release branch, and is thus "in the release". Add addtional partial

filenames to save in save_release_files, for example:

save_release_files = RELEASE-NOTES-

_save-files = \ $(release-tarball) \ $(save_release_files) \ $(NOTHING_ELSE)

list-to-rexp = $(SED) -e 's|^|(|' -e 's/|$$/)/' git-clean-files = printf -- '-e %s ' $(_save-files) grep-clean-files = printf -- '%s|' $(_save-files) |$(list-to-rexp)

Switch to (or create) 'release' branch, remove all files, except the

newly generated dist tarball, then unpack the dist tarball and check

in all the files it creates, and tag that as the next release.

Github creates automatic zipballs of tagged git revisions, so we can

safely use this tag in the rockspecs we distribute.

submodule-regexp ?= '^[submodule "' submodule-extract-spec ?= 's|^."([^"])".*$$|\1|'

.PHONY: check-in-release-branch check-in-release-branch: $(AM_V_GEN)$(GCO) -b release v$(VERSION) 2>/dev/null || $(GCO) release $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) pull origin release 2>/dev/null || true $(AM_V_at)if $(EGREP) $(submodule-regexp) .gitmodules >/dev/null 2>&1; then \ $(EGREP) $(submodule-regexp) .gitmodules \ | $(SED) $(submodule-extract-spec) | xargs rm -rf; \ fi $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) clean -dfx $(git-clean-files) $(AM_V_at)remove_re=$(grep-clean-files); \ $(GIT) rm -f $(GIT) ls-files |$(EGREP) -v "$$remove_re" $(AM_V_at)ln -s . '$(my_distdir)' $(AM_V_at)$(TAR) zxf '$(release-tarball)' $(AM_V_at)rm -f '$(my_distdir)' '$(release-tarball)' $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) add . $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) commit -s -a -m 'Release v$(VERSION).' $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) tag -s -a -m 'Full source release v$(VERSION)' release-v$(VERSION) $(AM_V_at)$(GCO) $(branch)

.PHONY: push push: $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) push origin master $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) push origin release $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) push origin v$(VERSION) $(AM_V_at)$(GIT) push origin release-v$(VERSION)

.PHONY: upload upload: rockspecs $(AM_V_at)$(LUAROCKS) upload $${API_KEY+--api-key=$$API_KEY} \ '$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)-$(rockspec_revision).rockspec'

announce_emails ?= lua-l@lists.lua.org

.PHONY: mail mail: rockspecs $(AM_V_at)cat ~/announce-$(my_distdir) \ | mail -s '[ANN] $(PACKAGE) $(VERSION) released' -- \ $(announce_emails)