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The author of lsscsi would like to thank the following people who
have made contributions:

Carl Jacobsen <carl at carlrj dot com>
    Correct author's hexadecimal counting issues [20200103]

Dan Horak <dhorak at redhat dot com>
    Cope with proc_name from "<NULL>" to "(null") around
    lk 2.6.32 and FC transport syntax change [20100506]

FUJITA Tomonori <fujita dot tomonori at lab dot ntt dot co dot jp>
    iSCSI transport help [20070107]

Hannes Reinecke <hare at suse dot de >
    proposed additional code so lsscsi would work with lk 2.6.26
    (when CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 not defined) [20080318]
    fcoe transport indicator [20111026]
    fix handling of scsi_level 0; USB and FC transport id fixes [20140122]

Ihab Hamadi <ihab dot hamadi at emulex dot com>
    co-author of protection information addition [20081206]

James Smart <James dot Smart at Emulex dot Com>
    transport help, especially for FC [20061128]

Jean Delvare <>
    retire /proc/mounts scan for sysfs mount point;

Luben Tuikov <ltuikov at yahoo dot com>
    transport help [20061127]

Mark Reed <mdr at sgi dot com>
    mine sas_port and fc_remote_ports directories for
    more transport information [20110113]

Martin K. Petersen <martin dot petersen at oracle dot com>
    co-author of protection information addition [20081206]
    '--size' and '--protmode' options [20110301]

Mike Christie <michaelc at cs dot wisc dot edu>
    iSCSI transport help [20070104]

Nate Dailey <Nate dot Dailey at stratus dot com>
    Code to get actual /dev device name rather than produce synthetic
    device name based on major and minor number. '--kname' option
    shows "synthetic" device name; /dev device name is now the
    default. [20050620]

Stefan Richter <stefanr at s5r6 dot in-berlin dot de>
    transport help with ieee1394 [20061231]

Tomas Bzatek <tbzatek at redhat dot com>
    NVMe improvements [20200708  svn: r163]
    which SCSI id (--scsi_id) to output [20200821  svn: r163]

Doug Gilbert
1st September 2020