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Lohit Project Information :-
See for more details.

Mailing list:-

Generating ttf from source file:
Note: If you have downloaded ttf tarball this step is not required.
1. Building ttf file with fontforge.
- Open .sfd file in Fontforge.
- Import .fea file using (File->Merge Feature Info)
- File-> Generate fonts.

2. Using Makefile (Recommended)
- In terminal change directory to lohit downloaded tarball and run 
- $make ttf  
- This will generate ttf.

3. Building webfonts
- Fedora users -> $yum install sfntly  
- Check if your distro has sfntly, if not Download sfntly for building web fonts.
	- Download "" from 
	- Go to java folder and run $ant
	- Copy sfnttool.jar to /usr/share/java/
- $make woff eot
- This will generate webfonts.
4. $make all will generate all binaries.

Installing fonts:
Fedora or other linux distro
1. Using graphics user interface
- open ttf using gnome-font-viewer or kfontview
- click on install fonts

2. Using terminal
- copy font to /~.local/share/fonts
- run $fc-cache
- open gedit, it should be listed now

1. Nicely documented on