Blob Blame History Raw
5.4	A couple of introspection fixes
5.3	A number of introspection and build fixes
5.2.1	Fixed GIR params for introspection (broken build)
5.2	Optional introspection introduced
	Some minor fixes (runtime and build-time)
5.1	Expanding APIs for GNOME 3 needs (bumped soname):
	- converting ISO codes to translatable names (it was private, now public)
	- search by pattern
	Using to X11 API throgh pkg-config
	One race condition eliminated
	XInput2 version checking: looking for support of DevicePresence 
5.0	Ability to have different types of listeners in the same process
	(necessary for the latest unstable version of GNOME).
4.0	Support for "extras" in xkeyboard-config, small bugfixes and build
3.8	Added "new device" signal - for plugged keyboard (no need in the 
	"device removed yet"
3.9	Several small bugs fixed, including memleak and crash under NX
3.8	Added "new device" signal - for plugged keyboard (no need in the 
	"device removed yet"
3.7	A couple of essential bugfixes. Now all translated strings are in
	UTF-8 (even in 8-bit locales).
3.6	Added API for countries and languages
3.5	Got rid of the fallback xml file (some code cleanup).
	Fixed a couple of bugs (one crasher)
3.4	Updated translation scheme, based on xkeyboard-config 1.2
3.3	Processing "vendor" elements, bugfix.
3.2	Some bugfixes.
3.1	Straghten the licensing terms. Some bugfixes.
3.0	Some fixes in 2.91. Huge memory optimization
2.91	Absolutely new API based on glib.
2.2	Bugfixes. XML processing improved. Better compatibility with
	modular filesystem layout
2.1	Bugfixes. GCC 4.x compatibility patches.
2.0     New stable release (for GNOME 2.10). Minor changes since 1.14:
	some optimization and cleanup.
1.14	Memory leaks nailed. Some minor restructuring. Bugfixing.
	A couple of XKL_*_DISABLE envvars introduced.
1.13	Some build process cleanup and fixes. One more "virtual function"
1.12	First version with real xmodmap support. Sure, bugs are possible.
	I did it again - broke API. Really hope no API changes in 1.1x 
	series any more.
1.11	A lot of internal changes. VTable introduced (so now at some 
	point there can be implemented xmodmap backend). Some bugs were 
1.10	Some internal reorganization in the xklavier-config department.
	API/ABI are broken. All this stuff is going to be used in 
	GNOME 2.9x. The environment variable XKL_DEBUG introduced in 
	order to control the debug info more handy. Minor portability 
	bug was fixed.
1.04	Some memory leaks were nailed (thanks to kmaraas and valgrind).
	Default ruleset for partially non-compliant servers introduced
	(though it still long way to go for AccelleratedX support).
	A couple of small tests introduced.
	Hopefully the last release in 1.0x series.