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Both of these libraries must be installed before you can build
libshout. If they aren't available in your OS's package system, you
can find them at You may also want libtheora if you're
interested in doing video streaming.


Normally, just ./configure; make

You may need to specify --with-ogg-prefix and/or --with-vorbis-prefix
if you have installed those libraries in a non-standard
location. The arguments to these will match the --prefix you used when
configuring ogg and vorbis, respectively.

You may also choose to build libshout without thread safety, with the
--disable-pthread argument to configure. Only do this if you know you
will never be using the library in a threaded application, or if you
intend to make all calls to libshout threadsafe by hand in your
calling application.

(as root) make install

This will install header files in $(prefix)/shout and library files in

configure will have detected whether or not you have pkg-config
automatically. If you have, it will place a pkg-config data file in
$(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig, otherwise it will place a shout-config script
in $(prefix)/bin. You can force libshout to use shout-config instead
of pkgconfig with the configure option --disable-pkgconfig.

$Id: INSTALL 8946 2005-02-19 17:49:25Z brendan $