Welcome to the LibSass documentation!

First Off

LibSass is just a library. To run the code locally (i.e. to compile your stylesheets), you need an implementer. SassC (get it?) is an implementer written in C. There are a number of other implementations of LibSass - for example Node. We encourage you to write your own port - the whole point of LibSass is that we want to bring Sass to many other languages, not just Ruby!

We're working hard on moving to full parity with Ruby Sass... learn more at the The-LibSass-Compatibility-Plan!

Implementing LibSass

If you're interested in implementing LibSass in your own project see the API Documentation which now includes implementing your own Sass functions. You may wish to look at other implementations for your language of choice. Or make your own!

Contributing to LibSass

Issue Tracker Issue Triage Community Guidelines
We're always needing help, so check out our issue tracker, help some people out, and read our article on Contributing! It's got all the details on what to do! To help understand the process of triaging bugs, have a look at our Issue-Triage document. Oh, and don't forget we always follow [[Sass Community Guidelines

Please refer to the steps on Building LibSass