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#include <string>
#include "utf8.h"

namespace Sass {
  namespace UTF_8 {

    // naming conventions:
    // offset: raw byte offset (0 based)
    // position: code point offset (0 based)
    // index: code point offset (1 based or negative)

    // function that will count the number of code points (utf-8 characters) from the beginning to the given end
    size_t code_point_count(const std::string& str, size_t start, size_t end);
    size_t code_point_count(const std::string& str);

    // function that will return the byte offset of a code point in a
    size_t offset_at_position(const std::string& str, size_t position);

    // function that returns number of bytes in a character in a string
    size_t code_point_size_at_offset(const std::string& str, size_t offset);

    // function that will return a normalized index, given a crazy one
    size_t normalize_index(int index, size_t len);

    #ifdef _WIN32
    // functions to handle unicode paths on windows
    std::string convert_from_utf16(const std::wstring& wstr);
    std::wstring convert_to_utf16(const std::string& str);