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/** @page env Environment variables


When defined, the library will *only* use those scripts found at the
directories specified by the LIBQUVI_SCRIPTS_DIR.

@note Useful, for example, when the current set of the scripts at
      $top_srcdir/share/ (of libquvi-scripts) are being tested by the
      testsuite of the libquvi-scripts.  The library would, otherwise,
      include the scripts from the libquvi-scripts instance built with
      the library and likely interfere with the tests.


When defined, the library will additionally look in the colon-separated list of
directories specified by the LIBQUVI_SCRIPTS_DIR environment variable.


When defined, the library will output the paths of the searched directories to
the stderr.


When defined, the library will output the file names of the found scripts to stderr.
The output will also indicate whether the script was accepted by the library.


When defined, scripts using the 'quvi/debug' module messaging functions will output
to stderr.

@section Proxy

Refer to the libcurl C API, or curl(1), documentation for a complete list of the
supported environment variables. libquvi uses libcurl to access the Internet.