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.TH PSL "1" "July 2016" "psl 0.13.0" "User Commands"
psl-make-dafsa \- generate a compact and optimized DAFSA from a Public Suffix List 
.B psl-make-dafsa
[\fI\,options\/\fR] \fIinfile\fR \fIoutfile\fR
\fBpsl-make-dafsa\fR produces C/C++ code or an
architecture-independent binary object that represents a Deterministic
Acyclic Finite State Automaton (DAFSA) from a textual representation
of a Public Suffix List.  Input and output files must be specified on
the command line.

This compact representation enables optimized queries of the list,
saving both time and space when compared to searches of human-readable
The format of the data read and written by \fBpsl-make-dafsa\fR
depends on options passed to it.
\fBcxx\fR: (default) output is C/C++ code
\fBcxx+\fR: output is C/C++ code plus statistical assignments (used by libpsl build process)
\fBbinary\fR: output is an architecture-independent binary format
\fButf-8\fR: (default) UTF-8 mode (output contains UTF-8 + punycode)
\fBascii\fR: (deprecated) 7-bit ASCII mode (output contains punycode only)
.IR ", "
\fBpsl-make-dafsa\fR was was written by Olle Liljenzin as part of the Chromium project and
has been modified by Tim Ruehsen and Daniel Kahn Gillmor.  The code
and its documentation is governed by a BSD-style license.