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Copyright (C) 2014-2018 Tim Rühsen

26.04.2018 Release V0.20.2
  * Fix non srcdir builds
  * Add API decoration
  * Fix for MSVC/Win32 builds
  * Detection fallback from libidn2 to libcu, libidn
  * Fix MinGW cross builds on Linux
  * Add NMake Makefiles for Visual Studio builds

26.02.2018 Release V0.20.1
  * Fix issue introduced with PSL_TYPE_NO_STAR_RULE in V0.20.0
  * Fix SO_VERSION to 8:0:3
  * Improve unit tests

22.02.2018 Release V0.20.0
  * Remove hard-coded gcc flag in
  * Prevent excessive CPU cycles on large inputs
  * New flag PSL_TYPE_NO_STAR_RULE to skip star rule

09.11.2017 Release V0.19.1
  * Add the forgotten commit with NEWS and

09.11.2017 Release V0.19.0
  * New function psl_free_string()
  * psl_make_dafsa now works with python2 and python3
  * psl_*count() functions now return -1 if info is not available
  * Fixed unsigned integer overflow in _mem_is_ascii()
  * Add -fsanitize-address-use-after-scope to --enable-asan if available

20.07.2017 Release V0.18.0
  * Fix order of files in psl_latest()
  * Add fuzzing architecture
  * Fix memleak in _psl_is_public_suffix()
  * Add configure option --enable-asan (Address sanitizer)
  * Add configure option --enable-usan (Undefined sanitizer)
  * Add configure option --enable-cfi (Control Flow Integrity)
  * Fix finding libidn2 for static builds
  * Fix use of uninitialized stack value
  * Fix buffer overflow in libicu build
  * Use libidn2 as default for builds (former libicu)
  * Add pkg-config support for libidn and libidn2

16.01.2017 Release V0.17.0
  * Use TR46 non-transitional for IDNA (libicu, libidn2 >= 0.14)
  * Fix coverage upload from TravisCI to Coveralls
  * New tests to cover psl_latest() and psl_dist_filename()

15.12.2016 Release V0.16.1
  * Fix SO_VERSION to 6:0:1
  * Add --use-latest-psl to tools/psl as default

16.12.2016 Release V0.16.0
  * Add functions psl_latest() and psl_dist_filename()
  * Do not taint out variable on error in psl_str_to_utf8lower()
  * Replace psl2c by psl-make-dafsa
  * Add missing includes for OpenBSD
  * Fix typos
  * Update copyright year

14.11.2016 Release V0.15.0
  * Python3 compatibility for psl-make-dafsa
  * Support for UTF-8 in DAFSA data
  * Skip punycode conversion if DAFSA has UTF-8
  * Better code coverage by test suite
  * Code cleanup and enhancements
  * Install man pages for psl-make-dafsa and psl
  * Enhancements to the documentation

30.07.2016 Release V0.14.0
  * Remove unneeded libraries from tools/psl link step
  * Use https instead of http where possible
  * Add man page for tools/psl
  * Add header magic to DAFSA files
  * Rename to psl-make-dafsa
  * Add man page for psl-make-dafsa

02.03.2016 Release V0.13.0
  * Use tests.txt as PSL test file by default
  * Slightly shorter DAFSA array when sorting input
  * Check for python 2.7+ in
  * Fix python3 incompatibilities in

02.01.2016 Release V0.12.0
  * Load DAFSA binaries via psl_load_file() via auto-detection
  * Add more tests
  * Remove psl_builtin_compile_time()
  * Compile PSL into DAFSA using
  * Avoid libicu dependency with --enable-runtime=no
  * Test on new Travis-CI build farm
  * Use DAFSA format for builtin PSL data
  * Add function psl_is_public_suffix2()
  * Fix psl_builtin_outdated()
  * Fix several bugs
  * Cleanup code

23.09.2015 Release V0.11.0
  * Add new function psl_check_version_number()
  * Add version defines to include file

19.09.2015 Release V0.10.0
  * Code simplified
  * Less data entries, faster lookups
  * Add new function psl_suffix_wildcard_count()
  * Add new helper function psl_builtin_outdated()

15.09.2015 Release V0.9.0
  * Added semantic checks to PSL entries when generating built-in data
  * Fix test suite for TLD exceptions (not used yet in reality)
  * Removed wrong assumption from test suite
  * Support explicit combination of '' and '*'

14.08.2015 Release V0.8.1
  * Fix documentation 
  * Add syntax checking of tests_psl.txt

06.08.2015 Release V0.8.0
  * Add as git submodule
  * Support Debian 'Reproducible Builds'
  * Fix generation of docs
  * Check UTF-8 sequences for validity (for libidn<=1.30)
  * Add LICENSE to distribution tarball
  * Fix compatibility function strndup 

21.02.2015 Release V0.7.1
  * include configured PSL file into tarball

30.01.2015 Release V0.7.0
  * include effective_tld_names.dat of date 29.12.2014
  * do not install docs when gtk-doc is not installed
  * fix several compatibility issues with Solaris
  * fix 'make distcheck' after 'make clean'
  * mark API as stable
  * use pkg-config to detect libicu

14.11.2014 Release V0.6.2
  * revoked commit from 0.6.1 to satisfy Travis-CI

14.11.2014 Release V0.6.1
  * include effective_tld_names.dat of date 04.11.2014
  * fix pkg-config configuration

28.10.2014 Release V0.6.0
  * added support for IP addresses in psl_is_cookie_domain_acceptable()
  * removed qsort_r() for compatibility
  * check for alloca.h before including
  * include effective_tld_names.dat of date 27.10.2014

03.08.2014 Release V0.5.1
  * fix ASCII check for architectures where char <> signed char

02.07.2014 Release V0.5.0
  * added configure --enable-runtime to allow for IDNA library
    selection as runtime dependency
  * added configure --enable-builtin to allow for IDNA library
    selection for generating the built-in PSL data
  * fixed psl_str_to_utf8lower prototype
  * fixed authors name to UTF-8

23.06.2014 Release V0.4.0
  * depend on libicu for punycode, utf-8 and lowercase conversions
  * added function psl_str_to_utf8lower()
  * fixed locale issues
  * introducing psl_error_t for error codes + defines
  * removed redundant code from psl2c.c
  * updated docs
  * psl utility reads from stdin if no argument specified

10.06.2014 Release V0.3.1
  * link psl utility dynamically
  * fix output of psl_filename()
  * cleanup for psl --help
  * removed check for idn2 in

05.06.2014 Release V0.3.0
  * added support for libicu in psl2c (IDNA2008 UTS#46)
    this needs pkg-config and libicu-dev installed
  * added --version to psl utility

31.05.2014 Release V0.2.5
  * added psl_get_version()
  * removed version from library name

30.05.2014 Release V0.2.4
  * fixed psl_builtin() to return NULL if no built-in PSL data is available

27.05.2014  Release V0.2.3
  * changed API version to 0.2

26.05.2014  Release V0.2.2
  * changed code to C89
  * added a few test cases
  * build static library by default

25.04.2014  Hotfix release V0.2.1
  * updated to the latest Publix Suffix List

25.04.2014  Initial release V0.2