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.\"     Title: ieee1284_free_ports
.\"    Author: Tim Waugh <>
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.\"      Date: 09/18/2007
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.TH "IEEE1284_FREE_PORTS" "3" "09/18/2007" "" "Functions"
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ieee1284_free_ports \- safely deallocate a port list
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#include <ieee1284.h>
.HP 25
.BI "void ieee1284_free_ports(struct\ parport_list\ *" "list" ");"
When the port list will no longer be used, the program should call
giving it a pointer to the
structure that holds the list of ports returned by
\fBieee1284_find_ports\fR(3). The ports are reference counted with the
functions, and so the port list may be freed even if it contains pointers to ports that are still open.
\fBTim Waugh\fR <\&\&>
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