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Notes on libieee1284 on Solaris/x86

There are some problems with supporting bi-directional parallel ports in 
Solaris/x86.  Not least of these is the fact that there is no built-in
support, nor built-in inb/outb.  To work around this problem, I have 
included the IOP kernel-mode driver which exposes the inb and outb
functions to userspace.  To the end users, this means that you will need
to install the iop driver before you can use libieee1284.

After performing a make install (which will also install the driver), you 
will probably need to reboot with -r, ie:

# /usr/sbin/reboot -- -r

On Solaris 2.8 you will probably need to run add_drv after rebooting, ie:

# add_drv iop

If that doesn't get it working, consult the add_drv man page.

Once the IOP driver is installed and working, you will only be able to access
the parallel port as root.

The other downside of this method of parport access is that it is *slow*. 
Each read and write requires an ioctl, which being a syscall is not fast.  
On top of that, you are limited to nibble mode transfers, so each ioctl is 
4 bits.

I hope that Sun sees fit to port the ECPP system to x86 in a future version
of Solaris.


- Matthew Duggan