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libieee1284 news

0.2.11 (stable)

	A fix for newer Linux kernels has been applied.

0.2.10 (stable)

	Several small bugs were fixed.  Modifications to support udev-054
	were made.

0.2.9 (stable)

	Several small bugs were fixed.  A Python extension module was added.

0.2.8 (stable)

	Several small bugs were fixed, and there were some minor API

0.2.7 (stable)

	This release adds a fallback implementation for ECP address transfers.

0.2.6 (stable)

	Minor bugfixes.

0.2.5 (stable)

	Minor bugfixes.

0.2.4 (stable)

	Minor bugfixes.

0.2.3 (stable)

	This release contains files that were accidentally missing from
	previous releases, and a port to another operating system.

0.2.2 (stable)

	This release contains several bugfixes, speed optimizations for
	direct I/O, and preliminary configuration file support.

0.2.1 (stable)

	Minor bugfixes.

0.2.0 (stable)

	First release of the stable branch.

0.1.7 (devel)

	Support for more platforms was added.

0.1.6 (devel)

	The directory structure was reorganised.

0.1.5 (devel)

	Some small clean-ups were made, as well as the last interface
	change before the stable branch begins.

0.1.4 (devel)

	Some minor bugs were fixed in the direct access code, and a silly
	bug preventing C++ applications from linking with the library has
	been fixed.

0.1.3 (devel)

	Several major bugs were fixed.

0.1.2 (devel)

	This release includes a better interface, and more support for
	status and control pin traces.

0.1.1 (devel)

	A fix for a major bug in one of the pin-level functions.

0.1.0 (devel)

	Enough features have been implemented that the library should
	be slightly useful now.

0.0.0 (alpha)

	It seems to work on Linux 2.4.  Need feedback
	on the interface to make sure it isn't stupid.