Process Time

Process Time — Get process time information

Stability Level

Stable, unless otherwise indicated


Types and Values


#include <glibtop/proctime.h>



glibtop_get_proc_time ()

glibtop_get_proc_time (glibtop_proc_time *buf,
                       pid_t pid);

Get process time information.



Returned process time information - see glibtop_proc_time.



Process id


Types and Values

struct glibtop_proc_time

struct glibtop_proc_time {
	guint64 start_time;
	guint64 rtime;
	guint64 utime;
	guint64 stime;
	guint64 cutime;
	guint64 cstime;
	guint64 timeout;
	guint64 it_real_value;
	guint64 frequency;
	guint64 xcpu_utime [GLIBTOP_NCPU];
	guint64 xcpu_stime [GLIBTOP_NCPU];

Process time data filled by glibtop_get_proc_time().

Under Linux the start_time value may be wrong due to the information available from the kernel.

The Linux kernel defines INITIAL_JIFFIES which implies a time shift. Because INITIAL_JIFFIES is not user-space defined, we cannot use it to compute an accurate start_time . On Linux 2.6,

INITIAL_JIFFIES is 300 so start_time is

always 3s different from the real start time of the given process. You may also get shift results if your system clock is not synchronised with your hardware clock. See man hwclock.


guint64 start_time;

Start time of process in seconds since the epoch.


guint64 rtime;

Real time accumulated by process (should be utime + stime ).


guint64 utime;

User-mode CPU time accumulated by process.


guint64 stime;

Kernel-mode CPU time accumulated by process.


guint64 cutime;

Cumulative utime of process and reaped children.


guint64 cstime;

Cumulative stime of process and reaped children.


guint64 timeout;

The time (in jiffies) of the process’s next timeout.


guint64 it_real_value;

The time (in jiffies) before the next SIGALRM is sent to the process due to an interval timer.


guint64 frequency;

Tick frequency.


guint64 xcpu_utime[GLIBTOP_NCPU];

SMP user-mode CPU time accumulated by process.


guint64 xcpu_stime[GLIBTOP_NCPU];

SMP kernel-mode CPU time accumulated by process