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* About::                       About LibGTop
* White Paper::                 LibGTop White Paper
* Reference Manual::            LibGTop Reference Manual

 --- The Detailed Node Listing ---

About LibGTop

* Availability::                Where to get LibGTop
* Supported Platforms::         Supported Platforms
* Mailing List::                Helping with LibGTop development
* Thanks::                      People who contributed to LibGTop

LibGTop White Paper

* Introduction::                Introduction
* Overview::                    Overview


* Interface Design::            Things that need to be considered
* Server Implementation::       The LibGTop "server"

LibGTop Reference Manual

* System Dependent::            System Dependent Functions.
* Common Functions::            Common Functions.
* Library Functions::           Library Functions.

System Dependent Functions

* glibtop_cpu::                 CPU Usage.
* glibtop_mem::                 Memory Usage.
* glibtop_swap::                Swap Usage.
* glibtop_uptime::              System Uptime.
* glibtop_loadavg::             Load Average.
* glibtop_proclist::            Process List.
* glibtop_proc_state::          Process State.
* glibtop_proc_uid::            Process UID and TTY Information.
* glibtop_proc_mem::            Process Memory Information.
* glibtop_proc_time::           Process Time Information.
* glibtop_proc_signal::         Process Signal Information.
* glibtop_proc_kernel::         Process Kernel Data Information.
* glibtop_proc_segment::        Process Segment Information.
* glibtop_proc_args::           Process Arguments.
* glibtop_proc_map::            Process Memory Maps.
* glibtop_netload::             Network Load.
* glibtop_ppp::                 PPP Usage.

Common Functions

* glibtop_mountlist::           Mount List.
* glibtop_fsusage::             File System Usage.

Library Functions

* glibtop_init::                Server Initialization.
* glibtop_sysdeps::             Server Sysdeps.
* Library Parameters::          Library Parameters.
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