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#include "clar_libgit2.h"
#include "buffer.h"

 * We want to use some ridiculous size that `malloc` will fail with
 * but that does not otherwise interfere with testing.  On Linux, choose
 * a number that is large enough to fail immediately but small enough
 * that valgrind doesn't believe it to erroneously be a negative number.
 * On macOS, choose a number that is large enough to fail immediately
 * without having libc print warnings to stderr.
#if defined(GIT_ARCH_64) && defined(__linux__)
# define TOOBIG 0x0fffffffffffffff
#elif defined(__linux__)
# define TOOBIG 0x0fffffff
#elif defined(GIT_ARCH_64)
# define TOOBIG 0xffffffffffffff00
# define TOOBIG 0xffffff00

 * If we make a ridiculously large request the first time we
 * actually allocate some space in the git_buf, the realloc()
 * will fail.  And because the git_buf_grow() wrapper always
 * sets mark_oom, the code in git_buf_try_grow() will free
 * the internal buffer and set it to git_buf__oom.
 * We initialized the internal buffer to (the static variable)
 * git_buf__initbuf.  The purpose of this test is to make sure
 * that we don't try to free the static buffer.
void test_buf_oom__grow(void)
	git_buf buf = GIT_BUF_INIT;


	cl_assert(git_buf_grow(&buf, TOOBIG) == -1);


void test_buf_oom__grow_by(void)
	git_buf buf = GIT_BUF_INIT;

	buf.size = SIZE_MAX-10;

	cl_assert(git_buf_grow_by(&buf, 50) == -1);