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GLIB - Library of useful C routines

TESTS_ENVIRONMENT= \ G_TEST_SRCDIR="$(abs_srcdir)" \ G_TEST_BUILDDIR="$(abs_builddir)" \ G_DEBUG=gc-friendly \ MALLOC_CHECK_=2 \ MALLOC_PERTURB_=$$(($${RANDOM:-256} % 256)) LOG_DRIVER = env AM_TAP_AWK='$(AWK)' $(SHELL) $(top_srcdir)/tap-driver.sh LOG_COMPILER = $(top_srcdir)/tap-test


initialize variables for unconditional += appending


installed_test_LTLIBRARIES = installed_test_PROGRAMS = installed_test_SCRIPTS = nobase_installed_test_DATA =

noinst_LTLIBRARIES = noinst_PROGRAMS = noinst_SCRIPTS = noinst_DATA =

check_LTLIBRARIES = check_PROGRAMS = check_SCRIPTS = check_DATA =

We support a fairly large range of possible variables. It is expected that all types of files in a test suite

will belong in exactly one of the following variables.

First, we support the usual automake suffixes, but in lowercase, with the customary meaning:

test_programs, test_scripts, test_data, test_ltlibraries

The above are used to list files that are involved in both uninstalled and installed testing. The

test_programs and test_scripts are taken to be actual testcases and will be run as part of the test suite.

Note that data is always used with the nobase automake variable name to ensure that installed test data is

installed in the same way as it appears in the package layout.

In order to mark a particular file as being only for one type of testing, use 'installed' or 'uninstalled',

like so:

installed_test_programs, uninstalled_test_programs

installed_test_scripts, uninstalled_test_scripts

installed_test_data, uninstalled_test_data

installed_test_ltlibraries, uninstalled_test_ltlibraries

Additionally, we support 'extra' infixes for programs and scripts. This is used for support programs/scripts

that should not themselves be run as testcases (but exist to be used from other testcases):

test_extra_programs, installed_test_extra_programs, uninstalled_test_extra_programs

test_extra_scripts, installed_test_extra_scripts, uninstalled_test_extra_scripts

Additionally, for scripts and _data, we support the customary dist prefix so that the named script or data

file automatically end up in the tarball.

dist_test_scripts, dist_test_data, dist_test_extra_scripts

dist_installed_test_scripts, dist_installed_test_data, dist_installed_test_extra_scripts

dist_uninstalled_test_scripts, dist_uninstalled_test_data, dist_uninstalled_test_extra_scripts

Note that no file is automatically disted unless it appears in one of the dist_ variables. This follows the

standard automake convention of not disting programs scripts or data by default.

test_programs, test_scripts, uninstalled_test_programs and uninstalled_test_scripts (as well as their disted

variants) will be run as part of the in-tree 'make check'. These are all assumed to be runnable under

gtester. That's a bit strange for scripts, but it's possible.

TESTS += $(test_programs) $(test_scripts) $(uninstalled_test_programs) $(uninstalled_test_scripts) \ $(dist_test_scripts) $(dist_uninstalled_test_scripts)

Note: build even the installed-only targets during 'make check' to ensure that they still work.

We need to do a bit of trickery here and manage disting via EXTRA_DIST instead of using dist_ prefixes to

prevent automake from mistreating gmake functions like $(wildcard ...) and $(addprefix ...) as if they were

filenames, including removing duplicate instances of the opening part before the space, eg. '$(addprefix'.

all_test_programs = $(test_programs) $(uninstalled_test_programs) $(installed_test_programs) \ $(test_extra_programs) $(uninstalled_test_extra_programs) $(installed_test_extra_programs) all_test_scripts = $(test_scripts) $(uninstalled_test_scripts) $(installed_test_scripts) \ $(test_extra_scripts) $(uninstalled_test_extra_scripts) $(installed_test_extra_scripts) all_dist_test_scripts = $(dist_test_scripts) $(dist_uninstalled_test_scripts) $(dist_installed_test_scripts) \ $(dist_test_extra_scripts) $(dist_uninstalled_test_extra_scripts) $(dist_installed_test_extra_scripts) all_test_scripts += $(all_dist_test_scripts) EXTRA_DIST += $(all_dist_test_scripts) all_test_data = $(test_data) $(uninstalled_test_data) $(installed_test_data) all_dist_test_data = $(dist_test_data) $(dist_uninstalled_test_data) $(dist_installed_test_data) all_test_data += $(all_dist_test_data) EXTRA_DIST += $(all_dist_test_data) all_test_ltlibs = $(test_ltlibraries) $(uninstalled_test_ltlibraries) $(installed_test_ltlibraries)

if ENABLE_ALWAYS_BUILD_TESTS noinst_LTLIBRARIES += $(all_test_ltlibs) noinst_PROGRAMS += $(all_test_programs) noinst_SCRIPTS += $(all_test_scripts) noinst_DATA += $(all_test_data) else check_LTLIBRARIES += $(all_test_ltlibs) check_PROGRAMS += $(all_test_programs) check_SCRIPTS += $(all_test_scripts) check_DATA += $(all_test_data) endif

if ENABLE_INSTALLED_TESTS installed_test_PROGRAMS += $(test_programs) $(installed_test_programs) \ $(test_extra_programs) $(installed_test_extra_programs) installed_test_SCRIPTS += $(test_scripts) $(installed_test_scripts) \ $(test_extra_scripts) $(test_installed_extra_scripts) installed_test_SCRIPTS += $(dist_test_scripts) $(dist_test_extra_scripts) \ $(dist_installed_test_scripts) $(dist_installed_test_extra_scripts) nobase_installed_test_DATA += $(test_data) $(installed_test_data) nobase_installed_test_DATA += $(dist_test_data) $(dist_installed_test_data) installed_test_LTLIBRARIES += $(test_ltlibraries) $(installed_test_ltlibraries) installed_testcases = $(test_programs) $(installed_test_programs) \ $(test_scripts) $(installed_test_scripts) \ $(dist_test_scripts) $(dist_installed_test_scripts)

installed_test_meta_DATA = $(installed_testcases:=.test)

%.test: %$(EXEEXT) Makefile $(AM_V_GEN) (echo '[Test]' > $@.tmp; \ echo 'Type=session' >> $@.tmp; \ echo 'Exec=$(installed_testdir)/$(notdir $<) --tap' >> $@.tmp; \ echo 'Output=TAP' >> $@.tmp; \ mv $@.tmp $@)

CLEANFILES += $(installed_test_meta_DATA) endif