Blob Blame History Raw
Burkhard Plaum <>
  some GNU/Linux and CD-Text patches

Carlo Bramini
  fixes for Mingw+MSYS and DLL support

Chris Clayton
  2.0.0 testing

Christophe Fergeau
  Add UDF reading to iso-read and iso-info

Dagobert Michelsen
  Solaris compilation issues and the wonderful test Solaris
  test platform

Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
  patches to FreeBSD and making Gentoo-friendly

Frank Endres

Frantisek Dvorak <valtri at>:
  bug reports and miscellaneous fixes

Geoff Bailey
  FreeBSD debugging & testing

Heiner <h.eichmann at>
  FreeBSD CAM support and FreeBSD debugging & testing

Ian MacIntosh
  Sun-related things.

Justin B. Ruggles <jruggle at>
  SCSI MMC discmode determination via Read TOC.

Justin F. Hallett <thesin at>
  Fink packaging and matters OSX

KO Myung-Hun <komh at> <komh78 at>
  OS/2 Driver

Kris Verbeeck <airborne at>:
  CDDB library support from libcddb
  Gentoo ebuild-file

Leon Merten Lohse
  Redo CD-Text handling

Manfred Tremmel <Manfred.Tremmel at>:
  RPM spec file and inclusion of libcdio into

Michael Kukat <michael at>,
  for the hints in

Natalia Portillo
  OSX BluRay support on OSX 10 and other OSX fixes

Nicolas Boullis <nboullis at>
  Build issues, library symbol versioning, Debian packaging and issues

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind dot tansu dot com dot au
  OSX 10 fixes

Patrick Guimond
  CD-Extra audio data boundaries

Pete Batard
  UDF, MinGW and Microsoft Visual C++ support. "offset" type fixes for
  Joliet and Rock Ridge.

Peter Hartley
  Cross-compiling to mingw32

Peter J. Creath
  removal of libpopt, paranoia documentation, some bug fixes to
  cd-* programs and the paranoia lib

Steven M. Schultz <sms at 2BSD.COM>
  All things BSDI and the use of a really fabulous Darwin G5 box.

Svend S. Sorensen <ssorensen at>
  cdrdao TOC-reading and CDRWin CUE parsing code based on cuetools

xboxmediacenter team (
 X-Box detection and XDF filesystem things

Thomas Schmitt
  Recording and retrieval of SCSI sense reply. Write/burning interface.
  MMC bug fixes

Daniel Schwarz
  log-summary option in cd-paranoia.

Robert Kausch
  Portability fixes on Windows, and other OS's. Add mmc_get_track_isrc

Robert William Fuller
  get_track_pregap_lba, get_track_pregap_lsn. Section on "CD-DA pregap"
  in libcdio manual.

  various fixes to Nero driver and cd-text for Nero

Scot C. Bontrager
  mmc routine to get the ISRC information on a CD that is in the q subchannel
  but not showing up in the CDTEXT. Addition of this information to cd-info.