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This directory contains some simple examples of the use of the
libcdio-paranoia library.

One might also possibly find useful C code among the regression tests
(directory test), e.g. testcdparanoia.c.

In some cases you may have to make small changes to compile these

Descriptions of the programs in this example directory are as

paranoia:    A program to show using CD-DA paranoia (a library for jitter
	     detection and audio-read error correction). This program uses
	     an interface compatible (mostly) with cdparanoia. It looks for
	     a CD-ROM with an audio CD in it and rips up to the first 300 
             sectors of track 1 to file track01s.wav.

paranoia2:   Another program to show using CD-DA paranoia using a more
	     libcdio-oriented initialization. Probably more suited to
	     things that otherwise use libcdio such as media players 
	     (e.g. for getting CDDB or CD-Text info)