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Version 4.8.4 - 2018-08-01

* fixed a security vulnerability with "file:" file names.
* fixed mirror --flat.
* http: extract links from <source> tags.
* fixed upload of zero-length files over ftps.
* fixed assert on "mput -d".
* fixed a core dump.
* avoid multiple backup files of DHT cache.
* translations updated (uk, zh_CN).

Version 4.8.3 - 2017-10-09

* fixed compilation with older C++ compilers.
* fixed 2 other core dumps on exit (incorrect order of deallocation).

Version 4.8.2 - 2017-09-25

* fixed compilation on FreeBSD and OS X.
* fixed a memory leak.
* fixed a core dump on exit.

Version 4.8.1 - 2017-09-12

* improved rate limiting to allow per-host limits.
* ftp: make prefer-epsv default "no".
* ftp: fixed quote command and ftp:use-stat-for-list setting.
* switched to libidn2.
* fixed build with LibreSSL.
* fixed configure --disable-rpath.
* fixed coredump when a parent directory was deleted.

Version 4.8.0 - 2017-07-10

* mirror: improved performance of --scan-all-first for big trees.
* mirror: new --flat option to flatten the target directory structure.
* mmv: new command for file moving; redirect mv to mmv in certain cases.
* fixed compilation with newer openssl (1.1.0 and later).
* du: allow multiple --exclude options to be combined.
* new setting cmd:nullglob for `glob' command prefix.
* http: use proppatch to set last-modified property.
* new settings net:connection-limit-timer and ftp:too-many-re.
* ftp: dynamically ajust connection limit.
* ftp: fixed core dump on LINK/SYMLINK when the command is not supported.
* get1: fixed -o option.
* sftp,fish: connect-program setting is now passed to the shell for execution.
* get/mget/put/mput: add -P option for parallel transfers and long options.
* appimage: new make target for making an AppImage file.
* fixed "local glob".

Version 4.7.7 - 2017-03-07

* mirror: fixed coredump when source directory does not exist.
* mirror: don't create target directory if can't enter to the source directory.
* ftp: fixed a rare hang when a NOOP was sent between "transfer ok" reply
  and EOF on data socket.
* fixed xfer:log setting (compatibility alias).
* ftp: don't use EPSV with a proxy.

Version 4.7.6 - 2017-02-15

* obsolete settings xfer:log, xfer:log-file, xfer:max-log-size are now
  aliased to log:enabled/xfer, log:file/xfer and log:max-size/xfer.
* fixed a missing SFTP status message.
* fixed a coredump when opening "slot:name" without a path in the slot.
* fixed XDG directories description in the man page.
* fixed off-by-one month error in apache file listing with ISO dates.
* fixed compilation on some systems.
* updated zh_TW translation.

Version 4.7.5 - 2017-01-01

* http: recognize apache listing with ISO date/time.
* ipv6: ignore link-local address without a scope.
* new settings log:prefix-{recv,send,note,error}.
* documentation and help improvements.
* mirror: fixed recursion mode initialization.
* mirror: fixed assertion failure when creating remote symlinks.
* mirror: show chmod errors when verbose.
* fixed debug command to switch output to stderr if no output file given.
* ftp: add "site mkdir" support for "mkdir -p".
* ftp: fixed a long delay in "mode z" with ProFTPD.
* ftp: fixed a failed assertion in "mode z".

Version 4.7.4 - 2016-11-16

* mirror: new option --directory (-F) for source directories glob pattern.
* mirror: fixed coredump with --depth-first + --recursion=newer.
* mirror: create inaccessible directories anyway.
* pget, torrent: avoid long delays in posix_fallocate(3) call.
* new setting dns:name for host aliases.
* ftp: allow SSL after certain types of ftp proxy.
* http: fixed interpretation of links without a protocol.
* cls: fixed glob metacharacter unquoting.
* sftp: fixed mirroring of files with a leading tilde.
* fixed transfer logging.

Version 4.7.3 - 2016-07-15

* mirror: don't add source directory base name to the target if the source
  ends with a slash.
* mirror: fixed transfer count tracking in --scan-all-first mode.
* new setting file:use-fallocate.
* fixed "kill all" to remove queued commands.
* fixed xfer:log-file setting to a writable file in a protected directory.
* fixed xfer:clobber to allow output to non-plain files.
* fixed mirror --Move to really keep source dir if it ends with a slash.

Version 4.7.2 - 2016-05-18

* ftp: fixed loss of 17th file from MLSD listing.
* new setting xfer:timeout.
* ssl: improved ssl performance for small read sizes.
* pget: allocate all needed disk space at once.
* http: new settings http:use-range and hftp:use-range.
* http: fixed setting http:authorization.
* http: resolve redirections when getting files information.
* http: include X-OC-MTime header in PUT requests for OwnCloud.
* mirror: changed --Move option to keep source dir if it ends with a slash.
* mirror: fixed timestamp mirroring when the source site sends redirections.
* mirror: don't report errors when the target does not support chmod.
* torrent: discard cached data after validating.
* torrent: fixed a coredump on a file read error.
* torrent: fixed closing oldest cached FD.
* torrent/DHT: fixed our external IP voting.
* torrent/DHT: black-list nodes which change node_id often.
* torrent/DHT: black-list nodes which report many bad nodes.
* torrent/DHT: ignore nodes with our own ID.
* torrent/DHT: made node search more robust.
* torrent/DHT: mark new nodes as questionable.
* translations updated (zh_TW, ru).

Version 4.7.1 - 2016-04-04

* http: fixed authentication for proxy, transient errors, max-retries=1.
* http: fixed put with authentication not to use HEAD request.
* translations updated (cs, ru).

Version 4.7.0 - 2016-03-28

* ftp: add MODE Z support.
* ftp: new settings ftp:use-mode-z, ftp:compressed-re, ftp:mode-z-level.
* ftp: add MFF support for chmod.
* ftp: prefer EPSV by default.
* ftp: prefer CWD-relative paths.
* ftp: enable MLSD by default (when supported).
* ftp: assume AUTH is supported based on other newer features.
* http: add support for digest authentication.
* http: fixed webdav directory listing.
* http: fixed a coredump when using a proxy for https.
* sftp: fixed mirror to sftp with xfer:use-temp-file set.
* ssl: optimized ssl for speed and lower syscall count.
* ssl: log server's certificate fingerprint.
* ssl: allow disabling certificate verification by its fingerprint.
* get: rename backup file back if new file cannot be retrieved.
* get: new settings xfer:backup-suffix and xfer:keep-backup.
* get/put/mget/mput/pget/get1: add -q (quiet) option.
* edit: allow creating a new file.
* new debug option -T (truncate output file).
* new mirror options: --{in,ex}clude-{rx,glob}-from.
* new mirror options: --Remove-source-dirs, --Move.

Version 4.6.5 - 2015-12-10

* sftp: fixed handling of out-of-order replies.
* fixed futex_wait issue in SIGCHLD handler.
* ftp: fixed ls freezing with unstable server connection.
* torrent: show more correct ETA on the status line.
* fixed gnutls priority string.
* mirror: fixed excessive stack usage on large directories.
* documented some hard to fix bugs.
* improved man page on open command and cmd:prompt setting.
* translations updated (zh_TW).

Version 4.6.4 - 2015-08-20

* mirror: new option --transfer-all.
* torrent: new setting torrent:timeout to limit time without any progress.
* torrent: fixed handling of udp tracker without explicit port number.
* torrent: improved transfer start time after metadata download.
* improved sftp put -c to use a single FSETSTAT.
* mirror --skip-noaccess now uses user name to check for permissions.
* don't rename temporary file to the target name when transfer fails.
* new cmd:prompt escapes \l and \L for local working directory.
* translations updated (pl, ru, uk).
* new configure option --disable-ipv6.
* fixed compilation with an old gcc.

Version 4.6.3 - 2015-06-17

* new mirror setting mirror:overwrite and options --overwrite/--no-overwrite.
* new mirror option --upload-older.
* new mirror option --recursion={always,never,missing,newer}.
* try to download zero sized files as they may be non-empty.
* torrent: new options --only-new, --only-incomplete.
* torrent: fixed endless loop in FD deallocation.
* fixed a memleak when parsing a directory listing with special files.
* fixed one byte buffer overflow in cls.
* fixed cmd:fail-exit description in the man page.
* fixed large stack usage when parsing fish directory listings.

Version 4.6.2 - 2015-04-16

* new command "edit" instead of the edit alias.
* new setting ssl:priority for disabling selected protocols.
* new settings fish:auto-confirm and sftp:auto-confirm.
* new setting file:use-lock to lock local files before accessing.
* ftp: fixed disconnecting on timeout (broken in 4.6.0).
* http: enclose ipv6 address in brackets in URLs and Host header.
* fixed mirror for http protocol with redirections.
* fixed `bookmark edit' to use correct XDG path if XDG is used.
* fixed a wildcard certificate validation vulnerability (CVE-2014-0139).
* fixed proxy authentication for CONNECT method.
* fixed exit code of `help' command.
* fixed sftp to show file names with slashes.
* fixed pget status display when all chunks are done except the first one.
* Ukrainian translation updated (Yuri Chornoivan).
* Russian translation updated.

Version 4.6.1 - 2014-12-29

* new mirror option --scan-all-first.
* mirror --Remove-source-files now removes files already present at the target.
* added a workaround for FUSE with HadoopFS I/O error during rename(2).
* fixed du to round file size up to block size.
* fixed compilation with libressl.
* fixed OPTS MLST, removed trailing semicolon.
* fixed put to sftp with special files (like /dev/stdin).
* fixed ftp to copy SID properly with GnuTLS (Tim Kosse).
* fixed mirror to follow redirections to files (Tomas Hozza).

Version 4.6.0 - 2014-10-13

* new torrent --share option.
* new setting mirror:require-source.
* new settings xfer:use-temp-file and xfer:temp-file-name.
* ftp: wait for QUIT reply before closing control socket.

Version 4.5.6 - 2014-10-13

* display valid IDN in URLs without percent encoding.
* ftp: shutdown SSL connection before closing control socket.
* ftp: avoid duplication of PROT command.
* fixed debug -o to append to the log file.
* fixed compilation without SSL.
* http: don't uncompress files ending with .gz, .Z or .tgz
* http: fixed inflation of some files.
* minor fixes in torrent protocol.

Version 4.5.5 - 2014-09-04

* added support for internationalized domain names.
* added lftp --norc option.
* added mirror "Finished" message.
* added ftp:catch-size setting.
* fixed net:max-retries setting.
* fixed byte counters in mirror status.
* fixed a segfault in ftps.
* fixed a spurious error message in fxp and ftp.

Version 4.5.4 - 2014-08-07

* new setting mirror:sort-by (name, size, date).
* torrent: reduced cpu and memory usage.
* fixed occasional "BUG:deadlock" message.
* fixed a segfault when a directory contains duplicate file names.
* fixed a memory leak in torrent.
* fixed byte counters in mirror --depth-first.
* fixed timeout checks in FISH.
* translations updated (pl).

Version 4.5.3 - 2014-07-06

* new setting ftp:site.
* don't uncompress http body when Contrent-Type is compressed.
* check source address of DHT replies.
* discard disconnected torrent peers only after a timeout.

Version 4.5.2 - 2014-06-11

* fixed a coredump on startup when compiled with certain gcc versions.
* mkdir -f option for quiet operation.
* glob --exist and --not-exist options.
* improved torrent status, show piece availability statistics.
* remove unconnectable torrent peers on trackerless torrents.

Version 4.5.1 - 2014-06-02

* show piece availabilty in torrent status.
* fixed a coredump in ftp when data connection fails.
* fixed default values of some settings.
* fixed http redirection handling.
* fixed compilation with gcc-4.8.3.

Version 4.5.0 - 2014-05-23

* optimized cpu usage for 10Gb/s transfers by using better data structures
  and algorithms.
* new open option --env-password to take password from LFTP_PASSWORD
  environment variable.
* new `exit parent' subcommand.
* new settings http:accept-encoding, http:decode.
* new setting xfer:max-log-size to limit transfer log size.
* show last disconnect cause for a few seconds in the session status.
* improved mirror status to display real-time aggregated byte count and rate.
* save torrent matadata on disk and load if available when needed.
* improved torrent DHT search.
* fixed exit behavior to flush buffered commands.
* fixed transfer rate reporting for mirror --parallel.

Version 4.4.16 - 2014-05-07

* fixed mirror --loop to re-check base directory contents.
* fixed sftp and fish authentication by password with FreeBSD server.
* fixed directory index parsing for some http servers.
* fixed find command output to avoid extra slash for plain files.
* fixed several bugs which could cause segfault.

Version 4.4.15 - 2014-01-21

* new setting pget:min-chunk-size.
* improved DHT search by preferring responded nodes.
* allow UTC timezone in http timestamps.
* fixed WebDAV rmdir operation.
* fixed torrent hang on shutdown when a tracker is unresposive.
* fixed adding too many slashes to URLs in http.

Version 4.4.14 - 2013-12-13

* fixed HEAD/PROPFIND handling in http.
* a minor memory leak fixed.

Version 4.4.13 - 2013-11-26

* fixed a bug in file size checking code.

Version 4.4.12 - 2013-11-26

* new option -l (--ls) for find command.
* improve workaround for single NL replies from an FTP server.
* Ukrainian translation updated (Yuri Chornoivan).
* fixed spinning in "get" when no remote session is open.
* don't pre-fetch file information in "get" when not needed.
* fixed handling of 400/501 http codes for PROPFIND to switch to HEAD.
* fixed a crash after cls.
* added file size decrease checking.
* used a newer libtool for ppc64le platform.

Version 4.4.11 - 2013-11-11

* fixed a slow down in mirror from http (thanks to OGAWA Hirofumi).
* fixed a coredump in sftp when accessing an inexistent file.

Version 4.4.10 - 2013-10-11

* mirror new option --file/-f to mirror a single file.
* mirror new option -O for get/put similarity.
* WebDAV fixes and improvements.
* new setting ftp:use-utf8 to disable utf-8 activation.
* fixed handling of incorrect encoding of file names.
* fixed compilation without libiconv.
* fixed occasional hang in mirror.
* kill ssh when terminating fish or sftp connection.

Version 4.4.9 - 2013-08-23

* implemented support for mirror -L in sftp.
* pass all 3 std file descriptors when attaching to lftp instance.
* ftp: added a workaround for incorrectly formatted multiline replies.
* sftp: added a workaround for RouterOS v6.
* fixed mirror --no-empty-dirs to skip directories with no included files.
* fixed segfault when there is no TERM environment variable.
* fixed torrent for meta-info files with % in their names.
* fixed compilation when IPV6_V6ONLY if not defined.
* fixed compilation with older zlib.
* fixed FD_CLOEXEC flag on cwd and transfer_log.
* fixed MLSD parsing for semicolons in file names.
* new translation: Ukrainian (thanks to Yuri Chornoivan).
* man page updated.

Version 4.4.8 - 2013-05-29

* add support for redirections in torrent metainfo fetching.
* add support for gzip Content-Encoding in http.
* fixed an endless loop in mirror from sftp.

Version 4.4.7 - 2013-05-23

* translations update (pl, cs).
* fixed "get -c" looping in some cases.
* fixed translations encoding (pl, it, es, pt_BR).
* fixed occasional file corruption and garbage logging in Fish protocol.

Version 4.4.6 - 2013-05-17

* improved sftp backend with symlink info retrieving (readlink).
* new cls option -a to show dot files.
* new setting cmd:cls-exact-time.
* fixed NULL dereference when torrent:use-dht is off.
* fixed torrent for info_hash with NUL character (broken in 4.4.4).

Version 4.4.5 - 2013-03-14

* user/group name lookup performance fixed.

Version 4.4.4 - 2013-02-27

* added support for TLS SNI extension.
* added UDP tracker support.
* added cls -a option to show dot files.
* new setting cmd:show-status.

Version 4.4.3 - 2013-02-07

* fixed an increased CPU usage in case of many cached directories.
* fixed a configure problem with included regex.

Version 4.4.2 - 2013-02-01

* new settings cmd:at-background, cmd:at-terminate.
* fixed plus sign handling in URLs.
* fixed uninstall to remove modules.

Version 4.4.1 - 2013-01-29

* use XDG directories if ~/.lftp (or $LFTP_HOME) does not exist.
* fixed non-interactive mode to skip showing status line.
* fixed assert in
* fixed coredump after trying to start a duplicate torrent.
* fixed verbose status message of some jobs.
* fixed some buffers to limit the buffer size.
* fixed DHT cache saving.

Version 4.4.0 - 2012-09-27

* implemented bittorrent extensions (FAST, DHT, LTEP, ut_metadata, ut_pex).
* allow torrent downloading by magnet links.
* new setting torrent:use-dht.
* new torrent option --dht-bootstrap for manual bootstrapping.
* add support for name.utf-8 and path.utf-8 in torrent metadata.
* now net:limit-rate and net:limit-total-rate settings can use suffixes,
  e.g. `set net:limit-total-rate 1M:500k'.
* allow numeric user names.
* don't try to upload if ALLO fails.
* send PROT to ftp servers always when AUTH is activated.
* fixed gnutls non-fatal error checking.
* fixed execution of at-finish and at-queue-finish in certain cases.
* fixed termcap coredump.
* fixed opie on 64-bit machines.

Version 4.3.8 - 2012-07-03

* treat gnutls decryption error as non-fatal.
* fixed core dump in `bm:' pseudo-URL opening.
* fixed PROPFIND result parsing (WebDAV).

Version 4.3.7 - 2012-05-30

* fixed script execution.
* cls fixed to show correct time always.
* torrent fixed for large PIDs.
* don't check hostname in openssl case with ssl:check-hostname off.

Version 4.3.6 - 2012-04-01

* added explicit retracker support (new setting torrent:retracker).
* added support for http status code 429 Too Many Requests.
* improved ftp login error handling.
* fixed errors reported by -Werror=format-security.
* fixed http error reporting.

Version 4.3.5 - 2012-01-24

* fixed ascii mode uploads to sftp.
* fixed "local" command without arguments.
* fixed compilation without ssl.
* fixed https.
* fixed large memory consumption in ftp when target disk is full.

Version 4.3.4 - 2011-12-30

* new settings cmd:at-exit-bg, cmd:at-finish, cmd:at-queue-finish.
* added timestamps in readline history.
* improved attach command to remove stale sockets.
* fixed core dump when ftp server does not return valid PWD result.
* fixed a special ftp cd case when real cwd equals to the new cwd.
* fixed torrent status command line.
* fixed torrent to open files with CLOEXEC flag.
* fixed exit code of queue command.
* fixed mirror to follow local symlinks with -L option.
* fixed a crash with https.

Version 4.3.3 - 2011-10-20

* new setting ftp:use-tvfs (yes, no, auto).
* improved ftp path handling for servers without TVFS feature.
* improved closure matching, now *.EXT matches URLs ending with ".EXT".
* updated man page.
* updated translations.
* fixed mirror target directory naming.

Version 4.3.2 - 2011-09-16

* fixed fish protocol synchronization when ls fails on the server.
* fixed torrent shutting down when the tracker fails.
* fixed compilation on Solaris.

Version 4.3.1 - 2011-06-28

* fixed a coredump in torrent on linux with a ppp interface.
* translation updated (ru).

Version 4.3.0 - 2011-06-17

* new command `attach' to control a backgrounded lftp.
* automatically fill torrent:ipv6 setting.
* slightly improved torrent status display.
* fixed reconnect interval (it was sometimes uninitialized).
* several fixes for the case of cmd:parallel>1 (Fernando Gutierrez).

Version 4.2.3 - 2011-04-29

* don't write passwords to transfer_log.
* new setting mirror:no-empty-dirs.
* allow `jobs' output to be redirected.
* don't list not connected torrent peers by default.
* show torrent validation rate and ETA.

Version 4.2.2 - 2011-04-11

* fixed `cd -'.
* fixed pget for URLs with special symbols.
* translations updated (cs, ru).

Version 4.2.1 - 2011-03-30

* new setting ftp:use-ip-tos.
* optimized torrent validation.
* fixed fallocate call.
* got rid of sprintf calls.

Version 4.2.0 - 2011-03-03

* changed ssl:verify-certificate default to yes.
* check certificate common name in openssl case (code from curl).
* disable weak algorithms in openssl (Ludwig Nussel <>).
* new setting xfer:log-file (Timur Sufiev).
* support for netkey pasword in ftp (Ryan Thomas <>).
* added torrent ipv6 support (new setting torrent:ipv6)
* don't accept new connections when no torrent can accept them.
* allow to specify job numbers in `jobs' command.
* fixed a segfault in pget when an error happens on second chunk.

Version 4.1.3 - 2011-01-17

* fixed a coredump in torrent (introduced in 4.1.2).

Version 4.1.2 - 2010-12-31

* new command ln [-s], supported by FTP (SITE [SYM]LINK), FISH, SFTP, and
  locally via file: schema.
* create remote symlinks in mirror -R if supported by server.
* detect and remove duplicate peers in torrent.

Version 4.1.1 - 2010-11-24

* fixed job command line display.
* fixed some warnings and compilation with old gcc compilers (Openwall).

Version 4.1.0 - 2010-11-22

* send path components to ftp server separately, unless TVFS is in FEAT reply.
* save pget status at the very beginning of pget execution.
* allow mirror pget continuation (mirror -c --use-pget).
* allow multiple torrent startup at once (e.g. torrent *.torrent).
* pre-allocate disk space in torrent, if posix_fallocate(3) is supported.
* new command prefix `local'. It makes the following command use local
  session instead of remote.
* added torrent multi-tracker support.
* fixed convert-mozilla-cookies cookie duplication.

Version 4.0.10 - 2010-09-01

* use cached file set, don't parse file listing again.
* updated convert-netscape-cookies.
* fixed a problem with zeroed errno in http.
* fixed coredump on mirror --log=file when the file cannot be opened.
* translations updated (de, ru).

Version 4.0.9 - 2010-06-10

* torrent: don't try to re-download invalid piece from the same peer.
* added a short lftp.conf(5) man page (Jiri Skala).
* fixed a problem with zeroed errno (Gabriele Balducci).
* fixed status of mget from file: schema.
* fixed a compilation problem on AIX (Claus K. Larsen).

Version 4.0.8 - 2010-05-24

* fixed get/mget -c when xfer:clobber is off.
* fixed file verification in pget.
* fixed ftp encoding for servers with LANG but without UTF8 feature.

Version 4.0.7 - 2010-04-29

* make xfer:clobber off by default.
* limit number of attempts to upload a file (net:max-retries).
* handle 426 ftp reply to STOR specially.
* retry FEAT after login even after non-standard 5xx reply.

Version 4.0.6 - 2010-03-25

* use O_EXCL flag when xfer:clobber is off.
* better validation of server-provided file name.
* new setting xfer:auto-rename (off by default).
* new setting ftp:ssl-copy-sid (for some broken servers).
* fixed CCC ftp command to shutdown SSL connection properly.
* fixed `pget -c' on complete files.

Version 4.0.5 - 2009-12-21

* added support for lighttpd listings.
* fixed sftp rename.
* fixed a core dump on `kill all' with pget.
* fixed interrupting of a torrent with unresponsive tracker.
* Czech translation updated (Petr Pisar).

Version 4.0.4 - 2009-11-19

* added dnssec support (Robert Story).
* new setting cmd:stifle-rl-history to limit command history size.

Version 4.0.3 - 2009-10-20

* fixed exit code of mget/mput.
* fixed compilation on some systems.
* fixed crash of `cls -s' on MacOS X x64.

Version 4.0.2 - 2009-09-23

* torrent: don't try to connect back to peers which connected to us.

Version 4.0.1 - 2009-09-17

* ignore `Status of' line in STAT output (ftp).
* fixed handling of files starting with a tilde in ftp.
* fixed an infinite bind-loop in ftp.
* fixed iconv translit usage for NetBSD.

Version 4.0.0 - 2009-09-11

* added torrent client.
* automatically set time precision on FAT-like FS (linux only).
* fixed timestamps in `mirror --ignore-time'.

Version 3.7.15 - 2009-07-21

* fixed http ls when a file name has encoded characters (Jiri Skala).
* fixed core dump on `help' command.

Version 3.7.14 - 2009-05-15

* use line buffering for mirror log file.
* fixed `chmod' command mode calculation.
* fixed status line of `repeat' command.
* fixed sftp charset translation in file listings.
* fixed output ordering by flushing stdout before calling external programs.
* fixed coredump in sftp when ssh process gets killed.

Version 3.7.13 - 2009-04-30

* fixed a coredump in some commands printing to screen.

Version 3.7.12 - 2009-04-28

* fixed core dump on `mput -d' command.
* fixed a core dump on `kill' command.
* fixed mkdir -p for sftp protocol.
* fixed some signed/unsigned conversion bugs.

Version 3.7.11 - 2009-03-20

* add dynamic commands in abc order (as output by help).
* fixed eta display (broken in 3.7.10).

Version 3.7.10 - 2009-03-18

* fixed pget -c.
* fixed `exit kill' command.
* show sleep time left in status.
* make ftp:prefer-epsv off by default.
* recognize a specific error message and turn off REST command.

Version 3.7.9 - 2009-03-03

* new setting ftp:prefer-epsv.
* add support for IPv6 scope for link-local addresses (Arkadiusz Miskiewicz).
* fixed compilation on OpenBSD (Kevin Lo).
* fixed parsing of NT unix-like listings where hour is one digit.
* gnulib sources updated, vsnprintf-posix module imported.

Version 3.7.8 - 2009-01-23

* fixed upload via ftps in encrypted mode.
* gnulib sources updated.

Version 3.7.7 - 2008-12-12

* new ftp proxy auth type: proxy-user@host.
* new setting ftp:trust-feat (default no).
* changed GPL version to 3 (as gnulib modules require it).

Version 3.7.6 - 2008-11-17

* fixed memory corruption in zmore.
* fixed compilation on some systems.

Version 3.7.5 - 2008-11-07

* new setting cmd:move-background-detach.
* added support for number suffixes in settings (k - kibi, m - mebi, etc).
* shutdown SSL connection before closing the socket on upload.
* fixed mirror -RP.
* fixed another problem with `kill all'.
* fixed sftp directory listing with unknown entries.
* updated gnulib.

Version 3.7.4 - 2008-08-06

* fixed a coredump in `kill all'.
* fixed compilation problems on some systems.
* used getdate from gnulib.

Version 3.7.3 - 2008-05-23

* added support for 2-argument SITE UTIME and MFMT commands.
* added a workaround for paramiko sftp server.
* included newer gnulib sources using gnulib-tool.
* Polish translation updated (Jakub Bogusz).
* fixed German translation encoding.

Version 3.7.2 - 2008-05-07

* fixed core dump when sending http cookies.
* fixed assertion failure for ftp over http proxy (CONNECT mode).
* fixed cwd tracking for ftps.

Version 3.7.1 - 2008-04-18

* use time 12:00:00 instead of 12:00:30 when the time is unknown.
* make sftp:use-full-path on by default.
* fixed sftp du on non-existent files.
* GNU Lib sources updated (Nix <>).
* fixed compilation on cygwin (Arkady Sherman <>).
* French translation updated (Alain PORTAL <>).
* German translation updated (Moritz Moeller-Herrmann <>).

Version 3.7.0 - 2008-03-07

* new setting ftp:proxy-auth-type and two new ftp proxy modes (joined-acct, open)
  (partly based on patch from David Wolfe <>).
* don't add the same network address multiple times; report resolved addresses.
* added new open -s option; help for "slot" command (Laurent MONIN <>).
* added a workaround for proftpd NLST bug.
* added a workaround for servers sending single NL.
* handle host key verification error in fish and sftp.
* handle http codes 307 and 303.
* fixed a core dump when doing "open host>file".
* fixed CCC handling in secure ftp.
* fixed spinning when cmd:fail-exit is true in a script.
* included zh_HK translation (Abel Cheung <>).

Version 3.6.3 - 2008-01-28

* new setting sftp:use-full-path to send full path instead of home-relative.
* don't use sftp FSETSTAT when not needed.
* fixed core dump on `kill all' with mirror.
* fixed sftp:charset setting.
* fixed debug printing of sftp file handle.
* fixed unsetting of fish:charset setting.
* fixed compilation on systems lacking wcwidth.

Version 3.6.2 - 2008-01-03

* added a workaround for ftp servers which don't open data connection in
  certain conditions.
* don't decode URL escapes in get/put when no URL schema used.
* fixed counting of file removal errors in mirror.
* fixed a 2-byte buffer overflow when showing transfer percents.
* fixed a problem with incorrect port/host name in http requests.
* fixed coredump in du command with long paths on some systems.
* fixed coredump in html parser on empty links.
* fixed compilation on some systems.

Version 3.6.1 - 2007-11-09

* repeat --weak option to terminate the loop automatically when exiting lftp.
* ftp:use-stat-for-list is off by default.
* slot command fixed.
* fixed timeout handling in ftp.
* french and polish translations updated.

Version 3.6.0 - 2007-10-19

* major code cleanup.
* new setting ftp:use-stat-for-list allows faster directory listing.
* new command `eval' with -f option allows complex aliases.
* send encoded parts of ftp URLs untranslated to ftp server.
* new mirror options --on-change, --depth-first, --no-empty-dirs, --ascii.
* new mirror option --only-existing (Damon Harper).
* new setting xfer:log, log successful transfers if true to ~/.lftp/tarnsfer_log.
* new setting ssl:check-hostname.
* fixed cls exit code in case of an error.

Version 3.5.15 - 2007-10-19

* fixed timeout handling when waiting for 150 or 125 ftp reply.
* fixed a bug occuring when turning off proxy server setting.

Version 3.5.14 - 2007-08-31

* handle ftp reply with code 125 same as code 150 (Craig Ruff).
* french translation updated (Alain PORTAL).

Version 3.5.13 - 2007-08-23

* fixed ftps not to access data socket before 150 reply.
* fixed sftp to send properly sized packets on upload.
* fixed infinite retrying on upload.
* fixed compilation without iconv.
* fixed buffering in ascii mode transfers.

Version 3.5.12 - 2007-07-26

* hex-encode all non-ascii characters in URLs.
* allow cross-compilation without iconv (Jakob Truelsen).
* french translation updated (Alain PORTAL).

Version 3.5.11 - 2007-04-11

* fixed mirror for MDTM-less ftp servers.
* fixed readline prompt for \[\] (visible on win32).
* fixed compilation with Sun native compiler (Yann Rouillard).

Version 3.5.10 - 2007-03-26

* fixed core dump when doing ls on file: connection.
* fixed core dump when doing pget to write-protected directory.

Version 3.5.9 - 2007-01-09

* fixed `mirror --script' which generated improperly quoted shell commands
(potential security vulnerability, when someone executes the resulting script).

Version 3.5.8 - 2006-12-28

* fixed `sleep' command.

Version 3.5.7 - 2006-12-08

* Fixed a spurious timeout when uploading a file.

Version 3.5.6 - 2006-10-12

* fixed a coredump in mget.

Version 3.5.5 - 2006-10-05

* new settings cmd:parallel and cmd:queue-parallel to set number of jobs
  executed in parallel in non-interactive mode and in a queue.
* new mirror option --skip-noaccess and setting mirror:skip-noaccess.
* fixed a coredump when lftp was compiled with a non-gcc compiler.
* fixed compilation when stdbool.h is missing.
* fixed a failed assertion.
* fixed coredump when doing `ls ..' on a http site.
* fixed memory and file descriptor leak in mget/mput.

Version 3.5.4 - 2006-08-09

* new setting mirror:include-regex.
* load ssl keys for protected data connection as well; use new option
  ftp:ssl-data-use-keys to disable it.
* fixed human-readable options of du and cls.
* fixed compilation on certain systems.

Version 3.5.3 - 2006-08-04

* fixed a core dump in ftps with gnu tls.
* fixed random queue duplication.
* fixed compilation with modules and socks.
* fixed installation with modules.
* added configure --enable-packager-mode option (Daniel Black

Version 3.5.2 - 2006-07-28

* strip CRs from ls output, as before.
* updated help for pget.
* fixed mirror -c and get -c hang.
* fixed mirror timestamps for hftp and http.
* fixed mirror for files starting with a tilde.
* fixed use of PROPFIND when http:use-propfind is no.
* fixed directory listing and globbing for ftp over http proxy.
* updated gnulib sources (Nix <>).

Version 3.5.1 - 2006-07-05

* fixed a coredump in pget.

Version 3.5.0 - 2006-07-05

* implemented pget -c (continue) with a status file. (`set pget:save-status never'
  to disable periodic saving of the status).
* new options of `repeat' command: --count (-c), --delay (-d), --while-ok, --until-ok.
* listing and dns cache optimized; added per host enable/disable for caching.
* made ABOR more robust.
* added support for ALLO command and ftp:use-allo setting.
* use binary mode for `quote' (e.g. `quote POST' for http).
* sped up uploading in fish protocol.
* fixed coredump in pget when terminal lacks prev_line capability.
* fixed pget for URLs with question sign.

Version 3.4.7 - 2006-05-18

* get1 can now automatically rename files to server suggested file name.
* new settings fish:charset and sftp:charset (for sftp version<4).
* fixed http chunked transfers with explicit Content-Length.
* fixed compilation with sun c++ compiler.
* fixed compilation without ssl.

Version 3.4.6 - 2006-04-25

* fixed opening sites with explicitly specified port (it could either use
  default port or spin).
* fixed ftps over http proxy with CONNECT method.

Version 3.4.5 - 2006-04-22

* handle ftp PRET errors.
* send ssh password twice if needed, this fixes a problem with encoded
  secret keys.
* updated programming examples.
* fixed cross-references between jobs/tasks libraries and lftp.

Version 3.4.4 - 2006-04-06

* new setting mirror:dereference.
* new exit options: top, kill.
* fixed stalling when uploading empty files with ftps.
* fixed lftp exit code when cmd:at-exit is set.
* fixed a rare spinning.

Version 3.4.3 - 2006-03-15

* don't create target file when source file does not exist.
* show done jobs before exit.
* changed default for http:use-propfind to no.
* fixed condition for getting exact time for cls.
* fixed coredump with non-absolute http redirection.
* fixed coredump when exiting lftp with a done job.

Version 3.4.2 - 2006-02-08

* fixed a coredump in cls (option parsing).
* import TIME_STYLE environment variable to cmd:time-style.

Version 3.4.1 - 2006-02-07

* new cls option --time-style, new setting cmd:time-style.
* use PROPFIND first to check directory existence (http).
* fixed CCC - don't try to shutdown ssl connection gracefully.
* fixed an abortion when completing with cmd:remote-completion set to false.

Version 3.4.0 - 2005-12-31

* flush cache when changing ftp:charset.
* show all queued commands on `queue' command.
* support open ranges for `mirror --size-range'.
* new setting dns:max-retries.
* change dns:fatal-timeout setting to accept time interval suffixes.
* prefer getaddrinfo over gethostbyname2.
* treat GNUTLS_E_UNEXPECTED_PACKET_LENGTH as EOF indicator - this fixes
  secure ftp with ProFTPD server.
* fixed netrc usage when no user name is given.

Version 3.3.5 - 2005-12-02

* added mirror --older-than, --size-range and --max-errors options.
* improved CCC support - allowed protected transfers after CCC.
* added support for sftp v5 and v6 (experimental).
* added configure option --with-pager.
* fixed file uploading via protected ftp with openssl.
* fixed compilation on cygwin.
* fixed compilation with sun c++.

Version 3.3.4 - 2005-11-15

* added support for CCC command and ftp:ssl-use-ccc setting.
* remove password from URLs when showing them on status line.
* fixed `open -u' with an URL.
* fixed a rare spinning.
* fixed compilation on HP-UX.
* fixed handling of 334 reply to AUTH command.

Version 3.3.3 - 2005-10-21

* added support for LFTP_HOME environment variable.
* added workaround for proftpd's empty directories.
* fixed `open file:/path'.
* fixed some bugs introduced in 3.3.2.

Version 3.3.2 - 2005-10-17

* fixed a coredump caused by double-free.

Version 3.3.1 - 2005-10-12

* new setting xfer:destination-directory (default for -O option of get, mget).
* fixed path+file combination in http - avoid double slash.
* fixed url composition in hftp, a slash was missed.
* fixed `open'.
* fixed a coredump when a bookmark contained lots of quotable characters.
* fixed a coredump when an error happened while loading CA or CRL certificates.
* fixed uploading of empty files via ftp with ftp:ssl-protect-data on.
* fixed exit code of slot command.
* fixed a coredump with `kill all'.
* fixed path extraction from html files (broken in 3.3.0).

Version 3.3.0 - 2005-08-12

* now plain files can be current location in http protocol.
* report total bytes transferred and transfer rate in mirror.
* included a script for file verification (verify-file). It can check crc32,
  md5sum, gzip, bzip2, rpm, unzip and other things.
* new settings xfer:verify, xfer:verify-command. When xfer:verify is on,
  verify-command is launched after successful file transfer (to local disk)
  to check the file consistency.
* fixed `source -e' to allow subprocess reading from the terminal.
* fixed `source' to return error exit code if the file is unreadable.
* fixed `source' on large command files - some commands were truncated.

Version 3.2.1 - 2005-05-25

* fixed handling of file names starting with a tilde in sftp protocol.
* fixed minor problem with `lftp -u user --help'.
* fixed compilation with modules.
* fixed compilation without OpenSSL and GnuTLS.
* fixed compilation with certain compiler versions.
* relaxed version requirement on GnuTLS.

Version 3.2.0 - 2005-05-14

* added support for gnutls library. Now OpenSSL is only used if explicitly
  configured with option --with-openssl, and by default gnutls is used.
* added parser for AS/400 ftp listing.
* fixed a coredump in mirror when symbolic link target is unknown.
* fixed tilde expansion in get -O argument.

Version 3.1.3 - 2005-04-15

* added mirror --loop option to re-mirror until no changes found.
* fixed mirror creating too many children mirrors.
* fixed cls and mirror with http backend, when PROPFIND returns 404 error.
* fixed mirror --use-cache with sftp backend.
* fixed a rare hang in sftp.

Version 3.1.2 - 2005-04-04

* cache negative results, new setting cache:expire-negative.
* set http:use-propfind and http:use-mkcol automatically if those methods
  are unsupported, so that they will not be retried.
* handle DAV:creator-displayname in PROPFIND parser.
* parse incorrect XML returned for PROPFIND requests as HTML.
* fixed coredump and href handling in PROPFIND result parsing.
* fixed sftp transfer of growing files.
* fixed compilation with socks5 on freebsd.

Version 3.1.1 - 2005-03-23

* new setting ftp:ignore-pasv-address.
* use IP TOS for ftp connections.
* new `quote' command extentions for http: `quote move' and `quote copy'
  for DAV operations. E.g. `quote copy index.html'.
* fixed timeout handling when waiting for FXP source confirmation.
* fixed http DAV method MOVE (use full URL in Destination; fixed stall).

Version 3.1.0 - 2005-02-25

* http DAV support added (PROPFIND, MKCOL, DELETE, MOVE).
* new setting mirror:set-permissions.
* added cls -r option (reverse sorting).
* ignore non fatal STAT and FSTAT errors in sftp.
* fixed globbing for file names starting with a tilde.
* fixed fish and sftp for solaris 9 ssh.
* fixed SITE UTIME and overloaded MDTM in ftp protocol.
* fixed spinning when local disk is full.
* fixed passive ftp mode for some broken servers.
* fixed wrong year in cls output when the time is several hours in the future.
* fixed Last-Modified parsing in non-english locales.
* optimized memory usage for large directories.
* compilation fixes for some compilers.

Version 3.0.13 - 2004-12-20

* man page updated.
* fixed mirror option --no-symlinks (sense reversed).
* fixed a coredump.

Version 3.0.12 - 2004-12-03

* new setting ftps:initial-prot to workaround broken ftps servers.
  Default is empty so that lftp would assume it is not known, and if
  PROT command is not implemented then clear data transfers would be
* ftp over http proxies with CONNECT method can now use proxy authorization.
* mirror fixed not to chmod unchanged files (should help incremental backups).
* fixed excluding files for sftp protocol (mirror -x).
* fixed transfer of growing files over fish protocol.
* fixed mkdir over hftp.
* fixed delay between connection attempts (broken in 3.0.10).
* Polish translation updated.

Version 3.0.11 - 2004-11-03

* new mirror option --no-symlinks.
* implemented transfer continue in fish protocol (thanks to Loic Le Loarer).
* improved completion for aliases.
* fixed file removing in mirror --delete-first.
* fixed FXP transfer mode (broken in 3.0.7).

Version 3.0.10 - 2004-10-20

* better mirror -R completion added.
* fixed upload retry corruption bug.
* fixed rare coredump in parallel mirror.
* don't retry on wrong password in fish and sftp protocols.
* don't send empty Cache-Control http header.
* don't unconditionally chmod files in mirror.

Version 3.0.9 - 2004-09-20

* fixed a hang up when filtering output via an external command (the bug
  appeared in 3.0.8).
* don't use ftp:port-ipv4 in FXP mode.

Version 3.0.8 - 2004-09-14

* made http:cache-control host specific; added hftp:cache-control.
* new setting http:authorization.
* fixed sftp and fish protocols working with FreeBSD servers.
* fixed transfer of zero length files when modification time is not known.
* fixed put over fish protocol when source file grows.
* fixed a core dump in FXP transfer mode.

Version 3.0.7 - 2004-08-09

* slow-start in sftp implemented.
* ftp proxy which expects user@proxy-user@host is now supported with new
  boolean setting ftp:proxy-auth-joined.
* key passphrase for sftp is now supported.
* new setting http:cache-control to set corresponding request header.
* don't send FEAT to ftp proxy before login.
* fixed timeout handling after FEAT command.
* fixed find and du to show status line correctly when output goes to screen.
* fixed shell (!) command to return proper error code.
* fixed binding ftp data socket in non-passive mode.

Version 3.0.6 - 2004-06-12

* completion for bm: URL scheme implemented.
* fixed `du' command with large files >2Gb.
* fixed saving old directory when no cd verification is performed.
* compilation on HP-UX fixed.

Version 3.0.5 - 2004-05-31

* new URL scheme bm:bookmark_name[/path] to specify bookmarked URLs.
* fixed encrypted FXP in certain server combinations.
* fixed ftp retrying on 4xx code when data connection was already closed.
* fixed compilation without SSL.

Version 3.0.4 - 2004-05-24

* encrypted FXP is now supported with CPSV or SSCN commands.
* new setting ftp:ssl-protect-fxp (default is no).
* cpu usage optimizations, sftp speed-up.
* fixed uploading of zero sized files over ftp.
* fixed coredump when AUTH SSL was used and the server refused to setup
  ssl connection.
* fixed coredump on unexpected extra ftp server reply.
* added workaround for ftp servers violating RFC2389 (format of FEAT reply).
* added workaround for ftp servers which refuse to switch to utf-8 before login.
* fixed compilation on systems without strtok_r.

Version 3.0.3 - 2004-04-23

* cls for sftp can now print symbolic user, group and number of hard links.
* make `cd dir/' check if dir exists.
* follow ftp:ssl-force even if ftp server does not advertise AUTH in FEAT reply.
* fixed excessive STAT commands in FXP transfer.
* fixed core dump when disconnecting with active FXP transfer.
* fixed memory leak in sftp uploading and file renaming.

Version 3.0.2 - 2004-04-15

* support for ftp commands CLNT, HOST and OPTS MLST added.
* ftp command MLSD disabled by default as it does not return symlink info.
* added workaround for MLSD format bug in NcFTPd.
* fixed spinning in cls when output stalls (e.g. cls|less).
* fixed coredump when ftp:proxy was specified without protocol name.
* fixed assertion failure when using ftp over http proxy with CONNECT method.
* fixed timeout message in sftp when it is disconnected.
* fixed compilation on systems lacking atoll function.

Version 3.0.1 - 2004-04-06

* fixed timeout handling in sftp.
* fixed a coredump in case of some network errors.
* fixed compilation with gcc-2.95.
* fixed compilation with socks.
* fixed compilation without ssl.

Version 3.0.0 - 2004-04-02

* sftp protocol support (use `sftp://user@host' URLs). sftp is a protocol
  implemented as ssh2 subsystem, it is binary and works over a secure channel.
* faster directory caching, no re-parsing each time.
* ftp now follows RFC2640; FEAT, LANG, UTF8 support; new settings ftp:use-feat
  and ftp:lang.
* ftp can set modification time on remote files using either SITE UTIME or two
  argument MDTM command (off by default); new settings ftp:use-site-utime and
* ftp can now use MLSD to get machine parseable file listing (ftp:use-mlsd).
* charset translation in ftp protocol, new setting ftp:charset.
* new mirror option --delete-first to remove old files before transferring new
  files. By default mirror removes old files after the transfers.
* now mirror can replace directories with plain files or symbolic links if
  --delete (-e) option is specified.
* ftp can now use CONNECT method of http proxies (when ftp:use-hftp is false).
* mirror open --newer-than can now take time specification like that of at(1)
  command, like `week ago', `now-7days' or `2004-01-01'.
* new mirror options --ignore-size and --only-missing.
* new mirror option --use-pget[-n=N] to make mirror use pget to transfer files.
* debug output can now include date and time on each line (debug -t). When lftp
  goes to background, this is turned on by default, along with pid (-p) and
  context (-c). Try `debug -tcp' and see.
* get1 command has now --source-region and --target-position options to get
  a part of a file.
* better handling of ~/.netrc - multiple logins for the same machine are
  allowed, proper password is taken automatically from netrc if a login matches.
* pget has now a progress bar which shows file download state.
* new source option -e to execute output of an external program.
* chmod -R fixed.
* fixed cache invalidation when file name being invalidated ends with a slash.

Version 2.6.12 - 2004-01-23

* fixed put over https protocol.
* fixed spinning in bg mode when an external program was still running at
  the time of moving to background.
* fixed compilation with IRIX MIPSPro compiler.

Version 2.6.11 - 2003-12-22

* fixed mirror for empty files.
* a rare coredump fixed in http 0.9 handling, when first line of reply is empty.
* compilation fixes for compilers other than gcc.
* translations update.

Version 2.6.10 - 2003-12-11

* security fixes in html parsing code.
* fxp between ftps session is now possible (unencrypted yet).
* fixed a rare bug with access to freed memory in ftp.
* fixed a bug in mirror, now it does not incorrectly append directory name
  when target directory is the root.
* fixed compilation on AIX.
* Polish translation updated.

Version 2.6.9 - 2003-11-19

* new setting ftp:ssl-protect-list for encrypting file listings selectively.
* don't use PRET again if it is not supported.
* added cls --sort=time option (alias for sort=date).
* don't set file modification time if it grew while downloading.
* new setting cmd:verify-path-cached.
* added long options for `open' command.

Version 2.6.8 - 2003-10-10

* better multibyte character support.
* experimental ftp protocol command PRET added; new setting ftp:use-pret.
* unblock SIGCLD signal when running external programs.
* fixed included readline compilation.
* fixed compilation with socks.

Version 2.6.7 - 2003-08-29

* new settings ftp:use-size, ftp:use-mdtm, ftp:use-telnet-iac.
* optimized writing to local disk by increasing write size.
* fixed size catching from 150 ftp server reply.
* correct exit code of commands help, lftp (reported by trancefx).
* hftp improvements from Johannes Zellner: CSM proxy support; colored listings;
  do not print hour:minute if not known.
* translations updated.
* fixed a bug with saving last working directory for a site.
* fixed a bug with FXP of zero sized files.
* fixed a bug happening when a 5xx reply is received after QUIT is sent.
* readline updated to version 4.3.

Version 2.6.6 - 2003-05-28

* raised sane mirror connection limit to 64.
* fixed hftp file information retrieval when use-head is off (reported by
  Robert A. Thompson).
* ignore zero size reported by SIZE (for
* fixed a bug with exclude/include of directories in reverse mirror.
* several bugs with mirror --script fixed (reported by Olaf Kaehler).
* fixed a bug with unterminated string in HTML parsing; add wwwoffle support
  (AIDA Shinra).
* fixed a bug with ssl settings pointing to files and directories (Diego
* fixed a bug with sending empty path in HTTP protocol (Geoffrey Lee).
* fixed catching of file size from ftp server message 150.
* fixed hftp with password - now it should work with all proxies as it
  sends password in URI even when Authorization header is used.
* new debugging command .tasks to show number of tasks.
* now lftp does not load/save histories until it interacts with user.
  E.g. `lftp -c command' does not update ~/.lftp/rl_history now.

Version 2.6.5 - 2003-02-28

* new mirror options --log=<file> and --script=<file> to produce lftp commands
  equivalent to the actions done (log) or to be done (script) by mirror.
  `-' as file name means stdout.
* fixed a dead-lock when resuming FXP with passive source.
* re-get file size and date after HTTP redirect.
* added workarounds for proftpd.
* handle EPIPE (Broken pipe) error as temporary network error.
* fixed a dead-lock in HTTP retrieval after redirect.
* added cls option --sort=date (Oskar Liljeblad).
* fixed compilation on OpenBSD and older Solaris.
* fixed handling of symbolic links in find.
* lftp -f and -c options can now be combined with -d.
* fixed slot handling in non-interactive mode.
* fixed large file support in cat command.
* fixed dante socks compilation (now lftp does not use poll with dante).
* fixed data connection abort with ssl connection to wu-ftpd.

Version 2.6.4 - 2002-12-26

* new settings net:socket-bind-ipv4 and net:socket-bind-ipv6 to bind sockets
  to a specific address (useful to select a specific network interface to use).
* now reget does not start transfer if not needed.
* ssl:verify-certificate set to no by default.
* fixed ~ handling in find and mirror.

Version 2.6.3 - 2002-11-04

* fixed wrong eta calculation.
* fixed cls when redirected output file was not writable.
* fixed uploading of zero sized files over fish protocol.
* fixed timezone manipulation on linux.
* fixed a compilation problem on hp/ux.

Version 2.6.2 - 2002-09-10

* readline history is now stored in a file.
* handle full-disk condition as fatal if the file is removed.
* recursive deletion (rm -r) fixed. It used DELE instead of RMD.
* fixed a rare core dump, usually happening on completion.
* fixed compilation with modules.

Version 2.6.1 - 2002-08-10

* fixed core dump when handling Content-Disposition.
* fixed core dump when specifying zero queue position (Glenn Maynard).
* fixed ETA rounding - it was possible to see 1h60m (reported by Igor Zhbanov
* a number of compile problems fixed.

Version 2.6.0 - 2002-08-02

* separated rate limitations for download and upload (set limit-rate 200:100).
* added SSL certificate support and several SSL related settings.
* connection slot support. Now you can switch sessions with Meta-[123...]
  or with command `slot <name>'. You can also use slot:<name> as a pseudo-URL.
* per-slot queues. Now you can have several queues for the same site using
  different slots.
* queue can be stopped now. Use `queue' with no args to create a stopped
  queue, `queue start' to run it, `queue stop' to stop it. When you exit lftp,
  the queue will start automatically.
* mirror now appends source base name to target if target ends with a slash.
* improved hftp:proxy setting. Now it defaults to http:proxy and is not
  needed if ftp:proxy is set to `http://...'.
* fixed mirror in case of server without MDTM command (Glenn Maynard).
* mirror could start multiple transfers if it could not cd to a direcory,
  even without --parallel (test case by Glenn Maynard).
* fixed fd leak in `(commands)' structure (Glenn Maynard).
* fixed memory leak in '(commands)'.

Version 2.5.4 - 2002-06-05

* fixed double free problem introduced in version 2.5.3.
* compilation fixes (Glenn Maynard).

Version 2.5.3 - 2002-06-02

* security fix: long error message from ftp server could cause buffer overflow.
* fixed ftp:fix-pasv-address. Now the address should be fixed properly.
* handle HTTP `100 Continue' in any open mode.
* status line fixed: don't write a space to last screen column.
* security fix: check that addresses have proper length (Michail Litvak).
* migrated to gettext-0.11.2 and automake-1.6.1.

Version 2.5.2 - 2002-05-07

* new setting ftp:fxp-force to disable copying data over client.
* new settings cache:enable, cache:expire and cache:size for cache control.
* create parent directories of target mirror directory.
* ignore any error 550 for NLST if no file name is given.
* fixed ftp request to http proxy - port number could be missing.
* change http request to GET after redirection from a POST request.
* handle relative redirect location from a POST request correctly.
* try next peer address if server disconnects without greeting message.
* a memory leak fixed (Glenn Maynard).
* fixed compilation on case-insensitive systems.

Version 2.5.1 - 2002-04-16

* translations updated.
* fixed a failed assertion when cls redirection could not create file.
* fixed a rare coredump when host name becomes unresolvable.
* fixed occasional spinning in mirror.
* fixed some bugs in trio_sscanf function.
* fixed flood of waitpid errors when lftp forks into background.

Version 2.5.0a - 2002-03-12

* make it compile without ssl.

Version 2.5.0 - 2002-03-06

* mirror understands URLs now. It can mirror between two ftp sites, for
  example: `mirror ftp://site1/path1 ftp://site2/path2'. It will use FXP
  if possible.
* mirror can now upload/download certain files first based on pattern list,
  new setting mirror:order contains the pattern list.
* mirror has now options -X and -I which allow to specify exclude and include
  as shell glob patterns. E.g. `mirror -X *.bak'.
* mirror can now set file owner/group if it can (--allow-chown option).
* mirror options -t, -T, --time-prec and --loose-time-prec are now obsolete,
  so are settings mirror:time-prec and mirror:loose-time-prec.
* find can now understand URLs and plain files specified on command line
  (Glenn Maynard, Alexander Lukyanov)
* chmod can now handle symbolic modes and can work recursively (Glenn Maynard).
* now plain ls can also use color for file names.
* new setting xfer:disk-full-fatal. When it is false, lftp waits for more disk
  space instead of cancelling transfers in case of full disk (Glenn Maynard,
  Alexander Lukyanov).
* cls improved (Glenn Maynard).
* `bookmark list' hides passwords now.

Version 2.4.10a - 2002-03-10

* missed file triostr.h was added.

Version 2.4.10 - 2002-02-26

* newer trio library with scanf fix.
* try another FXP mode (fxp-passive-source on/off) on any 425 reply.
* translations updated.
* fixed lftpget -v.

Version 2.4.9 - 2002-01-30

* use trio library if system's printf is broken with %lld.
* fixed single quote escaping in several places.
* fixed coredump if service is unknown.
* fixed keep-alive for http/1.1.
* fixed uploading in ssl enabled ftp when data connection is protected.
* don't send AUTH TLS to ftp proxy.
* fixed fish protocol module.

Version 2.4.8 - 2001-12-04

* fixed rm and rmdir - they were actually interchanged in 2.4.7.
* fixed listing parser in Fish protocol, now it extracts all information.
* force LC_NUMERIC to C, this fixes floating point settings initialization.
* fixed assertion failure when setting ftp proxy after establishing
  connection to an ftp server.
* fixed a memory leak and some other bugs in cls (Glenn Maynard).

Version 2.4.7 - 2001-11-12

* du command (Glenn Maynard).
* fixed coredump in `mget -E', introduced in 2.4.6.
* speed-optimized directory listing parsing.
* fixed EPLF listings.

Version 2.4.6 - 2001-10-30

* new setting ftp:timezone to select time zone of file listings.
* new setting fish:shell to select remote shell, default is /bin/sh.
* translation updates.
* optimized cpu usage in ascii mode transfer (Glenn Maynard).
* restore prompt when remote completion is interrupted with ^C.
* fixed local tilde completion.
* compilation fixes.

Version 2.4.5 - 2001-10-17

* fish protocol support improved. Now password can be used for authentication.
* new command `cls' - colored ls (Glenn Maynard).
* colored completion file list, like cls (Glenn Maynard).
* `ls' and `cls' now display status before listing is printed.
* accept @ in URL passwords (Jonas Jensen).
* added a workaround for WarFTPD ABOR glitch.
* new configure option --with-included-readline.
* powerpc fixes (Aaron Schrab).
* fixed a coredump on exit.
* fixed home directory glitches (reported by Glenn Maynard).

Version 2.4.4 - 2001-09-13

* sometimes lftp forgot to send CWD to restore working directory
  after reconnect - fixed (bug introduced in 2.4.2).
* trio updated.

Version 2.4.3 - 2001-09-05

* man page updated.
* sometimes lftp did not expand tilde in remote path - fixed.
* fixed `bookmark add' in cygwin port.

Version 2.4.2 - 2001-08-23

* new setting ftp:home to specify starting directory explicitly. Set it
  to `/' to override RFC1738 ftp url semantics if you don't like the
  look of `ftp://host/%2Fpath'.
* fixed validation of ftp:ssl-auth.
* fixed a coredump with assertion "res==Ftp::OK" failed.
* improved abort sequence for passive mode, now wu-ftpd does not hang.
* compile properly when configured with modules.
* compilation fixes.

Version 2.4.1 - 2001-08-08

* translation updates.
* fixed a coredump due to incorrect memory allocation.
* compilation fixes.

Version 2.4.0 - 2001-07-30

* fish protocol support (over plain ssh connection).
* use CONNECT method for https over http proxy.
* support for variable name completion (Nicolas Noble).
* queue editing support (Glenn F. Maynard).
* support http keep-alive in case of chunked transfer encoding.
* terminate some never-ending jobs before moving to background.
* included trio for systems lacking vsnprintf (Albert Chin).
* support for HTTP/1.1 416 reply code.
* support for ftp ACCT command (ftp:acct variable) and for SITE GROUP command
  (ftp:site-group variable). E.g. `set ftp:acct/user@host account/password'.
* new setting ftp:port-ipv4 to specify explicitly IP address sent with PORT
  command (suggested by Julien Oster and Jonas Jensen with patches).
* new setting ftp:ssl-auth to specify AUTH argument to use (SSL, TLS, TLS-C
  or TLS-P).
* roxen directory listing support.
* fixed reget of non-existent files.
* fixed restart of transfer in FXP mode.
* fixed rare live-lock in open (it required dns:use-fork=no and happened
* fixed a memory leak happening in resolver when dns:use-fork=no.
* fixed debug redirection to a file (debug LEVEL -o log).
* fixed glob for */* in http.
* fixed a memory leak in find/mirror for ftp protocol (reported by
  Glenn F. Maynard)
* fixed handling of range-end==-1 in http header Content-Range:.

Version 2.3.11 - 2001-05-24

* new settings ftp:retry-530 and ftp:retry-530-anonymous. Retry on server
  reply 530 for PASS command if text matches these regular expressions.
  These settings should be useful to distinguish between overloaded server
  (temporary condition) and incorrect password (permanent condition).
* retry ftp login quickly on next address if the server has many (works
  well on, for example).
* improved fuzzy variable name matching. Exact prefix and exact name after
  prefix are taken into account separately. E.g. http:pro is not ambigous
  now between http:proxy and https:proxy.
* implemented -c option for reverse mirror (mirror -R -c).
* french translation updated (Nicolas Noble).

Version 2.3.10 - 2001-05-11

* used libtool to build modules (finally).
* allow open "" to switch to disconnected dummy session.
* allow adding bookmark for disconnected dummy session.
* fixed ftp listing time conversion for DST.
* fixed http Referer generation: don't add extra /.
* fixed two buffer overflows (reported by Julie PELAT <>)
* fixed rare deadlock message in case of ftp timeout.
* included gettext-0.10.37.
* included readline-4.2.
* new translation zh_TW (by R.I.P. Deaddog <>).
* made `lftp@' the default ftp password.

Version 2.3.9 - 2001-03-22

* new setting module:path, path to look for modules.
* new setting http:referer to send Referer: header, `.' expands to current
  directory URL.
* new setting hftp:use-type to disable `;type=' url suffix.
* terminal status line support (Glenn F. Maynard <>)
* fixed mirror exclude/include options for hftp and http.
* ignore certain file locking errors, don't print messages.

Version 2.3.8 - 2001-02-16

* miscellaneous improvements.
* fixed rate limit with closure (net:limit-rate/
* don't bind data socket to loopback address.
* fixed core dump after asking for ftp:proxy password.
* fixed rare spinning in dns child process when parent terminates.
* portability fix: make it work on SCO UNIX.
* CygWin port: allow command files to be in ascii mode (CRLF).

Version 2.3.7 - 2001-01-15

* fixed OPIE/SKEY automatic password generation.
* fixed put over http or hftp when server replies `100 Continue'.

Version 2.3.6 - 2001-01-02

* new setting cmd:save-cwd-history.
* new setting ftp:fix-pasv-address, don't fix PASV address by default.
  (this fixes a problem with certain masquerading firewalls).
* new setting hftp:use-authorization for some proxies (default is yes).
* send port in Host: HTTP header.
* check net:no-proxy before using hftp instead of ftp.
* new commands bzcat, bzmore (Chmouel Boudjnah).

Version 2.3.5 - 2000-11-25

* implemented [ipv6::address]:port as specified by rfc2732.
* fixed local tilde globbing.
* don't wait for file lock forever; print warning if locking fails.
* save cwd_history only if needed.
* `queue' command now sets last job number to itself.
* optimize number of poll calls during ftp transfer.
* fixed mput for directory case (continue loop instead of returning).
* don't queue up too much MDTM/SIZE commands in sync mode.
* fixed --with-modules compilation.

Version 2.3.4 - 2000-10-13

* fixed completion and globbing for file names starting with tilde.
* some compilation fixes.

Version 2.3.3 - 2000-10-01

* fixed `ls|head'.
* new setting ftp:bind-data-socket (bool) to disable binding of local end
  of data connection in passive mode.
* japanese translation (Masayuki Hatta)

Version 2.3.2 - 2000-09-28

* fixed bug in mirror - some files were not downloaded.
* fixed very rare bug with assert(rate_limit!=0).

Version 2.3.1 - 2000-09-25

* fixed cmd:move-background handling.
* fixed `cd ... &' in queue command.
* fixed passive mode IPv6 ftp (Arkadiusz Miskiewicz).
* fixed module configuration for https and ftps.
* allow ssl path to be specified in --with-ssl=/path (David Champion).
* spanish translation updated (Nicolás Lichtmaier).

Version 2.3.0 - 2000-09-18

* https and ftps protocols support (openssl library is needed for that).
* completion now appends a slash to remote directories (finally!).
* new mirror option --parallel=[N] to download several files in parallel.
* ask for password for ftp:proxy if not supplied.
* now if you set ftp:proxy to, hftp will be used
  automatically instead of ftp, but pwd will still show ftp://.
* large file (>2G) support added.
* full http keep-alive support.
* new settings http:put-method (PUT or POST), http:put-content-type,
* new setting xfer:max-redirections for http redirections following.
* automatic cookie accepting (off by default). New setting http:set-cookies.
* two http specific quote commands: `quote set-cookie' and `quote post'.
  (e.g. `quote set-cookie var=value' or `quote post /cgi-bin/script.cgi
  var=value > output'.
* send encoded path in http protocol as it was entered by user in URL.
  (e.g. `get -o cba')
* new settings http:accept, http:accept-charset, http:accept-language.
* new setting cmd:move-background to disable automatic moving to background;
  `exit bg' forces moving to background.
* `wait all' waits for termination of all jobs.
* show QUIT reply in debug output.
* new setting ftp:use-quit.
* new setting net:persist-retries (ignore this number of hard errors).
* new setting ftp:auto-sync-mode (extended regex) to match first server reply.
* try to connect to original IP when PASV returns address from private
  network and original IP is not in private network.
* mirror can return error code now.
* add workarounds for hftp over apache proxy.
* use getipnodebyname or getaddrinfo when gethostbyname2 is unavailable.
* invalidate dir listing cache on chmod.
* fixed pget's eta (sometimes it was not shown).
* fixed max-retries and reconnect delay handling when uploading.
* fixed `open -u ... -p ... bookmark_name'.

Version 2.2.6 - 2000-09-07

* compile fix for AIX (Gombas Gabor).
* reformat EPLF even if modification time if absent (Matthias Andree).
* russian translation updated (Alexander Lukyanov).
* deutsch translation updated (Moritz Moeller-Herrmann).
* french translation included (Nicolas Noble).

Version 2.2.5 - 2000-07-31

* fixed coredump on completion and globbing on empty directory or
  when directory listing cannot be completely parsed.
* fixed coredump on FreeBSD in `mirror -x/-i'.
  The bug was found by Andriy I Pilipenko <>.
* fixed coredump on ^V^C^C keyboard sequence.
* Spanish translation updated.

Version 2.2.4 - 2000-07-12

* fixed chmod and removing old directories in `mirror -R'.
* fixed a deadlock in `pget'.
* fixed a compile problem in
* italian translation updated.

Version 2.2.3 - 2000-06-08

* cmd:prompt is now sensitive to TERM variable, e.g. cmd:prompt/xterm.
* fixed: send un-localized Last-Modified in http PUT request.
* fixed bug in file:/ accessing (which caused hang).
* fixed buffer allocation in http.
* fixed symlink handling in hftp squid listing.
* fixed rare spinning in ascii mode.

Version 2.2.2 - 2000-04-29

* added http:cookie setting.
* italian and german translations updated.
* fixed handling of http timeout - don't always disable ranges.
* fixed handling of old (0.9) http servers reply.
* fixed stall problem with `glob' command.
* really fixed handling of ^Z during `cd' command.

Version 2.2.1a - 2000-04-20

* Use http:user-agent for hftp, this fixes hftp core dump.

Version 2.2.1 - 2000-04-19

* mirror --Remove-source-files and --loose-time-precision new options.
* new settings mirror:time-precision and mirror:loose-time-precision.
* new setting http:user-agent.
* new setting cmd:interactive.
* A bug in error checking fixed, which lead to infinite loops on upload
  in passive mode when the file could not be created.
* pget hang maybe fixed.
* fixed handling of ^Z during `cd' command.

Version 2.2.0a - 2000-03-29

* A bug in ftp code fixed, it could lead to connection hang.

Version 2.2.0 - 2000-03-28

* URLs are now handled in more places: `get URL1 -o URL2', `login URL',
  `glob URL', `cat URL', `mget URL/*', etc. Setting xfer:use-urls is obsolete,
  option -u is also obsolete but accepted for compatibility. Completion
  also works on URLs. `login URL' can be used to cache password for further
  URL usage.
* new settings xfer:eta-period and xfer:rate-period for calculation of eta
  and current rate.
* ascii mode transfers - `get -a', `put -a' etc.
* new settings net:connection-limit and net:connection-takeover to limit
  number of connections to the same site and allow take-over of background
  connections being used to do foreground operations.
* new setting ftp:use-abor. (default: yes) If set to no, lftp does not send
  ABOR command but closes data connection immediately.
* new settings net:reconnect-interval-multiplier and net:reconnect-interval-max,
  reconnect-interval renamed to reconnect-interval-base. It is possible to
  use short names, e.g. recon-int-b, recon-int-mul, recon-int-max.
* new setting ftp:list-options to append to every LIST command. E.g. it can
  be useful for some sites to set it to `-a'. Default is empty.
* new setting ftp:rest-stor (default: yes) to avoid file corruption
  on some old and buggy ftp servers after restarted upload.
* new setting net:no-proxy. It contains comma separated list of domains.
  Environment variable no_proxy is copied to net:no-proxy on startup.
* `glob' command can now select files by type. By default wildcards are
  expanded to list of plain files, option `-d' makes it expand to directories
  and `-a' - to files and directories.
* Commands `get', `put', `mget' and `mput' now have an option `-O base'
  which specifies base directory or URL to which the files should be placed.
* ftp to ftp (FXP) copying is now easy, e.g. `get ftp://... -o ftp://...' or
  `put ftp://...'. The command `ftpcopy' is now obsolete.
  New settings: ftp:use-fxp, ftp:fxp-passive-source. It does not work
  for some servers, so use `set ftp:use-fxp no' for them. FXP is also tried
  both ways - with passive and active source, if both fail it falls back to
  simple copy.
* now lftp remembers that commands MDTM, SIZE or SITE CHMOD are not supported
  by the server, and does not send them again.
* if password is entered on command line it is supposed to be insecure and is
  printed on screen and entered into bookmarks automatically.
* slightly better VMS support.
* EPLF listing format is now understood. It is used by anonftpd
* in globbing, if list restart is not used, don't skip list beginning but
  rather use it instead of previously received.
* ftp and hftp URLs are now assumed to have home-relative path. To write
  root-relative path in such URLs, use ftp://site/%2Fpath.
* new setting dns:use-fork. When true, lftp does fork before gethostbyname
  (as in previous versions) to allow instant interrupting and asynchronousity.
  (default is true)
* new setting cmd:default-protocol. The value is used when open is used
  with just host name without protocol. Default is `ftp'.
* new setting ftp:port-range for active mode port range (useful for firewalls).
* mirror --use-cache to allow mirror to use directory listing cache.
* check file names in ftp listings for slashes, don't use file names with
* ftp REST bug workaround - send REST 0 if last REST was >0.
* ftp server's 19100 in MDTM bug workaround.
* fixed completion and file name globbing for wu-ftpd-2.6.0. A long standing
  bug with multiple path component globbing over ftp has also been fixed.
* fixed coredump on `command' with no arguments.

Version 2.1.10 - 2000-03-09

* fixed core dump on very long prompt.

Version 2.1.9 - 2000-02-22

* fixed command `mv'. It was broken for a year.

Version 2.1.8 - 2000-02-18

* fixed a stupid bug in PWD reply extraction.

Version 2.1.7 - 2000-02-14

* fixed assertion failure in
* fixed handling of PWD reply when it does not include a quoted path.
* `mirror -R' now checks time stamps again.

Version 2.1.6 - 2000-01-13

* fixed html parser spinning on & in file names when no sequence matches.
* fixed compilation on Solaris2.5.1.
* korean translation updated.

Version 2.1.5 - 2000-01-09

* fixed &amp; and others handling in http links.
* fixed sending of port to http proxy.
* don't send queued command after 1xx reply in sync mode.
* fixed `mget -e': session was Close()'d too early.
* fixed connect() problem on NetBSD 1.4P

Version 2.1.4 - 1999-10-23

* hftp support for non-anonymous user added
* http Proxy-Authorization support added.
* new setting hftp:use-head for proxies that don't properly handle HEAD
  requests for ftp:// URLs.
* memory leak in http code fixed.
* http/hftp PUT fixed.
* a bug in parsing squid ftp listing fixed (some files were shown
  without info).
* fixed handling of base-href in hftp listings.

Version 2.1.3 - 1999-10-16

* documentation update.
* get: don't create output file early.
* http: check if extracted file info is valid.
* http: list parser for Mini-Proxy added.
* http: fixed core dump on certain html pages.
* fixed closure handling in cmd: veriables.
* fixed a bug with setting variables using shortened name.
* fixed completion for files with spaces in name.

Version 2.1.2 - 1999-10-09

* http: ls -F implemented, accept some other options.
* hftp: parser for Netscape proxy added.
* socks5 and dante support added (--with-socks5, --with-socksdante).
* korean translation.
* mget -d now uses 0777 mode on directories.
* fixed a SEGV due to double freed memory.

Version 2.1.1 - 1999-10-02

* close -a now really closes all connections, even if current protocol is http.
* extra info in debug output when it goes to a file.
* in http listings, strip slash in /~user links.
* fixed compile problems on some systems in ResMgr.h, module.c.

Version 2.1.0 - 1999-09-27

* ftp over http proxy support via hftp:// notation.
* new command `queue' to queue commands for sequential execution.
* rate limit for all connections in sum: settings net:limit-total-rate and
* dns cache implemented: settings dns:cache-{enable,expire,size}.
  Use `set dns:cache-expire never' to disable expiration.
* improved completion of file names with wildcards.
* debug output now clears and redraws the prompt.
* mirror now does not overwrite just appeared/changed files.
* added a possibility to specify protocol family explicitly in host name:
  inet6, will resolve to only inet6 address. This can be
  also acheived by `set dns:order/ inet6'.
* added xfer:clobber setting. When it is off, get does not overwrite files.
* new command `repeat' to repeat a command. E.g. `repeat 1d mirror'.

Version 2.0.5 - 1999-09-18

* new translation zh_CN. (by Wang Jian)
* fixed unlimited memory usage on `ls -R' when the listing is too large to be
* fixed error with `Invalid argument' when kernel is compiled without ipv6
  support and host has both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses.
* fixed deadlock bug when doing put from named pipe and pipe is slower
  than network.

Version 2.0.4 - 1999-08-11

* added ftp:rest-list setting to allow using of REST/LIST pair. By default
  it is off, since some ftp servers silently ignore REST before LIST.
* ignore SIGXFSZ signal, print an error instead.
* try to catch ftp server error "Too many open files".
* added options -c, -v, -d to lftpget script.
* in mirror, don't reset time stamps on unchanged files.
* few fixes in html parser.
* fixed get -u to decode %XX in default output file name.
* fixed interrupting (^C) of `at' command.
* fixed `at' command to quote its arguments for execution.
* fixed NT listing parser for files with space in name.
* fixed renlist, it was printing long list instead of short one.

Version 2.0.3 - 1999-07-25

* added lftpget (get an URL) script to distribution.
* fixed rare spining in ls (when pipe stalls).
* fixed handling of HREF=/ in http ls.
* fixed coredump on mrm without arguments.
* fixed coredump from find command when pipe stalls.
* fixed compilation problem with T_SRV on some systems.

Version 2.0.2 - 1999-07-12

* when background job terminates and its cwd is different from current one,
  show the cwd in `Done' message.
* cd and lcd without argument go to remote/local home directory.
* send User-Agent in http request.
* html parser improved.
* dns SRV records support (`set dns:SRV-query y' to enable).
* fixed port representation in URL - colon was missing.
* fixed completion for nlist command - should use remote completion.

Version 2.0.1 - 1999-06-27

* report ETA more precisely (e.g. 2h15m)
* added verbose ETA option (set eta-terse no)
* http ls -f file.html to extract links just as from index.
* extract http links from frame src and area href too.
* added http:cache option to disable server/proxy side cache.
* fixed core dump in http ls on certain documents.
* workaround for a readline bug causing core dump on certain completions.

Version 2.0.0 - 1999-06-15

* command `module' to load shared objects at runtime
* autoloading modules for protocols and for some commands (only mirror now)
  To build with modules use `configure --with-modules'.
* http protocol support (via ipv6 too)
* socks support (configure --with-socks)
* cmd:verbose - show command's summary even in non-interactive mode.
* command `lpwd'.
* command `glob' to do globbing: e.g. `glob echo *'.
* command `chmod'.
* since `glob' now exists, `cat', `more', `zcat', `zmore' commands do not
  do globbing themself now; use `glob cat', or make alias `cat' -> `glob cat'.
* mirror -R can now set permission on remote files, if server supports
* try all addresses of multihomed hosts.
* remote globbing redesigned, now the wildcards are matched locally
* finally implemented automatic cache invalidation on certain operations.
* ftp over ipv6 support (uses EPSV/EPRT - RFC2428)
* NT directory listing parser added
* set now prints only altered settings, use set -a to see all
* argument for `wait' is now optional. It waits for last bg job by default.
* redial-interval is renamed to reconnect-interval
* ftp:timeout and some others are renamed to net:... to be shared with http.
  you can still set them without net: prefix.
* dns:timeout renamed to dns:fatal-timeout.
* fixed bug with url special chars @/: encoding in user name and password
* fixed bug with symbolic ports on little-endian machines
* fixed bug with wrong ETA in pget
* fixed bug which caused file times set by mirror to be non-precise.
* fixed `quote' for certain commands, e.g. `quote stat .'.
* fixed `ftpcopy' for the case of `set ftp:passive-mode yes'

Version 1.2.4 - 1999-01-11

* small completion improvement: after mirror -N use local completion
* now it is possible to do non-checking open and cd using &
* few bugs hopefully fixed: sometimes ignoring response to USER, very
  rare (i.e. can't reproduce) using wrong cwd.

Version 1.2.3 - 1998-12-24

* cmd:fail-exit setting. If true, exit when a command fails.
  Useful for scripts.
* fix to "exit" if initial open fails. (was broken in 1.2.2)
* fix for "put" to print more correct statistics (in some rare
  cases it said that negative amount was transferred)

Version 1.2.2 - 1998-12-19

* cmd:at-exit setting. Execute given commands before exiting.
* mget "" should now work (get all files), useful if `mget *' does not work.
* refuse to add empty bookmarks.

Version 1.2.1 - 1998-12-17

* updated translations:
   it (by Giovanni Bortolozzo),
   pl (by Arkadiusz Mi¶kiewicz)
* fixed 'mirror -R' coredump

Version 1.2 - 1998-12-08

* rate limit for each connection implemented. set ftp:limit-rate, ftp:limit-max.
  limit-max is maximum rate accumulated. 0 means unlimited.
* path and host verification can be turned off via cmd:verify-* settings.
  Also verification can be stopped via ^Z. Then path will be set and checked
  later, same for host name.
* added ftp:socket-maxseg option, 0 means system default.
* mirror -L: follow symlinks (treat them as files)
* completion for open from bookmarks
* encode/decode %XX in URLs
* rm -r (recursive - be careful)
* Polish (pl || pl_PL) translation
* don't use ls cache for mget
* ftpcopy, sleep, at, find, command - new commands
* abort data connection properly
* ETA in status (original by
* fixed `bookmark list' when there were no bookmarks
* fixed `bookmark import' when there were no ~/.lftp/bookmarks
* fixed `mirror -i/-x', the pattern was mangled when mirror is used second time.

Version 1.1.1 - 1998-08-30

* fix connection leak. It happened when many connection to the same site
  were open, and then tried to be reused.
* exclude "total *" from file name completion
* fix error messages of mget/mput

Version 1.1 - 1998-08-19

* `suspend' command
* when doing `cd -', show real directory on status line
* recognize tilde in `source' command
* set ftp:verify-address - data connection peer address verification
  set ftp:verify-port - peer port verification (must be 20) - off by default
* try to use cached 'ls' for completion (ls-in-completion setting)
* add xfer:use-urls option to make get,mget etc recognize urls by default
* add bmk:save-passwords option to save password on `bookmark add' command
* make `bookmark delete' complain when bookmark does not exist
* lftp -c option (execute command and exit)
* set ftp:anon-user, ftp:anon-pass
* set dns:timeout to limit host name lookup time
* allow redirection for 'bookmark list': bo|grep, etc;
  same for `set' and `alias'.
* print url on `pwd' command, allow redirection
* echo command with redirection
* skey/opie support (ftp:skey-allow, ftp:skey-force)
  (suggested/tested by Eugene B. Byrganov)
* bookmark edit -- start an editor on bookmarks file
  bookmark import ncftp/netscape -- import foreign bookmarks
  (suggested by Sam Steingold)
* exit if options given to lftp are incorrect,
  support --help and --version options for lftp
  (suggested by Sam Steingold)
* use password from .netrc if given user name matches it
* fixed memory leak in input routine
* fixed spinning when output pipe is closed and data is not available yet

Version 1.0.1 - 1998-05-28

* pt_BR translation
bugs fixed:
* fixed a bug with not expanding sometimes aliases
* fixed coredump on (open ...; ls)
* fixed a rare coredump in mirror

Version 1.0 - 1998-04-29

* debug -o file N: redirect output to the file
* builtin alias shell=!, the difference is that ! takes full line to eol
* cd -, lcd -
* old remote cwd is saved to ~/.lftp/cwd_history for each host separately
  and it is possible to do 'open host && cd -' to go to last directory
* show cd status
* mirror option --newer-than FILE: download only files newer than given one
* mirror option --verbose, useful for background operation
* ~/.lftp/rc - additional rc file
* write log to ~/.lftp/log
* bookmark command: maintain bookmark file ~/.lftp/bookmarks
* close command: close all idle connections with current host
* set idle: close idle connections locally
* set max-retries: limit maximum number of operation retries (default 0=unlim)
* i18n: spanish, russian and italian translations
* is now accessible in sync mode
* use sysconfdir for lftp.conf; /etc for prefix=/usr
* output current transfer rate in `jobs', also in pget.
* in pget, don't show chunks by default; use `jobs -v' to see them
* limited pget status update rate
bugs fixed:
* several problems with reverse mirror fixed
* fixed recursive alias expansion in case of 'alias a "x;a"'
* fixed parse bug in line join construct
* fixed a bug that forced re-creation of symlinks in mirror
* fixed ^C for `more' when pager has not started yet

Version 0.14.3 - 1998-03-10

* changed transfer statistics format (x bytes .. in y sec (z b/s))
bugs fixed:
* fixed spinning in case relookup-always=on
* disabled timeout in store mode when waiting for transfer completion
* count bytes in 'put' more precisely on soft errors
* 'open host:/;open host:/' bug fixed

Version 0.14.2 - 1998-03-03

bugs fixed:
* fixed 'lftp -u user' - now asks for password correctly
* fixed sync mode: clear waiting flag only after complete response

Version 0.14.1 - 1998-02-21

* man page corrected
* broken fnmatch should be detected now (e.g. in solaris2.4)
* limit transfer status update rate (from Sean Reifschneider)
bugs fixed:
* 'exit' in lftp -e option: now works again

Version 0.14.0 - 1998-01-28

* mirror: default target directory is now basename of source instead of .
* mirror: exclude files before MDTM's, don't set time/mode on excluded files
* mirror: exclude/include regexp is matched against relative path now
* show current minute average transfer speed
* reset parser and readline on ^C
* file size can be caught from text responce now
* debug output is now more realistic in sync mode
* reverse mirror (--reverse) (limited - no symlinks, no timestamps)
* workaround for \0 characters in server replies (Jason Gunthorpe)
* setting closure can now be specified using wildcards (fnmatch)
* set ftp:proxy URL - now a user and a password can be used in the URL
  (protocol of url should be still `ftp' or omitted)
* --verbose/--quiet options for ftpget (James Troup)
* set ftp:nop-interval - seconds between NOOPs while downloading tail of a file
  (for broken servers)
* `get/reget/pget/cat/zcat/more/zmore -u' recognize URLs now
* automatically guess addrlen type (socklen_t/size_t/int)
bugs fixed:
* mirror could set wrong year on directories in some cases
* pget did not set local mtime
* lftp had problems with xmalloc on 64-bit platforms due to wrong prototype
* fclose(0) could be executed

Version 0.13.2 - 1997-11-14

bugs fixed:
* sometimes wrong remote directory was used
* ftpget -c did not work

Version 0.13.1

* completion improved - handle aliases, incomplete commands; catch -o if
  extra space given.
* some compatibility fixes
* man page for lftp corrected
* mirror: ignore size if the remote file is older and --only-newer is given
bugs fixed:
* in some cases `put' loose data on soft errors
* zero length files could not be uploaded

Version 0.13.0 - 1997-10-18

* ftp proxy support:
      set proxy pxhost:port - default proxy,
      set proxy/host pxhost:port - proxy for host,
      set proxy/host "" - no proxy for host
* ls output is now line buffered
* nlist and renlist commands implemented
* compare file name with pattern to prevent untrusted server to fake file names
* `lftp -f file' executes the file
* mirror can now re-get files with certain conditions, option -c
* if --include is specified and --exclude is not, assume to exclude all
* moved functionality of parallelftp into lftp (pget command)
* ftp:relookup-always (bool) - look up host address always before connecting
* Meta-Tab does remote completion now (Tab still guesses completion type)
* ^C on command group terminates current job of the group, not the interpreter
* better external process handling - using process groups
* rm, mrm, mget now use remote completion (James Troup)
* rmdir/mkdir should use remote completion too
* optional csh-style history expansion
* allowed any characters (but \0) in password in .netrc via \ddd
* skip macdef's in .netrc
* mget -e - remove remote files after successful transfer
* integrated patch for documentation/help from James Troup <>
* replaced execl with execlp in ! (shell escape) handling
* workaround for server sending ./ or // before file names
* completion workaround for servers returning only file names without
  directory for 'nlist dir'
* --without-libresolv to disable libresolv usage
Bugs fixed:
* should ignore 'Connection timed out' error (and retry)
* mirror --no-perms should create directories with default mode
* fixed site and quote commands to work with filter correctly
* coredump when starting ls in background with a pipe to external command
* realloc size in PrependCmd corrected - could coredump
* -d option handling for mget fixed
* coredump in mirror when using 'jobs -v'
* coredump when using shortened subcommands for `cache'
* occasional coredump in CatchSIZE_opt/CatchDATE_opt
* in some rare cases lftp ate cpu time in background mode
* in some cases aliases were not expanded properly
* fixed readline-2.1/ to enable compiling on `make install'
* fixed MirrorJob to create directories with permission to write to them.
* default entry of .netrc was used instead of the previous one
* `cd ~user' fixed

Version 0.12.2 - 1997-07-19

* file 'missing' replaced with common one
* readline completion improved to understand quoting properly
Bugs fixed:
* reput was broken

Version 0.12.1

* fail configure when no tgetent function found
* print to log that background lftp finished; print pid in the final message
  `Moving to background'
* append / to file name in cd command completion
* disconnect on unexpected extra responces
* handle remote timeout message better
Bugs fixed:
* core-dump when receiving error responce after downloading some data fixed
* object leak in mput, cat on ^C (caused cpu-eating) fixed

Version 0.12.0

* more flexible settings system, now it is possible to tune parameters
  for each host separately (ex: set sync/ y)
* rearranged printing of error messages so that they don't mess with
  status line
* quote command implemented (thanks to Hugo Van den Berg <>)
* ls cache can now expire
* passwords can now appear in URLs; host:/path is recognized
* passive mode ftp connection is now supported
* command lines can now be joined with \eol
* mrm command implemented (globbing rm)
Bugs fixed:
* `cd ~..' bug fixed
* `mput & lcd' bug fixed
* memory allocation bug in PrependCmd (calles by `source') fixed
* mput did not initialize make_dirs (the variable for -d option). fixed
* integer overflow in percent printing for large files fixed
* symbolic port was ignored - fixed

Version 0.11.1 - 1997-05-12

* timeout and redial-interval are now global
* gethostbyname is now done in a separate process, thus allowing instant
  interrupt and parallelness.
Bugs fixed:
* fixed a bug in `put' which prevented correct restart of transfer
* kill subjobs when they don't have a jobno (else they can't be killed)
* alias expansion could cause buffer overflow/core dump (fixed)
* completion sometimes opened another ftp connection (fixed)

Version 0.11.0

* automake used
* various options for mirror
* allowed comments #
* optimized file date/size retrieve (parallel with RETR)
* allowed wildcards in cat, more, zcat, zmore
* allowed help for command abbreviations
* log errors to ~/.lftp_log when moved to background
* cache ls output, rels to re-ls
* `cache' command to control cache
* show percents completed
* allow kill for any job; not kill subjobs but rather reparent them
* expand ~ in get/put
* when `get rfile -o lfile' used and lfile is a directory, write to file
  named as basename of rfile in the directory lfile.
* sync-mode is the default now, so it should work always. If you want
  speed and it works for you, turn it off (set sync-mode n).
* improved printing debug slightly - now it does not mess up with status
* added several escapes in prompt (Suggested by Ed Grimm)
* mkdir -p
* debug printing control now works globally
* exit now can return exit code to system
* poll.h replaced
Bugs fixed:
* a bug caused spinning when mirror dealt with symlink - fixed
* `user' did not reset home dir - fixed
* corrected multiline responce handling - terminate with the same code
  as it started.
* `open -u user' sometimes did not ask for password - fixed
* directory count corrected in mirror

Version 0.10.7 - 1997-03-09

* unitialized variable could cause unneeded SIZE or MDTM commands or coredump
* bug in configure which prevented use of preinstalled readline - fixed

Version 0.10.6

* home-relative paths were handled incorrectly since 0.10.5
* expand shortened commands to use correct argv0

Version 0.10.5

* path handling - fix for //dir
* Buffer overrun sometimes caused 'not supported protocol' errors
* blocking logic corrected for GetJob

Version 0.10.4

* in some rare cases it did not catch EAGAIN errors and printed
  'Resource temporary unavailable' - fixed
* a bug in REST command handling could cause some cpu-eating
* ignore local directories . and .. in
* restore Ftp flags from env vars after Connect (
* inherit env vars when creating sub-CmdExec
* put command name in error messages (

Version 0.10.3

* make Connect less blocking (external loop)
* reimplemented reconnect on timeout (occasionally dropped in 0.10.0)
* set mode on newly created files in mirror
* improve error handling in RemoteGlob
* add options --delete, --allow-suid for mirror
* don't retrive file date when it is impossible to set it locally
* awful bug in reput (namely `reput' not `put -c') (file was truncated) fixed

Version 0.10.2

* stupid forgotten case caused abort()
* `open' (and Ftp::Connect) did not reset home - fixed
* error code DO_AGAIN simplified handling of Ftp errors
* #ifdef S_ISLNK for Unixware and such.

Version 0.10.1

* in, FlushSendQueue, errors were effectively ignored - fixed
  (this one could lead to time-eating)
* `put' skipped next file after error - fixed
* `get' could break after dl error - fixed
* man pages (Christoph Lameter <>)
* read /etc/lftp.conf on startup

Version lftp-0.10.0

* The package renamed to lftp
* help improved
* readline from bash-2.0 used (hook for rl_getc)
* mv
* mirror
* `long-running' parameter
* `timeout' parameter
* `redial-interval' parameter
* alias listing on `alias'
* parameters handling improvement (shortened names allowed)
* site command
* () command groupping (like in shell)
* && and || command separation (like in shell)
* wait <jobno> command
* Complete rewrite for new object model
* open doesn't turn off debugging

Version ftpclass-0.5.4

* dosish style path recognition
* ignore intermediate responces 1xy
* command on cmd line of lftp (-e option)
* don't use SIZE when in norest_mode (
* fixed rate calc for put (
* fixed hanging in FtpTransfer::waitpid for filter_pid
* added -w option for get,put,mget (wait for a transfer)

Version 0.5.3

* wait_fg should print `done' when the transfer is complete
* FtpTransfer::Step cleanup
* not destroying foreground dession in close_transfer
* help ca/anon did not output LF
* don't give data to program until REST result is known
* long options for ftpget
* ask password in ftpget if not given
* NOREST_MODE - dumb but it works

Version 0.5.2

* don't call all_transfers_check_done from wait_fg_transfer
* don't print password on debug
* don't disconnect on "Broken pipe" responce
* ftptransfer rewrite
* added mkdir,rmdir,rm (MAKE_DIR,REMOVE_DIR,REMOVE)
* now lftp uses .netrc for default login
* now it should work if ftpd doesn't ask for password

Version 0.5.1

* non-sync mode should not be default :)
* fixed GetPollVector to notice SYNC_WAIT

Version 0.5.0

* readline completion support
* was disconnecting on NO_FILE condition - fixed
* foreground session was left open after cd - fixed
* url support - open ftp://host/path, cd ftp://host/path
* synchronous mode operation -- works with buggy NT ftp server and
with old one at Use 'set sync_mode y' to turn it on.

Version 0.4.6

* was wrongly printing status when doing cat - fixed
* did not close data socket in Ftp::Close - fixed
* lftp: added 'source' command
* lftp: disconnect foreground session before moving to background

Version 0.4.5

* not closing files in 'mget' - fixed
* don't close ftp session when downloading several files in chain

Version 0.4.4

* lftp: help improvement (no long desc yet)
* lftp: command separation with ';'
* 'cd ok, cwd=' another fix (hopefully the last)
* lftp: ~/ handling in lcd
* lftp: fixed options handling in mget
* ftpclass: anon_pass inheritance
* Ftp::operator=
* Used readline from bash-1.14.7, stock 2.0 had problems with FreeBSD
* configure changes - now all handled in one configure

Version 0.4.3

* fixed changing wait_chain in close_transfer_session (affected 'kill')
* fixed REST&NLST, NLST mode&Transfer complete
* fixed falling back to non-waiting transfer in add_transfer
* lftp: added mget
* lftp and ftpclass: added handling of ~/
* ftpclass: portability fix: timezone/tm_gmtoff autoconf (for FreeBSD)

Version 0.4.2

* lftp: set prompt
* lftp: wait chains
* ftpclass: SendEOT
... many small changes which I don't remember

Version 0.4.1
... no change log was being written