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A quick list of rules for committing stuff into netfilter git:

- Always add an appropriate description, in git format
  (i.e. first line is a summary)

- Please try to include references to bugs when the description does not
  include total discussion coverage or when the bug report is external to
  netfilter-devel, e.g.
  "Closes: netfilter bugzilla #123", or
  "Reference: http://bugs.{debian,gentoo}.org/..."

- If you touch any parts of libxtables (xtables.c, include/,
  make sure the so-version is updated _appropriately_ (i.e. read the
  libtool manual about Versioning:: first, if need be) in
  Adding fields to a struct always entails a vcurrent bump.

  - Check, whether a bump (vcurrent,vage) has already been made since the
    last release (no more than one per release), e.g.:
            git log v1.4.4..