GTK Example Code - Tony Gale <> 980623 -------------------------------------------------- I have written an awk script to automatically extract the code examples from the GTK Tutorial (in sgml), so they only have to be changed in one place. It's called 'extract.awk', and there is a shell wrapper to invoke it called '' It takes the following switches: -c : Just do checking rather than output files -f <filename> : Extract a specific file -d : Extract file(s) to current directory Without the -d switch, the code will be placed in the appropriate sub-directory. Those sub-directories will be created if they do not exist. Without the -f switch, all code examples will be extracted. The shell wrapper assumes that the GTK Tutorial is in the file "../docs/gtk_tut.sgml" It works by looking for sections of text in the tutorial surrounded by, for example: /* example-start helloworld helloworld.c */ and /* example-end */ Where "helloworld" is the directory into which the file will be placed (which can also be a directory spec like hello/hello1), and "helloworld.c" is the file name for the code. So, the code between these lines would be extracted to the file helloworld/helloworld.c It also handles replacing the sgml tag '&' with '&'