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Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.31 to 2.24.32

* Build:
 - Support Visual Studio 2017

* Bug fixes:
 136059 Ctrl-navigation works in opposite direction in right-to-left text
 165385 Win32 keyboard handling still incomplete
 358970 gtk_scale_set_digits does not cause value to be rounded if draw-value...
 468868 Popup of "appears-as-list" ComboBox does not change screen with its t...
 554057 Calling gtk_menu_shell_select_item() on GtkMenuBar can break grabs (a...
 569581 Using the US-Intl keyboard layout causes unexpected character combina...
 618160 Documentation for gtk_combo_box_get_active_iter is unclear
 658111 gtk_label_set_pattern() is reset by a call to gtk_box_pack_start()
 676550 Adding underlines to Label with gtk_label_set_pattern() does not work
 696624 Japanese (Korean/Chinese) XIM input mode indicator has not been worki...
 701296 gtkfixed accepts toplevel windows into its children list after gtk_wi...
 729651 Crash in GtkFileChooserButton with appears-as-list
 734946 Implement GContentType on OSX
 768722 Keyboard shortcuts for russian characters doesn't work
 769214 keyval field not filled correctly for Pause key
 772389 Appending a character to a GtkEntry control in overwrite mode rings t...
 772794 segfault when on unchecked XListInputDevices return value
 773587 recent-manager: Add a limit to the list's size
 776909 gtk_adjustment_clamp_page: Conditional jump or move depends on uninit...
 777683 SIGBUS due to gdk_x11_window_set_opacity
 778542 Use UTF-8 encoding for tooltips on files in the "recently used" list
 778811 Enter submenus when activating their parent item
 779009 Missing property-change::accessible-description events when the toolt...
 779081 GtkTextView: expose API to get Pango line direction
 779605 GLib-CRITICAL Source ID xxx was not found when attempting to remove it
 781020 GIMP UI vector icons are drawn way too small
 781605 GtkVolumeButton limited to 10 values
 785165 Set translation domain for parameter_string in gtk_init_with_args
 785672 Entry: Setting icon tooltip to empty disables tooltip on whole widget
 786771 Critical about mismatched GdkDisplays when opening Inspector combobox
 787158 gtk_widget_get_preferred_width on GtkToolbar gives wrong minimum width
 787195 gtk_toolbar_set_show_arrow does not show an arrow
 787410 entry: fix memory leak
 788577 Global -GtkComboBox-appears-as-list breaks opening menu-mode CBs by k...

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.30 to 2.24.31

* File chooser:
 - backport many file chooser entry fixes and cleanups
 - don't crash if invisible files are deleted

* Bug fixes:
 555087 Shouldn't the return type of gtk_entry_completion_get_model be Gtk...
 586367 In local_only mode, file chooser should return native paths for fi...
 635287 Specify packages when generating GIR
 640698 Incompatibility in 'matched-selected' signal invocation
 648419 crash in remove_capslock_feedback at gtkentry.c line 10127
 672271 File chooser seems over-enthusiastic about using subdirectories
 679333 unable to filter folders in folder select mode
 687196 filesystemmodel: invalidate nodes on file remove
 703220 (CVE-2013-7447) Memory allocation integer overflow in gdk_cairo_se...
 720330 Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_entry_completion_set_model: assertion 'GTK_IS...
 729927 impossible to create a directory if the contents of the current on...
 737777 Applications crash randomly while printing with a password-secured...
 752707 Location bar navigation to parent directories
 756450 GTK file chooser completion dropdown sets cursor in wrong position
 765120 Configure notify does not always reflect window size enforced by (...
 765193 Add introspection support for Visual Studio builds
 768163 improved fullscreen behaviour
 764996 GDK: Incorrect window size when creating window with position spec...
 769126 Can't type astral plane characters into a GtkEntry using the Windo...

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.29 to 2.24.30

* Win32:
 - Build fixes

* X11:
 - Support Randr 1.5 monitor information

* Bug fixes:
 722815 OS X: Deliver GdkModifierType during 'drag-motion'
 612611 Fix interaction between scrolling menus and automatic mnemonics
 699652 win32: On focus restore the window if iconified
 698652 win32: Properly handle show and focus
        OS X: Fix clipboard image retrieval
        OS X: Fix a crash when fullscreening
 758893 Prevent status icon size dithering

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.28 to 2.24.29

* OS X:
 - Partial aspect ratio support

* Bug fixes:
 345345 PrintOperation::paginate is not emitted for class handler
 745127 Changing order of file in "Places" crashes the application
 749507 gtk-2.0.m4 fails to detect a prefixed pkg-config
 752638 notebook tab dragging doesn't work on Quartz (patches...
 753644 Switching from Multipress input method to None immedi...
 753691 make install -j2 fails when building for MinGW
 753992 im-quartz discard_preedit segmentation fault
 754046 annotate gtk_color_button_get_color

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.27 to 2.24.28

* Bug fixes:
 693738 gtk print dialog shows "Getting printer information failed"...
 746064 "sticky" window state reported wrongly on X11
 746269 Segfault in gtk_tree_view_move_cursor_page_up_down
 748014 W32: Tilting mousewheel left/right does not scroll horizontally

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.26 to 2.24.27

* Bug fixes:
 696505 Segfault on Windows x64: gtkstatusicon.c tries to put 64-bit...
 745052 Icon theme code assumes directories with mtime 0 don't exist
        Don't leak pixel data in some error paths
 745536 gdk: Fix GdkWindowFilter internal refcounting

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.25 to 2.24.26

* Bug fixes:
 635380 gdk_event_apply_filters is unsafe against changes ...
 738837 region leak
 741060 Graphical artifacts drawn on Win32 since 4ecbef0791d4
 741959 text input broken on OS X 10.5 from 2.24.19 onwards
 743544 gtk2 fails with automake 1.15
 743917 Gtk modules must be compatible with both gtk 2 and 3
        gailbutton: Avoid a possible NULL dereference
        label: Avoid a possible NULL dereference

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.24 to 2.24.25

* Bug fixes:
 689138 GtkButton: do not prelight in touchscreen mode
 705054 Embed manifest into gtk-update-icon-cache.exe
 729924 Crash while trying to print
 731582 Please use AC_PATH_TOOL to improve cross-compile...
 733689 Editing a GtkEntry with completion, causes CRITI...
 734563 Fails to install due to typo in modules/input/Ma...
 734879 gdk_test_simulate_key() has no implementation on...
 735005 gdk_drawable_get_screen() used for mask, which i...
 735428 gtk_main() tries to unlock an unlocked mutex
Avoid a crash when using the pixbuf engine outside GTK+
* Other changes:
 - Build fixes for MS Visual C 2010 and later

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.23 to 2.24.24

* Bug fixes:
 686170 gdk/win32: VK_SNAPSHOT maps to GDK_Print
 693200 Printing via evince crashes badly when /tmp is not writable
 696232 win32: do not crash on invalid utf8 conversion
 711177 Print to file fails with default settings
 711553 gdk/win32: remove extra allocation for \r removal
 721895 Remove GtkIconCache
 723366 GtkFileChooser crashes due to a signal connection left behind...
 728745 win32: add more clipboard data checks to avoid crash
 731967 Pixmap leak with GtkNotebook under mingw 

* Other changes:
- This release changes the default behavior of gtk-update-icon-cache
  to not include image data into the icon cache. Use the new
  --include-image-data flag to get the old behavior back.

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.22 to 2.24.23

* Bug fixes:
 634146 Calls to g_win32_get_package_installation_directory_of_module()...
 651224 null pointer dereferenced due to multiple bugs in gtkclipboard-...
 665507 Pixmap via cairo DIB breaks gdk_gc_set_stipple() use
 671538 memory and gdi leaks on windows xp
 701751 GtkProgressBar causes warnings
 704937 IME input method does not handle dead keys
 705367 kqueue file monitor consumes file descriptors
 708119 Wrong gdk_pixmap_new() parameters in documentation
 708783 printing crashes gtk based apps (firefox, chromium, gimp, ...)
 710936 GtkFileChooser: Incorrect Japanese message for an error dialog...
 711110 GDK_HINT_MAX_SIZE ignored on Win32
 711298 "Edit Scheduled Transaction" window way too modal
 711552 Crash when processing list of GdkWindows
 712536 Themes with specified gap_file, gap_start_file or gap_end_file...
 722496 GtkFileChooser: fix documentation

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.21 to 2.24.22

* Look in /usr/share/gtk-2.0 for the default gtkrc file

* Support building with automake 1.14

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.20 to 2.24.21

* OS X: Various input handling fixes
 - Avoid a crash on first key press
 - Fall back from native input method to GtkIMContextSimple
 - Avoid beeping when using native input method
 - Reset preedit state when needed

* Look for gtkrc in /usr/share/gtk-2.0, in addition to to system config

* Bug fixes:
 513812 Optimize gdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf() alpha multiplication...
 536767 gtksignal.h includes gtk.h
 692548 Quartz: Cursor doesn't reset when the mouse leaves a toplev...
 695636 _gdk_windowing_create_cairo_surface() may return already fi...
 698758 Wrong limit for "Native Windows wider or taller than 65535 ...
 699236 Assert triggered during gdk_pixmap_new() if some failure ha...
 699673 [3.2/3.4/3.6/3.8] uuid conflicting on Windows
 701332 Patch for minor glitch in NSTextInput
 701571 1ad25dfb causes NSApp to not notice NSWindow destruction
 703789 gtk.immodules still referenced after switch to immodules.cache
 705181 Annoying beep on arrow keys when using IME on MacOS
 705182 Reset Cocoa IME state when immodule is reset

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.19 to 2.24.20

* Backport changes from GTK+ 3 to look for rc files in system
  config dirs in addition to /etc/gtk-2.0 and ~/.gtkrc.

* Backport changes from GTK+ 3 to look for the immodules cache
  file in libdir. gtk-query-immodules-2.0 gained an --update-cache
  option to write the output to the correct location. Note that
  this may require slight adjustment of distro packaging.

* Bug fixes:
 560337 GtkFileChooser hour time missing for current date files
 649390 CRLF text is copied to clipboard as CRCRLF on Windows
 698183 quartz: Text input is too slow and some keys are broken...
 702455 Add support for Avahi printers to gtk 2.24.x

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.18 to 2.24.19

* Bug fixes:
 432386 GtkFileChooserDefault leaks memory if a shortcut...
 575767 Crashes when XInput device disappears
 694273 Patch to support NSTextInputClient in text widgets
 698614 GObject: prevent installing properties after init
 700578 Missing vertical grid lines when some columns hidden

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.17 to 2.24.18

* Bug fixes:
 586367 In local_only mode, file chooser should return native paths...
 674051 Scrolling zoom in view - incorrect image display
 683072 Print dialog shows cryptic status message and displays garb...
 683983 Gimp crashes on exporting JPEG files (probably related to E...
 694711 write-after-free segfault in GailTreeView
 695003 Entry's bg active state in pixmaps-engine is broken in 15 a...
 695278 Avoid passing a NULL title to setTitle
 695312 Initial 'text' set in the non-numeric-only GtkSpinButton au...
 698563 Ensure correct error reporting when CreateDIBSection fails

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.16 to 2.24.17

* Bug fixes:
 GtkFileChooserButton fixes:
  - Don't emit file-set signal when the change is not the result
    of a user action
  - Don't ever use gtk_file_chooser_get_files
  - Ensure internal consistency when clearing a model
 690247 multiple context in a immodule can't be selected
 692955 GtkIconCache fails to load non-builtin icons
 694742 Fix possible memory leak when GlobalAlloc() fails

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.15 to 2.24.16

* Bug fixes:
 694077 Make GtkItemFactory produce GtkSeparatorMenuItems
 645065 GtkFileChooserButton doesn't handle closing its dialog correctly
        Reliably stop spinning when a GtkSpinButton is hidden

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.14 to 2.24.15

* Bug fixes:
 626499 GtkClipboard unnotified on change of OS X pasteboard owner
 656565 Signalify (already existing) GtkMenuShell.insert()
 664640 CUPS authentication does not work
 669808 fullscreen/unscreen was broken for Quartz on OS X earli...
 674556 File chooser dialog does not save its sizes
 679883 When printing Custom paper sizes GTK Print Dialog does ...
 683511 spinbutton: fix xthickness bug when resizing the text a...
 689810 Include guard optimization
 689982 Make GChecksum more fully introspectable
 690788 Critical in gtknotebook dnd with rgba colormap
 692099 doesn't recognize automake 1.13
 692554 entry: never use GTK_STATE_ACTIVE to paint the background
 692810 Fails to build with the gold linker due to missing refe...
        Fix scrolling in insensitive modal dialogs

* Translation updates
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.13 to 2.24.14

* File chooser:
 - Use the bookmarks file from the same XDG location
   as GTK+ 3 if present
 - Add a setting to specify the startup mode

* Bug fixes:
 577806 gtk_file_chooser_add_shortcut_folder adds duplicates...
 626499 GtkClipboard unnotified on change of OS X pasteboard...
 644906 gtkimcontextime.c: NULL pointer reference
 652204 Making GIMP crash with the Text Tool
 663990 Tablet pressure is broken on MacOSX
 668239 texts disappear when notebook switch page at zh_CN l...
 672193 windows (including menus) shown multiple times don't...
 681845 Cancel image export crashes or freezes gimp
 682919 Crash in GTK+-3.x (3.0.x-3.5.12+) on Windows with CJK...
 684419 crash when closing Document History window
 685959 [Win32] Memory leak on every redraw of a widget
 688710 [PATCH] Splash screens shouldn't stay on top of all a...
 689235 Broken function declarations corrupt the stack on win...
        Quartz: Use window background pattern
        Quartz: Use the correct minimal line width

* Translation updates

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.12 to 2.24.13

* Implement a gtk-primary-button-warps-slider setting
  that lets us adjust scale and scrollbar behaviour
  according to platform.

* Bug fixes:
 661973 Try harder to discriminate Shift-F10 and F10
 675365 Always check if the global context id changed
 674108 Hard crash due to wrong NSAutoreleasePool stacking

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.11 to 2.24.12

* Allow building with automake 1.12

* Bugs fixed:
 616997 gtk_recent_manager_add_item() is slow
 680346 gtk+-2.24.11 (commit 3f6592f6) breaks keyboard input...
 680901 GTK+: The chinese translations of "even sheet" and  ...
 681784 colorspaces used in gtk+ and cairo quartz backends d...
 683070 tooltip: add tooltip-radius and tooltip-alpha style ...
 683279 range: add a primary-button-warps-slider style prope...
        quartz: fix corruption during scrolling in some cases

* Translation updates:
 Traditional Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.10 to 2.24.11

* X11:
 - Use _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN for iconification when supported

* Win32:
 - Don't drash when installed in a top-level directory

* Quartz:
 - Make function keys work
 - Fix the build on OS X 10.7
 - Fix manual resizing of windows
 - Handle some key events better (such as dead tilde)

* Bugs fixed:
 603559 gtk should handle missing immodules better
 640308 GtkStatusIcon never emits plug-removed on socket
 643131 gtk_tray_icon_dispose
 655065 Build failure on OS X 10.7 Lion
 667155 Demos in gtk2 don't comply with gseal
 670093 gdk_window_get_screen() not documented in new symbols
 670400 First shortcut capture is broken
 672125 gtk_enumerate_printers() doesn't call the destroy no...
 674556 File chooser dialog does not save its sizes
 675421 GtkFileChooser should set its role
 675835 Unable to open Preferences > Folders after refreshin...
 676362 _gdk_quartz_image_copy_to_image always returns black...
        iconview: fix autoscroll
        printing: fix the build with cups 1.6

* Translation updates

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.9 to 2.24.10

* Win32: make gdk_window_raise work again

* Quartz: implement gdk_window_restack

* Printing: fix a crash with custom option handling
  that was introduced in 2.24.9

* Bugs fixed:
 665955 Trimmed arrow points drawn for GtkArrow
 667691 implement gdk_window_restack() for Quartz

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.8 to 2.24.9

* Implement the editing-canceled property in GtkCellEditableEventBox
* Backport GtkScale fixes

* Several fixes in the MS-Windows theme

* quartz: fix a race condition when waking up the CGRunLoop

* Several build fixes:
 - Add gmodule-2.0 dependency for gtk-query-immodules-2.0
 - introspection: Fix srcdir != builddir builds

* Bug fixed:
  663856 - Make option-foo accelerators use the right symbol
  664238 - GTK apps crash when dragging something
  665011 - Fix gtk-demo drawingarea example
  665013 - Fix 16bit pixmaps
  662814 - Don't print a g_warning() when GtkRecentManager can't find a file
  620240 - Fix problems with DND on some X servers
  629878 - Use the right icon-name for missing images
  543520 - Set cups Custom print options correctly
  639455 - Implement the editing-canceled property in GtkCellEditableEventBox
  667458 - introspection: Fix srcdir != builddir builds

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.7 to 2.24.8

* Win32 updates:
 Major update of the win32 backend, it now works
 at least as well as the old 2.16.x version that
 a lot of windows applications was forced to use

 Some particular highlights:
 - Tablet support (wintab) works
 - The MS-Windows theme works better, and is enabled
   by default on Windows
 - Pointer grabs on button press now works
 - Initial Window positioning is improved and now
   works very similarly to the X11 backend
 - Scrolling a window with another window overlapping it
   doesn't produce rendering artifacts on XP
 - Configure event delivery after window move or resize
   is much more robust, fixing a variety of rendering hangs
   and misbehaviours
 - Scrolling with synaptics touchpads work better

* OS X updates:
 - Add Command-cursor keyboard navigation in text widgets
 - Fix loss of motion events after using the menu bar
 - Handle recursive CFRunLoops, fixing e.g. crashes
   when dropping files from finder
 - Set proper event->state values in all events

* Ensure that the MOD1 modifier always means ALT, as this
  assumption is already used in many places in Gtk+

* Search engine backend updated to Tracker 0.12

* Bugs fixed:
  84314  gdk_display_sync() and gdk_flush()
 142874  use of SetWindowLong in gdkwindow-win32.c causes...
 169811  configure_event and window-state-event are not...
 171456  "Keep Above" option in Gimp broken on Win32 
 324254  Realizing a top-level window widget early positions...
 516822  gtk_window_fullscreen does not resize correctly if...
 537296  Maximizing a window larger than the screen makes...
 542777  Scroll-Wheel doesn't scroll (Win)
 552041  Windows' System Menu from taskbar is buggy 
 574935  win32: gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() has no effect...
 604156  gtk_window_set_modal() freezes application completely 
 612359  Dialog positioning hints fail on Windows 7 
 631384  Images pasted from clipboard are shifted/wrapped 
 647460  typo in msw_style.c?
 650300  Notebook tabs are incorrectly displayed with the...
 658272  Port gtksearchenginetracker.c to tracker 0.11/0.12
 659565  unbreak compilation on OpenBSD
 661997  Gtk crashes when changing the TreeView model while ...
 662633  Scheduled transaction editor crashes with gtk+-2.24.7
 662670  Pressing "Enter" in print dialog box will not cause...
 663138  iconview: layout items immediately when setting...
 663182  NSImage throws an exception from _gtk_quartz_...
 663543  Huge memory leak while using MS-Windows theme (gtk-demo)
 663605  Fix event->state of many event types on quartz

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.6 to 2.24.7

* Filechooser updates:
 - Sort recent files by age
 - Don't ellipsize filter names

* OS X updates:
 - Disable mnemonics
 - Map Alt/Option modifier to MOD1, Command to MOD2
 - Make Option work as a modifier
 - Allow <Primary> in accel strings
 - Use platform-appropriate modifiers for extending
   and modifying selections
 - Use platform-appropriate button events for context
 - Fix keysym -> unicode and upper/lowercase mapping

* Bugs fixed:
 514843 gtkfilechooser should be more robust to malformed...
 616544 win32 drag and drop (DnD) broken for GTK+ 3
 617583 Dead accents keys don't work in GTK+ applications on...
 624270 crash in gtk_entry_completion_default_completion_func
 628396 Option to "Forget Previous Running Applications"
 630962 double click isn't catched
 649979 Argument count TypeError from Gtk.TreeView.enable_mo...
 653450 gtkfilechooser crashes when adding favorite
 653847 `GDK_DISPLAY' should suggest `gdk_x11_get_default_...
 655057 rendering issues with map plugin
 656053 gtk_combo_box_text_remove isn't documented
 657186 Recently-used list is not sorted by default
 657770 Write to released memory in gtkdnd-quartz.c
 658767 Drag and Drop NSEvent capture is racy
 658772 Directory paths for resource directories are hard-coded
 658841 Ensure native window in gdk_win32_drawable_get_handle()
 658842 Fix win32 _gdk_windowing_window_at_pointer - port to gtk3
 659907 gdk_quartz_draw_opaque_stippled_pattern crashes

* Translation updates

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.5 to 2.24.6

* Filechooser updates:
 - Remove the expander in Save mode
 - Move the path bar up in Save mode
 - Remember the last opened directory
 - Start in recently-used mode when no folder is set
 - Update recent-files when confirming in the file chooser

* Win32 build fixes

* OS X build fixes for Lion

* Bugs fixed:
 508601  Copying from GTK+ applications causes crash
 599664  The print dialog should not block while looking...
 649588  crash when sending a notification...
 652045  file open dialog refuses to open or complete non-local...
 653191  uninitialized variable in completion_match_func
 655074  Fix crash with undecorated windows on MacOS Lion
 655087  CoreGraphics error "clip: empty path" creating new window...
 655122  Crash when resizing window on MacOS Lion
 655392  GtkColorButton does not close the cairo context

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.3 to 2.24.5

* Annotation fixes

* Update some deprecation notes and porting hints

* Bugs fixed:
 576492 GtkBuilder does not respect G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT properties
 637304 Name Contains Entry is not exposing accessibility
 647908 gtkrc does not handle "shade()" in a locale safe manor
 648931 Gdk clipboard doesn't work correctly
 652102 Issues when redrawing multiple GdkWindows
 652239 resurect Windows clipboard selection notification
 652402 gtkdnd unbinds all key grabs
        Ensure we always grab the lock in async callbacks
        Use an existing mimetype for the GTK_FILE stock icon
        Fix missing icons in the builtin icon theme
        Fix the build without XSHM
        Fix the build against recent GLib

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.2 to 2.24.3

* Add missing introspection annotations

* Fix GtkComboBoxEntry accessibility support

* Thread-safety fixes in file chooser and app chooser code

* Fix some deficiencies with the builtin icon theme

* Translation updates
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.1 to 2.24.2

* Bugs fixed:
 642905 reference lists 2 links for "Index of new symbols...
 643170 gtk_file_chooser_set_filename does not work...
 643216 Extraneous emits of GdkScreen::monitors-changed
 643416 Composited children of GtkScrolledWindow are drawn...
 644353 Missing annotations in Gtk/Gdk Window and gtk_acce...

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.24.0 to 2.24.1

* GTK+ now refuses to load modules that are linked against
  the wrong GTK+ version, preventing GTK_PATH accidents.

* A number of memory leaks and segfaults involving accessibility
  have been fixed.

* Bugs fixed:
 599907 Gail implementation of atk_add_key_event_listener return...
 626730 Check menu item does not set indeterminate state
 633291 Handle Shift-keys in X11 gdk_test_simulate_key()
 640487 crash on gtk_statusbar_remove_all()
 640992 Missed Return Type in gtk/gtkrange.c: gtk_range_set_round_digits
 642137 gtk+-2.24.0 requires Xcomposite.h
 642642 Missed include in gtk/gtkmodules.c
 642681 gtk_combo_box_text_get_active_text doesn't work as stated
 642772 GTK does not correctly process input sent via SendInput...

* Translation updates:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.23.90 to 2.24.0

* GtkBuilder has gained support for
 - items in GtkComboBoxText
 - tags in GtkTextTagTable
 - menus in GtkMenuToolButton

* The gtk-builder-convert script gained a
  --target-version option

* Many introspection annotation fixes

* Bugs fixed:
 351755 GTK_RANGE (range) -> round_digits should be exposed...
 590459 Text is sometimes not pasted at the right location
 639327 gtk-builder-convert needs to convert gtkcomboboxentry...
 634677 assertion in finalize assuring that buffer is NULL...

* Updated translations:
 British English

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.23.3 to 2.23.90

* New deprecations:
 - gdk_set_pointer_hooks(), gdk_display_set_pointer_hooks()
 - gtk_range_get/set_update_policy()
 - gtk_window_get/set_frame_dimensions() and

* The cups print backend can now send print jobs directly in PDF if
  cups supports it

* Bugs fixed:
 144324 Leaking dnd contexts with XDnD
 165987 unsets DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID
 560177 Applications should send print jobs to CUPS in PDF format...
 562182 gtk_init() docs inaccurate
 622125 Note that gtk_show_uri needs gvfs to spawn URLs
 637691 Eating events breaks proxied DND
 637958 print dialog doesn't fit on netbook screen size
 637973 thunderbird crashes when copying text with gtk 2.23.3

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.23.2 to 2.23.3

* New deprecations:
 - GtkRuler (and subclasses)
 - gtk_widget_reset_shapes
 - gdk_set_sm_client_id
 - Foreign window APIs
 - gdk_spawn_*
 - gdkx_visual_get
 - gdk_net_wm_supports
 - gdk_set_locale, gtk_set_locale
 - Some GDK text conversion routines
 - gdk_drag_context_new
 - gdk_drag_find_window and gdk_drag_get_protocol
 - gdk_xid_table functions

* Bug fixes:
 629955 Deprecate / remove gtk_main and gtk_init_add / remove* API
 634558 Selecting "Search" should focus text box for keyboard entry
 634697 gdk: Add XSetting for "gtk-cursor-blink-timeout"
 634882 Usage of deprecated GLib API (g_source_get_current_time)
 635307 iconcache: Ensure we don't lose data on power loss
 635588 Clicking URL to be opened freezes the application for seconds
 636832 does not exist
 637069 Custom print settings set in custom-widget-apply are lost
 637156 Optimize gtk_widget_shape_combine_region (widget, NULL, ...)

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.23.1 to 2.23.2

* Fix a branch messup
* Readd the gtk_private_flags_get_type symbol
* Fix crashes on 64-bit
* Allow building with libtool 2.4

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.23.0 to 2.23.1

* New deprecations:
 - gtk_widget_hide_all

* New APIs added to aid migration to GTK+ 3:
 - gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry

* Bugs fixed:
 624025 gdk_draw_rectangle bogged down by ColorSync
 632381 gtk_combo_box_text_new_with_entry() adds two...
 632539 Do not install gtkprivate.h
 633050 need gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry
 634060 Support for GIcon pixbufs

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.22.0 to 2.23.0

* New deprecations:
 - gdk_cairo_set_source_pixmap
 - Misc GdkDrawable APIs
 - gtk_object_destroy
 - gtk_init_add, gtk_remove_add, etc
 - gtk_noteboook_set_window_creation_hook
 - gtk_notebook_set/get_group
 - gtk_link_button_set_uri_hook
 - gtk_about_dialog_set_url/email_hook
 - GtkComboBoxEntry
 - combo box text convenience API

* New APIs added to aid migration to GTK+ 3:
 - gdk_cairo_set_source_window
 - GdkWindow API to supersede GdkDrawable API
 - gtk_notebook_set/get_group_name
 - GtkLinkButton::activate-link signal
 - gtk_combo_box_new_with_entry
 - GtkComboBoxText

* Bugs fixed:
 423201i gtk_combo_box_entry_active_changed does not transform...
 612396 Implement GtkComboBoxText subclass to supersede "text"...
 613728 Rationalize GtkTreeView focus
 629722 save_entry_get_info_cb() doesn't behave correctly
 629955 Deprecate / remove gtk_main and gtk_init_add / remove* API
 630521 Remove some remaining API warts from tab dnd api
 631473 Fix GTK+3 documentation
 631697 [2.24] build warnings which might crash 64-bit
 632140 optionally take hotspot coordinates from the pixbuf...

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.8 to 2.22.0

* Lower the gobject-introspection requirement to 0.9.3

* Bug fixes
 629748 Fails to build without XComposite

* Translation updates
 Simplified Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.7 to 2.21.8

* Deprecations:
 - Various style properties have been deprecated:
 - The GtkIconView::orientation property has been deprecated
   and renamed to item-orientation
 - Separator-related API in GtkDialog
 - API related to blinking status icons
 - The keysym names have been renamed from GDK_... to GDK_KEY_...
 - The GtkItem class
 - The gdk_display variable and the GDK_DISPLAY macro

* GTK+ now uses standard icon names for stock icons, where applicable

* Win32:
 - Fixes to the MS Windows theme engine

* Directfb:
 - Many fixes

* Bugs fixed:
 414712 gtk_container_set_focus_child leaks widget
 601731 Drag and Drop from Workspace to Activities Overview
 628049 Native windows don't work very well
 628110 gtranslator inserts unwanted line breaks
 628291 Drawing artifacts when used with a cairo 1.9.*
 628308 docs referencing non existing icons
 628656 _gdk_windowing_get_startup_notify_id memory leak
 628932 key typing causes core dump in VNC environment
 629093 [patch] prefix GDK key names
 629277 Hanging because do_syntheszie_crossing_event...

* Updated translations:
 British English
 Norwegian bokmål
 Tradition Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.6 to 2.21.7

* Deprecations:
 - GtkWidget::draw-border has been deprecated

* The Windows backend has seen quite a bit of work
  towards fixing CSW regressions.

* Bugs fixed:
 528257 File selector and stock string problems
 614006 File chooser crashes when creating a new folder...
 616401 Noneffective gdk_keymap_map_virtual_modifiers...
 626537 Toggle button does not set indeterminate state
 627139 gtkfilechooserentry shows completion progress tool...
 627843 set_active_iter: remove restriction on path length
 628049 Native windows don't work very well

* Updated translations:
 British English
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.5 to 2.21.6

* Most drawing done by GTK+ itself has been ported from
  GDK drawing APIs to cairo

* GtkExpander gained a ::label-fill property to make the label
  fill the entire horizontal space

* Deprecations:
 - GtkNotebookPage
 - The GtkRecenManager::limit property
 - All GDK drawing functions, ie gdk_draw_*. Use cairo instead
 - All GdkGC functions. Use cairo instead
 - All of GdkImage. Use cairo instead
 - All of GdkRGB. Use cairo instead
 - gdk_{bit,pix}map_create_from_data

* New accessors:
 - gdk_cursor_get_cursor_type
 - gdk_device_get_n_axes
 - gdk_display_is_closed
 - gtk_notebook_get_tab_[hv]border

* New cairo-related APIs:
 - gdk_window_create_similar_surface
 - gdk_window_get_background_pattern

* Accessiblity:
 - Make Gail work with custom treemodels
 - Implement GailAdjustment::get_minimum_increment

* Bugs fixed:
 599574 Crash in _cairo_surface_set_error
 604391 ...assertion `ancestor != NULL' when switching between tab
 618327 GtkNotebookPage should be deprecated
 623603 meld built with pygtk-2.16.0 giving warnings
 623865 gtkdnd: pointer grab may never finish (ungrab before grab)
 624087 Missing accessor for GdkCursor.type
 624221 Gtk-2.21 Missing accessor for GdkDevice.num_axis
 624224 Missing accessor for GdkDisplay.closed
 624333 Deprecate GtkRecentManager:limit
 624687 switch-page bug when activated from menu
 624779 GtkCalendar padding/margin/spacing/border/whatever is too hard...
 625491 Generate GdkX11-2.0.typelib (backported from HEAD)
 625650 Add annotations to gtk_tree_model_iter_next() and gtk_tree_sel...

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.4 to 2.21.5

* Deprecations:
 - Deprecate GdkRegion apis that have no cairo equivalent
 - GtkWindow::allow-grow and ::allow-shrink properties

* New accessors:
 - gdk_window_has_native

* Introspection: misc annotation fixes

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.3 to 2.21.4

* Revert a change in GtkCalendar that broke the pygtk build

* Fix the building of input methods as modules

* Include gdk-pixbuf-2.0 in the .pc file requires

* Various OS X fixes

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.2 to 2.21.3

* gdk-pixbuf has been moved into a separate module

* gtk_init warns if it detects GTK2.x and GTK3 being used
 in the same process

* Misc new API:

* Bugs fixed:
 522756 gnome-appearance-properties crashed with SIGSEGV...
 615666 GTK_OBJECT_FLAGS() should be deprecated
 621136 GtkCalendar: Some functions always return TRUE
 621250 Missing accessors for GtkRange has_stepper_X
 621414 Can't select file on file browser popup after...
 621683 gtk_menu_attach_to_widget() should emit...
 621775 Space symbol missed in Resources chapter
 622011 Don't handle "connecting-to-device" state reason
 622371 Need gtk_accessible_set_widget
 622581 GtkButton has no accessor for event_window

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.1 to 2.21.2

* The newly added gdk_drag_context_get_action function has been
  renamed to gdk_drag_context_get_selected_action to make the
  name less confusing.

* Introspection annotations have been added in many places

* New accessors for sealed struct members:

* Bug fixes:
 608218 GtkOffscreenWindow causes bad window with GtkEntry
 611709 Add gtk_statusbar_remove_all
 596428 GtkAssistant: Support ending with a progress page
 620511 Use g_source_set_name for all custom GSources in GTK+
 608537 Make the file chooser's sort arrows consistent

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.21.0 to 2.21.1

* GDK has been sealed, with the addition of suitable accessors

* Bugs:
 613132 GtkBoxChild should probably be deprecated
 592580 GDK needs sealing
 607628 DnD operation doesn't work when using offscreen.
 565559 Incorrect leave-notify signals for treeview
 618162 Description of GdkColor
 614581 Gtk print dialog freezes on start up
 533946 GtkHScale does not update correctly
 618271 Add gtk_window_has_group()
 618000 Sync paper size fallbacks with CLDR 1.8.1
 551322 configure does not use -lm in jasper (JPEG2000) testing
 619114 undefined reference to `XkbBell'
 618093 typo in gtkprintoperation.c, "selecion" should be "selection"

* Updated translations:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.20.0 to 2.21.0

* Support tracker 0.8 and 0.9 in the filechooser search code

* New API:
 - add API to convert coords between parent and child windows
 - add gdk_window_get_effective_parent() and
   gdk_window_get_effective_toplevel() which are offscreen aware
 - add gtk_widget_send_focus_change
 - add accessors for GtkTextView adjustments
 - add API to reset the im context in GtkTextView and GtkEntry

* Bug fixes:
 614513 Func to substitute GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS (widget, GTK_HAS_GRAB)?
 614510 Needed func for GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS (widget, TOPLEVEL) ?
 614515 Func to substitute GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS (widget, GTK_HAS_DEFAULT)?
 163251 GtkTextView derivatives need some way to set the need_im_reset flag.
  69872 GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS should be deprecated
 615028 gdk/x11/gdkdnd-x11.c missing Xutil.h
 615128 gdk monitor order does not seem to be correct
 616565 Fix a typo in the offscreen windows docs
 616118 please expand documentation for gdk_event_free()
 615000 gtk_builder_value_from_string_type() returns FALSE without..
 580889 table cells do not implement action interface
 616053 GtkTextView lacks accessors for hadjustment and vadjustment
 613988 Compile error on DirectFB backend due to missing of gdk_...
 614894 Add heuristic for pre XRandR 1.3 drivers
 560147 GtkBuilder docs should say what GErrors they throw
 615999 Gail doesn't send state-changed events for ATK_STATE_ENABLED
 613974 GtkToolItemGroup devides by 0 when allocating space for...
 614540 configure wants gio-unix on all platform
 557689 In 'select folder' action, filechooser doesn't work when...
 615853 BadMatch when pressing keyboard volume keys while pointer...
 613887 Misprint in the description of the function gtk_cell_view_...
 615162 Fix tooltips on offscreen widgets
 616851 assertion `GTK_IS_MISC (misc)' failed
 607839 not in library list
 605186 Use G_DEFINE_INTERFACE macro
 402349 FileChooser's default directory is not "active"
        missing break statement in gtk_tool_item_group_set_property
        missing default events in  GtkToolItemGroup
        fix a filechooser crash when removing files

* Translation updates:
 Bengali India
 Catalan (Valencian)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.7 to 2.20.0

* Support the tracker 0.8 api in the file chooser search code

* Bug fixes:
 609929 Dragging between two windows cause the menu widget...
 613241 entry sends extra notify::text with "" on destroy
 610946 error during gtk+ build + nonsense error messages
 610176 Some cups1.2 feature use not shielded by API version-check
 612574 GtkMenuItem does not emit notify::label when label...
 612505 Entry layout not updated when underlying buffer changes
 612346 gdk_window_set_icon_name doesn't work
 612308 GTK+ Build error: redefinition of 'struct IPrintDialogCallback'
 611118 Set APPLICATION_ID when launching desktop app
 612768 DND cause crash in VNC environment
 612575 Improve docs of gtk_notebook_set_tab_label_packing
 605333 Confusing error in documentation
 613028 Do not get a GtkSettings for size lookup if...

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Traditional Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.6 to 2.19.7

* Bug fixes:
 611707 Move documentation from templates to inline comments
  69872 GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS should be deprecated
 612066 empathy hangs when clicked on information about contact...
 557420 Some compose sequences don't work anymore...
 569042 gailbooleancell does not seem to attend to changes...
 600992 File chooser reference counting issues
 610905 gtk_drag_source_set need instrospection hint
 611051 Search Entry Clear Icon not accessible
 611217 Incorrect translator comment
 611317 Document targets in drag and drop
 611319 gtk_window_set_transient_for undocumented NULL value for parent
 611658 Update documentation for gtkvscrollbar
 611662 Update documentation for gtkvseparator
 611686 focus_in/focus_out in gailtreeview.c should return FALSE...
 611831 Move documentation to inline comments: GtkVBox
 612119 Do not scroll when middle pasting

* Translation updates:
 British English
 Low German
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.5 to 2.19.6

* Bugs fixed:
 610701 gnome-shell crashes frequently
 604799 Crash when button is pressed.
 609744 crash at parse_data_for_row_pseudocolor
 600789 gdk/gdkwindow.c "find_native_sibling_above" will crash
 610141 gtk_assistant_get_nth_page() function fails to deliver...
 609952 destroying a notebook window when the last tab got dragged...
 603923 [annotations] gtk_tree_store_newv/set_column_types
 610474 [annotations] Add allow-none
 609650 GtkPlug Embedded signal is not emitted when plug...
 610381 More space between toolbar icon and label
 548026 No accessor for GtkWidget.requisition
 609514 fix introspection comments for gtk_tree_view_get_path_at_pos
 610235 msgid in bad English
 607697 GDK_META_MASK always set on Alt-Enter with gtk+ 2.19.x
 610632 gtk_info_bar_set_default_response problem
 609172 gdk/directfb: little cleanups
 610184 gtk_assistant_set_current_page() segfaults...

* Updated translations
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.4 to 2.19.5

* GSEAL work:
 - Add accessors for GtkPaned members
 - Add gtk_widget_style_attach
 - Seal GtkTextTag
 - Deprecate GtkCurveType
 - More GtkWidget flags accessors

* Bugs fixed:
 403485 Move docs from tmpl/* to the source files
 556263 Deprecate GtkCurve
 554420 Seal GtkTextTag
 561816 Optimize gtk_paned_set_position notifications
 606288 Not using GtkOptionMenu deprecated symbols in test file
 607061 GtkPlug socket window is sometimes incorrectly unref'd
 607344 GtkCalendar: crash when using tooltips via glade
 607885 GtkPaned::handle lack accessor
 608162 gtktoolbutton doesn't create right proxy menu item...
 608345 wrong reference on gdk_keymap_translate_keyboard_state
 608370 dnd drag-dest signal handlers don't get correctly disconn...
 608410 GOK types backwards in text entry fields
 608615 DnD events sent to wrong window
 608807 Marks on GtkScale widgets can overlap
 609188 gdk/directfb: compiler warning in _gdk_windowing_pointer_grab()
 609191 gdk/directfb: use G_DEFINE_TYPE in gdkcolor-directfb
 609199 gdk/directfb: use G_DEFINE_TYPE in gdkgc-directfb
 609201 gdk/directfb: max cursor size is artificially limited
 591186 GTK Menu Bar is unreadable under Windows 7

* Updated translations
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.3 to 2.19.4

* GSeal:
 - New accessors for GtkEntry windows
 - New accessors for GtkRange members

* Bugs fixed:
 607082 Add accessors for sealed GtkRange members
 567729 Add GtkToolPalette
 591102 gdk_pixbuf_save() creates a zero-size file...
 600865 gnome-panel crashed with "BadPixmap...
 601412 action area presence makes gnome-terminal window grow...
 603144 Suspected wrong builtin page size: Chinese PRC6 and...
 606009 weirdness with clipping in abiword - csw
 606698 Misplaced declaration of gtk_print_job_set_status
 606761 pixops.c: variables are declared at middle of block
 607217 Mixing calls to _set_markup and _set_text causes...
 607269 gtk_label_set_attributes with empty list no longer...
 607322 Double-click doesn't work if the item is selected...
 607687 f-spot crashes when using themes using the pixmap...
 607778 Add accessors for GtkEntry's windows
 607770 Leak in GtkTreeView with HildonPannableArea
 603245 drawing artifacts with action widgets and long tab...

* Updated translations:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.2 to 2.19.3

* GSeal:
 - Deprecate widget flag macros
 - Also deprecate the type macros

* GtkOffscreenWindow: A new toplevel container widget to manage
  offscreen rendering of child widgets

* OS X:
 - Memory leak fixes and other improvements

* Bugs:
 604901 Provide generic offscreen rendering container
 597100 There is a misprint in the documentation...
 598383 GtkWidget::state-changed signal should be documented
 602284 Need a way to retrieve the preedit string in a GtkTextView
 605090 Fix some compilation warnings
 605199 Contradiction in the description of function...
 606068 Setup libjpeg error handling earlier...
 606230 gtk_combo_box_set_active_iter & unsetting the active item
 606291 Fix some issues in "Migrating from GtkOptionMenu...
 606434 prop-editor should support GdkColor

* Translations:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.1 to 2.19.2

* Introspection:
 - Introspection data for gdk-pixbuf, gdk and gtk is now
   included in GTK+ itself. As a consequence, the atk dependency
   has been bumped to 2.29.2, and a gobject-introspection dependency
   has been added. configure with --disable-introspection in order
   to not build introspection data.

* Client-side windows:
 - Fix some issues with handling of button and motion events
 - Fix damage reporting for drawing on offscreen windows
 - Fix problems with handling of input extension events

* Printing:
 - Add api to handle printer hard margins

* Simple IM Context:
 - Sync with Xorg compose file
 - Make Compose-vowel-minus combinations consistent

* GDK:
 - gdk_screen_get_primary_monitor: New function to get the
   'primary' monitor in a multi-monitor setup

* gdk-pixbuf has gained the ability to store and retrieve embedded
  ICC color profiles in png and tiff images

* Keyboard handling:
 - Mnemonic underlines can now optionally be hidden until the Alt key
   is pressed, this can be turned on with the gtk-auto-mnemonics setting
 - Using the Super, Meta and Hyper modifiers in accelerators is working
   more reliably

* Bugs fixed:
 603652 Sporadic crashes with GtkSocket
 605008 the region of damage event doesn't be copied in gdk_event_copy
 588554 only show the accelerator when pressing alt
 601473 GDK_BUTTON?_MOTION_MASK appears to be broken
 601712 Add API for determining primary monitor
  50942 selection/arrow key improvement
 427409 editing shortcut always fails with super key
 468989 need a way to get the printer's hard margins
 502266 gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows free example produces...
 592279 Introspection support
 597386 Cannot click buttons more than once without moving the mouse...
 599213 Use GtkCellEditable:editing_canceled property instead...
 599397 Button stuck at pressed look after screen rotation
 601383 gtk_icon_view_get_selected_items: example code gives...
 602099 Actions can be activatable too
 603619 the colormap of offscreen's pixmap doesn't inherit...
 603904 gdk_draw_line doesn't have expose area.
 604117 Add info about single includes when compiling GTK+ apps
 604289 Please permit progress pages to be final in a dialog
 604462 gtktoolitem.c: return-value is different type
 604747 Using gdk_draw_line, the expose area of damage event is wrong
 604787 property-notify-event is not delivered to a non-toplevel...
 604881 GtkCellEditable::editing-cancelled should be writable
 591085 GtkBuilder object ID bounded to GtkWidget "name" property

* Updated translations:
 Low German
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.0 to 2.19.1

* Client-side windows:
 - Avoid some unnecessary exposes
 - Avoid unnecessary redraws related to clearing windows

* GtkNotebook gained an 'action area'

* GtkStatusbar gained a 'message area'

* GtkToolPalette is a new container to show tool items
  in collapsible groups in a grid

* gdk-pixbuf can now handle compressed TIFF images

* GSEAL work:
 - New accessor: gtk_window_get_window_type()

* Bugs fixed:
 590017  Does not compile under MinGW32 + Wine
 569430 Gail should include a reciprocal relationship for NODE_CHILD_OF
 598758 Need context for a propper translation
 594535 No accesor for GtkStatusbar->label and ->frame
 602725 fix setting icon-size on GICON images
 599402 Landscape and Reverse Landscape icons need to be swapped
 588740 JPEG images open with blur effect?
 601337 Only use gdk_input_select_events() if XINPUT_NONE is defined
 598050 Flickering in a gtk_socket
 600158 Do not use static GTypeInfo and GInterfaceInfo
 561973 Problem dragging images from Firefox to GTK+ app on Windows
 601512 Remove unnecessary check in GtkTreeModelFilter
 600222 Check for existence of cairo-svg.h in
 595498 No accesor for GTK_WINDOW ()->type
 116650 "action area" for GtkNotebook (e.g. for tab close button)
 600150 GtkColorSelection tooltip issues
 480065 wrong tree collapsed (or expanded) after having scrolled
 596473 Second double-click of GtkTreeView row doesn't emit...
 601869 GtkUIManager assumes too much about popup menus
 581145 Wrong positioning for fullscreen gedit toolbar animation
 602724 gailimage doesn't handle GTK_IMAGE_{GICON,ICON_NAME}...
 561130 get_monitor_geometry segfaults if called with non-existant...
 597026 Missing include for memset()
 585383 Segfault in gdk_pixbuf__ico_image_save
 597865 Move documentation from templates to inline comments
 123569 Catch contents being reparented out of socket
 561334 Incorrect named constant in documentation of two GtkButton...
 601611 gtk_selection_data_get_targets() reads X Atom data as GdkAtoms
 601409 action area presence modifies notebook behaviour
 603268 wrong Since: markers in toolpalette merge
 603271 wrong toolbar style
 601959 must release compose key before continuing compose sequence
 603302 Incorrectly warn about links on text with color and underline
 603201 gtk_about_dialog_set_url_hook has no effect anymore
 591438 dfb_events_dispatch is not thread safe
 589842 GtkAction API to have its menu item proxies have always-show...
 584700 TIFF pixbuf loader should support compression
 603128 Adding new UI that was recently removed may cause wrong order
 601682 Print preview should use gtk_show_uri by default
 596083 Deprecate notebook label packing functionality

* Updated translations:
 Low German
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.18.x to 2.19.0

* A throbber widget and cell renderer have been added: GtkSpinner and

* GtkFileSystemModel has been reimplemented, for major speedups and
  other improvements

* Synchronize compose sequences with the current Compose file

* Win32:
 - The GDI+ image loader works again
 - XP themes have been disabled since they don't work currently

* OS X:
 - Fix crashes due to unimplemented GdkWindowImplIface methods
 - Use standard Mac keyboard shortcuts (Cmx-X, Cmd-C instead of
   Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, etc)
 - Add a pixbuf loader for the QTIF format
 - Improve multi-monitor handling

* GSEAL work:
 - New accessor for GtkDialog buttons: gtk_dialog_get_widget_for_response
 - New accessor for GtkViewport bin_window: gtk_viewport_get_bin_window
 - Add a GtkCellEditable::editing-canceled property

* Deprecations:
 - GtkInputDialog has been deprecated
 - GtkCurve and GtkGammaCurve have been deprecated
 - The tab-packing feature in GtkNotebook has been deprecated

* Bugs fixed:
 594644 Cannot compile GTK+ with MinGW 4.4.0
 581150 GtkIconView tries to paint items with invalid sizes
 598881 Unimplemented GdkWindowImplIface methods crash gimp on OSX
 598218 Substitute deprecated gtk_*_ref/unref calls
 381371 Print margins not correct in WIN32 - not allowing for...
 597596 Toolbar button accessible objects don't have label name
 599118 Translators comment for "Finishing" labels
 598261 Add support to GtkTooltip to handle GIcons
 530351 Use standard mac shortcuts
 597865 Move documentation from templates to inline comments
 596083 Deprecate notebook label packing functionality
 594903 Deprecate GtkInputDialog
 599403 Avoid using accel group internals in GtkSocket
 590800 The window content is not updated correctly when scrolling
 598515 Do not assign the GtkSpinner parent class twice
 552678 gdi+ pixbuf loaders fail on "large" images
 598217 Substitute deprecated gdk_*_ref/unref calls
 596238 Make Quartz backend properly implement the GdkScreen...
 599446 atk_object_set_name () assertion in gtk_tool_button_set_label
 592582 Print preview doesn't reflect the printout
 563010 GtkFileChooserButton cannot have none file selected again
 596019 No accesors for GtkDialog buttons
 366217 Add QTIF image support
 594962 No accessor for GTK_ENTRY (entry)->editing_canceled

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.18.1 to 2.18.2

* GTK+ now ignores SIGPIPE in gtk_init(). Previously
  this was done deep in the lpr printbackend.

* Fix compilation of the DirectFB backend.

* Bugs fixed:
 597386 Cannot click buttons more than once...
 588059 sometimes notification icons are not visible with csw

* Updated translations:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.18.0 to 2.18.1

* Client-side Windows:
 - Fix a problem with the F-Spot screensaver
 - Request native events that are necessary for grab emulation
 - Fixes for input device and extended input event handling
 - Allow up to 255 buttons in extended input events

* OS X:
 - Improve handling of multi-monitor setups
 - Basic DND works
 - Other improvements

* Filechooser:
 - Support Tracker 0.7 in the search code

* Bugs fixed:
 596423 Landscape pages are the wrong way around
 588449 DnD doesn't work on GDK/Quartz
 596080 Mention "gtk-tooltip" in gtk_widget_set_tooltip_window
 596580 Blank rows in entry autocompletion
 588649 extended input events sent to widgets that didn't...
 596081 Update tracker support for version 0.7
 596345 clicking empty space in backgrounds...
 596494 New property "cursor" in 2.18's GdkWindow with wrong...
 596012 popup menu position is horribly off on gdk quartz...
 596250 Gdkcursor-quartz.c doesn't implement GDK_BLANK_CURSOR
 586207 Printing dialog with a CUPS printer connected...

* Translation updates:
 British English

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.11 to 2.18.0

* Add GtkTreeModelFilter testsuite and fix multiple bugs

* Client-side windows:
 - Fix issues around recursion and gdk_window_process_updates
 - Fix issues with grabs and cursors
 - Handle window hierarchy and geometry changes in expose handlers
 - New function, gdk_window_flush, that may be needed in certain
 - Automatically flush windows when doing non-double-buffered exposes

* Quartz backend:
 - Fix various 'stuck UI' issues
 - Fix the size of the root window

* Bugs fixed:
 588455 run application broken when setting background color...
 346800 Rework sort/filter models to use indices to parents
 593678 select "Manage Custom Sizes" from print dialog hangs gedit
 594652 gtk printer dialog does not understand boolean printer options
 594668 Add new Xorg keysyms
 591583 Padre (a wxPerl+Gtk IDE) hangs when editing Perl code...
 594600 Windows only allows 64-character system-tray tooltips
 594679 Fix warning in testwindows.c
 594880 Drawing issues in ExoIconView
 593507 AbiWord's main drawing area not exposed properly
 594913 is_composited race ...
 594738 Windows often do not respond to events on dual-head
 503776 crash when trying to print to non-existent lpr printer
 595599 Don't focus unmapped radio buttons
 595790 Segfault in gtkiconfactory.c on NULL GError
 588649 extended input events sent to widgets that didn't...
 550939 GtkFileChooser listbox does not refresh selection

* New deprecation:
 gdk_event_get_graphics_exposes has been deprecated

* Updated translations:
 Bengali India
 Brazilian Portuguese
 British English
 Norwegian bokmål
 Simplified Chinese
 Traditional Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.10 to 2.17.11

* Client-side windows:
 - Add gdk_cairo_reset_clip that lets you get back the original
   drawable clip
 - Add gdk_window_restack to more conveniently restack child windows
 - Add gdk_window_is_destroyed as a replacement for GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED
 - Deprecated GDK_WINDOW_OBJECT and GdkWindowObject

 - Add gtk_widget_set_receives_default and gtk_widget_get_receives_default
   accessors for GTK_RECEIVES_DEFAULT

* GtkTreeView:
 - Correctly propagate insensitive state to cell renderers

* GtkTextView:
 - Merge a number of scrolling-related fixes from Maemo

* Bugs fixed:
 564160 gtk_combo_box_entry_set_text_column too restrictive
 593868 gtk_im_multicontext_set_client_window recreate a new slave...
 593644 gdk_x11_screen_get_window_manager_name should not cache...
 594178 gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders segfault in write_loader_info
 567124 proposal to delay doing something related to immodule...
 588788 GTK+ compilation should work with automake1.10
 584638 Build of gtkupdateiconcache without NLS breaks
 593788 misprint in the returning value of gdk_selection_property_get
 593606 Missing include in gtk/gtkcellrendereraccel.c
 593877 Undefined symbols while compilation

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.9 to 2.17.10

* Client-side windows:
 - Regression fixes continue
 - Multiple clipping issues have been fixed
 - gdk_window_beep() works again
 - gtk-demo now has a few offscreen window demos

 - Several more getters and setters have been added:
   gtk_widget_is_toplevel(), gtk_widget_is_drawable(), gtk_widget_set_window()

* Bugs fixed:
 592752 aisleriot card drag start makes card appear behind...
 592901 Crash in JPEG pixbuf loader instead of error
 592263 redraw problem in text view
 593011 Cannot move applet with middle click
 592624 BadAccess from gdk_window_x11_set_events
 592606 Activate the default button in a respose-request callback
 593249 emacs and acroread don't work properly
 592883 Spin cell rendererer problem with double click
 588199 GtkTreeView rendering glitch while using a default...
 543310 set_enable_tree_lines doesn't work when a cellrenderer...
 589636 csw broke DND from panel menus
 593595 broken clip handling in GtkLabel
 590921 NULL should not be a valid return value for gdk_window_new()
 590861 cups_printer_create_cairo_surface() sets a fallback resolution...
 544724 delete new line requires two keystrokes
 593001 Emit 'update-custom-widget' on page setup change
 593317 gtkwindow leaks startup ID
 593080 mem leak
 593481 GtkEntryCompletion action-activated signal is emitted...
 593135 gtk_entry_set_icon_from_pixbuf only works one time
 593012 configure doesn't handle --enable-{cups,papi} correctly
 592862 There is a misprint on the returning value of gdk_pixmap_lookup()
 586466 GtkPrintOperation printing fails if it is the only event source
 434318 printer detail acquisition needs events
 593712 configure fails to to check properly for cups...

* Translation updates:
 Bengali India

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.8 to 2.17.9

* Client-side windows:
 - Add a compatibility mode that falls back to always using native windows,
   triggered by the GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable

* Bugs fixed:
 589367 gedit crashed with SIGSEGV in IA__g_list_last()
 478519 GtkTooltip segfaults on NULL gdk-display-current-tooltip.
 592461 preserve errno and use g_strerror
 592403 crash when close the second terminal...
 591549 Default printer in a network
 526149 GtkCellRendererAccel editing conflicts with mnemonics
 528283 Problems when using PageUp & PageDown to navigate Playlists pane

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.7 to 2.17.8

* Client-side windows:
 - various fixes to expose handling
 - fix memory leaks

* Minor API additions:
 - New setter as part of the GSEAL effort: gtk_widget_set_allocation

* Bugs fixed:
 585211 Add accessor function for GtkWidget->allocation
 588437 gtk 2.17.3 causes dragging in firefox bookmarks sidebar t...
 589367 gedit crashed with SIGSEGV in IA__g_list_last()
 589877 Client side windows leak gdk regions
 590959 Set child_has_focus flag properly
 591432 There is incomplete information on the returning value of...
 591434 firefox-3.5 crashed with SIGSEGV in _gdk_window_process_u...
 591526 Accelerator keys with <super> modifier also triggered by ...
 591751 bad memory access with duplicated id
 591998 Support silent build rules with automake 1.11
 592003 Shift+click should always modify selection

* Updated translations:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.6 to 2.17.7

* Client-side windows: a number of regressions related to embedding
  have been fixed

* Printing: The file backend supports SVG output

* Minor API additions:
 - GtkIconView gained an icon-padding property that can be used to fine-tune
   how much space each column needs
 - GtkTreeViewColumn grew a sort-column-id property that can be used to set
   up sort columns in GtkBuilder files
 - GdkWindow gained a cursor property and associated getter
 - GtkFileChooser has a create-folders property to allow disabling the
   "New Folder" button
 - gtk_print_operation_get_n_pages_to_print: returns the number of pages
   that are being printed
 - New getters and setters as part of the GSEAL effort:
   gtk_widget_get_allocation, gtk_widget_get_visible, gtk_widget_set_visible

* Bugs fixed:
 589336 Add GtkTreeViewColumn:sort-column-id property
 534462 Disable interactive search in the file chooser's shortcuts pane
 161489 n the file chooser, let the left/right arrow keys switch focus...
 514260 Better filtering for "Recently Used" files
 509650	ATK_STATE_SHOWING state is not set properly on menu items
 586374 code does not follow documentation (-> carshes when using...
 590442 csw broke gvim x11 embedding
 498010 gtk_tree_view_set_cursor fails if model!=NULL
 555109 Synthesized crossing events should have proper coordinates
 570516 Can't disable folder creation
 573321 additional check in gtk_tree_model_filter_convert_child_i...
 576601 Double clicking prints to the wrong printer
 586100 ITEM_PADDING breaks vertical icon views
 588438 awn uses 100% cpu with gtk+ 2.17.3 (csw)
 589732 behavior change of gdk_window_get_type_hint
 589745 Apply message in GtkAssistant
 590084 print to FILE with multiple pages per sheet has bad results
 590086 is broken on non-X platforms
 590309 Default cover pages for CUPS printers incorrectly set
 590448 [win32] build fails because gdk-pixbuf manges a path
 590959 Set child_has_focus flag properly
 591288 compat problem with draw_drawable being NULL
 539377 Unnecessary warnings when GtkTreeView is not realized.
 546005 priv->tree is not created for unrealized (I think) treeview
 564695 Pressing enter key in print to file "Name" box does not p...
 591218 Remove some unused variables
 357655 "Print to SVG file" for GtkPrintOperation
 591462 gdk_window_set_cursor doesn't work on the root window

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.5 to 2.17.6

* Client-side windows:
 - Several optimizations, such as client-side tracking of
   viewable windows
 - Clipping for drawing pixbufs on windows has been fixed
 - Rendering to large subwindows has been fixed

* Changes that are relevant for translators:
 - Markup has been removed from several strings

* Bugs fixed:
 588398 Leak with testgtk::preview_(color|gray) and more
 588943 set correct selection before emitting cursor-changed...
 588076 Gnumeric fonts stopped working on upgrading gtk+ 2.17.2 -...
 574674	GtkMenuItem gets Selected and Focused states when SelectC...
 582674 Menu item and menu accessibles retain "showing" state aft...
 588553 [csw] gdk_draw_pixbuf doesnt draw outside expose events s...
 588897 Strange include x11/gdkx.h
 588958 Typo in startup-id window property
 589035 Context needed for a propoer translation
 589275 [csw] Trying to destroy NULL regions
 588964 Remove markup from translatable string in gtkfilechooserd...
 587337 Suggest to use Glade instead gtk-builder-convert script

* Updated translations:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.4 to 2.17.5

* Client-side windows:
 - Quite a few fixes have happened for the win32 and directfb backends

 - Accessors have been added for sealed members in GtkCellRenderer and

* Changes that are relevant for distributors:
 - The jpeg2000 pixbuf loader is now optional. Pass --with-libjasper
   to configure to build it

* Bugs fixed
 588373 Menus broken by client-side-windows
 588379 testgtk::panes does not change the cursor on mouse over
 588388 shape rendering is back
 588461 gtk_editable_get_chars() behaviour change in 2.17.4
 588666 Incorrect clamping of max_length
 588665 insert-text signal is not emitted
 588395 Crash when opening a GtkBuilder file
 524066 Mandatory jpeg2000?
 527583 GtkAssistant should set buttons as default widget
 588694 Missing % in C code
 588484 Iconview DnD fails when Destination is empty
 583522 Trivial error in GtkBuilder migration documentation
 150951 collapsed save dialog needs to indicate filesystem...

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål
 Traditional Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.3 to 2.17.4

* GtkEntry now has model-view separation, with GtkEntryBuffer.
  One intended use case for this is to support 'secure memory'
  for password entries.

* The print dialog can now optionally include the page setup
  controls, avoiding the need for a separate page setup dialog
  in many applications.

* Coloring of visited links in GtkLabel can now be turned off, with
  the ::track-visited-links property.

* Support for clipmasks in gdk_draw_pixbuf now works, this will
  introduce visual changes in code that uses clipmasks when drawing
  pixbufs. However, since this never worked that is unlikely to happen.
  Old code using gdk_pixbuf_render_threshold_alpha masks when rendering
  pixbufs will now produce truncated results at the edges.

* A number of regressions from the client-side window merge have
  been fixed.

* The directfb GDK backend has been fixed to build with csw.

* Bugs fixed:
 569393 gtk calendar localization YM note is wrong
 587559 Popup closes immediately
 551409 Print dialog should include page size and orientation
 588115 gvim clipboard broken

* Updated translations:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.2 to 2.17.3

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Shows the size column by default now

* GtkStatusIcon:
 - Has a title property, which can be used by ATs when they
   read status icons

* GtkInfoBar:
 - The default theme now includes color definitions for infobars
 - The ::use-tooltip-style style property has been removed

* GtkMountOperation now supports interaction during unmount operations.

* The client-side windows branch has been merged; GDK now maintains
  its own window hierarchy client-side, and only uses X windows where
  unavoidable. Some of the benefits of this change are
  - Reduced flicker
  - The ability to do transformed and animated rendering of widgets
  - Easier embedding of GTK+ widgets e.g. into Clutter scene graphs
  This is a fundamental change to the way GDK works, so watch out for

* Bugs fixed:
 586315 Crash in GTK+ 2.14 when calling gtk.FileChooser.list_shor...
 461944 pressing the volume icon in full screen shuts down the sound
 490724 iconview item's height would be changed event with same m...
 564063 regression: Left margin in popup menus
 582025 Accelerators fail for submenus
 585626 Setting widget tooltip hammers X11 server on any TCP/IP X...
 585802 Add API to make GtkStatusIcon accessible with a name
 585858 right-click Add-to-Booksmarks is sometimes greyed out
 586330 GtkButton ignores user_underline when an image is set
 318807 Offscreen windows and window redirection
 587716 GtkInfoBar broken on resize
 587485 GMountOperation::show-processes support

* Updated translations
 Brazilian Portuguese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.1 to 2.17.2

* GtkInfoBar: A new widget to show a transient 'message area'
  inside a content pane. The API is similar to GtkDialog and
  supports theming for different message types (warnings,
  errors, etc)

* GtkFileChooser:
  - Improve path bar by ellipsizing long names and preventing
    vertical size changes
  - Backup files are now hidden by default
  - GTK+ remembers the file chooser sorting state now

* GtkButtonBox: Implements the GtkOrientable interface now.

* Printing:
 - GTK+ supports printing an application-defined 'selection' now,
   in addition to usual page ranges.

* Changes that are relevant for theme authors:
 - The new GtkInfoBar widget uses symbolic colors for theming
   its background color depending on the message type. By default,
   it uses the same background color as tooltips. This can be turned
   off with style property.
 - The GTK+ file chooser (as well as nautilus and other users of GIO
   icon information) can now show different icons for xdg user dirs.
   The icon names are folder-documents, folder-download, folder-music,
   folder-pictures, folder-publicshare, folder-templates, folder-videos,
   with an automatic fallback to the standard folder icon.

* Bugs fixed:
 584021 titchy leak
 579590 gtk_entry_set_icon_from_stock should warn when invalid st...
 584125 GtkAssistant asserts if last page is GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_C...
 171416 Resume editing if name of new folder is "Type name of new...
 420335 Page assignment when printing 4 pages to a sheet
 161670 Bad behaviour from gtk_file_chooser_set_filename
 327152 Long names in the FileChooserDialog directory buttons sho...
 355851 File Dialog shows Backup Files
 390312 Gtk grabs keyboard on DND
 486839 Filechooser 'Places' items should not move up and down th...
 562335 Deprecate gtk_tree_view_column_get_cell_renderers and gtk...
 565317 Resulting image of GtkCellRendererPixbuf depends on order...
 565998 configure script doesn't check for cairo-xlib.pc
 580079 Better configure detection of Xinerama on Solaris
 580511 gdk_x11_atom_to_xatom_for_display translates GDK_NONE as ...
 580560 Backspace key does not go to the parent directory
 584598 GtkButtonBox silently ignores gtk_orientable_set_orientation
 584637 Missing conditionals for X11 shape extension in GdkWindow
 584805 GtkEntryCompletion selection reset when calling gtk_entry...
 584832 Duplicate the exec string returned by gtk_recent_info_get...
 585024 some gtksettings properties need extra initialisation
 585371 Add additional sizes to the font selector
 585791 use g_*gettext instead of *gettext directly
 562579 [Patch] Remove error dialog when directory does not exist
 344519 custom print ranges
 484922 Should remember the sort state of columns
 555344 consider adding a message area widget

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Bengali India
 Norwegian bokmål

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.0 to 2.17.1

* GtkLabel:
 - GtkLabel can show embedded URLs, much like SexyUrlLabel

* Printing:
 - GTK+ includes a print backend that works with the PAPI
   printing service.
 - The file and lpr backends can print multiple pages per sheet.

* Changes that are relevant for theme authors:
 - The URL support in GtkLabel uses the link-color / visited-link-color
   style properties

* Bugs fixed:
 576091 GtkTooltip destroy the custom widget
 315462 GtkButton doesn't center its child when the child is too ...
 390331 "Pages per sheet" does not work for LPR printing
 531490 gdk_window_set_events (0) will _ADD_ events to the root w...
 574386 Remove deprecated call to gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip in ...
 576678 cups printbackend doesn't list printers on NetBSD
 579366 gtkbuilderparser leaks RequiresInfo objects.
 579884 casting problem in gmodule
 580511 gdk_x11_atom_to_xatom_for_display translates GDK_NONE as ...
 581876 Remove deprecated call to gtk_action_connect_proxy in tes...
 581878 Remove deprecated call to gtk_scale_button_get_orientatio...
 582003 Calling gdk_window_get_events() changes the event mask, b...
 582488 GtkNotebook behaves poorly when allocated less than reque...
 582950 Use number of pages to print when showing printing progress
 582963 Crash when printing from a thread
 583050 unclear disposition of function gtk_combo_box_get_active...
 583522 Trivial error in GtkBuilder migration documentation
 535557 gdk_window_set_icon_name should accept NULL to unset
 549859 "file" printer doesn't support n-up

* Updated translations:
 British English
 Simplified Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.16.x to 2.17.0

* GtkBuilder:
  - Scale marks can now be specified in builder markup
  - GtkAssistant action widgets can be added in builder markup

* Changes that are relevant for theme authors
 - GtkEntry now has a ::invisible-char style property that allows
   themes to set the preferred invisible character

* Printing:
 - GTK+ supports authentication of users against CUPS servers now.

* Bugs fixed:
 578634 gtkdial example fails to compile
 580678 Minor improvement to GTK+ mediaLib code
 580511 gdk_x11_atom_to_xatom_for_display translates GDK_NONE...
 581110 Handlebox widget uses static variables, crashes in multi...
 553385 gtk-builder-convert creates untranslated combobox models
 580814 GtkTextLayout incorrectly assumes pango iterates in logi...
 579366 gtkbuilderparser leaks RequiresInfo objects
 579741 gailcombox should emit property-changed:accessible-name...
 574386 Remove deprecated call to gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip...
 384940 handle rejecting jobs and authentication meaningfully

* Updated translations
 Brazilian Portuguese
 British English
 Simplified Chinese

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.16.0 to 2.16.1

* GtkBuilder:
 - Accessible action names can now be marked as translatable.
 - gtk-builder-convert correctly handles response ids in all dialogs.
 - gtk-builder-convert warns about duplicate ids.

* GDK:
 - GDK no longer refuses to work on 30-bit visuals

* Win32:
 - The appearance of GTK+ menus on Vista has been improved.

* Bugs fixed:
 575700 Crash when moving a GtkWindow
 574283 unused assignment and dead code in gtk_widget_set_tooltip_window
 538840 [Win32] GTK menu theming could be improved
 576254 <object> requires attribute "id"
 576306 gdkscreen.c: get_nearest_monitor too simple...
 437533 Implement draw_shape PangoRenderer method
 577224 crash when setting new icon after setting icon...
 576150 Doc bug for GtkMenuPositionFunc
 562863 GtkVscrollbar is hardly documented
 575644 Cygwin gail build patch
 571374 Add 30-bit visuals to the list of supported depths
 577650 gtkitemfactory.h fails to compile
 578094 ProcessIdToSessionId needs to be declared as WINAPI
 518642 Custom tags and translatable content
 532858 segv setting GBoxed subclass <property>
 557629 Response ID not converted for GtkFileChooserDialog
 577789 about dialogue doesn't linkify licence text
 577824 empathy_chat_window_init: GClosure is leaked
 577964 Page Range entry is not accessible
 578221 Assertion warning `GTK_IS_TEXT_LAYOUT (layout)' failed
 578271 PageSetup should be sent to the previewer
 578276 gtk-builder-convert improperly converts GtkComboBox
 578290 two memory leaks
 578354 Memory leak in gdkscreen-x11
 578365 GtkMountOperation does not allow passwordless mount of sf...
 578366 file descriptor leak
 573922 Using NET_WM_USER_TIME even if startup notification times...
 561345 Title of Print Preview window should not be previewXXXXXX...
 577868 about dialogue changes appearance on style-set (change th...
 572797 GtkCellRendererAccel display string i18n in OTHER mode

* Updated translations:
 Crimean Tatar

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.5 to 2.16.0

* The new function gtk_style_get_property was renamed to
  gtk_style_get_style_property to avoid binding problems.

* Bugs fixed:
 574059 search button not available in some cases
 574622 GtkEntry: Should we wrap icon-press and icon-release signals?
 574561 gtk_style_get "shadows" g_object_get
 574794 Can not resize shaped windows on Windows
 570896 gdkevents-win32.c(2947) : error C4053: one void operand for '?:'
 573067 Intra-app dnd of text behavior on Windows is wrong
 572455 GtkEntry window layed out wrong if the widget has focus

* Updated translations:
 Assamese (as)
 Bengali (bn_IN)
 Czech (cs)
 Gujarati (gu)
 Hindi (hi)
 Japanese (ja)
 Kannada (kn)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Malayalam (ml)
 Polish (pl)
 Romanian (ro)
 Tamil (ta)
 Telugu (te)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.4 to 2.15.5

* GtkAction:
 - Rename gtk_activatable_reset to gtk_activatable_sync_action_properties
   to make it easier to bind

* GDK:
 - The DirectFB backend has been restored to basic function
 - The RANDR support in the X11 backend has been made more robust

* Changes that are relevant for theme authors:
 - GtkEntry now has a ::progress-border property and use fg/bg[SELECTED]
   for drawing progress

* Bugs fixed:
 457086 numpad does not work when the Thai-Lao input method is used
 554407 directfb backend does not implement GdkWindowImpl
 543710 Dead keys do not work anymore with DirectFB
 560671 the client_message API doesn't work in DirectFB
 513422 Unknown meaning of translatable messages
 533456 Memory leak when window is destroyed
 572387 gdm crashes after gtk 2.15.4 upgrade
 565199 Ellipsize text in Places list
 495320 GtkRange does not use gdk_event_request_motions
 572904 GtkRadioAction broken in trunk
 573383 Setting a textview's buffer to NULL doesn't do a complete job
 573416 GtkMountOperation fixes for ask_password()
 572968 GtkIconView: image_description setter function strdups wrong...
 572972 GtkRecentChooserDefault: memory leak in copy_activated_cb
 572996 crash in Home Folder: Trying to open the sidebar
 573069 Gdk-CRITICAL warnings with Gtk 2.14 when dragging GtkNotebook...
 573113 Can't build tests due to testfilechooserbutton.c
 573211 Setting screen for popup windows
 573287 Warning on startup
 572273 No replacement documented for gtk_action_connect_proxy
 573515 po-properties/ special handling causes failure...
 552619 File Chooser no longer automatically enters newly created dir...
 573087 gdkwindow.c: {x,y}_offset used uninitialized
 573688 Don't steal update region in gtk_text_view_paint
 546285 Allow GtkEntry to draw progress
 569671 gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file() can't open image/x-portable-pixmap
 573393 Deprecated functions in gdk-Threads example code snippet
 571001 STATE_SHOWING missing on table items
 520395 event.any_data incorrect with spin buttons and combo boxes...
 325809 getAccessibleAtPoint for tables does not seem to take column...
 561631 gailbutton.c:571:idle_do_action: code should not be reached
 519090 Add accessibility support to GtkScaleButton

* Updated translations:
 British English (en_GB)
 Estonian (et)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Japanese (ja)
 Korean (ko)
 Kurdish (ku)
 Maithili (mai)
 Dutch (nl)
 Oriya (or)
 Swedish (sv)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_HK)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.3 to 2.15.4

* GtkAction:
 - More compatibility fixes to make PolicyKit-gnome work

* GtkFileChooserButton:
 - Don't emit file-set when the dialog is canceled. But emit it
   when a file is received via DND

 - Use Xrandr 1.3 for tracking monitor information, if available

* Bugs fixed: 
 538439 tooltip may appear in upper left corner...
 571015 libprintbackend-cups has unlocalized strings
 353196 Add a file-set signal to GtkFileChooserButton
 571249 Icons are not drawn properly when initial widget...
 571196 gtk_binding_entry_add_signall deprecated without alternative
 508545 No way to identify terminal classes from documentation
 570824 TreeView is not keyboard (re)focusable after selecting a cell...
 568571 Asian am/pm format on cups print backend's time parsing
 571576 gdk_pixbuf_save_to_stream() broken
 571873 Compile error with gdk/win32/gdkselection-win32.c
 572041 Focus should change when advancing forward in GtkAssistant
 572040 GtkAssistant does not expose page titles
 570406 gailutil.def is in srcdir, but used from builddir

* Updated translations:
 Belarusian Latin (be@latin)
 Bulgarian (bg)
 Catalan (ca)
 Danish (da)
 Spanish (es)
 Basque (eu)
 Finnish (fi)
 French (fr)
 Gujarati (gu)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Japanese (ja)
 Korean (ko)
 Latvian (lv)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Polish (pl)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Slovak (sk)
 Albanian (sq)
 Serbian (sr)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.2 to 2.15.3

* Keyboard shortcut handling has been changed, to help with a longstanding
  complaint about the way GTK+ handles multiple layouts. GTK+ now only uses
  keys from groups other than the current group if they are not present in
  the current group. Feedback on this change is appreciated.

* Bugs fixed:
 569336 change in gtkbutton klass is causing crash...
 569435 make maintainer-clean removes non-generated sources
 145058 Inputting "^^" requires four keystrokes on Win32...
 559408 Transparency lost when images are copied...
 359288 Toolbar items are not shown after hiding
 569918 64bit portability issue in gtkrecentchooser.c
 162726 Multiple Latin layouts in XKB break keyboard shortcuts
 569635 fontchooser should reload list of families/styles on...

* Updated translations:
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Oriya (or)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Thai (th)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_HK)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.1 to 2.15.2

* GtkAction:
 - Make toolitems pick up icon names from actions
 - Draw proxies of radio actions properly
 - Make menu proxies of recent actions work
 - Avoid accidental activations when changing actions on proxies
 - Make derived button classes work as proxies

* Input methods:
 - Avoid an assertion due to early use of input methods

* GtkScale:
 - Avoid a segfault in the marker drawing code

* GtkImageMenuItem:
 - Add a property to override the show-menu-images setting

* Bugs fixed:
 566628 gdk_display_close always asserts on win32 and quartz
 569240 Crasher when using markers
 569104 Toggle menu entries showed as check menu entries...
 322932 Always show icons on panel menus

* Updated translations:
 Finnish (fi)
 German (de)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.15.0 to 2.15.1

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Remember the file chooser's size across invocations
 - Handle uris that are entered in the entry
 - Improve autocompletion, in particular for uris

* GtkEntry:
 - New property "im-module" for selecting input methods per-widget
 - New icon-related API got renamed for consistency
 - Added properties and setters for icon tooltips

* GtkTextView:
 - New property "im-module" for selecting input methods per-widget
 - New signal "paste-done" to allow better handling of async pasting

* GtkScale:
 - New api to add annotated marks: gtk_scale_add_mark.

* GtkAction:
 - Rework the way actions and proxies interact, to make the
   interaction less ad hoc, more extensible, and better suited
   for support in GUI builders like glade.

   To be used as a proxy, a widget must now implement the
`  GtkActivatable interface, and GtkActivatable implementations
   are responsible for syncing their appearance with the action
   and for activating the action.

   All the widgets that are commonly used as proxies implement
   GtkActivatable now.

   This is a big change, and it is not unlikely to break some
   current users of GtkAction, so feedback about problems caused
   by this is appreciated.

 - Add a "gicon" property to specify the icon with a GIcon

* GDK:
 - On X11, GDK now caches cursors to avoid cursor theming overhead
 - New cursor type for blank cursors: GDK_BLANK_CURSOR

* New deprecations:
   direct access to "gtk-action" object data

* Changes that are relevant for translators:
 - Navigation and Media stock labels have separate message contexts now
 - The caps lock warning string has been changed

* Bugs fixed:
 566083 Icon pixmap hardcoded during DnD
 566334 compile failure for gtk+ on Mac OS X
 565998 configure script doesn't check for cairo-xlib.pc
 566391 gtk_about_dialog_set_url_hook should activate...
 566568 gtk_tree_model_get_value docs typo
 566628 gdk_display_close always asserts on win32
 566733 Add GIcon to GtkAction, GtkToolButton
 567024 gtktoolbutton doesn't create right proxy menu item...
 523554 Copy from GIMP to Word broke
 567468 no check for trailing != NULL in gtk_text_layout_get..
 492794 Pasting external text at end of view yields wrong...
 164002 query scripts don't work uninstalled on windows
 566532 GtkScaleButton implementation of GtkOrientable
 450716 New API to change global IM
 562701 GtkEntryCompletion popup sizes its rows wrong...
 567944 [Win32] Sorted treeview columns can be unreadable
 567655 gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip_text/markup should use...
 567887 gtk_entry_get_storage_type() should be...
 568196 Please change context of Forward stock label
 563280 stock items & translation context
 568233 Wrong statement about GtkEntry's "activate" signal
 568263 gtk can't recognize the wrong X Selection TARGETS...
 565656 Add marks to scales
 567413 GtkComboBoxEntry doesn't emit "changed" signal...
 545980 GtkFileChooserEntry should handle URIs
 566862 pixbuf_new_from_file does not autodetect format
 568552 gtk_combo + gtk entry in invisible mode takes 100% cpu
 561801 "scheduled printing" doesn't function as expected
 566535 gtk_widget_get_snapshot does not work if double buff...
 567021 gtkimage accessors docs
 567761 Spellfixes in GTK+ documentation
 568744 Spellfixes in GtkTreeView's documentation
 536965 GtkPlug: crash on theme change
 567124 proposal to delay doing something related to immodule...
 568305 gdk-pixbuf mishandles BI_BITFIELDS bmps

* New and updated translations:
 Crimean Tatar (crh)
 Spanish (es)
 Hebrew (he)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Italian (it)
 Korean (ko)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)
 Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.14.x to 2.15.0

* GtkFileChooser
 - Optionally shows file sizes
 - Mounts volumes when necessary
 - Picks better mime icons

* GtkEntry
 - Can show icons at either side of the entry, which can be made
   clickable, drag sources, etc
 - Can show progress information
 - Picks the best available placeholder character for invisible entries 
   unless it is explicitly set. See the invisible-char-set property
 - Input methods work again in invisible entries
 - Invisible entries can optionally display a caps-lock warning. This
   can be turned off with the caps-lock-warning property

* GtkStatusIcon
 - Uses an extension of the tray icon spec to negotiate RGBA support.
   This is also supported by the GNOME panel. For details, see the
   section on "Visual and bckground pixmap handling" in the System
   Tray Protocol Specification.
 - Supports scroll events, middle clicks and rich tooltips

* GtkLinkButton
 - Respects user-defined tooltips 
 - Has a default url hook

* GtkBuilder
 - Can construct menus
 - Can associate accel groups with windows
 - Child properties can now be translatable, e.g. GtkAssistant::page-title

* GtkOrientable
 - A new interface implemented by all widgets that have horizontal and
   vertical variants

* Printing support
 - Print-to-file can save to non-local files
 - Page rendering can be deferred to a thread to avoid blocking the mainloop

 - GdkKeymap emits a state-changed signal when the caps lock state changes

* Newly deprecated functions:

* Changes that are relevant for theme authors
 - The GtkMenu::arrow-placement style property allow more space efficient
   layout of scrolling menus
 - Submenu arrows can be scaled relative to the font size, with the
   GtkMenuItem::arrow-scaling style property
 - Themes can set the GtkDialog::content-area-spacing style property to 
   change the spacing between elements of the content area
 - The GtkEntry::state-hint style property can be used to request that
   GTK+ should pass the correct state when drawing the background of entries
 - The GtkEntry::prelight style property can be used to suppress prelighting
   of icons in entries on mouseover
* Changes that are relevant for translators
 - GTK+ has been switched to use the two-argument C_() macro
   instead of Q_() for messages with context

* Bugs fixed:
 434987 MS Windows style should use pango_win32_font_description_from_logfont
 325095 show a 'size' column
 552837 mem leak in gtkimmulticontext
  83935 GtkEntry's default invisible char should be U+25CF
 553000 incorrect i18n header in gtkfilesystem.c
 552789 Show size column in the search and recently used files modes
 553135 eog crash: assertion failed. 
 382544 GtkIconView: Selection/focus should be painted around the items
 541391 Unfocussable Treeview swallows focus
 408244 add GtkDialog::content-area-spacing
 538782 Make GtkMenu's arrow size themable
 553385 gtk-builder-convert creates untranslated combobox models
 553241 double freed pointer in lpr_write cause firefox3 crash
 553917 Typo in gdkwindow-win32.c
 553133 GtkFileChooser won't ask to mount a volume
 553211 GtkFileChooserButton unsets filter after first use
 553578 tabs are not drawn correctly
 553803 eventually call XCloseDevice on XOpenDevice results
 552956 Should check composite extension version
 552959 GtkTrayIcon: _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_VISUAL and real transparency
 553575 Only draw focus when navigating with the keyboard
 339367 Incorrect spotlocation
 554141 uninitialized data use/free in gtkclipboard-quartz.c
 371908 Password Entry broken
 317002 Disable input method completely in GtkEntry when it...
 487624 Tooltips doesn't get updated if ther's no mouse motion...
 107000 Add signals to GdkKeymap for monitoring caps_lock, etc
 530568 Entries with visibility=FALSE should warn for caps-lock on
 553086 hard to see current immodule
 541009 Get rid of separate subclasses for horizontal and vertical...
 344522 support non-local destination files (GtkPrint)
 553582 Add orientation API to GtkSeparator
 554506 combining diacritics broken, became deadkeys
 553585 Add orientation API to GtkRuler
 554690 mem leak in filechooser
 554691 mem leak in filechooser
 554696 invalid free function used
 554698 mem leak in filechooser
 554701 filechooser spams console with useless warnings
 554704 gtkfilesystemmodel does too much work
 530575 GtkEntry with invisible chars has a confused cursor in overwrite mode
  96431 Can't cut and paste / DND within invisible entry
 132501 Make utility window translate to tool window in win32
 539464 gtk_cell_view_get_model is missing in GtkCellView
 553573 Add orientation API to GtkBox
 555387 Changing the sensitivity of a statusbar mistakenly requires a display
 436533 Allow more space efficient scroll arrows placement
 555270 Allow unsetting a MessageDialog's image
 554702 gtkfilesystem leaks GError
 554192 double press on the "circumflex" dead key...
 516425 Optionally display accelerators in popups
 550342 Splash screens have a caption
 555578 GtkTable propertiy maxima are wrong
 555523 gtk_scale_button_set_adjustment should accept NULL
 555573 gtk_font_selection_set_font_name shouldn't require a screen
 555676 gtk_widget_real_grab_focus assumes toplevel == window
 555000 Wrong treatment on non-spacing marks dead keys in GtkIMContextSimple
 551355 Make glib build with libtool 2.2
 555186 Setting gtk-toolbar-icon-size with custom icon_size
 555625 Updated gtk_compose_seqs_compact table
 555386 format not a string literal and no format arguments
 552318 menubar mnemonics consumed even when gtk-enable-mnemonics=false
 555779 GtkCellRendererPixbuf crashed on failed GIcon lookup
 556150 gtk 'object' property test fixing
 556527 The current page property is not passed to GtkPrintUnixDialog
 556578 GIMP windows stay on top of other windows
 557059 crash when compositing emblems with icon
 557266 Window Management Problem
 555920 gtkentry.c passes wrong enum to pango_layout_set_alignment
 528320 Incorrect icons displayed for files with custom mimetype icons
 557524 "va_end(args);" should be added into gtk_text_buffer_insert_with_...
 556835 gtkentry.c: variable is declared at middle of block
 556954 gtk+/gtk/gtkrecentchooserdefault.c: mismatching allocation...
 557315 stale clipboard target cache
 530454 Clarify page_nr when printing
 557065 gtkcellrendererpixbuf spams console over and over...
 557894 Wrong return value for gdk_pointer_grab_info_libgtk_only
 558397 gtk_widget_error_bell undefined without a screen
 557762 Misleading error message in GDK DirectFB
 557316 GtkLinkButton should consider user-defined tooltip
 339714 Set printer dpi on cairo ps/pdf surfaces when printing
 558522 scroll arrow painted insensitive even though there are pages...
 347230 testicontheme shortcomings
 558323 glitches when popping up combos in treeviews
 558667 gtk_font_selection_dialog_get_apply_button - deprecate
 412134 Add API to query style properties from the style
 322934 Replace menu's proxy icons with empty space hiding icons
 409435 GtkStatusIcon enhancements: scroll events, middle click, rich tooltips
 558278 Crash when calling a callback set by gdk_add_client_message_filter()
 558929 gtkstatusicon.c: 'event' is a member of the structure
 558001 gtk_icon_view_enable_model_drag_[source|dest] problem
 557212 Problem with which window gains focus and is visible
 559404 gtk_editable_insert_text counts length in bytes
 558586 handling of keyboard under darwin (quartz)
 558409 GtkLabel::use-underline doesnt work with GtkLabel::attributes
 553586 Add orientation API to GtkPaned
 560135 Print when the user double clicks a printer
 553765 Add orientation API to GtkRange
 550942 Rework of gdkeventloop-quartz.c
 525550 GTK+ 2.13.0 GtkCurve test fails
 559619 invisible-char default cannot be tested
 560139 GtkEntry doesn't paint with the right state
 560602 Wrong GtkMenuItem default value (test fails)
 377699 realizing gtk.Progress() causes SEGV
 561335 Fix typos in GtkToolItem documentation
 561539 Alignments miscalculate dimensions when allocated less...
 559947 Unchecked dependency on python>=2.4
 561504 testgtk should load rc file from sub folder
 539263 Deprecate gdk_window_get_toplevels
 554076 eventually release g_new-ed supported_atoms
 559622 GdkDevice test segfaults
 554453 "typeahead find" widget of GtkTreeView appears on wrong monitor...
 562817 GtkDialog: typo
 555334 connected server feature
 562878 password save incorrectly set in gtkmountoperation
 559914 eog doesn't apply paper setup
 562998 GtkFontButton documentation improvements
 557420 Some compose sequences don't work anymore (or only in specific order)
 546285 Allow GtkEntry to draw progress
 563547 Update gdkx11 atom precache table
 563285 test print backend does not compile
 559325 documentation for gdk_display_get_window_at_pointer() is wrong
 554274 Add default hook for GtkLinkButton
 546378 GtkAssistant page title is not translatable
 563991 gtk_file_chooser_button_new_with_backend is deprecated...
 563994 Input method module interface not documented
 564066 Crash in gtk_rc_parse_default_files
 563835 Typo in gtk_widget_has_screen() docs
 564212 gtk_icon_view_accessible_model_rows_reordered explain new_order...
 563751 xatom cache is prefilled too late
 556839 Crash when opening a link
 549251 GTK icon view accessible issue
 558306 Cannot build gdk (gtk+ 2.14.4) on Solaris 8
 555560 gtk_combo_box_set_active fails with no model
 563158 CellRendererProgress pulsing and progressing rows can not...
 556233 local-only causes G_IS_FILE warning
 562579 Remove error dialog when directory does not exist
 561494 FileChooser network browsing and authentication support
 339318 Allow page rendering to (optionally) happen in a thread
  85292 add an icon to gtkentry
 564881 gtkstatusicon.c: 'event' bug again
 552545 leaks GpImage
 553374 gdk_pixdata_from_pixbuf fails for some images with use_rle set to TRUE
 555791 Natuilus Crashes when opening USB MP3 Player Contents
 561186 GdkPixbuf API type checking needs cleanup
 559009 gtk_radio_button_get_group documentation needs to say...
 523264 Update GTK+ reference documentation screenshots
 563876 [Regression] GTK_MODULES env var is no longer relevant
 554950 gail must make itself resident
 555953 libferret missing link against libgtk-x11
 554002 Orca App-Preferences dialog page tabs are "off" by one...
 353088 gtk_expander_get_label should return the full label text
 512743 Applications with lists crash in libgail
 564555 synaptic cannot be started...
 565203 icons are misplaced when horizontal gtkiconview is...
 549251 GTK icon view accessible issue 
 558694 Paned window splitter keynav broken
 565846 va_end(args) should be added into gtk_tree_store_new

* New and updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Asturian (ast)
 Catalan (ca)
 Danish (da)
 German (de)
 British English (en_GB)
 Spanish (es)
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 Galician (gl)
 Hebrew (he)
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 Georgian (ka)
 Malayalam (ml)
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 Portugese (pt)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Romanian (ro)
 Russian (ru)
 Slovak (sk)
 Serbian (sr, sr@latin)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.14.1 to 2.14.2

* Don't use XRRGetScreenResources, since it doesn't work well

* Bugs fixed:
 551063 deprecated marking without a link to what new code should use
 319849 gtkcalendar look in RTL locales
 550989 gdk_display_put_event should call g_main_context_wakeup
 550062 Small update in gdk/gdkkeysyms.h
 551325 Reference to wrong parameter in gtk_editable_insert_text
 551386 gtk_printer_set_is_default() always sets TRUE
 550676 Memory leak, update keyboard layout data structure
 551699 gtk_scrolled_window_destroy() is broken
 551567 DND mark broken
 551378 Print dialog: should try UDS when fetching PPD for localhost
 536542 gtk_list_store_set() documentation doesn't say whether...
 552153 GtkModules loading with XSettings doesn't work...
 552001 gtkimcontextsimple.c: variable is declared at middle...
 551987 GtkPaned redrawing problem
 551722 gtk_widget_set_scroll_adjustments() should check...
 552107 Small libtool fixes
 552500 GtkPrintSettings API doc not precise enough
 408154 Change GtkEntryCompletion max-items to style property
 329593 Entering characters on a line very cpu intensive and slow
 552667 gtkimage containing gicon leaks memory
 552668 format not a string literal and no format arguments...
 346903 gtk_enumerate_printers needs events to complete
 550969 fix a typo which breaks the static build
 517233 Calling gdk_pixbuf_loader_close causes "GError set over...
 551063 deprecated marking without a link to what new code should use
 540967 docs build slowly because of entities

* Updated translations:
 Afrikaans (af)
 Arabic (ar)
 Assamese (as)
 Bulgarian (bg)
 Bengali India (bn_IN)
 Catalan (ca)
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 Oriya (or)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Portugese (pt)
 Telugu (te)
 Thai (th)
 Turkish (tr)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.14.0 to 2.14.1

* Fix a deadlock in pixbuf loader initialization

* Updated translations:
 Ukrainian (uk)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.7 to 2.14.0

* Bugs fixed:
 548354 Remove repeated code in gtk_cell_view_size_allocate
 548346 gtk_color_selection_dialog_get_color_selection always...
 535158 can't rearrange the order of multi pages per side
 545875 evo crashed when trying to print pages 6-7 of a 1 page...
 549236 missing Since 2.14 in gtk_file_chooser_get_file
 549354 Crash trying to open a file on a remote folder
 549734 gtk_selection_data_get_data prototype is wrong
 549262 GtkScrolledWindow should not accept focus unless...
 549810 Memory leaks in printing code 
 437791 Animation is played at the wrong speed
 549943 gtk_tool_shell_get_relief_style() always returns...
 547449 Entry/Combo popup misplaced after resize
 550528 IconView DND interface does not work if only used as source
 548993 regression: gdk 2.13 leaves stray windows in certain cases
 520165 typeahead find (interactive search) only accepts one char...
 528091 Arrows for scrollable notebooks don't work with unset GTK...
 528975 Can not maximize the window
 543308 FileChooser size problems since gtk+-2.13.x 
 549322 Typo in gdk_pixbuf_save_to_buffer docs
 549711 Race condition when loading gdk-pixbuf image modules

* Updated translations:
 Czech (cs)
 German (de)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 British English (en_GB)
 Finnish (fi)
 French (fr)
 Irish (ga)
 Galician (gl)
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 Pashto (ps)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Albanian (sq)
 Swedish (sw)
 Telugu (te)
 Thai (th)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.6 to 2.13.7

* Bugs fixed:
 545031 list of recently used files is created world-readable
 535573 Deadlock in gdkeventloop-quartz.c:poll_func()
 546771 Add writable property "visited" to GtkLinkButton
 546756 gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_...
 547027 menus are broken
 544863 gtkquartz.h not included in released 2.13.5 package
 547211 Duplicated mnemonic
 547270 Make GtkHSV public
 546616 CUPS print backend uses 1.2 API without guards
 546754 2.13.6 update create rendering issue in the evo...
 546730 gtk_status_icon_get_gicon() should use a return...
 526234 make shift+ctrl+del delete till the end of line
 547456 gdk/x11/gdkscreen-x11.c : init_solaris_xinerama doesn't...
 547516 Add comments for translators in gtkprintbackendcups.c
 547673 Accessors for GtkFileSelection.font_entry and...
 547775 Documentation of gtk-button-images is not correct
 547846 gtktestutils functions lack Since: tags
 547655 gio_can_sniff configure test can fail...
 547944 Self-reference in gtk_page_setup_load_file's docs
 547680 fontconfig monitoring can crash apps
 546549 Better Type Checking
 532644 TIFF loader need to exclude CR2 files

* Updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Spanish (es)
 Basque (eu)
 Finnish (fi)
 Galicican (gl)
 Japanese (ja)
 Kannada (kn)
 Marathi (mr)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Portugese (pt)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.5 to 2.13.6

* Fix problems on 64-bit Windows

* Fix a long-standing, well-known problem with the handling
  of insensitive buttons, bug 56070

* Fallback to Xinerama if the Xrandr implementation
  is just a stub

* gdk_threads_add_timeout_seconds[_full]: New functions with
  second-granularity to complete the set of gdk_threads_ timeout

* Support rendering icons with emblems specified as GEmblemedIcon

* GtkFileChooser has a GFile-oriented API now, functions
  for creating filechoosers with specific backends have been
  deprecated, since GIO is used directly.
* GtkAdjustment has been sealed, adding getters and setters
  for all struct fields.

* Bugs fixed:
 544265 GDK assumes XFIXES extension
 543915 "Sole completion" translation issue
 544510 SetTimer callback signatures has the wrong type
 544390 evince crashes after clicking print
 361561 StatusIcon signals not documented as definitely public API.
 368234 Incorrect tabs rendering during reorder with rounded themes
 545976 Deprecate gtk_file_chooser_*_with_backend
 545978 Make filechooser GFile API public 
 544863 gtkquartz.h not included in released 2.13.5 package
 424207 printing hangs on unreachable cups server
  56070 Can't click button after setting it sensitive
 545931 small documentation typos
 344383 use po/LINGUAS
  65818 rename gtk_window_set_default() and add getter for it
 539733 No way to control treeview separator height
 523950 GtkTreeModelFilter's visible function may get an empty...
 526575 Missing return type in gtk_ui_manager_get_toplevels...
 429411 add style properties to set minimum progressbar w...
 429427 Add "arrow-spacing" style property to GtkRange
 544302 GtkStatusIcon should support GIcon
 339699 implement gtk_print_operation_set_show_dialog for...
 538686 gtkprintoperation-win32.c: devmode_from_settings
 540379 gtk_tree_view_enable_model_drag_dest and ...
 544684 Win64 issue, window handles are assumed to be 32-bit
 540834 Insensitive widgets cannot be grabbed
 515596 GtkUIManager's embedded UI definition example is invalid
 534979 GtkImageMenuItem is a bin but has two children
 382291 Automatically dim the combobox when the model is empty
 545982 missing braces cause bogus warnings when using GtkBuilder
 544858 Seal GtkAdjustment

* Updated translations:
 Spanish (es)
 Galician (gl)
 Japanese (ja)
 Korean (ko)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Portugese (pt)
 Brasilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Albanian (sq)
 Swedish (sv)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.4 to 2.13.5

* gdk-pixbuf:
 - Use GIO for mime type sniffing when possible

* Printing:
 - Handle paused printers and printers that don't accept jobs

* GtkBuilder:
 - Support building parts of the XML tree with the new functions
   gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file, gtk_builder_add_objects_from_string

* Bugs fixed:
 540917 deprecate pack_start_defaults()
 541645 gtkfilechooserdefault segfaults when bookmark does not contain ://
 493008 gdk_screen_get_window_stack is not 64-bit-compatible
 539248 gtk_calender_query_tooltip calls ->detail_func with invalid dates
 327582 Incomplete docs for GtkSettings::gtk-icon-sizes
 343663 source-buffer highlighting highlights "char" in gtk_text_iter_...
 541811 g_return_if_fail (widget->parent == container)
 541540 Dead link to pkg-config site in GTK+ online FAQ
 513580 Broken link in GTK+ FAQ
 531129 gtk_style_copy() does not include a return value or description
 510225 gtk_widget_get_composite_name retval should be freed
 507953 gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_column() shows markups
 469068 clarify gdk_cairo_create()
 528845 segv from GtkBuilder on attempting <accelerator> under GtkCellView
 540994 [Win32] Some windows don't appear at the top when created
 541964 [Win32] Setting modal hint to current value might confuse the stack
 541950 Removing recently-added accelerator UI causes a wrong g_warning
 542234 iconview a11y implementation segfaults
 541399 Widget tooltips: treat "" same as NULL
 334418 Support easy input of ellipsis
 321896 Synch gdkkeysyms.h/gtkimcontextsimple.c with 6.9/7.0
 316087 Resizing columns is chaotic
 542853 jasper test fails due to incomplete library arguments
 507394 mem leak from gtk_selection_add_targets
 488766 GtkFileChooserButton doesn't clear icon after gtk_file_chooser_...
 479780 Bookmarks in left pane of FileChooser cannot be renamed
 542523 GtkTextTag should handle setting properties to NULL
 384940 handle rejecting jobs and authentication meaningfully
 339591 Detect list of availible cover pages
 543244 crashes when renaming a bookmark
 447998 GtkBuilder does not support building parts of the xml tree
 543217 GTK application crashed with directfb backend
 543545 GtkAssistant crashes when gtk_widget_hide() is called inside ...
 401985 Documentation improvement for the gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_...
 543085 gdk_pixbuf_saturate_and_pixelate may corrupt memory
 488019 Mention bind_textdomain_codeset in gettext related FAQ
 528822 typo in GtkCombo docs
 540967 docs build slowly because of entities
 537430 label pango attributes & i18n
 543989 Crash in gtk_tree_view_size_allocate_columns
 535223 gbookmark file inefficiency ...

* Updated translations:
 Assamese (as)
 Czech (cs)
 German (de)
 Spanish (es)
 Galician (gl)
 Hebrew (he)
 Polish (pl)
 Pashto (ps)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_HK)
 Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.3 to 2.13.4

* Merge the GSEAL branch (see

* GtkScaleButton has an orientation property 

* Bugs fixed:
 538519 GtkCellRendererPixbuf doesn't allow unsetting the icon anymore
 538362 Get Win32 icons back in the file chooser
 538182 pango_cairo_context_update_layout is not noop after...
 508751 gnome-terminal crashed with SIGSEGV after keypress
 419737 The file chooser clears the filename entry in SAVE/CREATE_FOLDER...
 538784 Don't change the filename in the name entry in CREATE_FOLDER...
 538395 gtk_combo_box_append_text() on non-compliant model segfaults
 539363 Segfault when creating GtkPlugs
 539466 GtkMenuShell API/ABI break in trunk
 442042 GtkScaleButton is too limited
 540318 Invalid URL
 530255 GtkAboutDialog cuts off comments label
 540310 Avoid unnecessary repaints when resizing GtkWindow
 434535 printoperation's create_surface doesn't check temp file...
 539790 [PATCH] Please add three new settings to GtkSettings
 539164 Windows' System Menu blocks main loop
 541162 [Win32] Update for the new GdkWindowImpl stuff
 455268 Add gtk-enable-tooltips GtkSetting
 537591 Don't hardcode minimum width of menuitems
 541249 [Win32] Fix some internal static methods
 541305 [Win32] Scrolling was broken after GdkWindow refactoring
 540529 Remove all GIMP references
 538547 Update doc-shooter in gtk documentation
 535498 Printing demo broken
 539944 Add GtkScaleButton API so struct fields can be marked...
 540915 GtkBuilder sets properties in reverse order
 538863 Fixes assertion on entering empty folder
 540861 invalid UTF-8 in input device name
 540612 mem leak in filechooser
 540618 gtk_menu_shell_select_first prints warning on GtkMenubar...
 539944 Add GtkScaleButton API so struct fields can be marked...
 536966 Paper selector crashes
 378158 gdk_win32_selection_add_targets uses uninitialized hwnd v...
 516092 use gtk_drag_*_add_*_targets instead of hardcoded target ...
 536430 Libs and Cflags paths in are out o...
 538378 GtkFileSystemError should be public
 539095 directfb functions need to be renamed due to the offscree...
 539470 Fix critical warnings when the GIcon can't be found for a...
 539732 Warnings on destruction of GtkDialog.
 540235 Getting the current folder fails
 537639 complete the gtk_clipboard_request/wait_for/is_available_... 

* Updated translations:
 Catalan (ca)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Korean (ko)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Occitan (oc)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.2 to 2.13.3

 * Support runtime font configuration changes
 * Use GIO for mime information

 * Use GIO directly for the file chooser, do not load filesystem
   implementation modules. This change causes some regressions on Win32, 
   which will be addressed by improved Win32 support in GIO.

 * GTK+ no longer uses translations when the application is not
   translated to the current locale
 * Bugs fixed: 
 520874 Should use gio directly
 536185 monitor font configuration
 536757 menus are placed at wrong position
 536990 updateiconcache.c: 'close ()' is redundant 
 535608 do not string-copy accel paths in the menu code
 488119 critical warnings from gtk_tree_view_get_visible_range
 536730 memory corruption in gtktreeview
 131920 gtkNotebook sends incorrect switch_page value
 526987 GtkCellRendererCombo should allow model to be NULL
 536765 GtkComboBox should set COMBO type hint for its menu
 503071 Application direction changes to right to left even if...
 517706 Connecting GtkButton with "use-stock" == FALSE to a...
 519092 Add accessibility support to GtkVolumeButton
 524222 GtkToolbar with mix of buttons with and without icons...
 537985 gtk_init_with_args() doesn't open a display after...
 531960 crash in eog-image.c:1154: (priv->image != NULL)
 408154 Change GtkEntryCompletion max-items to style property...
 506853 gtk_tree_view_enable_model_drag_[source|dest] problem
 536430 Libs and Cflags paths in are out o...
 537685 print to file crashes when the target can not be written 

* Updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Czech (cs)
 Estonian (et)
 Hebrew (he)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Thai (th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.1 to 2.13.2

 * Fix an oversight in the header cleanup that went into 2.13.1, which
   removed gtkmarshal.h from the set of headers pulled in by gtk.h
 * Add a function to retrieve the XID of a status icon, to allow
   notification bubbles to follow the icon
 * Bugs fixed:
 533108 leak of GDI region in function 'handle_wm_paint'
 530146 Setting non-string tooltip with gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_column...
 535830 wrong content type adding an item
 536126 gtk.h don't include gtkmarshal.h
 535497 Print preview doesn't work
 535862 gtk_action_create_icon can't create icons from the icon themes
 536092 GtkEntryCompletion's popup window should set type hint
 535303 add _get_implementation to GtkStatusIcon

 * Updated translations:
 Estonian (et)
 Galician (gl)
 Italian (it)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.0 to 2.13.1

 * Add GtkMountOperation, a subclass of GMountOperation that
   can show password dialogs when mounting volumes

 * Add GDI+-based pixbuf loaders for bmp, emf, gif, ico, jpeg, tiff, wmf

 * Add support for pixmap redirection, new api includes the 
   gtk_widget_get_snapshot() function and the GtkWidget::damage-event 
   signal and the lower-level gdk_window_redirect_to_drawable() and
   gdk_window_remove_redirection() functions

 * Add gtk_show_uri(), a replacement for gnome_vfs_url_show() and

 * Add a "changed" signal to GtkCellRendererCombo
 * Sync keysyms and compose sequences with recent 

 * GtkBuilder
   - supports custom stock icons 
   - supports Pango attributes in labels
 * GtkRecentManager
   - uses GIO to monitor .recently-used.xbel
   - limits the growth of .recently-used.xbel with a 
     gtk-recent-files-max-age setting

 * Filechooser autocompletion has been reworked

 * The cups print backend displays printer status information
 * On OS X, accelerators are displayed using Unicode characters,
   matching the native behaviour

 * GtkIconTheme and GtkImage support GIcon

 * Bugs fixed: too many to list here
 * New and updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Valencian-Catalan (ca)
 German (de)
 Canadian English (en_CA)
 British English (en_GB)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Galician (gl)
 Hebrew (he)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Kannada (kn)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Dutch (nl)
 Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
 Occitan (oc)
 Slovak (sk)
 Albanian (sq)
 Swedish (sv)
 Telugu (te)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.12.x to 2.13.0

 * gdk-pixbuf:
  - Support loading the OS X icns format
  - Support loading of JPEG2000 images
  - Support loading from and saving to GIO streams

 * GDK:
  - Add GdkAppLaunchContext, to provide startup notification
    with g_app_info_launch()
  - Use RandR 1.2 instead of Xinerama when available, and expose
    more monitor information

 * Accessibility:
  - The gail module is now shipped as part of GTK+
  - GtkStatusIcon supports keyboard navigation 

 * GtkCalendar:
  - Support displaying details for each day

 * GtkBuilder:
  - gtk-builder-convert has been improved
  - Translation-domain works properly
  - Support accessibility

 * Testing support:
  - Add utilities for testing GTK+ applications
  - Add some unit tests for GTK+ 

 * New settings:
  - for disabling display of accelerators and mnemonics
  - for position of vertical scrollbars in scrolled windows
  - for the default input method 

 * GtkToolShell: new interface for containers of GtkToolItems

 * Bug fixes:
 - too many to list here

 * Updated translations:
  Arabic (ar)
  Assamese (as)
  Belarusian (be)
  Belarusian Latin (be@latin)
  Czech (cs)
  German (de)
  Greek (el)
  Estonian (et)
  Finnish (fi)
  French (fr)
  Irish (ga)
  Hebrew (he)
  Indonesian (id)
  Kurdish (ku)
  Marathi (mr)
  Norwegian bokmål (nb)
  Occitan (oc)
  Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
  Slovenian (sl)
  Swedish (sv)
  Telugu (te)
  Russian (ru)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.12.0 to 2.12.1

 * Bugs fixed: 
 472965 a small improvement for scrolling behavior with PgUp/PgDown
 460194 Gtk tooltips + swt crash
 478803 Segfault in gtk_print_operation_run when no range specified
 480123 Crash from GTK's new search feature
 483223 leaves callbacks connected to display "closed" ...
 476342 Icon cache validation causes severe page-in
 484008 configure fails during CUPS version tests on some platforms
 327243 GtkFileChooserButton emits two "selection-changed" signal...
 465380 gtkfilechooser cannot show the modified date on none UTF-...
 467269 Inkscape Flickers horribly
 476686 gtkrecentchooser select-multiple property
 478173 GTK's Tracker search engine does not work anymore
 478371 totem volume slider appears on all workspaces
 482089 GtkPrintOperation check for null default signal handler b...
 482504 Missing locale to UTF-8 conversion for modification time ...
 482841 critical warnings on gdk_display_close after _gtk_tooltip...
 483563 remains of gtk_widget_ref() in gtkdnd.c
 483730 Keyboard navigation of mutiple-selecting gtk.TreeViews im...
 484650 Typo in docs for GdkGrabBroken
 484730 In MS-Windows theme, GtkBorder freed with g_free() instea...
 486360 Failed to convert Empathy Glade files
 389358 print dialog: unit selection dialog can't be closed
 448343 File chooser should maintain sort state during folder swi...
 477447 GtkPaned documentation doesn't mention behaviour with onl...
 482034 GtkMenuPositionFunc push_in parameter description
 482837 duplicate declaration of gtk_notebook_create_window()
 478637 Notebook tab labels not correctly centered in ms-windows ...
 484132 gtk_recent_info_get_icon docs
 486636 "Cannot open display" message doesn't include display whe...
 455284 Ctrl+L should work depending if it has focus or not
 478377 10x speed up for window motion/scroll (gdk-quartz)
 485301 Filename is garbled in print dialog on none UTF-8
 485437 Fix testxinerama.c to not query current monitor by default
 486155 Docs for gtk_text_iter_forward_line()
 339877 pixbuf loader incorrectly returns wbmp
 456137 Pidgin will crash in fail-safe session due to a NULL poin...
 456676 Critical warning in gtk_drag_drop_finished()
 352643 crash in gtk_entry_completion_default_completion_func
 477280 volume button docs fix
 477704 Add docs for GtkTreeModelForeachFunc
 476920 Move GtkFileSelection to the deprecated section

 * Updated translations:
 - Arabic (ar)
 - Assamese (as)
 - Belarusian Latin (be@latin)
 - Catalan (ca)
 - Estonian (et)
 - Basque (eu)
 - Hebrew (he)
 - Ido (io)
 - Italian (it)
 - Japanese (ja)
 - Georgian (ka)
 - Kannada (kn)
 - Korean (ko)
 - Lithuanian (lt)
 - Dutch (nl)
 - Polish (pl)
 - Romanian (ro)
 - Slovenian (sl)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.6 to 2.12.0

 * GtkTooltips
 - All widgets have been ported to the new tooltips code
 - Tooltips are disabled in touchscreen mode 

 * GtkBuilder
 - Support custom tabs in GtkPrintUnixDialog

 * Bugs fixed:
 459561 critical warnings with custom tooltips
 461648 GdkWindowQueueItem::serial overflow
 463773 Openoffice and flash run into a deadlock when used with KDE
 468801 thunar segfaults when selecting targa image
 473441 [patch] Ungrab windows when gdk_window_destroy() is calle...
 473954 gnome-background-properties: crash on drag-n-drop to "Add...
 461945 totem outputs errors in terminal
 348493 _gdk_quartz_copy_to_image needs implementing for pixmaps
 405868 Missing implementation of gdk_window_get_geometry()
 441219 Do not allow moving cursor to separators
 447214 rename the tips_data_list field back
 451202 New tooltips API has too long default timeout
 451397 Use new tooltip API in gtk+
 452225 check and option mark drawing is a mess of inconsistency
 457642 tooltips on notebook's tab labels
 458088 Improve mouse cursor for paned widgets
 458102 GtkScrolledWindow doesn't redraw when gtk-scrolled-window...
 458280 remove set-toolip handler from menutoolbutton
 458298 broken cursor movement with inline selection
 459459 Missing implementation of gdk_window_set_decorations() an...
 459515 gtk_menu_key_press() buglets
 459566 update testtooltips
 459667 Missing implementation of gdk_window_set_keep_above and g...
 460272 GtkFrame publishes incorrect defaults for "label-xalign"
 460534 No expose events if input swamps main loop with scrolled ...
 461225 gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_cell() documentation: cell
 463907 'Recent Documents' is broken in gnome-panel 2.19.5
 464528 gdk_rectangle_union() and gdk_rectangle_intersect() shoul...
 465039 "keynav-failed" signal not emitted when treeview has just...
 467003 tooltips do not pick up theme changes
 467117 Documentation for the GtkPaned key binding signals
 467414 gtkcupsutil.c won't build with cups 1.3
 468055 Incorrect compose mapping for capital U with macron
 468245 Tooltip timer doesn't get reset when mouse leaves into ot...
 469214 Recently used blocks side-panel browsing until loaded
 469374 menu accelerators don't work
 469395 make dist failure
 471132 Highlighting a suggestion with the keyboard changes the U...
 471215 Cursor drawing broken
 472974 gtk-builder-convert doesn't set correctly the tab label f...
 472981 make gtk-builder-convert not remove some empty properties
 356630 Print to file dialog suggests "output.pdf" even for ps ou...
 447883 PATCH Documentation about SVN in HACKING and README.cvs-c...
 459340 GtkContainer API documentation refers deprecated gtk_widg...
 459732 build system: cups detection with only cups-config might ...
 460207 there are still references to deprecated gdk_pixbuf_rende...
 461483 Wrong check in gtk_window_group_remove_window
 472643 gtk_builder_add_from_file: *filename marked as constant b...
 474696 ToolbarContent should use GSlice
 459313 A few functions that don't appear in 2.12 new symbols
 468832 crash while reading ANI file
 470033 MS-Windows Theme doesn't apply styling to gtknotebooks wh...
 473340 gtk_print_operation_get_error() is listed twice
 473463 GtkButton doesn't have a GdkWindow like the docs say it does
 474282 Dead code in gtkmisc.c
 472951 gtkprintunixdialog should support custom tabs as buildable
 383003 Dragging text including non-ascii chars from epiphany to ...
 449371 Open with menu has no effect
 404541 GtkIconView crashes when I select icons with rubberband w...
 467324 Iter swapping causes segmentation fault
 475158 Random crash while scrolling trough notebook tabs
 450032 GtkRecentAction should have defaults
 458283 wrong tooltip on menutoolbutton
 467717 Extra trailing comma after last enum definition
 467719 config.h should always be included first if using AC_SYS_...
 474897 rendering problem with latest gtk+
 475400 Fix a typo in gtkentry.c
 436576 GtkFileChooserButton title from supplied dialog
 475439 gtk/gtksearchenginesimple.h is missing a G_BEGIN_DECLS
 105895 Please add common keybindings for the TreeView
 306445 stock icon for the "open recent" menu
 449371 Open with menu has no effect
 426246 "Spurious" expose events during asynchronous GtkWindow re...
 436576 GtkFileChooserButton title from supplied dialog
 474897 rendering problem with latest gtk+
 475400 Fix a typo in gtkentry.c
 476688 scale button uses wrong value type in getter
 476665 gtkcellrendereraccel missing property getter
 476689 gtktreeview tooltip column property getter uses wrong val...

 * Updated translations
 - Bulgarian (bg)
 - Bengali (bn_IN)
 - Danish (da)
 - German (de)
 - Canadian English (en_CA)
 - Spanish (es)
 - Estonian (et)
 - Basque (eu)
 - Finnish (fi)
 - French (fr)
 - Irish (ga)
 - Gujarati (gu)
 - Hungarian (hu)
 - Italian (it)
 - Japanese (jp)
 - Kannada (kn)
 - Macedonian (mk)
 - Malayalam (ml)
 - Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 - Dutch (nl)
 - Oriya (or)
 - Polish (pl)
 - Portugese (pt)
 - Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 - Russian (ru)
 - Albanian (sq)
 - Serbian (sr, sr@Latn)
 - Swedish (sv)
 - Telugu (te)
 - Thai (th)
 - Ukrainian (uk)
 - Vietnamese (vi) 

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.5 to 2.11.6

 * GtkBuilder:
 - The gtk-builder-convert script is more versatile
 - GtkBuilder suppports GdkPixbuf properties
 - GtkBuilder parses, but doesn't yet implement <accessibility> 
 - Support for accelerators in actions has been added

* GtkTooltips:
 - The old tooltips API has been deprecated
 - The has-tooltip property has getter and setter

* GtkTreeView: 
 - Convenience API to set tooltips: gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_row(),
   gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_cell(), gtk_tree_view_get_tooltip_context(),

* GtkIconView:
 - Convenience API to set tooltips: gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_item(),
   gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_cell(), gtk_icon_view_get_tooltip_context(),

* Bug fixes:
 452598 crash in Evolution: Added an Evolution attac...
 447966 Add builder support for GdkPixbuf properties
 453033 gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in idle_populate_func()
 453365 gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info crashes on tif files
 361781 GtkViewport size request includes xthickness/ythickness f...
 427899 GtkFrame's label may exceed the frame area
 430049 gtk_selection_data_set_text() ignores length argument
 436965 Add files to /po[-properties]/
 437281 gtk_button_set_image destroyes the old image
 448604 gtk+ printbackends build fix
 449311 GtkVolumeButton should use new tooltip API
 451164 I translate gnome-desktop. But i have no svn account and ...
 451575 (API) Changes needed for GtkTooltips deprecation
 452425 Setting "tooltip-text" property to NULL has bad effects
 452861 gtk_label_set_pattern() is not working anymore
 452988 error handling in GtkCellLayout custom parser
 453411 Button state not included in key events
 453413 Key event state is not right for modifier keys
 454654 Accelerator support for actions
 454700 Minor update for gdk_threads_enter
 454703 gdk_window_invalidate_rect accepts NULL
 454830 gtk-builder-convert not converting menus
 452056 GtkComboBox doesn't emit 'changed' signal when active row...
 452278 GtkBuilder API Documentation
 453316 small documentation fix in GtkDrawingArea API documentation
 453673 small doc quirk in gtk/gtktreeview.c
 453930 small doc quirk in gtk/gtktooltip.c
 454596 [patch] gdkpixbuf-scale slight api doc improvement
 454835 [patch] example in gdk-pixbuf-scaling using deprecated gd...
 457384 critical warning from entrycompletion
 112404 Problem with focus when closing transient window
 172424 Most GtkWidget events have no documentation
 408327 Improving tooltip positioning
 439480 translations
 439715 GtkFileChooser - recent files option takes up 100% CPU.
 455482 remove old tooltips work-around from uimanager
 455721 mem leak when adding shortcut
 455901 mem leak in path bar
 455984 need a way to convert to bin_window coordinates
 457720 assertion `G_IS_VALUE (value)' failed progmatically "tabb...
 458298 broken cursor movement with inline selection
 456258 GtkScaleButton: value parameter of signal "value-changed"...
 457774 GtkTreeView::test_expand_row and test_collapse_row
 455645 intern action names 

* Updated translations:
 Bengali (bn_IN)
 Greek (el)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Finnish (fi)
 Galician (gl)
 Gujarati (gu)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Japanese (ja)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Dutch (nl)
 Swedish (sv) 
 Thai (th)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.4 to 2.11.5

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* Win32 port:
 - Inconsistent checkboxes are drawn correctly now

* GtkBuilder:
 - Ship a Python script, gtk-builder-convert, to 
   convert glade files to GtkBuilder syntax

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Improved display of the time column
 - Support search on OS X, using Spotlight

* GtkTreeView:
 - New function gtk_tree_view_is_rubber_banding_active() to
   check whether rubber banding is active

* GtkVolumeButton uses the range 0.0 to 1.0, and
  correctly adapts tooltips to display percentages

* Bugs fixed:
 447967 Improve reference counting
 447995 Add a script that converts libglade files
 451428 GtkBuilder API changes
 449862 gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay doesn't check pointers befor...
 451303 Crashes on empty property
 164809 Checkboxes with inconsistent status are not drawn properl...
 426987 Panel freezes after upgrading gtk icon cache
 439567 Add functions to transform pixbufs based on orientation tags
 448313 Block cursor problem on one-character line
 449016 Prevent C++ keyword clashes
 449167 faulty enter-leave compression
 450469 Draw no bevel when "GtkToolbar::shadow-type" is "none"
 451070 Broken CUPS SSL printing in gtk 2.10.13
 451345 gtk-demo does not open GtkBuilder example twice
 451353 Parsing properties broken
 451484 Miscalculation in GtkButtonBox CENTER_MODE
 451866 GtkVolumeButton range
 452046 some fixes for gdk composited window support
 452463 type-func attribute on wrong element ?
 452464 inconsistent handling of booleans
 452465 error handling in gtk_builder_value_from_string_type()
 452954 GtkBuilder documentation fixes/improvements
 446532 [patch] Improve performance of gtk_recent_manager_get_items
 451314 Warning message is wrong for delayed property assigning
 392283 GtkNotebook tabs drawn incorrectly with the Wimp theme
 449492 debug spew on toolbar focus move
 324543 GtkFileChooser: show file 'modified' TIMES, not just DATES
 327912 Many mouse cursors are not supported
 353805 Detecting Bidi Keyboard Layouts
 451527 Confusing GtkRadioButton variable names in some functions
 393579 Need tree view API for querying whether rubberbanding is ...

* Updated translations
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Japanese (ja)
 Korean (ko)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Russian (ru)
 Sinhala (si)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.3 to 2.11.4

* The multipress input method correctly handles control keys

* The memory management of GtkRecentManager has been
  changed, deprecating the screen-related functions in favour
  of gtk_recent_manager_get_default().

* Bugs fixed: 
 448928 Some GtkBuildable methods named too generically
 448193 gtkbuilder.h causes compile error with C++
 354887 GtkFileChooserButton displays unnecessary authentication ...
 440450 GTK font selection minimum size is too large for 150dpi s...
 447214 gtk_tooltips_widget_remove() is slow
 448299 dgettext arguments interchanged
 448321 Drawing problems with block cursor
 448341 There is no GtkTooltip documentation in the gtk+ reference
 448484 GtkAccelGroup forgets to remove closure invalidate notifi...
 448544 Refcount issues in GtkCellRendererSpin
 412357 GtkMenuShell not defined as an abstract base type
 403717 print preview operation should pass settings to preview p...

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.2 to 2.11.3

* GtkBuilder: GTK+ supports constructing user interfaces 
  from XML descriptions now, similar to libglade.

* The new tooltip code now has convenience api to set
  text tooltips: gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text(),
* GtkTextView, GtkEntry:
 - gtk_widget_modify_cursor() is a new function in the 
   gtk_widget_modify family to override the style-provided 
   cursor colors
 - Use a block cursor in overwrite mode

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Use xdg-user-dirs to find the Desktop directory
 - gtk_file_system_create() is now public API

* GtkMenu:
 - GtkMenuItem gained a submenu property
 - GtkMenuShell obtained a move-selected signal 

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* Bugs fixed:
 445691 Crash when spawning a new process
 447163 Implicit pointer conversion gdk_font_ref()
 420249 deadlock on print operation
 440918 out-of-bound access on loading pnm
 142494 treeview coordinate systems need documentation/auditing
 343012 RC parser rejects lower-case identifiers.
 350460 Popup windows (esp. menus) misbehave wrt focus
 410815 Icon view gets confused when scaling down the pixbuf column
 435471 small GtkComboBox cleanup
 435840 GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE inconsistency
 442617 gdk_spawn overrides envp, breaking child setup funcs whic...
 443913 When .recently-used.xbel is empty, recently-used uses %10...
 444097 Cannot compile gtksearchenginesimple.c
 444310 update_buttons_state on a bare assistant causes gtk+ to c...
 444734 Compact file-chooser folder selection not working with gt...
 444786 Error loading 'gtk-select-color' in Stock icons and Items
 445054 GtkScrolledWindow::scrollbars-within-bevel is drawing wrong
 445284 Custom (pixbuf etc.) cursor reverts to default cursor on ...
 445539 Unititialized var in gtkrc.c trunk
 445855 gtk_scale_button_new() uses private API.
 446138 Tiny doc update for gdk_window_get_pointer()
 446513 gtknotebook.h: create_window is wrong declaration
 446616 glib requirement insufficient
 447065 GtkMenuItem: add "submenu" property and some cleanup
 426192 Symbolic colors are not working under "engine" sections o...
 446107 tiff load dialogue has unreadable text
 447396 Typo in documentation of gtk_widget_modify_cursor
 79585 	API to change cursor color
 80378 	Visible (Cursor-shape) indicator for Overtype mode
 158008 Stock button for Dont Save, Discard Changes, Do Not Save
 334576 GtkCellRendererProgress ignores xalign attribute
 344836 Add orientation property to CellRendererProgress
 172535 Add support for UI builders in gtk+
 446833 gtk_menu_shell_move_selected should be a vcall
 447586 gtknotebook.c: decreasing unknown size pointer

* Updated translations
 Spanish (es)
 Swedish (sv)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.1 to 2.11.2

* The GtkListStore and GtkTreeStore have new API
  to set values using vectors of columns and values

* Bugs fixed:
 389603 GtkFileChooserWidget crashes when the window is too narrow
 444351 metacity cores on startup
 379213 gtkaboutdialog.h causes warnings with GCC and -Wshadow
 442888 problem with GTK+ medialib integration
 444236 gtk-demo says invisible text doesn't work
 444457 Segfault in gdk_window_set_opacity when opacity < 1.0
 399071 add gtk_tree_store_set_with_valuesv
 434021 crash on startup with jhbuild

* Updated translations:
 Spanish (es)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.0 to 2.11.1

* GtkTextView:
 - Marks can be created independent from buffers
 - Cursor color follows text color

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* GDK:
 - Add support for composited child windows

* Bugs fixed:
 347883 do-overwrite-confirmation does nothing in 2.10
 440890 Crash in gtktooltip.c (GTK+ 2.11.0)
 440982 crash in gtk due to missing stock icon gtk-clear
 418047 GtkIconView sizing is very broken
 438440 All tests for Gtk2 failing when installing from CPAN
 314172 gtk_toolbar_set_icon_size() should be 'undeprecated'
 348493 _gdk_quartz_copy_to_image needs implementing for pixmaps
 398414 Printing to file with multiple pages per sheet
 412882 gdkwindow should support the concept of "composited"
 430218 Some file names are being cut unnecessarily with RTL Inte...
 435405 text view recreates pangolayouts all the time
 439565 Crash in GtkIconView a11y code
 440040 Reference counting in GtkPrintOperation goes awry
 440511 xcursors.h: illegal initializing
 440780 GtkAction set_short_label might be broken
 441443 jpeg loader does not set error upon abortion
 442172 Small cleanup in gtk_notebook_set_current_page and fix ty...
 442183 Updated gdk/
 443247 Two GtkNotebook cleanups
 441767 Icon cache isn't validated properly
 442326 Overview navigator traps mouse on wrong screen in dual mo...
 79585 	GtkTextView API to change cursor color
 132818 Allow GtkTextMark subclasses to be used in GtkTextBuffer
 348065 [PATCH] Remove automagic status of xinerama dependency
 441443 jpeg loader does not set error upon abortion
 386935 gtk_notebook_set_window_creation_hook only allows one...
 414947 Move "move-focus" signal to GtkWidget

* Updated translations:
 Thai (th)
 Spanish (es)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.x to 2.11

* Printing support:
 - Cups backend: Work with "BrowseShortNames Off"
 - Cups backend: Fix handling of multi-valued options
 - Cups backend: Work with raw printers
 - Cups backend: don't lock up when met with larger numbers of printers 
 - Improved sensitivity handling of controls in the unix dialog
 - Support half-open ranges
 - Add a test print backend for easier debugging
 - Add API to list paper sizes
 - Add API to serialize and deserialize page setups and print settings
 - Print settings can be passed to the preview command 
 - Make more GtkPrinter public

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Improve file chooser dialog size logic
 - Add a GtkFileChooserButton::file-set signal
 - Add a search mode with backends for Beagle, Tracker and simple search
 - Add recent files support

* New tooltips API, that allows complex tooltips (markup, images),
  tooltips on insensitive widgets, tooltips on treeviews, etc

* GtkScaleButton, GtkVolumeButton: new widgets for volume controls 
  frequently seen in multimedia applications

* Input Methods:
 - New Thai and Lao input method
 - New multipress input method for phone pads

* Recent files:
 - GtkRecentChooserMenu supports custom menu items
 - GtkRecentAction was added

* Keyboard navigation improvements:
 - Infrastructure for notification of failed keyboard navigation
 - Better support for restricted sets of keys
 - Only handle keys for notebook tab reordering and scrolledwindow 
   scrolling if it make sense
 - Add settings gtk-enable-accels and gtk-enable-mnemonics to disable  
   the display of accelerators and mnemonics
 - Popup/popdown of comboboxes is keybindable

* Windows port: 
 - Windows 9x/ME is not supported anymore 
 - Many ms-windows theme improvements
 - The file chooser uses native icons
 - Support drop shadows 
 - Use native cursors

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* Icon theme support:
 - Add api to list contexts of an icon theme 
 - The builtin stock icons have been replaced by a new set of icons 
   which are visually compatible with Tango
 - Support fallback to more generic icon names 
 - Validate icon caches when they are created and before they are used

* GtkRange has gained support for fill levels

* GtkEntry:  
 - inline-selection mode for entry completion that is closer to what 
   web browsers need
 - Add gtk_entry_set_cursor_hadjustment() to support automatic scrolling

* GtkTextView:
 - Support accumulative and negative margins

* GtkLabel:

* GtkStatusIcon: 
 - Multiscreen support
 - gtk_status_icon_position_menu() works on Windows
 - Don't take up space when invisible

* GtkCellRendererProgress:
 - Respect themes 
 - Support activity mode

* GtkNotebook: 
 - Support scrolling during tab DND
 - Allow dropping tabs anywhere
 - Deprecate numeric group-ids in favour of a more flexible group property

* GtkTreeView:
 - Lots of scrolling fixes
 - Add a gtk-alternative-sort-arrows setting for drawing sort arrows
   according to platform conventions

* GtkButtonBox:
 - Can center buttons now

* GtkComboBoxEntry 
 - Can add an arbitrary child widget

* GtkAboutDialog:
 - The "name" property has been replaced by "program-name" to avoid
   a clash with the preexisting "name" property on GtkWidget

* GDK changes:
 - Add gdk_event_request_motions() which works with input devices
 - Add API for changing startup notification id on a window
 - Add API for sending startup notification messages
 - Don't deadlock with xcb-based libX11
 - The handling of _NET_WM_USER_TIME has been changed to reduce
   the amount of root window property changes
 - New gdk_threads api() to allow fully threadsafe handling of idles 
   and timeouts

* gdk-pixbuf changes: 
 - Optional support for Sun mediaLib hardware acceleration
 - Support exif rotations in tiffs and jpegs
 - Allow arbitrary split between builtin vs modular loaders
 - Support v5 and OS/2 bmps
 - Support scaling animations

* Miscellaneous GTK+ changes:
 - New function gtk_window_set_opacity(), to set the opacity
   of toplevel windows
 - Allow to restrict drags within an application or widget 
 - Support opening/closing of submenus on click
 - Configurable cursor blinking timeout
 - Insensitive widgets don't install cursors

* Bug fixes:
 - too many to list here

* New and updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Assamese (as)
 Belarusian Latin (be@latin)
 Bulgarian (bg)
 Bengali (bn)
 Catalan (ca)
 Czech (cs)
 Welsh (cy)
 German (de)
 Greek (el)
 Canadian English (en_CA)
 British English (en_GB)
 Esperanto (eo)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Finnish (fi)
 French (fr)
 Gujarati (gu)
 Hebrew (he)
 Hindi (hi)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Indonesian (id)
 Italian (it)
 Kurdish (ku)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Latvian (lv)
 Macedonian (mk)
 Malayalam (ml)
 Marathi (mr)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Nepali (ne)
 Oriya (or)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 Romanian (ro)
 Russian (ru)
 Slovenian (sl)
 Serbian (sr) 
 Serbian Latin (sr@Latn)
 Swedish (sv)
 Tamil (ta)
 Thai (th)
 Turkish (tr)
 Ukainian (uk)
 Vietnamese (vi)
 Walloon (wa)
 Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
 Chinese (Hong Kong) (zh_HK)
 Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.1 to 2.10.2

* Many fixes and improvements for the OS X backends

* Revert to using gtk modules with global binding,
  since the local binding that was introduced in 
  2.10 breaks the accessibility support of current releases.

* GtkRecenManager 
 - Poll for changes to the XBEL file
 - Fix initial bad placement of recent files menu
 - Show nonexisting resources by default, and do 
   not mark them as insensitive
 - Allow adding a filter to GtkRecentChooserMenu

* GtkFileChooser
 - Improve the fallbacks for icons
 - Make  / and ~ activate the location entry again

* Bugs fixed:
 348828	Segmentation Fault in gtk_combo_box_menu_setup 
        when removing combobox child
 349552	problem with parsing (enum) style properties
 351581	API Documentation issues with 2.15 release
 348652	reorder() from ComboBoxEntry produces Gtk+ assert 
 349128	Fix docs about GtkTreeModel::row-deleted
 350605	Crash caused by the recent menu
 348096	GtkStyle leaks GtkRcContext
 348145	Background images not working with Quartz backend
 329752	Problem with has_selection notification when 
        deleting the selection
 347856	gtk_recent_chooser_add_filter not implemented 
        for GtkRecentChooserMenu
 348245	Disabling pdf printing doesn't hide option
 348278	textview doesn't update on hinting setting change
 348289	Filechooser is blocked by higher priority idle
 348478	entry completions needs to reset the IM context 
        before emitting action-activate signal
 348538	Remove old email addreses from the tutorial
 348626	drag-to-child should not work
 348634	IconView does not update background
 348706	don't allow dnd onto arrows
 348740	configure script does not honour PKG_CONFIG variable
 348787	Segfault in gtk_font_button_update_font_info()
 348824	test attached calendar-sane-timer patch in head
 348971	gtk_status_icon_get_geometry returns bogus data
 349382	valgrind uninitialized memory warnings setting 
        partly uninitialized X properties
 349570	notebook arrow PRELIGHT drawing doesn't work
 349834	Memleak from gtk_tree_view_set_enable_tree_lines
 349858	Leak of ShmPixmapInfo from get_shm_pixmap_for_image
 349859	gtk_paint_tab doesn't work when widget is now 
        option menu
 349997	Indirect leak from XkbGetMap
 350039	GtkFileChooserEntry leaks sources
 350050	GdkGC leak from GtkRuler
 350139	Should use evince preview mode
 350258	Memory leak in gtk_entry_drag_data_received()
 350329	The CUPS printer backend in GTK+-2.10.1 fails 
        with CUPS 1.1.
 350517	reset_style_idle() interferes with application 
 350860	Balloon messages sent to tray do not have the 
        correct window in XEvent
 350938	TreeViewColumn rendering off when "spacing" 
        property set
 351112	gtk_notebook_set_current_page fails when the 
        notebook has not yet been shown
 351519	Directfb backend fails to build
 165714	GtkEntryCompletion doesn't complete on paste
 168737	Different button sizes in About dialogs
 345666	The icons of file, directory and device at 
 349429	spin button does not use correct value for 
 349501	fix in the documentation of function 
 350072	stdout output from colorselection
 351759	Wrong range value in documentation of 
 349277	Wrong message for problems with serializing 
 346800	Rework sort/filter models to use indices to 
        parents instead of pointers
 349120	Small error in doc
 350911 gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale() should 
        skip when there's enough image data 
 348728	GtkTable Row and Column Spacing
 351241	swapped argument description
 350023	"Running GTK+ Applications" chapter does not 
        document new GTK_DEBUG possibilities
 351812 file print backend filename encoding issue

* New and updated translations (bg,bn_IN,de,dz,el,es,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.0 to 2.10.1

* Drop Pango requirement 1.12.0

* Many fixes and improvements for the OS X 
  and directfb backends

* The printing framework now supports a subset
  of the Cups 1.2 custom PPD option spec

* Bug fixes:
 348134 box gaps on left and right can be drawn wrong
 348014	crash on Epiphany Web Browser
 348063	_gtk_icon_cache_get_icon crashes when no 
        cache available
 348096	GtkStyle leaks GtkRcContext
 157439	The "adding to panel" is buggy when switching 
        to an rtl environment
 346751	symbolic colors can't be use in properties
 347976	Context menus appear in strange locations
 348001	xid / fid X11 font id's are used intermixed
 348049	Tabs "magically" re-order
 348094	Adjustment leak from gtkiconview
 348115 improve notebook visuals when dragging
 348120	gtkentrycompletion leaks action_view
 348227	gtkimcontextsimple doesn't terminate a string 
        with null
 348424	mem leak in GtkPrintSettings
 348089	Missing chaining up in gtk_recent_chooser_menu_finalize
 348090	Reference leak in gtk_text_layout_set_contexts
 348095	gtk_menu_stop_scrolling does work even if we 
        were not scrolling...
 142582	Add animation xsetting
 346427	xbm loader returns false, fails to set error
 346733	GList of visuals is always empty and causes 
        crashes in gdk_rgb_choose_visual()
 347048	crash on using GtkAssistant
 164884	GtkTreeView row drag is sometimes started 
 302127	GtkTreeView gets angry when items deleted 
        from a test_expand_row handler
 346092 gtk_tooltip_set_delay documentation wrong
 346428	Be robust against broken loaders failing to 
        set error on failure
 346467	gtkwindow state assignments bug
 346598	modeline takes too much memory
 346603	Context menus only work once
 346639	treeview memleak
 346668	symbolic colors are broken when specifying 
 346713 quartz backend is missing functions that 
        pygtk needs
 346721	XBM reading in quartz backend is broken
 346836	Tabs jump around when opening menus
 347018 missing GDK_QUARTZ_ALLOC/RELEASE_POOL calls
 347277	gtk_drag_get_ipc_widget() and window groups
 347315	SYNC extension check failing
 347902	GtkRange doesn't reliably update stepper 
 335012 gtkcellrenderertext - gtkeditable: bad 
        interaction when ypad is set to hi value
 337910	gdk_pango_layout_get_clip_region is inefficient
 346605	Modifier-key events are not sent
 346970	gtkfilechooserbutton leaks an empty list
 347032	documentation of gtk_print_context_get_height() 
        has typo
 347037	GObject info missing for GtkRecentManager and 
        GtkRecentChooser* in gtk-doc API reference
 347041 documentation of gtk_paper_size_is_equal() 
        has a typo
 347043	Reference leaks in GtkFileChooserButton
 347066	gimp 2.3.9/2.2.12 GTK+ assertion fails on 
        open file dialog
 347211 documentation of gtk_print_job_send() has a 
 347710	new GtkCellRendererSpin misses a lot of API 
 347711	slight glitches in GtkAssistant API documentation
 347065	Fix in-line doc typos
 311399	relative to the window string can be better 

* Updated translations (bg,bn_IN,cs,de,dz,es,et,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.4 to 2.10.0

* Printing:
  - A PREVIEW capability has been added to allow hiding the
    preview button

* Bug fixes:
 321393	Incorrect size request after changing the font
 327164	(GtkRBNode *)node becomes NULL inside GtkTreeView
 344074	Feature request: get printer list, and get default print
 344876	refcount leak when using ComboBox.set_cell_data_func
 345644	gtk+-2.9.4 requires CUPS-1.2.x
 345663	gtkaction(group)?.c: using functions without prototype declaration
 346079	gtk receives all sorts of events from the X server
 343841	Misguided iter assertion in gtk_list_store_insert_with_values()
 346113 unix print dialogue always has preview button
 346237 Possible leak in gtkprintunixdialog.c
 346027 cancelling printer enumeration
 346312 gtk 2.9.4 tarball lacks the files gtkwin32embedwidget.h 
        and gtkprint-win32.h
 346341 Memory leak in gtk_tree_model_sort_finalize: User data not freed

* Updated translations (cs,cy,dz,es,gu,hi,ko,mk,nb,nl,ru,th,ur)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.3 to 2.9.4

* GtkPrintOperation:
 - UI improvements in the print dialog
 - Make printing work without a display connection
 - Replace "Print to PDF" by "Print to file" that
   can generate PDF or PostScript
 - Add a function to the low-level API to 
   enumerate all printers

* GtkNotebook tab DND has been improved

* GtkProgressbar supports text in activity mode 

* GtkLabel allows to set the wrap mode

* GtkStatusIcon supports transparency

* Bugs fixed:
 344850 Dragging a GtkTreeViewColumn segfaults when 
        using certain GtkTreeViewColumnDropFunc
 342458 Stock menu items without icons are broken in 
        recent GTK+ releases.
 335873 notebook DND + popup windows
 337882 gtk_progress_bar_set_text() does nothing in 
        activity mode
 339456 unix print dialogue help button bug
 339702 Make sure printing works without a display
 341571 tabs too easily reordered
 344074 New Feature: get printer list, and get default print
 344743 gtk_targets_include_text() should initialize atoms
 344838 Allow func to be NULL in 
 344891 GtkPrintOperationPreview signal defs correction
 345008 Need updated cairo req
 345093 print preview temp file issues
 345107 Memory leak in gtk_entry_completion_finalize: 
        User data not freed
 345194 gdk_window_set_functions() docs need to be updated
 345456 grid-lines property is wrongly registered and 
 314278 strings in gtk-update-icon-cache are not marked 
        for translation
 344707 size group with widgets in hidden container
 344897 Entry completion model NULL handling should be 
 345038 gtk_print_job_set_status' status
 345106 dialog button box spacings
 345176 GtkIconView doc about drag and drop
 345275 doc imporovements for gtk_window_move
 345320 Two very similiar strings should be made equal
 345321 Add meaning of "shortcut" as translator comment
 320034 transparency gtkstatusicon
 339592 Add print-to-postscript
 344867 custom paper file could use keyfile

* Updated translations (cs,de,es,fr,gl,gu,hi,ko,ta,th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.2 to 2.9.3

* GtkPrintOperation: 
 - Introduce an allow-async property 
 - Introduce a GtkPrintOperationAction enumeration
 - Rename pdf_target to export_filename
 - Allow to hide "Print to PDF" in the low-level API

* GtkNotebook:
 - Add a destroy notify to 

* GtkTreeView:
 - Support grid lines

* GtkRange:
 - Add a number of new stle properties which allow more
   fexible stepper theming

* Bugs fixed:
 153212 Have the Paste kbd shortcut jump to the location in 
        the buffer
 337491 _gdk_win32_drawable_release_dc: DeleteDC() called on 
        a GetDC() handle
 339739 gtk/gtkprintoperation-win32.c: 3 compile error
 342339 GtkRange::stepper-spacing style property not 
        implemented correctly
 343945 Buttons of a GtkAssistant are not accessible
 344148 Wrong reqs for ATK
 344209 gtk_notebook_set_window_creation_hook() has no destroy 
 344232 GtkEntry's "Delete" context menu item is sensitive on a 
        non-editable GtkEntry
 344244 Window resizing not working when keeping the aspect 
 344288 gtk_print_operation_preview_is_selected must return 
        a value
 344386 and gdkconfig.h
 344496 CRLF converting via Clipboard
 344504 GtkPrintCapabilities not in gtktypebuiltins.h
 344505 Wrong signal registration for create_custom_widget
 344512 cvs build issue
 344513 pdf print module's print_stream not calling destroy 
 344518 NULL unref in page setup dialogue
 344543 gtk_progress_bar_pulse calls gtk_progress_bar_paint 
 344560 gtk_print_settings_[sg]et_scale shouldn't be in percent
 344607 memory leaks in gtkrecentchooserdefault.c and 
 344624 Memory leak in gtk_tree_model_filter_finalize: User 
        data not freed
 337603 Possible off-by-one in 
 344239 Wrong filename for gtk-find stock item.
 344528 comma at end of GtkPrintOperationAction enum causes 
        mozilla compilation error
 344290 horizontal-padding not take into account when placing 
 344558 document print dialogue response codes
 339592 Add print-to-postscript
 342249 Allow to draw upper and lower sides of GtkRange's 
        trough differently
 344530 gtk_recent_chooser_widget_new_for_manager and 
        gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new_for_manager should 
        allow NULL manager arg

* Updated translations (es,fi,gu,ko,th,wa)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.1 to 2.9.2

* GtkPrintOperation
 - Support asynchronous pagination with the ::paginate signal
 - Add gtk_print_operation_cancel
 - Support application-specific widgets
 - Allow disabling features based on application capabilities
 - Optionally show progress
 - Change some function names in GtkPrintContext to be longer 
   and better
 - Support preview, the default implementation spawns evince,
   but the api allows for an internal preview implementation

* GtkCellView
 - Add a model property

* GtkStatusIcon
 - Allow to obtain screen geometry 

* GtkTreeView
 - Many bug fixes, in particular for RTL handling
 - Separate sensitive and selectable properties of rows
 - Optionally allow rubberband selection

* GtkButton
 - Add image-spacing style property
 - Add image-position property 

* GtkToolButton
 - Add icon-spacing style property

* Make GTK+ work as an untrused X client

* Bugs fixed:
 343838 gtkprintoperationpreview.h guards
 305530 Crashes while creating source code w/GtkFontSelection
 341327 Memory corruption inside glib
 341734 cursor blocked to dnd mode after using shift and 
        dnd on a GtkCalendar
 343453 G_DEFINE_TYPE messes up internal typenames of 
        GdkWindow and GdkPixmap
 136571 Problems running as untrusted client
 168105 the right edge tab does not appear when switching tab
 172535 Add support for UI builders in gtk+
 302556 GtkTreeView widget signals are badly documented
 324480 Selecting first item with keyboard is difficult
 340428 small cleanup
 340444 don't run the custom page size dialogue
 340839 Critical warnings in GtkTreeModelFilter
 341898 gtk_tree_view_insert_column_with_attributes doesn't 
        work with fixed_height_mode
 342003 DnD: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value
 342072 Wrong drop location in GtkEntry
 342096 GtkImage animation CRITICALS on switching themes
 342513 widget class style property with type module
 342529 gdk should set resolution on PangoCairoFontmap, 
        not PangoCairoContext
 342535 Add documentation for new GtkWidget style properties 
        (including Since tags)
 342543 can't compile gtk+ on opensolaris using sun cc
 342569 Typo in decl of gdk_color_parse
 342752 Need a way to specify custom tab label for custom page 
        in Print dialog
 342754 print-editor: font button dialog doesn't get focus if 
        main window has a window group
 342781 GtkPrintUnixDialog: Collate should be insensitive unless 
        Copies is > 1
 342783 GtkPrintUnixDialog: Range textinput area should be 
        insensitive unless range radiobutton is selected
 342894 Use after free inside gtk_text_view_set_buffer
 342930 GtkButton should offer a way to position the image 
        relative to the text
 343088 Some typos in the PO file
 343425 "grab-notify"-signal is not correctly propagated for 
        internal children
 343438 gtk_color_button_set_color() doesn't emit "color-set" 
 343475 page setup unix dialog confusion
 343625 allow to get only some info from gtk_status_icon_get_geometry
 343677 GtkWindow chains key-release to key-press
 320431 Text too close when using East/West in a GtkToolButton
 321523 GtkTreeView's test_expand_row signal emitting impractical 
        on row expand all
 342007 Warning in gtk_paned_compute_position
 343233 gdk_rectangle_intersect doc
 333284 expander animation not working in RTL mode
 343444 change color of gtk-demo source-buffer comment color 
        from red to DodgerBlue
 343630 Small inconsistence in migration documentation
  80127 Rubberbanding for GtkTreeView
 341450 status icon + libnotify
 341679 Allow absolute filenames in the options entries

* Updated translations (bg,cy,de,el,es,et,eu,gl,gu,it,ja,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.0 to 2.9.1

* GtkPrintOperation
 - Many user interface improvements in the unix dialogs
 - gtk-demo has a printing demo
 - Don't unload print backends for now, since that has
   deadlock issues
 - Asynchronous page rendering is done in an idle

* GtkImage has an image property 

* GtkTextBuffer has a cursor-position property

* Arrow sizes in scrolled menus and notebooks are themable

* GDK keysyms have be synced with Xorg 7.1

* Bugs fixed:
 340676 print backend type modules not correctly re-registering 
        their types
 340870 gdk_window_get_toplevels docstring error
 323956 Unwanted accelerate key in the action-based toolbar
 340527 Tooltips not shown for toolbar buttons created with 
 340516 status icon property getter assertions
 341091 a couple of spelling errors in gtk+
 335707 notebook DND with event boxes in tab labels
 337306 Add a GtkMessageDialog::image property
 139628 GtkLayout In GtkScrolledWindow does not receive the 
 334412 Add cursor-position property for getting notified 
        about cursor movement
 341217 langinfo.h #include'd unconditionally stops build
 333632 use GtkMenu::scroll-arrow-height instead of 
 325282 Add GtkNotebook::tab-overlap style property
 341247 possible crash with tab_label = NULL
 321896 Sync gdkkeysyms.h/gtkimcontextsimple.c with 6.9/7.0
 341416 Save FileChooserDialog doesn't response
 336774 gtk_recent_manager_add_full
 340401 critical warnings when using window groups
 341661 misplaced g_assert in gtk_text_view_allocate_children
 341692 Semicolons after G_DEFINE_TYPE
 341665 several misplaced g_assert
 341578 reverse page order issues
 341332 Unset background in more places
 341896 gtktreeview has RTL problems with toggle buttons if using 
        gtktreestore as a model
 341028 crash in new async code
 341035 file chooser crash
 340722 GtkToolbar::max-child-expand style property
 339589 Tooltips on orientation icons in page setup dialog
 340951 faq: How do I internationalize a GTK+ program? doesn't 
        mention glib-I18N
 341855 Little typo in the Tree and List Widget Overview
 153212 Have the Paste kbd shortcut jump to the location 
        in the buffer
 335729 Invisible rows and 
 106406 GtkTreeView Grid Lines?
 339592 Add print-to-postscript

* Updated translations (de,es,gl,gu,nl)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.8.x to 2.9.0

* GtkStatusIcon, a cross-platform "tray icon" API

* GtkAssistant, a widget for creating multi-step wizards

* GtkLinkButton, a widget that displays a clickable hyperlink

* GtkRecentChooser, widgets to display and select recently used files

* GtkPrintOperation, cross-platform printing support

* A framework for rich text copy and paste and DND

* GtkCellRendererAccel, a cell renderer for key combinations

* GtkCellRendererSpin, a cell renderer which edits numeric values 
  using a spin button

* GtkAction works with named icons in addition to stock icons

* GtkNotebook supports DND, allowing to reorder tabs, move tabs
  between notebooks and drop tabs on the desktop to open a new window

* GtkTreeView:
  - Enhanced customizability (e.g. grouping) with the
    show-expanders and level-indentation properties
  - Allow to embed the search popup
  - Better search popup positioning

* GtkFileChooser:
  - Communication with backends is now asynchronous to avoid
    blocking on file system operations. Due to the required interface
    changes, the GTK+ ABI version has been bumped to 2.10.0. Third-party
    file system backends have to be ported to the new interface, other
    modules, such as theme engines, input method modules or pixbuf loaders 
    have to be rebuilt so that they are installed in the right place
    for GTK+ to find them.
  - The location entry (popped up by C-L) has been integrated in the
    main dialog.
* Reworked hex Unicode input now requires Ctrl-Shift-U

* Animations can now be globally controlled by settings

* The gtk-touchscreen-mode setting controls a number of changes
  that make GTK+ work better on touchscreens

* Password entries can optionally show the last entered character
  for a short while, controlled by the password-hint-timeout setting

* GTK+ can now consult an additional fallback icon theme before
  falling back to hicolor

* Improved themability:
  - GTK+ supports symbolic colors, which can be set system-wide
    using a setting, and can be modified and used in rc files
    and theme engines
  - GTK+ sets window type hints on override-redirect windows to 
    help compositing managers apply proper bling
  - Paths in rc files can now refer to all subclasses of a class 
  - GtkRange steppers will appear insensitive when the slider
    is at the end; applications which need to handle this case
    (e.g. to extend the range) can opt out of this.
  - GtkRange::activate-slider style property allows themes
    to draw sliders differently while they are being dragged
  - GtkNotebook::tab-overlap and GtkNotebook::curvature style
    properties allow more flexible notebook theming
  - The spacing of buttons around children can be themed with
    the GtkButton::inner-border style property. Apps can override
    this per-widget using the corresponding inner-border property 
  - GtkMenu has acquired a horizontal-padding style property 
  - There are style properties for the color of hyperlinks,
    GtkWidget::link-color and GtkWidget::visited-link-color
  - GtkTreeview row hinting now takes the selection into account
  - Scrolling menus can be forced to always display both arrows,
    using the GtkMenu::double-arrows style property
  - Separators can be themed using the wide-separators, separator-width
    and separator-height style properties
  - GtkTreeView allows more flexible theming with the row-ending-details
  - The pixbuf theme engines supports customized drawing of expanders
    and resize grips

* GDK changes:  
  - OS X backend
  - DirectFB backend 
  - Closing displays works
  - gdk_screen_is_composited to check for running compositing manager
  - Support for Super, Hyper and Meta modifiers

* gdk-pixbuf changes: 
  - Supports saving tiff 
  - Supports loading 16-bit pnm
  - Doesn't load entire gif animation to get first frame

* Bug fixes
  - Too many to list them here

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.8.1 to GTK+ 2.8.2
* Fix a crash with custom icon themes, which affected
  the gnome-theme-manager. [Kjartan Maraas]
* Make sure font and cursor settings are propagated down
  to the screen initially. [Frederic Crozat]

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.8.0 to GTK+ 2.8.1
* gtk-update-icon-cache no longer stores copies of symlinked
  icons, and it has a --index-only option to omit image data
  from the cache [Matthias]
* Make large GtkSizeGroups more efficient [Michael Natterer]
* Improve positioning of menus in GtkToolbar [Christian Persch,
  Paolo Borelli]
* Make scrolling work on unrealized icon views [Jonathan Blandford]
* Avoid unnecessary redraws on range widgets [Benjamin Berg]
* Make sure that all GTK+ applications reload icon themes
  promptly. [Chris Lahey]
* Ensure that gdk_pango_get_context() and gtk_widget_get_pango_context()
  use the same font options and dpi value [Michael Reinsch, Owen]
* Multiple memory leak fixes [Kjartan Maraas, Matthias]
* Other bug fixes [Owen, Allin Cottrell, Tor Lillqvist, Jonathan
  Blandford, Christian Persch, Jonas Bonn, Brett Atoms, Guillaume 
  Cottenceau, Sebastien Bacher, Robin Green, Benoit Carpentier,
  Hans Breuer, Kjartan Maraas, Manish Singh, Robert Jeff Mitchell,
  Markku Vire, Kristian Rietveld, Tommi Komulainen]
* Documentation improvements [Olexiy Avramchenko, Matthias]
* Updated translations (es,et,hu,ko,lt,ro,uk)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.5 to GTK+ 2.8.0
* Require cairo 0.9.2 [Matthias]
+ Extend ABI checks to cover exported variables [Matthias]
* Bug fixes [Benjamin Berg, Christian Persch]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias]
* New and updated translation (cy,de,el,id,te,zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.4 to GTK+ 2.7.5
* Rename the default theme to "Raleigh" [Thomas Wood]
* Add a performance testing framework [Federico Mena Quintero]
* Catch format errors in translations. This may cause 
  "make check" to fail when using older versions
  of gettext [Matthias]
* Win32
 - Implement the urgency hint [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Update ms-windows theme [Dom Lachowicz]
 - Improve tablet handling [Robert Ögren]
 - Bug fixes [Kazuki Iwamoto, Tor Lillqvist, Tim Evans, 
   J. Ali Harlow, Hans Breuer]
* Other bug fixes [Callum McKenzie, Matthias, Kjartan Maraas, 
  Elijah Newren, Morten Welinder, Owen Taylor, Johan Dahlin,
  Peter Zelezny, Dan Winship, Damien Carbery, Alex Graveley,
  Mike Morrison, David Odin]
* Documentation improvements [Fabrice Bauzac, Claudio Saavedra,
  Federico Mena Quintero]
* New and updated translation (ar,bg,cs,de,fi,gu,ja,nb,nl,no,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.3 to GTK+ 2.7.4
* Make svg icon themes work better [Matthias]
* GtkPlug/GtkSocket: Make these cross-platform
  and implement them for Win32 [Tor]
* Make font rendering xsettings work with pangocairo [Owen]
* Fix sporadic segfaults in the GtkTreeModelSort [James
  Bramford, Markku Vire, Kristian Rietveld]
* Improve gdk-pixbuf's ability to recognize 
  svg images. [William Jon McCann]
* Win32 
 - Build fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Fix clipping issues [Robert Ögren]
 - Bug fixes [Peter Zelezny]
* Other bug fixes [Christian Persch, Arkady L. Shane, 
  Matthias, Tommi Komulainen, Alexander Larsson, Owen,
  Thomas Vander Stichele, Robert Ögren]
* Documentation improvements [Steve Chaplin, Matthias,  
  Federico Mena Quintero]
* New and updated translations (en_CA,fr,hy,lt,nl,sk,th,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.2 to GTK+ 2.7.3
* Make sure that gtk_window_present() moves the window to the 
  current desktop [Elijah Newren]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Add overwrite confirmation for SAVE mode [Federico Mena Quintero]
* GtkTreeView
 - Add gtk_tree_view_get_visible_range() [Mikael Hallendal]
 - Add gtk_tree_view_column_queue_resize() [Morten Welinder]
 - Add gtk_tree_row_reference_get_model() [Stefan Kost]
 - Make page up/down behave as in the text view [Owen Taylor]
 - In typeahead search, allow Ctrl-G to move to the
   next match.  [Matt T. Proud]
 - Interpret Ctrl-Backspace as "Move focus to parent [Kathy
 - Speed up gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach [Kristian Rietveld]
* GtkTextView 
 - Make double-clicking between words select whitespace [Mike 
   Miller, Paolo Borelli]
 - Show dragged text in drag icon [Kevin Duffus, Carlos 
   Garnacho Parro]
 - Make invisible text work well enough to remove the
   remove the warning about it being unsupported.  [Matthias]
* GtkEntry
 - Make double-clicking between words select whitespace [Matthias]
 - Show dragged text in drag icon [Kevin Duffus, Carlos Garnacho Parro]
 - Fix the sizing of the entry completion popup [Ross Burton, Kris]
* Win32
 - Build fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Fix handlink of Aiptek tablets [Robert Ögren]
* Bug fixes [Kris, Jorn Baayen, Billy Biggs, Tomislav Jonjic, 
  Owen Taylor, Vincent Noel, Carlos Garnacho Parro, Mark McLoughlin. 
  Mikael Magnusson, Luis Villa, Brian Bober, Bernd Demian, Manish 
  Singh, Akira Tagoh, Barbie LeVille, Hans Oesterholt]
* Documentation improvements [Torsten Schoenfeld, Rodney Dawes,
  Park Ji-In]
* New and updated translations (cs,es,et,he,hu,nb,nl,no,sk)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.1 to GTK+ 2.7.2
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Clean up the "trail" in the path bar when set_current_folder
   is called explicitly [Jonathan Blandford, Matthias Clasen]
 - Accept dropped files and directories on the file list [Sven 
   Neumann, Matthias]
* GtkTreeView
 - Make reusing cell renders work as well as it did in 2.6,
   but document it as being unsupported. [Kristian Rietveld]
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Optionally wrap the license [Christian Rose, Christian Persch]
* Menu
 - Make image menu items work in vertical menubars [Matthias]
 - Make orientation changes of menubars work [Matthias]
* Win32
 - Implement named cursors and other new GDK apis [Hans Breuer]
 - Implement getting cursor images [Tor Lillqvist]
* Bug fixes [J. Ali Harlow, Matthias, Diego Gonzalez, 
  Kazuki IWAMOTO, Paul Cornett, Sebastien Bacher, Tor]
* Documentation improvements [Benjamin Berg, Matthias,
  Steve Chaplin, Peter van den Bosch, Tim-Philipp Müller]
* New and updated translations (en_CA,sr,sr@Latn)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.7.0 to GTK+ 2.7.1
* GtkTreeView
 - Change the keynav for header reordering and resizing 
   to Alt-arrows and Shift-Alt-arrows  [Calum Benson]
* GtkTextView
 - Make movement by paragraphs up/down symmetric [Behnam 
 - Improve invisible text support [Matthias Clasen]
* Handle broken grabs in many places [John Ehresman, Matthias]
 - Add a function to move a region [Søren Sandmann]
 - Fix endianness issues in the pixbuf drawing 
   code [David Zeuthen, Owen Taylor]
 - Add a GrabBroken event that is emitted when grabs
   are broken [Simon Cooke, John Ehresman, Matthias]
 - Track implicit grabs [Matthias]
* Win32 
 - Improve and simplify line segment rendering [Tor Lillqvist] 
* Bug fixes [Georg Schwarz, Fabricio Barros Cabral, 
  Benoit Carpentier, Markku Vire, Ryan Lortie, Matthias,
  Morten Welinder, Dan Winship, Manish Singh, Tom von
  Schwerdtner, Kjartan Maraas, Euan MacGregor, William Jon 
  McCann, David Saxton, Padraig Brady]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Ross Burton]
* New and improved translations (es,et,nl,sk,th,zh_TW)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.6.x to GTK+ 2.7.0
* GtkTreeView
 - Kris is back !!!
 - Lots of scrolling/validation fixes [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Allow to "unsort" columns. [Richard Hult]
 - Support wrapping in GtkCellRendererText [Matthias Clasen]
 - Support tinting in GtkCellRendererPixbuf [Jorn Baayen]
 - Make enable-search control only typeahead search,
   not C-f search. [Sven Neumann]
 - Make double-click autosize treeview columns again [Matthias]
 - Fix insensitive appearance [Billy Biggs, Matthias]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Don't select the first item in folder modes [Christian Neumair,
   Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Make save mode work again [Federico]
 - Allow bookmarks to be renamed [Sean Middleditch]
 - Ellipsize the preview label [Jeroen Zwartepoorte]
 - Use smaller icons [Vincent Noel]
 - Avoid a size allocation loop [Milosz Derzynski, Robert Ögren]
 - Don't stat children of /afs or /net network directories [Federico]
 - Improve sorting of filenames [Matthias]
 - Treat backup files like hidden files, and support
   .hidden files in the Unix backend [Sean Middleditch, Jan Arne Petersen]
 - Improve the re-rooting behaviour of the path bar [Benjamin Otte]
* GtkIconView
 - Many fixes for scrolling and selection handling [Mathias Hasselmann]
 - Implement GtkCellLayout, use cell renderers [Matthias]
 - Support editing [Matthias]
 - Support DND [Matthias]
 - Add API to determine the visible part of the 
   model [Jonathan Blandford]
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Visual improvements, HIG compliance [Jorn Baayen]
* GtkCalendar
 - Use nl_langinfo() to determine the first day of week,
   when it is available [Vincent Untz, Tommi Komulainen, Pierre Ossman]
 - Allow localization of the year format [Paisa Seeluangsawat]
* GtkEntry
 - Allow completion popups to be wider than the entry [Ross Burton]
 - Add a property to suppress the popup for single matches [Matthias]
 - Don't blink the cursor if not editable [Nikos Kouremenos]
* GtkTextView
 - Add a GtkTextBuffer::text property [Johan Dahlin]
 - Allow to set a paragraph background color [Gustavo Carneiro,
   Jeroen Zwartepoorte]
 - Don't blink the cursor if not editable [Nikos Kouremenos]
 - Make invisible text work a bit better [Jeroen]
* GtkAlignment
 - Flip padding in RTL mode [Maciej Katafiasz]
* GtkUIManager
 - Support invisible, expanding separators [Christian Persch]
 - Allow to construct menu tool buttons [Sven Neumann]
* GtkIconCache
 - Cache image data and metadata as well [Anders Carlsson]
* GtkMenu
 - Support vertical menubars [Matthias]
 - Make scrolling more efficient [Jorn Baayen, Søren Sandmann]
 - Allow to pop up menus without grabbing the keyboard [Michael 
 - Allow setting background images on menus [Benjamin Otte]
* gtk-demo
 - Add demos for 2.6 features [Matthias, Mark McLoughlin]
* Allow custom translation function for stock labels. [Funda Wang,
  Diego Gonzalez]
* Add 16x16 versions for some some icons which were missing
  them [Jakub Steiner, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Vincent Noel]
* Move a lot of constant data to the .rodata section [Matthias]
* Don't copy property names, nicks and blurbs [Matthias]
* Use Cairo for most drawing [Owen Taylor]
* Allow themes to draw outside the widget's allocation [Owen]
* Allow key names to be translated [Christian Rose]
* Make all cursors used by GTK+ themeable [Matthias]
* Support the ICCCM urgency hint [Havoc Pennington]
 - Work with XRender < 0.4 [Albert Chin, Billy Biggs]
 - Add API to warp the pointer [Matthias]
 - Support _NET_VIRTUAL_ROOTS [Carsten Haitzler]
 - Add API to obtain the last user interaction time [Elijah
 - Make some large arrays const [Ben Maurer, Tommi Komulainen]
 - Support Cairo drawing [Owen, Carl Worth]
 - Support Visuals with alpha channel [Owen, Keith Packard]
 - Support named cursors and cursor themes [Matthias]
* gdk-pixbuf
 - Support saving BMP [Ivan Wong Yat Cheung]
 - Allow to specify compression level when saving
   in PNG format [Sven Neumann]
 - Add a way to construct animations from frames [Dom Lachowicz]
 - Accept BMP v4 [Matthias]
* Win32 changes
 - Improve keyboard handling [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Improve clipboard handling [Ivan Wong]
 - Do delayed rendering for transferring images 
   through the clipboard [Ivan Wong]
 - Improve tablet handling [Robert Ögren]
 - Initialize input devices lazily [Robert Ögren]
 - Make big windows work on NT [Ivan Wong]
 - Implement dashed lines correctly [Ivan Wong, Hans Breuer]
 - Handle 16 color display mode [Tor] 
 - Support RGBA cursors [Tim Evans]
 - Fix DND on multi-monitor systems [Tor]
 - Use alternative button order [Tor]
 - Build fixes [Hans]
 - Bug fixes [Ivan Wong, Dave Neary, Daniel Atallah, Takuro Ashie, 
   Robert Ögren, Kevin Stange, Tim Evans]  
* Other bug fixes [Alexander Hunziker, Alexander Larsson, Anders
  Carlsson, Andreas Volz, Arjan van de Ven, Billy Biggs, Chris Lee, 
  Christian Neumair, Christian Persch, Crispin Flowerday, Damon Chaplin, 
  David A. Knight, David Costanzo, Dennis Cranston, Diego Gonzalez, 
  Dom Lachowicz, Doug Morgan, Doug Quale, Elijah Newren, Fabricio Barros 
  Cabral, Federico, Felipe Heidrich, Felix Riemann, Frank Naumann, 
  Frederic Crozat, Gary Kramlich, Gustavo Carneiro, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, 
  Havoc, Hazael Maldonado Torres, Ian Wienand, Ismael Juma, Jaap A. Haitsma, 
  Jacob Kroon, Jakub Jellinek, Jean Marie Favreau, Jeff Franks, Jens Finke, 
  Jim Evins, Joerg Sonnenberger, John Ellis, John Finlay, Jonathan, 
  Jorn Baayen, Kazuki Iwamoto, Kirk Bridger, Kjartan Maraas, Leonard 
  Michlmayr, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez, Manish Singh, Marc Meissner, Matthias, 
  Michael Natterer, Mikael Hallendal, Milosz Derezynski, Morten Welinder, 
  Murray Cumming, Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Niko Tyni, Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy, 
  Olaf Vitters, Olivier Sessink, Owen, Paolo Borelli, Patrick Fimml, 
  Peter Bloomfield, Peter Wainwright, Phil Blundell, Philipp Langdale, 
  Priit Laes, Reinout van Schouwen, Remus Draica, Richard Hult, Robert 
  Staudinger, Rodney Dawes, Rodrigo Moya, Roman Kagan, Ryan Lortie, 
  Samuel Hym, Seven Walter, Søren, Stefan Kost, Stepan Kasal,
  Stephen Kennedy, Sven Neumann, Theerud Lawtrakul, Thomas Leonard,
  Thomas Zajic, Tim-Philipp Müller, Tomislav Jonjic, Tommi Komulainen,
  Torsten Schoenfeld, Tristan Van Berkom, Victor Osadci, Vincent Ladeuil, 
  Vincent Noel, Vincent Untz, Yury Puzis]
* Documentation improvements [Alex Graveley, Ali Akcaagac, Bill
  Haneman, Billy Biggs, Christian Persch, Christian Rose, Dan Winship,
  George Kraft IV, Ghorban M. Tavakoly, Hubert Sokolowski, Jeff Franks,
  Jianfei Wang, Johan Dahlin, Jon-Kare Hellan, Karel Kulhavy, Ken
  Siersma, Maciej Katafiasz, Masao Mutoh, Mathias Hasselmann, Matthias,
  Michal Suchanek, Morten Welinder, Murray Cumming, Oliver Sessink, Owen, 
  Richard Hult, Roger Light, Sebastian Bacher, Steve Chaplin, Sven Neumann, 
  Torsten Schoenfeld, Vincent Untz, Worik Stanton]
* New and improved translations (bg,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,en_GB,es,et,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.6.0 to GTK+ 2.6.1
* GtkFileChooser
 - Fix some possible threading deadlocks [Matthias Clasen]
 - Don't return errors from the private GTK_FILE_SYSTEM_ERROR
   domain [Murray Cumming]
 - Fix some crashes with unreadable directories [Federico Mena 
 - Add an "Open Location" item to the context menu [Federico]
* GtkTreeView
 - Make sorting work again in list stores [Marcin Krzyzanowski]
 - Restrict column reordering to button 1 [Jonathan Blandford]
* GtkComboBox
 - Make the button prelight [Ricardo Veguilla]
 - Fix state propagation [Carlos Garnacho Parro]
* GtkMessageDialog
 - Don't show secondary label until it is set [Christian Persch]
* GtkMenu
 - Make items activate immediately on button release [Søren Sandmann]
 - Submenus inherit their cascading direction [Matthias]
* gdk-pixbuf
 - Fix a possible threading deadlock when loading
   animations [Callum McKenzie]
 - Make Hyper interpolation work again [Dennis Nezic]
* Win32
  - Improve handling of UNC paths [Tor Lillqvist]
  - Show the correct Desktop folder in the file chooser [Tor]
  - Bug fixes [Tor]
* Bug fixes [Torsten Schoenfeld, Morten Welinder,
  Marcin, Seth Nickell, Jonathan, Owen Taylor, Søren, 
  Iñigo Serna, John Finlay, Zeeshan Ali, Robert Ögren,
  Billy Biggs, Brian Tarricone, Tor, Christian, Tristan 
  Van Berkom, Elijah Newren, Federico, James M. Cape,
  Matthias, Arnaud Charlet]
* Documentation improvements [Masao Mutoh, Torsten,
  Billy, Alessio Dessi, David Bourguignon, Tommi Komulainen,
  Dave Bordoley, Robert Ancell, Kentaro Fukuchi, Matthias,
  Christian Biere, Jonathan, Tommi, Stefan Kost]
* New and improved translations (cs,cy,da,de,en_CA,es,ja,lt,nl,sq,sv,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.4.x to GTK+ 2.6.0

* New widgets
  - GtkIconView
  - GtkAboutDialog
  - GtkCellView 
  - GtkFileChooserButton
  - GtkMenuToolButton 

* New cell renderers
  - GtkCellRendererCombo 
  - GtkCellRendererProgress

* Changes in GtkFileChooser
  - Many tweaks to keynav and other behaviour

* Changes in GtkTreeView 
  - Hover selection
  - Hover expand
  - Separators 
  - Insensitive rows
  - Typeahead

* Changes in GtkComboBox
  - Allow trees in combo boxes
  - Hover selection
  - Hover expand
  - Separators 
  - Insensitive rows
  - Scrolling

* Changes in GtkLabel
  - Rotated text
  - Ellipsisation
  - Dnd from selectable labels
  - Selectable labels in the focus chain
  - Obey the Pango backspace-deletes-character attribute

* Changes in GtkTextView
  - Rotated text
  - Obey the Pango backspace-deletes-character attribute

* Changes in Clipboard/Selection/DND handling
  - Selection ownership change notification
  - API to handle text, image and file targets
  - Support text/plain target
  - Support clipboard persistence
  - Support xdnd v5
  - Reduce clipboard timeout to 30 seconds

* Theming
  - Follow icon theme specification for directory locations
  - Themed window icons
  - Themed images in GtkImage
  - Allow themes to displace focus rectangles on click
  - Various new stock icons

* Window Manager interaction
  - Support do-not-focus-on-map hint
  - Support _NET_WM_USER_TIME

* gdk-pixbuf:
  - License information for image loaders
  - Disable loaders
  - Simple rotation
  - Make thread-safe

* Performance improvements
  - Increase chunk size for incremental selection transfers
  - Get rid of many PLT entries
  - Icon theme caching
  - Sync counter mechanism to speed up resizes
  - Reimplement GtkListStore on top of a splay tree
  - Fix algorithmic problems in GtkUIManager

* Win32-specific changes
  - Integrate IME input method module
  - Integrate ms-windows (Wimp) theme engine

* Other changes
  - API for HIG-conform dialogs
  - API for stock-like buttons
  - New init API based on GOption
  - Setting for alternative button order
  - Setting for modules to load
  - Integrate pixbuf theme engine
  - Change notebook tabs with the scroll wheel
  - Ellipsisation in GtkCellRendererText, GtkProgressBar, GtkStatusbar
  - Clean up abi and enforce list of exported symbols

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.6 to GTK+ 2.6.0
* GtkListStore
  - Emit rows_reordered if the list is reordered [Matthias Clasen]
  - Add functions to allow inserting rows with values [Matthias]
* GtkTextView
  - Add function which allow to determine the character
    at a position [Padraig O'Briain, Matthias]
* GtkFileChooser
  - Center select row during typeahead [Federico Mena Quintero]
  - Reset filters when necessary [Carlos Garnacho Parro]
* GtkMenu
  - Make mnemonics without Alt work in menubars [Owen Taylor]
  - Scroll wheel scrolling [Matthias]
* GtkLabel
  - Add a max-width-chars property to specify the maximal 
    width of a label in characters [Christian Persch]
* GtkIconView 
  - Arrange items in a grid [Matthias]
  - Convert hard coded spacing constants into properties [Matthias]
* GtkCellRendererText
  - Add ::width-chars property [James M. Cape]
* Win32
  - Implement keynav for the color picker [Hans Breuer]
  - Use GLib stdio wrappers [Tor Lillqvist]
* Bug fixes [Kazuki IWAMOTO, Damon Chaplin, Matthias, Christian, 
  Michael Natterer, Jonathan Blandford, Manish Singh, John Finlay, 
  Robert Ögren, Mariano Suárez-Alvarez, Marco Pesenti Gritti,
  Tommi Komulainen, R. McFarland, Alexander Larsson, Dennis Cranston,
  Jorn Baayen]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Jay Camp, Paolo Borelli,
  David Lodge]
* New and improved translations (bg,nb,no,nso,pt_BR,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.5 to GTK+ 2.5.6
* GtkFileChooser
  - Improve key bindings [Davyd Madeley, Federico Mena Quintero]
  - Speed up loading of large directories [Federico]
  - Move "Browse for other folders" expander up [Federico]
  - Support DND from the path bar [Federico]
* GtkColorSelectionDialog
  - Add keynav to the color picker [Frances Keenan, Matthias Clasen]
* GtkButton
  - Allow construction of stock-like buttons  [Matthias,
    Jonathan Blandford]
* GtkLabel
  - Support DND for selectable labels [Matthias]
  - Support rotated text [Owen Taylor, Hans Breuer]
* GtkTextView
  - Support rotated text [Owen Taylor]
  - Make it possible to select the first/last line
    when moving by lines  [Paolo Borelli]
* GtkTreeView
  - Make sorting of GtkListStore stable again [Søren Sandmann]
  - Change the behaviour of gtk_tree_sortable_get_sort_column_id() 
    slightly to be more useful [Matthias]
* GtkUIManager
  - Make some functions virtual to make deriving 
    GtkUIManager easier [Michael Natterer]
* GtkSettings
  - Handle changes to gtk-menu-images and gtk-button-images
    much more efficiently [Matthias]
* GtkClipboard
  - Reduce timeout to 30 seconds [Billy Biggs]
* Add pixbuf theme engine [Owen]
* GDK 
  - Compile against X11R5 [Matthias]  
  - Add GdkPangoRenderer [Owen]
  - Support rotated text [Owen]
  - Add dead_hook and dead_horn keysyms [Samuel Thibault]
  - Determine direction of XKB groups from their content 
    [Behdad Esfahbod, Ilya Konstantinov]
* Win32
  - Notice when drives are plugged in or removed [Hans]
  - Ms-windows theme improvements: no tearoff menu items,
    button order, toolbar and statusbar grips, combobox 
    arrows [Dom Lachowicz]
  - Fix im module loading [Tor Lillqvist]
* Bug fixes [Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa, Kazuki IWAMOTO,
  Erwann Chenede, Tim Janik, Gavin Romig-Koch, Jonathan,
  Manish Singh, Morten Welinder, Billy Biggs, Matthias, Owen,
  John Finlay, Christian Neumair, Sven Neumann, Felipe
  Heidrich, Martin Jeppensen, Kristian Høgsberg, Olivier 
  Andrieu, Jody Goldberg, Søren, Dan Winship, Federico,
  Alex Larsson, James Henstridge, James M. Cape, Frederic Crozat,
  Dennis Cranston, Marcel Telka, Robert Ögren]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Jonathan, Owen, Masao Mutoh,
  Billy Biggs]
* New and updated translations (bg,ca,cs,da,de,en_CA,en_GB,es,hu,ja,nb,nso,rw,sq,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.4 to GTK+ 2.5.5
* gdk-pixbuf
  - Make thread safe [Colin Walters]
* GtkFileChooser
  - Make tooltips work better [Matthias Clasen]
  - Show files (grayed out) in folder modes [Nickolay V. Shmyrev]
  - Add predefined filter for image files [Anders Carlsson]
  - Support mime subclasses, aliases and superclasses 
    like text/* [Tommi Komulainen, David A. Knight, Matthias]
* GtkFileChooserButton
  - Remove support for CREATE_FOLDER and SAVE modes 
    until a more satisfactory UI for these can be found [Seth Nickell,
  - Make file DND work better [Christan Persch]
* GtkAction
  - Add a function to obtain the accel path [Michael Natterer]
* GtkUIManager
  - Major performance improvement [Dave Neary, Michael, 
    Sven Neumann, Soeren Sandmann, Matthias]
* GtkIconView
  - Make scrolling work with large icon views [Matthias]
* GtkWindow
  - As a last resort, allow to use mnemonics without 
    modifier [Pasupathi Duraisamy, Owen Taylor]
* GtkProgressBar
  - Support ellipsizing the text [Morten Welinder, Matthias]
* GtkStatusbar
  - Avoid resizing if the text of the label changes [He Qiangqiang,
    Owen, Christian]
  - Draw the resize grip better [Matthias, Christian]
  - Ellipsize the text [Matthias]
* GtkClipboard
  - Add API for image transfer via copy-and-paste [Matthias]
  - Fix DND to embedded windows (e.g. panel applets) [James Henstridge, 
* Stock icons
  - Add RTL variants of the media icons [Bastien Nocera]
* Win32
  - Build fixes [Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist]
  - Implement resize grips [Robert Ögren]
  - Bug fixes [Robert, Tor, J. Ali Harlow]
* Bug fixes [Paolo Borelli, Kjartan Maraas, Olivier Andrieu,
  Torsten Schoenfeld, Matthias, Philip Langdale, Christian,
  Frances Keenan, Owen, Murray Cumming, Christophe Fergeau,
  Tristan Van Berkom, Adam Hooper, James M. Cape, Carlos Garnacho
  Parro, Mariano Suárez-Alvarez, John Finlay, Jonathan Blandford]	
* Documentation improvements [Masao Mutoh, Matthias, 
  Torsten Schoenfeld, Matthew H. Plough, Salvador Fandiño, 
  Owen, Vincent Untz, Jonathan, Bastien]
* Updated translations (cs,da,en_CA,es,hu,ja,nl,sq)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.3 to GTK+ 2.5.4
* GtkFileChooser
 - Make path bar arrows larger [Matthias Clasen]
 - Make SELECT_FOLDER mode work [Matthias]
 - Speed up the completion popup, pop it up
   again after Tab [Matthias, Jens Bech Madsen]
 - Add some tooltips [Matthias]
 - Make path bar scroll [Matthias]
 - Improve preview updating [Tommi Komulainen]
 - Make the key / pop up the location dialog even
   on French keyboards, insert the /. [Frederic Crozat, Warren Togami]
* GtkFileChooserButton
 - Show icons next to entry [James M. Cape]
 - Improve ellipsisation [James]
* GtkMessageDialog
 - API additions to create HIG-conform dialogs [David Bordoley, Carlos
   Garnacho Parro]
* Keyboard navigation
 - Put selectable labels in the regular tab focus 
  chain [David Hawthorne, Matthias]
 - Skip selectable labels when looking for the initial 
  focus widget in dialogs [Matthias]
* Icon themes:
 - Use an mmap()ed cache for directory data. [Martijn Vernooij,
   Owen Taylor, Anders Carlsson]
* Clipboard, DND: 
 - Add convenience API for image and file transfers. [Matthias]
 - Add API for clipboard persistence [Anders]
 - Don't loose clipboard contents if a text buffer is
   finalized [Anders]
* Add a GtkMenuToolButton widget which displays a
 dropdown menu from a toolbar button.  [Paolo Borelli]
* Make menus scroll faster [Soeren Sandmann]
* Allow themes to displace focus rectangles in buttons
 on click [Soeren, Matthias]
* Add a public setting for button ordering [Owen Taylor, Matthias]
* GtkImage
 - Support named icons [James Henstridge]
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Support named icons [James Henstridge]
* Add a function to obtain the string representation of
 accelerators used in GtkAccelLabel [John Spray, Matthias]
* Win32 bug fixes [Robert Ögren]
 - Fix command line option handling [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Make IME input method work better [Tor]
* Other bug fixes [Joel Fredrikson, Darren Creutz,
 Manish Singh, Matthias, Tristan Van Berkom, Christian Persch,
 Padraig O'Briain, Owen, Jonathan Blandford, 
 Michèle Garoche, Milosz Derezynski, Christopher Blizzard,
 Paolo, John Austin, Maryn Russell, Ken Harris, Reinout van 
 Schouwen, Morten Welinder, Ross Burton, Bernd Demian, Gustavo 
 Carneiro, John Finlay, Tim Janik, Damon Chaplin,
 Peter Zelesny, Soeren, John Cupitt, Federico Mena Quintero,
 Manuel Baena García, William Jon McCann, Olexiy Avramchenko,
 Sebastien Bacher, Kazuki IWAMOTO, Dan Williams, Vincent Noel,
 Billy Biggs, Olivier Andrieu, Thomas Fitzsimmons]
* Documentation improvements [John Finlay, Billy Biggs, Matthias,
 Martyn Russell, Dave Cook, Jonathan, Owen, Shaun McCance, Anders]
* New and updated translations (az_IR,cs,en_CA,en_GB,es,nb,nl,no,pt_BR,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.2 to GTK+ 2.5.3
* GtkFileChooser
 - Work better with older version of the gnome-vfs backend [Zack Cerza]
 - Keynav improvements [Jonathan Blandford]
 - Make position of pathbar down button stable [Jonathan]
 - Make autocompletion less annoying in save mode [Owen Taylor]
* GtkFileChooserButton
 - Allow mnemonic activation [Dennis Cranston, James M. Cape]
* GtkComboBox
 - Work without a model [Mariano Suarez-Alvarez
* GtkTreeView
 - Allow sorting of tree models to be turned off [Torsten Schoenfeld]
* GtkRange
 - Add a::change-value signal [Thomas Fitzsimmons]
* GtkEntryCompletion
 - Improve positioning of popups [Matthias]
* Make input methods respect editability [Noah Levitt]
* Add an setting to specify modules to load [Alex Graveley]
* Use GOption for command line argument parsing [Anders Carlsson]
* Default theme
 - Improve drawing of expanders [Matthias Clasen]
* Add a configure option to disable the use of ELF visibility 
  attributes for PLT reduction
* Make selection handling robust against invalid UTF-8 [Owen]
* gdk-pixbuf
 - Add a variant of gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size() which 
   optionally ignores aspect ratio [Dom Lachowicz]
 - Fix saving of pixbufs with alpha-channel as jpeg [Emmanuel Pacaud]
 - Security fixes [Chris Evans]
* Win32
 - Improve tablet handling [Robert Ögren]
 - Make tablets work on multi-monitor systems [Robert]
 - Handle screen resolution changes [Arjohn Kampman, Tor Lillqvist]
 - Add IME input method [Takuro Ashie, Kazuki IWAMOTO]
 - Add ms-windows (Wimp) theme engine [Raymond Penners, Dom Lachowicz,
   Havoc Pennington]
 - Fix loading of input modules on Win32 [Kazuki IWAMOTO]
 - Build fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Robert]
* Other bug fixes [Hans Petter Jonsson, Tim Janik, Manish Singh,
 Soeren Sandmann, Bill Haneman, Padraig O'Briain, Olexi Avramchenko,
 Jonathan, Frederic Croszat, Matthias, Christian Persch, Felipe Heidrich,
 Lorenzo Gil Sanchez, Richard Hoelscher, Owen, Olivier Andrieu,
 Morten Welinder, Jean Bréfort, Alexander Larsson]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Jonathan]
* New and updated translations (ang,ar,en_CA,es,ne,pt_BR,ro,ru,uk)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.1 to GTK+ 2.5.2
* GtkFileChooserButton
 - New widget to go along with GtkFontButton and GtkColorButton
   for use in preference dialogs.  [James M. Cape]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Add getter and setter for the ::show-hidden property [Jeff Franks]
 - Allow paths to be entered as part of the file name. [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Make separator in bookmarks pane unselectable [Matthias Clasen]
 - Improve activation on focus [Federico]
 - Avoid warnings when opened on non-default screens [Abel Daniel]
 - Fix some memory leaks [Federico]
* GtkEntryCompletion
 - Warn if text column has wrong type [Fernando San Martin Woerner,
   Gustavo Carneiro]
* GtkTextView
 - Obey the Pango backspace_deletes_character 
   attribute [Noah Levitt, Teppitak Karoonboonyanan]
* GtkTreeView
 - Add hover-expand mode [Matthias]
 - Fix fixed height mode [Michael Vogt, Tim-Philipp Müller, Pawel Salek]
 - Reimplement GtkListStore on top of a splay tree [Soeren Sandmann]
* GtkEntry
 - Track the selection more accurately when dragging and
   selecting [Soeren]
* GtkComboBox
 - Support trees in combo boxes [Matt Walton, Matthias]
 - Optimize non-spanning gridded layouts [Lorenzo Gil Sanchez, Matthias]
 - Handle sensitivity changes properly [Matthias]
 - Add a ::focus-on-click property [Matthias]
* GtkIconView
 - Fix BROWSE selection mode [Matthias]
 - Make accessible [Padraig O'Briain]
* GtkAboutDialog 
 - Change the API to be more binding-friendly [Oliver Andrieu]
* GtkUIManager
 - Accept paths with leading '/' everywhere. [David Malcolm]
 - Make GtkActionEntry* arguments const [Mariano Suarez-Alvarez]
 - Add a way to suppress overflow menu items [Christian Persch]
* GtkPlug/GtkSocket
 - Use the sync counter mechanism to speed up resizes  [Soeren]
 - Support XDND v5 [Owen Taylor, Matthias]
 - Complete the _NEW_WM_USER_TIME implementation [Elijah Newren]
 - Update the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW implementation [Elijah]
* gdk-pixbuf
 - Avoid infinite loops for bad BMPs [Chris Evans, Manish Singh]
 - Fix a problem with GDK_INTERP_NEAREST scaling which caused
   Nautilus thumbnails to be misdrawn [Christoph Fergeau]
 - Avoid segfaults in gdk-pixbuf-csource [Matthias]
 - Fix progressive loading of 8bit pcx files [Magnus Bergman]
 - Handle edge pixels consistently [Brian Cameron, Matthias]
 - Handle OS/2 BMPs [Jon-Kare Hellan]
* Performance 
 - Get rid of many PLT entries for internally used exported symbols,
   and clean up the ABI at the same time and make make check check the
   list of exported symbols.  [Arjan van de Ven, Matthias]
* Look up icon themes in the directories specified in the
  icon theme spec  [Matthias]
* Win32 bug fixes [Robert Ögren, Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist, Tim Evans]
* Other bug fixes [Matthias, Soeren, Pawel, David, Tor, Gustavo,
  Olivier, Manish, Robert, Christian Biere, Markku Vire, Markus Lausser, 
  Thomas Leonard, Morten Welinder, Torsten Schoenfeld, Tim Janik, 
  Tomislav Jonjic, Tommi Komulainen, Philip Langdale, Rich Wareham,
  Christian Persch, Vincent Noel, Christophe Fergeau]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Mariano, Axel Simon, 
  Jonathan Blandford]
* New and updated translations (ang,br,bs,eu,lt,wa,zh_CN)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.5.0 to GTK+ 2.5.1
* GtkTreeView
 - Support ellipsisation in GtkCellRendererText [Vincent Untz, 
  Jonathan Blandford, Anders Carlsson]
 - Add a GtkCellRenderer::editing-started signal [Matthias Clasen]
 - Typeahead support [Jonathan]
 - Align the entry in GtkCellRendererText [Matthias]
 - Make DND work again [Ernst Persson, Matthias]
 - Improve appearance of search popup [Matthias]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Activate the last focused widget [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Add an "Add to shortcuts" item to the context menu [Federico]
* GtkCombobox
 - Support scrolling in list mode [Matthias]
 - Add necessary API to make GtkComboBox accessible [Padraig O'Briain]
 - Change the API for separators to use a callback function 
   instead of a boolean model column [Matthias]
* GtkNotebook
 - Ignore scroll events from page content [Gabriel de Perthuis]
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Visual improvements [Anders]
* GtkIconView
 - Use XRender to draw selection rectangle [Anders]
* GtkLabel
 - Support ellipsisation [Tim Van Wassenhove, James M. Cape]
* Expose the menubar accel key as an XSetting [Scott James Remnant]
* Add example code for clipboard handling to gtk-demo [Anders]
* Bug fixes [Peter Zelesny, Guilherme Salgado, John Finlay, 
 Tommi Komulainen, Matthias, Crispin Flowerday, Padraig,
 Morten Welinder, Olivier Sessink, Dafydd Harries, Soeren Sandmann,
 Michael Natterer, Nicolas Deves, Matthew Garrett, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez]
* Documentation improvements [Federico, Matthias]
* Updated translations (gu,hi,pt_BR,ru,sv,uz)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.4.1 to GTK+ 2.5.0
* New widgets: 
 - GtkIconView [Anders Carlsson]
 - GtkAboutDialog [Matthias Clasen]
 - GtkCellView [Matthias]
* GtkFileChooser
 - change to newly-created folders [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - always show icons [Federico]
 - bug fixes [Federico, Christian Neumair, Alex Roitman]
* GtkComboBox, GtkComboBoxEntry
 - add missing getters and some more convenience API [Matthias, 
  Christian Neumeir, Oliver Andrieu]
 - improve placement and sizing of popups [Matthias]
 - support insensitive items [Matthias]
 - support separators [Matthias]
 - handle empty or unset models better [Mariano Suarez-Alvarez]
 - bug fixes [Matthias, Jonathan Blandford, Oliver Andrieu, Paul 
   Pongonyshev, Christian Persch]
* GtkEntryCompletion
 - ignore enter events when the window pops up under the 
   pointer [Anders]
 - bug fixes [Matthias]
 - support inline autocompletion [Matthias]
* GtkUIManager
 - fix signal registration [Michael Natterer]
 - make generated XML parsable [Sven Neumann]
 - fix get_widget to return menus [Matthias]
* GtkTreeView
 - hover-selection mode [Matthias]
 - support insensitive cells [Matthias]
 - support separators [Matthias]
 - make entry context menu work in editable text cells [Owen Taylor, 
  Kristian Rietveld]
 - make DND work with treeviews in modal dialogs [Federico]
 - make empty treeviews focusable [Federico]
 - new GtkCellRendererProgress [Matthias, Tommi Komulainen, 
  Christian Persch]
 - new GtkCellRendererCombo [Matthias]
 - bug fixes [Matthias, Federico]
* GtkNotebook
 - allow to change tabs with the mouse wheel [Gabriel de Perthuis]
* GtkWindow
 - support named themed window icons [Matthias, Calum Benson]
* New stock icons: file, directory, about, edit, connect, disconnect,
  and media player icons for forward, next, pause, play, previous,
  record, rewind and stop
 - support do-not-focus-on-map hint [Elijah Newren]
 - fix RGBA cursors [Michael Natterer]
* gdk-pixbuf
 - reorganize headers [Matthias, Jeff Franks, Havoc Pennington]
 - flag to mark loaded images as scalable [Dom Lachowicz]
 - license information for loaders [Matthias]
 - simple multiple-of-90° rotation support [Matthias]
 - allow to disable loaders [Matthias]
 - bug fixes [Kouichirou Hiratsuka, Sven, Brian Cameron,
  Manish Singh, Morten Welinder]
* X11 selections 
 - make incremental transfer of MULTIPLE work [Matthias]
 - don't do incremental transfer in 4k chunks [Matthias]
 - add selection ownership change notification [Matthias]
 - support text/plain targets [Matthias]
* Win32 
 - bug fixes [Hans Breuer, John Ehresman, Tor Lillqvist, 
  Robert Ögren, Benoît Carpentier, J. Ali Harlow, Laurent Sansonetti]
* Performance improvements
 - predict exposes for override-redirect windows [Søren Sandmann]
 - unset the background when mapping or unmapping windows [Søren]
 - support the update counter spec for smoother resizing [Søren]
* Misc bug fixes [Matthias, Owen, Søren, Anders, Padraig O'Briain, 
  Crispin Flowerday, Michal Pasternak, Scott Tsai, Morten,
  Michael Natterer, Dmd Ljungmark, Sven, Billy Biggs, 
  Mark McLoughlin, Sam Stephenson, John Finlay, David Hawthorne, 
  Kent Sandvik, Davyd Madeley, Alexander Winston, Jean-François Wauthy, 
  Jeff Franks, Philip Kendall, Baris Cicek Yevgen Muntyan, 
  Bastien Nocera, Tim Janik, John Ehresman, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, 
  Nickolay V. Shmyrev, William Jon McCann, Paolo Maggi, Lorenzo Gil 
  Sanchez, Jan-Marek Glogowski, Pawel Salek, Felipe Heidrich, Dmitry 
  M. Shatrov, Alex Larsson, Michael Hallendal, Scott Bronson, Kjartan 
  Maraas, Damien Carbery, Elke Meier]
* Doc improvements [Matthias, Federico, Owen, Steve Chaplin, Tommi 
  Komulainen, Bastien Nocera, Billy Biggs, Sampo Nurmentaus, Steffen 
  Röcker, Doug Quale, Oliver Andrieu]
* Updated translations (bg,lt,ne,tk,wa,en_GB)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.4.0 to GTK+ 2.4.1
* GtkFileChooser
 - bug fixes [Morten Welinder, Federico Mena Quintero]
 - pre-fill the location entry [Federico]
 - internal api changes to allow setting a busy cursor
   while loading [Federico]
 - improve pathbar button sizing [Owen Taylor]
 - add keybindings for removing bookmarks [Federico]
* GtkComboBox, GtkEntryCompletion
 - fix repositioning logic [Niklas Knutsson]
 - make keynav wrap around [Matthias]
 - improve theme compliance [Matthias, Brian Cameron]
* GtkUIManager
 - accept unnamed <separator>s [Anders Carlsson]
 - robustify against gtk_widget_show_all() [Murray Cumming]
 - warn if an accelerator cannot be parsed  [Jody Goldberg]
* Win32
 - fix DND positioning [Hans Breuer]
 - update gtkfilesystemwin32 [Tor Lillqvist, J. Ali Harlow]
 - make filechooser work on Windows [Tor]
 - draw arcs more correctly [Tor]
 - disable tables support by support, add --use-wintab to
   get it back  [Tor]
* Make color wheel accessible [Padraig O'Briain]
* Support _NET_WM_USER_TIME [Elijah Newren, Soeren Sandmann]
* Doc improvements [Federico, Matthias, Christian Persch]
  Olexiy Avramchenko, Tim-Philipp Müller]
* Misc bug fixes [Alex Converse, Owen, Jacques Garrigue,
  Jonathan Blandford, Anders Carlsson, Christian, Hans,
  Matthias, Morten, Philip Langdale, Brian, Pedro Rodriguez,
  Soeren, Torsten Schoenfield, Dongho Shin, Andrew E. Makeev,
  Todd Goyen, Tim Gerla, John Finlay, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan,
  John Ehresman, Chris Sherlock, Jody]
* Updated translations (af,ar,az,bn,br,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.6 to GTK+ 2.4.0
* GtkFileChooser
 - Handle icon theme changes [Federico, Jonathan]
 - Add reordering bookmarks via DND [Federico]
 - Cache filesystem data inside GtkFileSystemUnix backend [Morten Welinder]
 - Implement local-only mode so that apps don't get remote paths
   they don't expect [Owen Taylor]
 - Add Alt-Down keybinding [Mark McLoughlin, Owen]
 - Major rewrite of location dialog completion code [Jonathan]
 - Bug fixes [Federico, Jonathan, Morten, Mark, Owen, Anders Carlsson, 
   Soeren Sandmann, Olivier Andrieu]
* GtkComboBox [Matthias Clasen]
 - Handle the case of no-active-row properly
 - Improve positioning of popup
 - Miscellaneous bug fixes
* Win32 [Tor]
 - Handle different install locations for gdk-pixbuf loaders
 - Bug fixes [John Ehresman, Bruce Hochstetler, Dave Neary]
* Improve handling of foreign GdkWindows on destruction [Soeren, Owen]
* Require Control-Tab to focus labels [Owen]
* RTL flipping for GtkArrow [Semion Chichelnitsky]
* Support justifcation with wrapping off in GtkTextView [Owen, Felipe Heidrich]
* Change layout algorithm for mixed gridded/non-gridded menus
  to fix performance problems [Soeren, Owen, Christian Persch]
* Doc improvements [Matthias, Owen]
* Misc bug fixes
* Updated translations (ar,az,ca,cs,da,de,es,fr,ga,hr,it,ja,lt,no,nl,pt,ro,

Other contributors: Dave Bordoley, Hans Breuer, David L. Cooper II, 
  Dennis Cranston, Dov Grobgeld, Niklas Knuttson, Kjartan Maraas, 
  Michael Natterer, Nils O. Selåsdal, Philip K Warren, Dan Winship

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.5 to GTK+ 2.3.6
* GtkComboBox
 - Make menu positioning more like GtkOptionMenu [Matthias Clasen]
 - Improve keybindings [Matthias]
 - Bug fixes [Matthias, Owen, Damon Chaplin]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Keep child directories in pathbar when changing to a parent
 - Reroot pathbar inside home directory, use icons [Jonathan]
 - Make the user actually select a file before hitting OK [Federico]
 - Fix folder mode to not have tree [Jonathan]
 - Add gboolean return values to operations that can fail [Federico]
 - Improve internal error handling [Morten Welinder, Federico]
 - Bug fixes [Federico, Jonathan, Morten, Anders Carlsson, Damon,
   Alex Larsson]
* GtkTextView bug fixes [Paolo Borelli]
* Win32 
 - Implement/stub missing GDK functions [Tor]
 - .defs file updates [Tor, J Ali Harlow]
 - Misc fixes [Hans Breuer]
* Fix problem with excess symbol exports on Linux [James Henstridge]
* Fix problem with 32-bit BMPs [Matthias]
* Include config.h first everywhere [Morten]
* Fix performance problem destroying menus [Soeren, Marco Pesenti Gritti]
* Doc fixes and improvements [Matthias, Murray Cumming, Henning Nielsen Lund, 
  Vitaly Tishkov]
* Updated translations (az,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,es,fi,fr,ga,hu,ja,ko,lt,mn,
* Misc bug fixes

Other contributors: Crispin Flowerday, Mark McLoughlin, Michael Meeks, 
  Michael Natterer,Christian Neumair, Padraig O'Briain, Geoff Reedy, 
  Olivier Ripoll

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.4 to GTK+ 2.3.5
* GtkFileChooser [Federico Mena Quintero]:
 - Enable DND in the shortcuts list [Federico]
 - More folder modes [Jonathan R Blandford]
 - Resizing toplevel as contents change [Jonathan] 
 - Make the backend settable via GtkSetting [Alex Larsson, Owen Taylor]
 - Miscellaneous fixes.  [Jonathan, Morten Welinder, Alexander Larsson]
 - Add combo box to pick folder in Save mode. [Jonathan, Federico]
* GtkComboBox
 - Memory leak/crash fixes [Damon Chaplin, Matthias Clasen]
 - Always grab when popping the list up [Damon, Matthias]
 - Fixes for dynamic changes to the model [Owen]
 - Improve popup positioning [Matthias]
* Implement computation of bidi-base direction from text
  in GtkEntry, GtkTextView, GtkLabel [Dov Grobgeld, Owen Taylor]
* Add gtk_entry_set_alignment() [Egon Andersen, Steffen Gutmann,
* Fix wrong interpretation of new_order array for
  gtk_tree/list_store_reorder() [Owen]
* Improve space allocation in menubars [Soeren Sandmann]
* Improve key bindings in GtkEntryCompletion [Matthias]
* Hide XCursor dependency [Soeren]
* Make mouse wheel scrolling usable [Soeren]
* Use resize cursors for resize grips [Soeren]
* Set the right window group for menu and combo popups [Frederic Crozat,
  Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Soeren]
* Add a way to list the mnemonic labels of a widget [Owen]
* Add a group-changed signal to GtkRadioButton [Owen, Padraig O'Briain]
* Export insertion cursor drawing functionality [Alexander Larsson, Owen]
* Support squiggly red underlines in text views [Nicolas Setton, Owen]
* Export GtkWindow key-press-event internals to allow 
  custom implementations [Tim Janik]
* Add gtk_drag_source_set/get_target_list() [Mitch Natterer]
* Fix drag-and-drop in GtkTextView to move [Paolo Borelli, Paolo Maggi]
* Memory leak fixes [Owen]
* Win32 fixes [Hans Breuer]
* Misc. fixes [George Bronnikov, Simon Budig, J. Ali Harlow, David Hawthorne, Tim,
  Tomasz Lloczko, Mitch, Manish Singh, Owen]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Federico, Torsten Schoenfeld]
* Updated translations (ar,cs,da,de,en_CA,es,et,fi,fr,it,ja,ko,nl,pt,ru,sr,sr@ije,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.3 to GTK+ 2.3.4
* Fix broken gtk_binary_age setting causing wrong soname [Owen Taylor]
* Add some extra GtkExpander docs [Federico Mena Quintero]
* Misc bug fixes [Matthias Clasen, Damon Chaplin, Owen, Uwe Zeisberger]
* Updated translation (ga)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.2 to GTK+ 2.3.3
* GtkFileChooser [Federico Mena Quintero]:
 - Support bookmarks in GtkFileSystemUnix. [Jan Arne Petersen]
 - Correctly handle typed-in filenames in save mode, folder mode, and
   multiple-selection mode in all combinations.
 - Don't erase the filename in the entry when changing folders.
 - Support icons in GtkFileSystemUnix.
 - GtkFileChooserDialog now comes up at a reasonable size.
 - GtkFileSystemUnix now notifies correctly on ::create_folder().
 - Slight GUI reorganization.
 - File system module support. [Alexander Larsson]
 - Pathbar widget. [Jonathan R. Blandford]
 - Miscellaneous fixes. [Christian Persch, Jan Arne Petersen, Anders Carlsson,
   Padraig O'Briain, Alexander, Jonathan]
 - Win32 fixes, GtkFileSystemWin32 work. [Hans Breuer]
 - Memory leak fixes [Morten Welinder]
* GtkTreeView:
 - Fix return values. [Federico, R. McFarland]
 - Properly cancel the arrow animation. [Michael Zucchi]
 - Allow custom icon sizes in pixbuf cell renderer. [Erik Grinaker]
 - Don't darken the sort column unless there are three visible columns
* GtkToolbar:
 - Improve the sliding implementation. [Soeren Sandmann]
 - Add writeonly ::group property to GtkRadioToolButton. [Soeren, 
   Olivier Andrieu]
 - Misc fixes. [Morten, Jeroen Zwartepoorte, Michel Meeks, Soeren]
* Menus:
 - Make menus work better on Xinerama [Matthias]
 - Fix keynav in RTL mode. [Matthias]
 - Fix grid mode, removing of items. [Matthias, Vincent Noel]
 - Make tearoff menu items work anywhere in menus. [Matthias]
 - Improve popup/popdown behaviour. [Soeren]
* gdk-pixbuf:
 - Fix some problems with indexed BMPs [Kazuho Okui, Matthias]
 - Work around some libjpeg header file craziness [Manish Singh]
* Assume gravity works. [Soeren]
* Cache GCs for drawing. [Brian Cameron, Soeren]
* Handle focus adjustment correctly for deeply nested focus locations. 
  [Matthias, Owen Taylor]
* Use reference counting for shared data in GtkActionGroup. 
  [Matthias, Adam Hooper]
* Add a "use-separator" style property to GtkMessageDialog, and make
  it not resizable. [Federico]
* Add 'const' to uses of GdkColor that need it. [Federico]
* Put focusable labels in the focus chain. [Federico]
* Make destroying widgets in focus-out-event work. [Owen, Grant Gayed]
* Add properties to GtkAdjustment [Murray Cumming]
* Add change notification to GtkAccelMap [Matthias, Owen]
* Add settings to suppress icons in buttons and menus. [Matthias]
* Add Xft settings for hinting and antialiasing. [Federico, Owen]
* Make size of indicator in menu items themeable. [Bill Hanemann, 
  Narayana Pattipati, Matthias]
* Fixes to GtkIconTheme [Torsten Schoenfeld]
* Improve drawing of GtkExpander. [Mark McLoughlin]
* Improve drawing of paned handles. [Soeren]
* Remove broken hangul input module. [Changwoo Ryu]
* Remove C++-style comments. [Damien Carbery]
* Memory leak fixes. [Christian Persch, Richard Hult, Morten, Matthias]
* RTL mode (flipping) fixes. [Mitsuru Chinen, Semion Chichelnitsky]
* Accessibility improvements for tooltips, GtkScale. [Padraig]
* Make the ZOOM_100 and ZOOM_FIT labels HIG-compliant. [Mariano Suarez-Alvarez]
* Win32 fixes. [Tor Lillqvist]
* Documentation:
 - New section on how to check for modifier keys correctly. [Federico]
 - Miscellaneous improvements.  [Pascal Haakmat, Jan Huelsbergen,
   Tim-Philipp Müller, Matthias]
* New and updated translations (ar,az,cs,da,de,en_CA,el,es,fi,fr,ga,hr,it,ja,
* Other contributors: Christian Biere, Christopher Blizzard, Paolo Borelli, 
  Dan Damian, Rodney Dawes, John Ellis, David Hawthorne, Marco Pesenti Gritti,
  Felipe Heidrich, Jonas Jonsson, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Tommi Komulainen,
  Julio M. Merino Vidal, Gregory Merchan, Benjamin Otte, Joshua N. Pritikin,
  Yu Shao, Yao Zhang

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.3.1 to GTK+ 2.3.2
* GdkPixbuf
 - Add functions to save pixbufs to non-file locations.  [Tim Evans]
 - Add a function to determine the type and size of a file without
   loading it completely.  [Matthias Clasen]
 - Turn pixbuf attributes into construct-only properties. [Matthias]
 - Fix building gdk-pixbuf with --disable-modules --with-included-loaders.
   [Matthias, Owen Taylor]
* Fix the logic for changing the toplevelness of a window.  [Soeren Sandmann]
* Do not interpret distant clicks as double clicks, using a
  new double-click-distance setting.  [Matthias]
* Improve the GDK API for dealing with group leaders. [Matthias]
* Utility function for application launching in multi-screen scenarios.
  [Mark McLoughlin]
* Support big and small and alpha-blended icons under Win32. [Tim Evans]
* Misc Win32 improvements [Tor Lillqvist, Hans]
* GtkFileChooser [Federico]
 - Fix new filename entry in Save mode [Jan Arne Petersen]
 - Improved the look of GtkFileChooserDefault. [Tuomas Kuosmanen]
 - Added support for file system volumes such as CD-ROMs, 
   floppies, and network shares.
 - Add a "New Folder" button for Save mode in GtkFileChooser.
 - Better support for Folder mode.
* GtkTreeView
 - Speed up by adding a fixed height mode.  [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Add a single-paragraph mode and a language property to 
   GtkCellRendererText [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Add a editing-canceled signal to GtkCellRenderer [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Misc GtkTreeView bug fixes [Kristian, Soeren, Jonathan Blandford]
* Add a way to list the supported targets of a clipboard. [Dom Lachowicz]
* Add stock icons: harddisk, indent, unindent.  [Hans Breuer, Jody Goldberg]
* Improve the GtkCalendar drawing code.  [Matthias]
* GtkCalendar supports starting the week on any day [Matthias]
* Make GtkToolbar compatible with 2.2 again [Soeren]
* Misc GtkToolbar fixes and API improvements [Christian Persch, 
  Olexiy Avramchenko, Jody, Soeren]
* Misc GtkUIManager fixes and API improvements.  [Jody, Matthias, Jeff Franks]
* Add a way to lock individual accelerator paths  [Matthias]
* Add gtk_menu_shell_cancel() to emit the "cancel" signal on 
  a menu shell.  [Matthias]
* Fix dynamic menus. [Matthias, Michael Meeks]
* Add xalign, yalign properties to GtkButton. [Jody]
* Implement or improve RTL support in GtkComboBox, GtkCellView, 
  GtkViewport [Semion Chichelnitsky, Matthias, Kristian]
* Support for "no focus" windows. [Matthias]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Federico, Manish, Murray Cumming, 
  Theppitak Karoonboonyanan]
* FAQ updates [Tony Gale]
* Split the translations into two domains: ui strings and
  error messages go to gtk20, property nicks and blurbs to 
  gtk20-properties. [Matthias]
* New and updated translations (af,ar,bn,br,cs,cy,da,de,es,et,fa,fr,ga,hr,
Other contributors: Olivier Andrieu, Herman Bloggs, Anders Carlsson,
  Marco Pesenti Gritti, Bill Haneman, Alexander Larsson, Noah Levitt, 
  Kjartan Maraas, Evan Martin, Tim-Philipp Müller, Christian Neumair, 
  Joshua N Pritikin, Sebastian Rittau, Daniel Rogers, Manish Singh, 
  Torsten Schoenfeld, Alexander Winston, Johannes Weißl,  Morten Welinder, 
  Adam Wright

Overview of Changes in GTK+-2.3.1
* Improve sanity checks on gdk-pixbuf loaders [Matthias Clasen]
 - Add GDK_DEBUG=xinerama that fakes a 2x2 Xinerama mode [Matthias]
 - Make gdk_drawable_copy_to_image public [Matthias, Peter Zelezny]
* Misc Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, John Ehresman, Tim Evans]
* Action-based menu/toolbar API [Matthias]
 - Add "name" construct-only parameter to GtkActionGroup
 - Bug fixes [Marco Pesenti Gritti, Christian Persch]
* Change ranges for Saturation/Value to be 0-100 in GtkColorSelection
  [Gregory Merchan, Matthias]
* GtkComboBox [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Make model and text_column properties not construct-only [Murray Cumming]
 - Fix sizing
 - Add mouse wheel support [Matthias]
* Various GtkEntryCompletion bug fixes [Kristian, Piers Cornwell, Marco]
* GtkExpander
 - Add a "use_markup" property, gtk_expander_set/get_use_markup
 - Fix bugs when unrealizing/destroying [Mark McLoughlin]
* GtkFileChooser [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Add a GtkFileSystemWin32 [Hans]
 - Use GtkEntryCompletion in GtkFileChooserEntry 
 - Add a render_icon to GtkFileSystemIface to allow the 
   GnomeVFS backend to supply appropriate icons
 - Improve selection handling in bookmarks list [Federico, Owen Taylor]
 - Support drops on the bookmarks list
 - Display error dialogs on failed operations
 - Many UI tweaks [Federico, Iain Holmes,Hans-Petter Jansson]
 - Ignore filters for folders [Dave Malcom]
 - Misc file chooser bug fixes [Owen, Christian Persch, Taavi Talvik]
* Menus
 - Make torn-off menus transient-for the window they were torn from
   [Matthias, Jon-Kare Hellan]
 - Fix menu positioning for Xinerama, add gtk_menu_set_monitor()
   for use by position functions [Matthias]
 - Tweak menu delay parameters, add a default width [Soeren Sandmann]
* Make g_message_dialog_new_with_markup() automatically escape
  arguments, add g_message_dialog_set_markup() [Owen]
* Add read-only min-position/max-position properties to GtkPaned
* GtkToolbar [Soeren]
 - Support gaps in the toolbar with expand=true/draw=false separators
 - Improve drop-location preview handling
 - Take a GtkRadioToolButton as the parameter to
   gtk_radio_tool_button_new_from_widget [Murray Cumming]
 - Many misc toolbar bug fixes [Soeren, Marco]
* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Morten Welinder, David Hampton]
* Add gtk_window_is_active()/gtk_has_toplevel_focus() getters
  to go along with properties [Owen Taylor]
* Add gtk_widget_can_activate_accel() / ::can-activate-accel
  signal to fix handling of accelerators on insensitive parent
  menu-items. [Tim Janik]. (*Note*: the details here will probably
  change, since similar problems for mnemonics aren't handled.)
* Implement or improve RTL support in GtkAlignment, GtkCombo, 
  GtkNotebook, GtkScrolledWindow, GtkTreeView, GtkViewport.
  [IBM L3 NLS Support Team]
* Fix string setters for self-assignment [Matthias, Soeren]
* Finish multi-head handling in gtk-demo [Matthias]
* Fix install rules for generating gdk-pixbuf.loaders [Manish Singh]
* Reference doc improvements [Matthias, Soeren,
  Federico Mena Quintero, Michael Natterer, Owen Taylor, Olexiy Avramchenko]
* FAQ updates [Tony Gale]
* New and updated translations (ca,cs,cy,de,el,es,ja,mn,nl,nn,no,pl,pt,sr,

Other contributors: Jorn Baayen,Damon Chaplin, Jeff Franks, Diego Gonzalez,
  Richard Hult, Egmont Koblinger, Thomas Leonard, Ross McFarland, 
  Padraig O'Briain, Tomas Ögren, Danilo Segan

Overview of Changes from GTK+-2.2.x to GTK+-2.3.0

* New Widgets
 - GtkFileChooser: a replacement for GtkFileSelection with 
   replaceable backends, many new API features, better user
   interface (UI is still a work in progress) [Owen Taylor, 
   Federico Mena Quintero]
 - New combo box widgets: GtkComboBox, GtkComboBoxEntry [Kristian Rietveld]
 - New "disclosure triangle" widget: GtkExpander [Mark McLoughlin]
 - "Picker button" widgets based on code from libgnomeui: 
   GtkFontButton, GtkColorButton [Matthias Clasen]

* Widget improvements:
 - Autocompletion for entries: GtkEntryCompletion [Kristian]
 - Add separate padding for all 4 sides of GtkAlignment [Murray Cumming]
 - Add input-only event boxes for trapping events [Alex Larsson]
 - Support RTL flipping for GtkHPaned, tab navigation [Soeren, Matthias]
 - Support up to four scroll arrows on GtkNotebook and make which
   ones are displayed themeable. [Matthias]
 - GtkCalendar improvements: make the arrows spin, support RTL flipping,
   automatic week start selection, DND support, improve API 
   for setting options [Matthias]; mousewheel support [Abigail Brady]
 - New properties: GtkButton::focus_on_click, GtkCheckMenuItem::draw_as_radio
   [Soeren, Matthias]
 - New functions: gtk_window_set_default_icon(), 
   gtk_message_dialog_add_buttons(), gtk_button_box_get_child_secondary()
 - Add missing "role", "decorated", "gravity" properties for GtkWindow,
   "has_resize_grip" for GtkStatusBar. [Matthias]
 - Add child properties for GtkPaned [Matthias, Soeren]

* Menus
 - New action-based menu API: GtkUIManager, GtkActionGroup, 
   GtkAction, etc. [James Henstridge, Matthias, Soeren Sandmann,
   Marco Pesenti Gritti, Philip Langdale]
 - Support for tabular menus [Kristian]
 - New positioning algorithm for popup menus [Soeren]

* GtkTextView [Matthias]
 - Add properties "accepts_tab" [Soeren], "overwrite" property 
   [Jeroen Zwartepoorte], "buffer"
 - Add gtk_text_buffer_select_range()
 - Implement drag-selection by words/lines (also for Gtkentry)
 - Some fixes to invisible text handling
 - Add support for GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR [David Brigada]
 - Clean up handling of horizontal paging
 - Fix scrolling with non-visible cursor
 - Add internals documentation [Havoc Pennington]

* GtkToolbar [Soeren]
 - Add a more consistent and extensible toolbar API; preserve
   old API for backwards compatibility [James, Anders Carlsson, Owen]
 - Support for sliding buttons like OS X
 - Keyboard navigation
 - Support "priority text"
 - Overflow menu
 - Better handling of really wide buttons [David Bordoley]
 - Drawing improvements
 - Support context menu

* GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Handle RTL [Matthias, Jonathan]
 - Add expand flag to column packing parameters [Jonathan, Kristian]
 - gtk_tree_path_free now silently returns on NULL paths
 - Move row reference updating code to closures
 - Fix TreeView DnD: make TreeStore DnD work, make drops on empty views work,
   get rid of gtk-tree-model-drop-append.
 - Add a filtering tree model: GtkTreeModelFilter [Kristian]

* gdk-pixbuf
 - Add a loader for PCX files [Josh Beam]
 - Improve calculation of filter weights for scaling [Brian Cameron, Owen]
 - Support TGA files with arbitrary origins [Matthias]
 - Add gdk_pixbuf_loader_new_with_mime_type() [Dom Lachowicz]
   gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size() [Dom, Owen, Matthias]
 - Add saving support for ICO and CUR
 - Improve handling of GIFs with oversized frames [Matthias]

* GDK:
 - Support for full-color / alpha-channel cursors [Matthias]
 - Remove support for non-X fonts and for pango-1.0; always require Xft2 [Owen]
 - Fix handling of recursive calls to gdk_window_begin_paint() [Soeren]
 - Many small changes to reduce round trips on startup; 
   add gdk_display_flush() [Owen]
 - Use Xlib asynchronous APIs to reduce roundtrips on startup
   and during DND [Owen]
 - Other changes to improve DND for large-latency connections [Owen]
 - Add support for EWMH "above" and "below" states [Manuel Clos] (also
   in GtkWindow)
 - Add Add GDK_MOUSE_DEVICE envvar for linux-fb backend [Marc Welz]
 - Other small linux-fb fixes [Eric Warmenhoven]

* Miscellaneous
 - Add support for named themable icons; use this facility to 
   provide the default stock icon images [Owen Taylor, based
   on code by Alex Larsson]
 - Add gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw() for more efficient
   resizing; use for GtkTextView. Redraw less on focus changes. [Soeren]
 - Add gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw() [Soeren]
 - Default theme improvements, especially for menus. Add some
   more style properties. [Soeren]
 - Add authentication stock icon [Matthias, art by Jakub Steiner]
 - Allow "none" to be set for input method GtkSettings [Hidetoshi Tajima]
 - Convert build system to automake-1.7; many cleanups and
   improvements. [James Henstridge, Owen]
 - Win32 fixes for new widgets [Hans]
 - Add right-to-left variants of some stock icons [Matthias]

* Documentation
 - Use XML source for man pages; add man pages for tools that didn't
   have them before [Matthias]
 - Tutorial improvements [Sebastian Rittau, Tony Gale, Roger Leigh, Matthias]
 - FAQ improvements [Tony, Gonzalo Odiard, Owen]
 - Misc documentation improvements [Matthias, Frederic Lespez, Tomas Ogren, 
   Martin Pool, Mariano Suarez-Alvarez]

* Deprecations
 - GtkItemFactory [Replaced by GtkUIManager]
 - GtkCombo, GtkOptionMenu [Replaced by GtkComboBox]
 - Miscellaneous functions that were renamed in 
   GTK+-2.0 and GTK+-2.2 [Matthias, Manish Singh, Soeren]

Other contributors: Krasimir Angelov, Archit Baweja, Sebastien Bacher,
  Steve Chaplin, John Darrington, Daniel Elstner, Marco Pesenti Gritti, 
  Jody Goldberg, David Hampton, Richard Kinder, Christian Persch, 
  Roozbeh Pournader, Christian Reis, Christian Rose, Joe Shaw, 
  Vasilis Vasaitis, Morten Welinder


Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.2.4
* Revert TreeView fix which broke context menus in different applications
  [Kristian Rietveld]
* Typo fixes [Kjartan Maraas]
* Make pressing END not put the menu in scrolling mode [Kris]
* Misc bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Bruce Hochstetler, Kjartan, Tony Gale]
* New and updated translations (sq, cy, hi, nl, de, es, zh_CN, ja, no, el)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.2.3
* GdkPixbuf [Matthias Clasen]
 - Fix some problems with overflows when scaling down [Tomas Ögren]
 - Many GIF bug fixes [Matthias, Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Prefer 32-bpp ICOs, fix bugs with them
 - Fix problem with absolute filenames and gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders
   [Jens Elker]
 - Make gdk-pixbuf-csource include alignment magic [Brian Cameron]
* Win32 [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Add multiple monitor support
 - Major event and key handling rewrite, including IME fixes
 - Fix handling of toplevel window positions
 - Add support for all window geometry hints (gridded geometry, etc.)
 - Fix DND to ignore drag window [Tony M Brown, Herman Bloggs]
 - Fix GdkImage memory leak [J. Ali Harlow]
 - Remove leftover OwnerGrabButtonMask emulation (fixes lots)
 - Misc bug fixes [Many from Hans Breuer, Tim Evans]
 - Build fixes and improvements [Peter Zelezny]
* X11
 - Fix extremely common crash where we interpreted the timestamp
   field of a XKB event as a window ID and found a pixmap that matched.
   [Owen Taylor, with essential backtrace from Kjartan Maraas]
 - Fix CapsLock and NumLock for non-XKB [Robert Basch]
 - Fix problems with, eg. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace hiding Ctrl-Backspace [Owen]
 - Workaround Xinerama servers reporting wrong depths [Owen]
* GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Fix scrolling once more [Pedro Gimeno, Michael Natterer, Timo Sirainen]
 - Don't get confused by the Control key when handling selection
   from an accelerator like <Control>B [Michael Natterer]
 - Many misc fixes [Matthias, Marco Pesenti Gritti, Tim Janik, Alex Larsson, 
   Tim-Philipp Müller, Michael Natterer, Josh Parsons, Yann Rouillard,
   Rene Seindel, Owen Taylor, Alp Toker, Morten Welinder]
* Input methods
 - Handle input methods exiting and starting while the 
   app is running [Hidetoshi Tajima]
 - Fix infinite loop when closing input methods [Owen,
   Takuro Ashie, Hidetoshi]
 - Add a 'cedilla' input method with c+acute => cedilla and use
   as the default for languages that use cedilla. [Gustavo De Nardin,
   Owen, Fco. Javier F. Serrador]
 - Fix status window for multihead [Owen, James Su]
 - Remember imcontext attributes when switching methods [Owen, 
   Botond Botyanszki]
* GtkFileSelection [Owen]
 - Fix selection of "UntitledN" on initial map [Mark Finlay]
 - Fix an annoying bug with cursor positioning on failed completion
 - Misc Fixes [Owen, Tor]
* Other widgets
 - Fix problem with GtkOptionMenus coming up in the wrong place [Kristian]
 - Fix problem with spinbuttons not getting enough space [Morten Welinder,
 - Fix an infinite loop when resizing GtkTextView [Owen, Frederic Crozat]
 - Don't include menu labels in gtk_notebook_forall [Owen]
 - Fix problem with XEMBED (GtkPlug) clients that don't take focus stealing
   focus [Owen]
 - Accept color drops with wrong format from KDE [Matthias]
* Fix problem from gnome-theme-manager playing tricks and
  making event->window a pixmap. [Anders Carlsson]
* Ignore Caps-lock when matching accelerators
* Fix 5-year-old bug where toplevels didn't fully refresh properly
  on theme change [Owen, Rajkumar Siva]
* Don't require precompiled gdk-pixbuf-csource when cross-compiling
  from a tarball [Owen]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Noah Levitt, Tor, Doug Quale, 
  Morten Welinder]
* Misc bug fixes [Keith Bissett, Botond Botyanszki, Damien Carbery,
  Arno Charlet, Felipe Heidrich, Charles Kerr, George Lebl, Noah, Tor, 
  Callum McKenzie, Michael Meeks, Denis Mikhalkin, Thomas Mirlacher,
  Kristian, Masahiro Sakai, Soeren Sandmann, Benedikt Spranger, Owen, 
  Luis Villa]
* New and updated translations (ar,az,cs,cy,be,de,es,fi,fr,he,hi,hu,id,is,it,

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.2.2

* GdkPixbuf [Matthias Clasen]
 - Fix animation of slow-loading progressive GIFS
 - Fix long-standing animated GIF display bug with transparency
 - Misc bug and portability fixes [Rick Jones, Tim Mooney, Marijn Ross]
* GDK [Owen Taylor]
 - Draw continuous underlines between Pango layout runs when 
   possible [Kang Jeong-Hee]
 - Fix gdk_pixbuf_from_drawable() for big endian [Christian Petig]
   Major rewrite of 16-bit handling for pixbuf_from_drawable()
* X11 backend [Owen]
 - Fix build on X11R5 [Albert Chin]
 - Fix switching keyboard layouts while running [Egmont Koblinger]
 - Work around RENDER extension bugs on certain Sun X servers [Morten Welinder]
 - Zero unused fields in client messages we send Lubos Lunak]
 - Fix occasional segfault when drawing pixbufs [Hans Petter Jansson]
 - Fix wrong initialization that was keeping XShm from being used.
* Win32 backend [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Tweak line drawing
 - Mouse/cursor fixes [Allin Cottrell]
 - Better handling of floppy drives in GtkFileSelection
 - Misc fixes [Arnaud Charlet, Cedric Gustin, Martyn Russell]
* Input methods [Hidetoshi Tajima]
 - Add rules for Greek accents to GtkIMContextSimple [Vasilis Vasaitis]
 - Fix sorting of rules in GtkIMContextSimple [Vasilis]
 - Miscellaneous GtkIMContextXIM fixes 
 - Fix translation of input context names
* Fix keyboard accelerators/bindings on Numeric Keypad [Owen, Olivier Ripoll]
* Add Delete to GtkEntry context menu, Delete/Select All 
  to GtkTextView context menu [Matthias]
* Keynav tweaks in GtkFileSelection, GtkColorSel [Matthias]
* Add C-A-PgUp/Down as alternative notebook page switching keys [Matthias]
* GtkTextView
 - Fix redrawing on color-only changes [Owen, Gustavo Giráldez]
 - Don't scroll to cursor on focus in [Paolo Maggi]
 - Fix spot location reported to input method [Owen, TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki, 
   Yao Zhang]
 - Miscellaneous bug fixes [Torbjörn Andersson, Matthias, Manual Clos,
   Padraig O'Briain, Owen]
* GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Fix prelighting [Sven Neumann]
 - Set drag cursor earlier to allow apps to override [Daniel Elstner]
 - Speed up insertions into GtkTreeModelSort [Owen, Jonathan Blandford]
 - Get background/cell area handling right in GtkTreeViewColumn [Vasco
   Alexandre da Silva Costa]
 - Bug fixes [Benjamin Bayart, Jonathan Blandford, Peter Bloomfield, 
   Dave Cook, Felipe Heidrich, Richard Hult, Markus Lausser, Michael Natterer,
   Mariano Suarez-Alvarez, Owen]
* Fix handling of border width for GtkToolbar [Rodney Dawes]
* Rewrite adjustment handling of GtkViewport, fixing many bugs
  [Owen, Thomas Leonard, Michael]
* Misc bug fixes [Dennis Björklund, Jonathan, Dave Bordoley, Rich Burridge, 
  Anders Carlsson, Arnaud, Matthias, Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa, 
  Tim Evans, Larry Ewing, John Finlay, Jeff Franks, Jody Goldberg, 
  Jason D. Hildebrand, Charles Kerr, Alex Larsson, Noah Levitt, Xan Lopez, 
  Loban Rahman, Richard Reich, Soeren Sandmann, Charles Schmidt, 
  Rajkumar Siva, Owen, Sergey V. Udaltsov, Morten Welinder, Michael Zucchi]
* Code cleanups [Matthias, Glynn Foster, Britton Kerin, Sven Neumann, 
  Doug Quale, Manish Singh, Morten Welinder]
* Switch to using libtool-1.5
* Build fixes [Matthias, J. Ali Harlow, Rich Kinder, Jon Nall, Sven, 
  Christian Rose]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Noah Levitt, Sven Neumann]
* New and updated translations (am,az,be,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,es,fa,fi,fr,id,

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.2.1
* Win32 [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Improve setting of window position / decorations
 - Implement gdk_pixmap_foreign_new() [Naofumi Yasufuku]
 - Fix various file selection bugs
 - Improve scheme for locating pixbuf loader modules
 - Miscellaneous fixes [Alex Shaduri, Kenichi SUTO, Ed Woods]
* GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
  - made GtkTreeSortable work as the documentation advertises [Jarek Dukat]
  - fixed gtk_tree_view_set_sort_column_id so you can disable sorting [Soeren
    Sandmann, Jarek Dukat]
  - TreeView search now works on all values transformable by GValue and not
    just strings [Muktha Narayan]
  - _move/_swap fixage in the Stores [Matthew Tuck, Paolo Maggi]
  - a lot of misc bug fixes [Alex Duggan, Carlos Garnacho Parro, Hans Petter
    Jansson, Kjartan Maraas, Soeren, Dave Camp, Murray Cumming, Dave Cook,
    Gaël Le Mignot, Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa]
* GtkTextView [Matthias Clasen]
 - Fix keynav with invisible cursor
 - Fix misdrawing of cursor [Owen Taylor] and selection
 - Many miscellaneous fixes [Narayana Pattipati, Daniel Elstner]
* Fix problem with accidental inclusion of a main() [Matthias]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Havoc Pennington]
* Fix problem with GtkColorsel and pixmap themes [Daniel]
* Fix race condition with GdkRGB in PseudoColor [Shivaram Upadhyayula]
* Warning fixes [Manish Singh]
* configure fixes [Akira Tagoh]
* New and updated translations (ca,de,es,et,ko,mn,pl,pt,vi,zh_CN)
* Miscellaneous bug fixes [Matthias, Daniel, Martin Gansser, Louis Garcia, 
  Tommi Komulainen, Thomas Leonard, Ian Peters, Arvind Samptur, 
  Soeren Sandmann, Hidetoshi Tajima, Owen]


Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.2.0
* Fix problem with the DND code and event filters [Bolian Yin, Owen Taylor]
* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Kristian Rietveld, Soeren Sandmann, Matthias Clasen]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias Clasen, Eric Warmenhoven, 
  James M. Cape]
* Example portability fix [Sven Neumann]
* Updated translations (es,ja,lv,ms,nl,ru,sk,sv)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.1.5
* GtkFileSel fixes [Owen Taylor]
  - Fix ..<tab> to go up a dir [Francisco Bustamante]
  - Fix UTF-8 operation, so that non-ASCII works [Kang Jeong-Hee]
  - Use g_utf8_collate() not strcmp for sorting [Gregory Merchan]
* Only close dialogs on Escape if they have a cancel button. [James Willcox]
* Fix problem with resizing gnome-terminal popup [Soeren Sandmann]
* Add Home/End/Page_Up/Page_Down keybindings for menus [Owen,
  Narayana Pattipati, Marius Andreiana]
* Xinerama fixes for GtkMenu [Matthias Clasen]
* Fix long-standing problem with Ami and GtkEntry [Owen, Kang Jeong-Hee]
* Documentation additions and fixes [Matthias]
* New and updated translations (am,bg,da,fr,fi,de)
* Miscellaneous bug and build fixes

Other contributors: Johan Dahlin, James Henstridge, Jon Nelson, 
   Bastien Nocera, Christian Reis, Arvind Samptur, Anand Subra, Simon Wong

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.1.4
* Improved default color scheme [Soeren Sandmann, with advise from
  Tuomas Kuosmanen and Garrett LeSage]
* Make pixmap creation functions take a GdkDrawable not a GdkWindow
  [Kristian Rietveld]
* Support move-resize emulation for all edges. [Matthias Clasen]
* Many fixes for X11 gdk_colormap_alloc_colors [Naofumi Yasufuku, Owen]
* Remove extra selections for ButtonRelease in XInput code 
  [Garry Osgood, Owen]
* Another attempt at fixing X focus tracking [Owen]
* linux-fb VT switch improvements [Eric Warmenhoven]
* Win32 [Tor Lillqvist]
  - Bug and win98 portability fixes for new tile/stipple code [Hans Breuer]
  - Improve maximized/minimized tracking
  - Bug fixes
* Fix problem with gtk_combo_set_popdown_strings() not changing
  the entry text [Owen]
* Support RTL flipping for statusbars [Matthias]
* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Kristian Rietveld, Juri Pakaste, Erik Simonsen,
  Richard Hult, Carlos Garnacho Parro]
* Use octal escapes rather than literal UTF-8 in strings [Owen]
* Make a lot of read-only data const. [Matthias, Morten Welinder]
* Misc bug fixes
* New and updated translations (cs,es,el,he,hu,lv,no,ro)

Other contributors: Anders Carlsson, Chris Blizzard, Stephen Brown, 
   Erwann Chenede, Jon-Kare Hellan, John Finlay, Jarred Keuch, 
   Kjartan Maraas, Christian Neumair

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.1.3

* Win32 [Tor Lillqvist]
  - fixes to multihead API stubs 
  - Comprehensively implement tiles and stipples
  - Handle tracking minimized/maximized [Arnaud Charlet]
* linux-fb fixes [Eric Warmenhoven]
* Use g_get_application_name() for default window titles and
  for the title of the client leader window [Owen, Havoc Pennington]
* Complete resize-grippy support, move-resize emulation 
  [Anders Carlsson, Matthias Clasen]

GTK+ Core:
* On screen change, recreate the widget's Pango context [Owen]
* Fix problems with focus ending up on unmapped widgets [Owen]
* Make g_object_set (gtk_settings_get_default (), ...) to override
  settings from XSETTINGS and ~/.gtkrc [Jonathan Blandford]
* Make GtkInputDialog multihead aware [Owen]
* Add a ::screen-changed signal to GtkWidget [Owen Taylor]

Widget improvements:
* Draw/check menu items insensitive [Soeren, Tim Evans]
* Fix color usage for radio/check menu item indicators [Soeren]
* Add ::snap-edge-set-property to GtkHandleBox [Owen, Matthias]
* RTL flipping improvements for GtkHandleBox, GtkMenuItem, GtkOptionMenu,
  GtkCheckMenuItem [Matthias Clasen]
* GtkCombo improvements [Owen]
  - Don't leave it behind when switching desktops [Matthias Clasen]
  - Fix longstanding bug with unwanted moving of selection [Mike Fulbright]
  - Don't change entry contents until window is popped back up
  - Keynav fixes
* Menu scrolling behavioral improvements [Owen, Ettore Perazzoli]
* GtkNotebook keynav improvements [Owen]
* Handle painting text on dark-colored progressbars [Soeren]
* GtkTreeView  [Kristian Rietveld]
  - Privatize gtk_tree_store_move(), add gtk_tree_store_move_before/after()
  - Keynav fixes, including adding boolean return values for keybinding
    signals (API breakage for API that no one should have been using)
    [Narayana Pattipati]
  - Add gtk_tree_view_column_cell_get_position()
  - Add an inconsistent state for GtkCellRendererToggle
  - Various bug fixes [Murray Cumming, Daniel Elstner, Vitaly Tishkov,  
    Morten Welinder, Robert Kinsella, Soeren]

Input Methods:
* Sort the input method list in the right click popup [Abigail Brady]
* GtkIMContextXIM bug fixes [HideToshi Tajima]

* Make sure that parameters don't shadow system functions [Soeren Sandmann]
* Deprecation cleanups [Manish Singh]
* Don't grab the focus to the default button in a GtkDialog [Daniel Elstner]
* Doc improvements, including adding Since: for 2.2. additions 
  [Matthias Clasen]
* Bug fixes, cleanups [Anders Carlsson, Daniel, Vitaly Tishkov, Matthias, 
  Iain Holmes, Gregory Merchan, Havoc Pennington, Soeren, Morten Welinder]
* Build fixes [Owen, Jeff Waugh, Dan Mills]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.1.2

* Fixes for GtkIMContextXIM [HideToshi Tajima, Owen Taylor]
* Remove usage of XLookupString outside of GtkIMContextXIM [Owen]
* Handle Shift/Caps/Num_Lock properly for non-Xkb [Owen]
* Add a --screen option to set default screen [Balamurali Viswanathan, Owen]
* Add simple support for startup notification [Havoc Pennington]
* Handle focus indication for check and radio buttons without children
  [Dave Camp, Owen]
* Much work on improve submenu navigation [Soeren Sandmann]
* Add "selected_shadow_type" property for menus [Soeren]
* Add "scrollbar_spacing" style property [Anders Carlsson, Owen]
* Rework GtkPaned keynav [Soeren, Calum Benson]
* Sensitivity and keynav fixes for GtkFileSelection [Muktha Narayan, Owen]
* Removed mnemonics for GtkToolbar Items [Mikael Hallendal]
* Tree view fixes and speedups 
  [Kristian Rietveld, Daniel Elstner, Havoc Pennington]
* Allow themes to set GtkTreeView even/odd row colors [Kristian]
* Doc fixes and improvements [Matthias Clasen, Vitaly Tishkov]
* Win32 fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
* Misc cleanups and bug fixes

Other contributors: Phil Blundell, Erwann Chenede, Jeremy Katz, 
   Padraig O'Briain, Havoc Pennington, Timo Sirainen, Nam SungHyun,
   Matt Wilson,

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.1.1
* Cleanup of use of deprecated functions in GTK+ [Manish Singh]
* Add support for separately installed Pixbuf loaders [Matthias Clasen]
* linux-fb improvements including window maximization. [Eric Warmenhoven]
* Fix to compile again with Xft version 1 [Owen Taylor]
* Fix handling of pointer on multiple screens [Owen]
  - Add gdk_event_set/get_screen() via evil hack
  - Add GdkDisplayPointerHooks to replace GdkPointerHooks
  - gdk_screen_get_window_at_pointer() => gdk_display_get_window_at_pointer()
  - Add gdk_display_get_pointer()
  - Make drag-and-drop between multiple screens work
* Export gdk_event_new(), discourage stack allocated events [Owen]
* gdk_draw_pixbuf() as better name for gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable() [Owen]
* Basic support for RandR extension [Keith Packard, Owen]
* Allow moving paned sliders all the way to the edge [Owen, Darin Adler]
* Add tag_table construct property to GtkTextBuffer [Daniel Elstner]
* gtk_window_set_[default_]icon_from_file [Owen, Havoc]
* Fix handling of GtkSettings set from RC files on reload [Owen]
* GtkTreeView work [Kristian Rietveld]
  - Stop editing on a focus out event for GtkCellRendererText 
    [Andreas J. Guelzow]
  - Don't accept drops on auto-sorted models
  - Fix evil bug with insertions to GtkTreeModelSort [Hans Petter Jansson]
* Fixes for GtkIMContextXIM 
  [Takuro Ashie, Motonobu Ichimura, Owen, HideToshi Tajima]
* Documentation fixes [Soeren Sandmann, Matthias Clasen; Joost Faassen, 
  Alexey A. Malyshev, Ben Martin, Havoc Pennington, Boris Shingarov, Owen, 
  Vitaly Tishkov, Dan Winship, Yao Zhang]
* Some performance tweaks [Soeren, Padraig O'Briain]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

Other contributors: Jacob Berkman, Phil Blundell, Kenneth Christiansen, 
  Murray Cumming, Bill Haneman, Jon-Kare Hellan, Hema Seetharamaiah

Overview of Changes from GTK+-2.0.x to GTK+-2.1.0

Multihead support: [Erwann Chenede, Owen Taylor]
* Multihead support 
* Add GdkDisplay, GdkScreen structures
* Add _for_display(), _for_screen() variants where needed in GDK and GTK+
  (In other cases, make the variants methods on GdkDisplay/GdkScreen
* Adapt GTK+ widgets to be multihead safe
* Allow initialization of GTK+ without opening a display with gtk_parse_args()
* Add multihead support to demos/tests.

* Adapt win32 code to multihead reorganization [Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist]
* Adapt linux-fb code to multihead reorganization [Eric Warmenhoven]
* Miscellaneous linux-fb improvements [Eric]
* Xinerama support [Erwann Chenede, Matthias Clasen]
* Allow GDK backends to add custom argument parsing [Sven Neumann]
* Add support for some addition NET window manager spec hints [Havoc Pennington]
* Add ::keys-changed signal to GdkKeymap, handle keymap changes for keybindings [Owen]

GtkTreeView: [Kristian Rietveld]
* Support stock pixbufs in GtkCellRendererPixbuf 
* Allow setting the cell background for cell renderers
* Support focusing individual cell renderers and other focus fixes
* Make resizing tree views more efficient [Soeren Sandmann]
* Add gtk_tree_model_get_string_from_iter
* Improve gtk_list_store_remove API
* API additions:
  gtk_tree_model_sort_iter_is_valid(), gtk_tree_view_expand_to_path() 
  Add gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows(),
  gtk_tree_path_new_from_indices(),  gtk_{list,tree}_store_{reorder,swap,_move} 

* Add style property for drawing menu items without shadow [Soeren]
* gtk_widget_modify_color_component/font(): Allow clearing
  current modifications. [Owen]
* Add GtkWidget::is_focus, GtkWindow::is_active properties [Owen]
* Some XEMBED changes for standards compliance and Qt compatibility [Owen]
* Fix menus resizing when popped up or torn off [Owen]
* Improve label behavior when it gets a too small allocation [Soeren]
* Add support for depth 8 StaticColor visuals to gdkrgb [Matthias]
* Theme drawing improvements [Soeren]
* Add types for GtkRowReference, GtkClipboard [Jonathan Blandford, James Henstridge, Owen]
* Use G_TYPE_FLAG_ABSTRACT for abstract types [Matthias]
* Add gtk_menu_shell_select_first() [Owen]
* Add gtk_notebook_get_n_pages() [Havoc Pennington]
* Allow accel_path = NULL for gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path().
* Allow icon sizes to be changed via a GtkSetting [Bill Haneman, Brian Cameron, Owen]

* Improve gdk-pixbuf loader tests [Soeren Sandmann]
* Use iTXT chunks when necessary in PNG image saver [Matthias]
* Add incremental loading for progressive jpegs [Matthias]
* Add load-at-size functionality [Matthias]
* Add a loader for .ANI animations [Matthias]
* Load hotspot for .ICO files [Matthias]

* Convert docs to Docbook XML [Matthias]
* Doc improvements and fixes [Matthias, Soeren, 
  Dennis Bj"orklund, Ross Burton, Manuel Clos, Alexey A. Malyshev, Brett Nash,
  Brian Tarricone, Owen, Vitaly Tishkov, Yao Zhang]
* Tutorial improvements [Tony Gale]

* Add gtk-im-preedit-style/gtk-im-status-style XSETTINGS [Hidetoshi Tajima]
* Clean up GDK and demos for deprecated functions [Manish Singh]
* Misc fixes [Olexiy Avramchenko, Jacob Berkman, Anders Carlsson, David L. Cooper II, Robin Lu, 
  Eric Mader, Mark McLoughlin, Padraig O'Briain, Laszlo Peter, Hidetoshi, Vitaly Tishkov, 
  Shivaram Upadhyayula]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.9
* Fix colormap refcounting, which caused frequent metacity crashes
  [Christopher James Lahey]
* Lots of work on the Win32 backend [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Scrolling fixes
 - GdkGC clipping fixes and improvements
 - Started implementing all fill styles
* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Make TreeView reordering work on FreeBSD/Solaris [Heiner Eichmann]
* Various bug fixes

Other contributors: Matthias Clasen, Arnaud Charlet, Vitaly Tishkov,
   Josh Parsons, Peter Bloomfield

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.8
* Fix typo in io-gif.c that broke loading GIFS [Akira Tagoh]
* Improve redraws when scrolling on Win32 [Tor Lillqvist]
* Fix problem with RENDER and XFree86-4.1 [Owen Taylor, Jamie Zawinski]
* Fix problem with GtkImage placement [Owen, Sven Neumann, Soeren Sandmann]
* Updated translation (el)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.7
* Fix some memory leaks in gdk-pixbuf [Sven Neumann]
* Pixbuf loader fixes  [Federico Mena Quintero, Elliot Lee]
* Support depth 8 StaticColor in GdkRGB [Matthias Clasen]
* Win32 fixes and improvements [Tor Lillqvist]
 - Keyboard handling fixes [Florent Duguet]
 - Fixes for building and running on Cygwin [Masahiro Sakai]
 - Fix gdk_window_scroll(), other GdkWindow fixes
 - Misc bug and build fixes [Soren Andersen, Florent, Tim Evans,
   J. Ali Harlow, Andreas Holzmann, Iwasa Kazmi]
* Improve tracking of toplevel focus state [Owen]
* XIM input method fixes [Takuro Ashie, HideToshi Tajima]
* Fix the longstanding problem with <,> keys and XIM [Owen Taylor]
* Fix GtkIMContextSimple for us-intl keyboards [Alexandre Oliva]
* GtkIMContextSimple updates for Eastern Europe [Stanislav Brabec]
* Fix the "key bindings randomly stop working" problem [Sebastian Ritau]
* GtkTextView fixes [Gustavo Giraldez, Padraig O'Briain, Shivaram Upadhyayula]
* GtkTreeView bugfixes [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld]
  - Various memleak, ref counting fixes [Jonathan, Jorn Baayen, Daniel 
    Elstner, Morten Welinder]
  - gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach now immediately returns if 
    the model is being changed [Havoc Pennington]
  - Fix evil bug with insertions to GtkTreeModelSort [Hans Petter Jansson]
* GtkCombo fixes [Marco Pesenti Gritti, Zimler Attila, Matthias, Owen]
* Fix 64-bit problem with GtkFundamentalType [Ross Alexander, Manish Singh] 
* New and updated translations (am,be,bg,ca,cs,da,de,el,es,el,fa,fr,hi,hu,
* Many miscellaneous bug fixes

Other contributors: Jacob Berkman, Albert Chin, Chema Celorio,
   David L. Cooper II, Brent Fox, Tim Janik, Marco Pesenti Gritti, 
   Alex Larsson, Zenith Lau, Thomas Leonard, Gaute Lindkvist, 
   Paolo Maggi, Andy Wingo, Jami Pekannen, Joshua N Pritikin, 
   Soeren Sandmann, Vitaly Tishkov, Morten Welinder

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.6

* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld, 
  Josh Green, Matthias Clasen]
* Fix problem with keynav and insensitive menu items [Owen Taylor]
* Fix pixbuf_from_drawable() for LSB -> MSB [Federico Mena Quintero]
* Use GTK2_RC_FILES envvar instead of GTK_RC_FILES [Owen]
* Focus check/radio buttons when activating with a mnemonic [Padraig O'Briain]
* Cycle between multiple menubars with F10, not control-tab 
  [Calum Benson, Padraig]
* Misc bug fixes [Jacob Berkman, Matthias Clasen, Manuel Op de Coul,
  Bill Haneman, Norihiro UMEDA, Shivaram Upadhyayula, Yao Zhang]
* Build fixes for cross-compiling and portability [Arnaud Charlet, 
  J. Ali Harlow]
* Updated translations (bg,ca,da,fr,ja,ko,lv,no,pl,ru,sk,sv,vi)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.5

* Fix a wrong assertion that broke gtk_file_selection_set_filename();
  also another fix from testing this function with non-UTF-8 filenames.
* Fix incorrect property notification in GtkTextView. [James M. Cape]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.4

* Fix a number of types which were registered with the 
  type system with the wrong names [James Henstridge, Jonathan Blandford]
* Support missing data types in GtkList/TreeStore [Daniel Elstner]
* Misc GtkTreeView bug fixes [Dave Camp, Jonathan, Daniel Elstner, 
  Josh Parsons]
* Drag and drop fixes, including a stuck grab. [Dave, Thomas Leonard, 
  Owen Taylor]
* Calculate screen size on win32 from the "logical DPI" 
  [Joaquin Cuenca Abela, Tor Lillqvist]
* Misc Win32 bug fixes. [Florent Duguet, Tor]
* Fix theme changes for GtkMenu [Soeren Sandmann]
* Fix gdk_pixbuf_from_drawable() for big endian. [Federico Mena Quintero]
* Fix encoding handling for gtk_file_selection_set_filename()
  [Sebastian Ritau, Owen]
* Fix crash with DND, Qt and Metacity [Cha Young-Ho, Havoc, Owen]
* Fixes for DirectColor visuals [Shivaram Upadhyayula]
* Memory leak and UMR fixes [Michael Meeks, Matthias Clasen, Valgrind]
* Misc bug fixes
* Updated translations (ca,cs,da,es,et,fr,ms,nl,pl,pt,pt_BR,ru,sv)

Other contributors: Nicholas Allen, Jacob Berkman, Remus Draica, 
  Nano Golveia, Tim Janik, Sergey Kuzminov, George Lebl, Garrett LeSage, 
  Robin Lu, Timo Meinen, Michel Selten, Boris Shingarov, Jeff Waugh

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.3

* GtkTreeView fixes (Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld, Daniel Elstner)
* Improve GdkRGB support for low color depths (Tor Lillqvist).
* Tweak F10 behavior to focus GtkMenuBar. (Owen Taylor)
* Include internal children when focusing. (Jonathan)
* Win32 fixes (Tor Lillqvist, David Sterba)
* Allow use of a pixmap as the drawable in gdk_pixmap_new(). (Kristian)
* GdkPixbuf fixes (Matthias Clasen, Michael Natterer, Federico Mena Quintero)
* GtkMenu fixes. (Soeren Sandmann)
* Find gdk-pixbuf-csource when cross-compiling. (Michael Natterer)
* Misc input-method related fixes (Yao Zhang, Federico)
* Fix stuck grab during DND. (Dave Camp, Owen)
* Remove in-bevel from scrolled-offscreen menus. (Ettore Perazzoli)
* Various plug/socket fixes (Owen, Padraig O'Briain, Dave Camp, 
  Michael Meeks)
* Handle Xlib internal connections (HideToshi Tajima)
* Many miscellaneous bug fixes.

Other contributors: Jacob Berkman, Abigail Brady, Rich Burridge, 
Anders Carlsson, Murray Cumming, Nalin Dahyabhai, James Henstridge, 
David Highley, Ben Liblitt, Tim Janik, Bill Jannsen, Lauris Kaplinski, 
Sergey Kuzminov, Alex Larsson, Sven Neumann, Havoc Pennington, Gareth Pearce, 
Simon Floery, Thomas Leonard, Detlef Reichl, Martin Schulze, Christophe Saout,
Timo Sirainen, Graham Swallow.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.2

* GtkTreeView cursor movement fixes [Kristian Rietveld]
* GtkTreeModelSort iterator stamp fixes [Kristian Rietveld]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.1

* GtkTreeView fixes and performance improvements 
  [Kristian Rietveld, Jonathan Blandford, Mike Piepe, Dave Camp]
* GtkTextView fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* Fix problems with accelerators on Solaris [Padraig O'Briain]
* Some fixes for key bindings on keypad keys [Owen Taylor]
* Fix problem with RENDER use on big endian machines 
  [Owen Taylor, with help from Tuomas Kuosmanen]
* Win32 fixes, especially dashed line drawing 
  [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer]
* Compile with -D_REENTRANT when appropriate [Sven Neumann]
* Compiler warning cleanups [Erwann Chenede]
* Fix handling of font-name XSETTING [Richard Hestilow]
* Make linux-fb backend compile again [Carlo E. Prelz, Alex Larsson]
* Fix problems with inappropriate menu scroll arrows [Owen]
* Stock icon improvements [Jakub Steiner, Tuomas]
* Much work on pixbuf loader robustness [Matthias Clasen]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias, Vitaly Tishkov]
* Fix some crashes in GtkWindow accelerator handling code 
  [Dave Camp, Matt Wilson]
* Misc bug fixes

Other contributors: Jacob Berkman, Dennis Björklund, Seth Burgess,
  Murray Cumming, Johan Dahlin, John Ellis, Kang Jeong-Hee, 
  James Henstridge, Richard Hult, Thomas Leonard, LEE Sau Dan, 
  Alexey A. Malyshev, Mark McLoughlin, Michael Meeks, Sven Neumann, 
  Andras Salamon, Soeren Sandmann, Dan Winship, Yao Zhang

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.0

* GtkTreeView fixes [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld, Darin Adler]
* Build fixes [Anders Carlsson, Tor Lillqvist, Manish Singh]
* Bug fixes. [Thomas Leonard, Owen Taylor]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.0.0 rc1

* GtkTreeView fixes [Kristian Rietveld, Jonathan Blandford, Richard Hult]
* Text widget fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* Efficiency fixes when using Xft [Owen Taylor]
* Key handling fixes and other fixes for Win32 [Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist]
* Try to fix key handling without XKEYBOARD extension [Owen]
* Documentation fixes and improvements 
  [Matthias Clasen, Alexey Malyshev, Akira Tagoh, Vitaly Tishkov]
* Widget drawing improvements [Soeren Sandmann]
* Allow cycling between multiple menu bars with <Control>Tab [Owen]
* Try to build libraries with only shared library dependencies on Xft to 
  deal with transition to Xft2 [Owen]
* Portability fixes [Owen, Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann]
* Don't use red as the default cursor color [Owen]
* Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes.

Other contributors: Darin Adler, Jacob Berkman, Kevin Breit, Hans Breuer, 
  Anders Carlsson, Damon Chaplin, Finlay Dobbie, Jody Goldberg,
  Andreas J. Guelzow, Scott Guilbeaux, Vlad Harchev, James Henstridge,
  Tim Janik, Satyajit Kanungo, Charles Kerr, Sergey Kuzminov, Miles Lane, 
  Alexander Larsson, Paolo Maggi, Skip Montaro, Jan Mynarik, Sven Neumann, 
  Padraig O'Briain, Narayani Pattipati, Mark Patton, Havoc Pennington, 
  Ettore Perazzoli, Guillermo S. Romero, Manish Singh, Morten Welinder

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.15

* New stock and improved icon images
  [Tuomas Kuosmanen, Jakub Steiner, Anders Carlsson]
* Widget drawing improvements for check and radio buttons,
  spinbuttons [Soeren Sandmann]
* Clean up module search path algorithm, use GTK_PATH [Owen Taylor]
* Add GtkSetting for font name. [Richard Hestilow]
* Much improved key matching code, accelerators work independent
  of group [Owen]
* Make mnemonics work for embedded GtkPlug widgets [Owen]
* Keynav improvements for GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
* Fix gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell() [Jonathan Blandford]
* Rename gtk_tree_view_get_iter_root() and gtk_tree_path_new_root()
  to gtk_tree_view_get_iter_first() and gtk_tree_path_new_first(),
  add compatibility macros.
* GtkTreeView bug fixes [Kristian, Anders, Damon Chaplin]
* GtkTextView bug fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* Pad class structures for future binary compatibility [Owen]
* Tutorial improvements [Sven Neumann, Matthias Clasen]
* Fixes for MULTIPLE selection target [Gregory Merchan, Owen]
* Fix problems with initial widget size [Owen]
* AIX compilation fixes [Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann]
* Win32 fixes [Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

Other contributors: David L. Cooper, Eric Fischer, Jody Goldberg, 
  Satajyit Kanungo, Thomas Leonard, Mark Patton, Manish Singh, 
  Nicolas Setton

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.14

* Keyboard focus improvements [Owen Taylor]
* Code cleanup [Matthias Clasen, Manish Singh, Darin Adler]
* Fix accidentally exported variables [Mark McLoughlin]
* GtkTreeView fixes [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld, John Harper, Darin]
* Default to yellow tooltips [Owen]
* RC file fixes for reloading, priorities [Owen, Matthias]
* GtkMenu behavior improvements and bug fixes [Owen, Arnaud Charlet]
* GtkTextView fixes [Havoc Pennington, Daniel Elstner, Dennis Bjorklund]
* Improve keynav for paned widgets, tooltips, spin buttons, notebooks, 
  scrolled windows [Soeren Sandmann, Padraig, Owen]
* Add Emacs/Default key themes [Owen]
* Win32 fixes [Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist]
* Ethiopic input methods [Daniel Yacob]
* Opaque paned window resizing [Soeren]
* Tweak table expansion behavior [Tim Janik]
* Fix GtkCalendar focus drawing [Bill Haneman]
* Allow themeable cursor thickness [Bill]
* Start of fixing of tutorial for GTK+-2.0 [Matthias]
* Add a ::adjust-bounds signal to GtkRange to allow spreadsheet style
  scrollbars. [Jody Goldberg]
* Add the ability to turn on multiple selection for GtkFileSel [Manish]
* Bug fixes

Other contributors: Jacob Berkman, Padraig O'Briain, Anders Carlsson,
 Johan Dahlin, Richard Hult, Stefan Kost, Alex Larsson, Thomas Leonard,
 Paolo Maggi, Alexey Malyshev, Federico Mena Quintero, Skip Montaro,
 Sven Neumann, Havoc Pennington, Laszlo Peter, Christian Rose, Joe Shaw,
 Kevin Vandersloot,  Morten Welinder, Peter Williams

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.13

* Tree view fixes. [Kristian Rietveld, Jonathan Blandford, Anders Carlsson]
* Tree view support for low-vision themes [Bill Haneman]
* Text view bug fixes. [Havoc Pennington]
* Win32 fixes and improvements.  [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer, 
  Archaeopteryx Software]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias Clasen, Havoc Pennington]
* Accelerate alpha compositing using RENDER extension if present,
  and optimize the non-RENDER case a lot. [Owen Taylor]
* Add support for "optional keybindings" (action signal returns FALSE) [Owen]
* Fixed the infamous changing directory deletes filename bug 
  [Owen and a cast of thousands]
* Add mouse cursor hiding for text widgets [Anders Carlsson]
* Simple Hangul input module [Yusuke Tabata]
* Removed the scary startup warning.
* GdkPixbuf pixel handling fixes [Owen, Michael Hore, Jim Cape]
* Converted GtkFileSelection and GtkFontSelection to use GtKTreeView widgets
  instead of the deprecated GtkCList [Owen]
* gtkhsv.h was installed by mistake, fixed that. [reported by Ross Burton]
* gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable() now also handles alpha pixbufs.
* Made Gtkimage draw GtkPixmap, GtkImage, GdkPixbuf insensitive, prelighted,
  etc. [Havoc, Owen]
* Marked gtk_item_factory_path_from_widget() G_CONST_RETURN. [Matt Wilson]
* gtk_image_menu_item_new_from_stock() now falls back to
  new_with_mnemonic, for consistency with gtk_button_new_from_stock()
  [Havoc Pennington]
* GdkModifierType is now consistently used for modifier mask parameters
  [Mark Patton]
* gtk_widget_set_accel_path() is now publically exported.

Other contributors: Darin Adler, Jeffrey Baker, Damon Chaplin, Brian Cameron, 
  Murray Cumming, James Henstridge, Jacob Berkman, Arnaud Charlet, Jeff Franks, 
  Jeff Garzik, Jody Goldberg, Diego Gonzalez, Melvin Hadasht, Raja Harinath, 
  Tim Janik, Mike Kestner, Mathieu Lacage, Alex Larsson, Ryan Lovett, 
  Mark McLoughlin, Sven Neumann, Padraig O'Briain, Xavier Ordoquy, Chris Phelps, 
  Detlef Reichl, Guillermo S. Romero, Federico Mena Quintero, Manish Singh,
  HideToshi Tajima, Vitaly Tishkov, Jon Trowbridge, Sergey Vlasov.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.12

* Fix problems with PNG saving [Michael Natterer]
* Cleanups of deprecated usages [Sebastian Wilhelmi]
* Win32 fixes [Tor Lillqvist]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias Clasen, Havoc Pennington, 
  Vitaly Tishkov]
* Frame buffer port fixes [Manish Singh]
* GtkTextView bug fixes [Havoc Pennington, Chris Phelps]
* Menu behavior improvements [Kristian Rietveld]
* Make focus line width configurable, focus color work on 
  dark themes. [Bill Haneman, Owen Taylor]
* Add state argument to gtk_paint_focus() [Bill]
* Added incremental revalidation to tree view, for better apparent speed 
  [Jonathan Blandford]
* Remove useless gtk_tree_view_column_cell_event() [Jonathan]
* Display XIM status in a separate window [HideToshi Tajima]
* Add GDK_DEBUG=nograbs to disable pointer, keyboard grabs [Jacob Berkman]
* Add menu of Unicode control characters to GtkEntry, GtkTextView 
  [Dov Grobgeld, Havoc]
* Pass key releases along to input methods [Owen]
* Many bug fixes

Other contributors: Darin Adler, Fabrice Bellet, Chris Blizzard, 
  Hans Breuer, Anders Carlsson, Damon Chaplin, Murray Cumming, Jeff Franks, 
  James Henstridge, Tim Janik, Alex Larsson, George Lebl, Kjartan, Maraas, 
  Sven Neumann, Seth Nickell, Padraig O'Briain, Soeren Sandmann, Manish Singh, 
  Matt Wilson

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.11

* Massive rework of accelerator API and implementation (Tim Janik)
* Major fixes to resizing and redrawing to eliminate hysteresis
  and optimize. (Owen Taylor, Soeren Sandmann)
* Make many widgets NO_WINDOW to improve appearance and reduce
  drawing overhead (Owen)
* Text view fixes (Havoc Pennington)
* Make child widgets in GtkTextView work (Havoc)
* GtkTreeModelSort fixage (Jonathan Blandford, Kristian Rietveld)
* Clean up GtkTreeView drag and drop support (Owen)
* Misc tree view fixes and improvements (Jonathan, Kristian, Anders, Matt Wilson)
* Add gtk_window_get/set_focus(), gtk_window_set_default() as public
  functions (Owen, Damian Ivereigh)
* Fixes to GtkPlug/GtkSocket (Michael Meeks, Owen)
* Change button ordering in standard dialogs to correspond to 
  GNOME usability project proposal (Gregory Merchan)
* Add support for context sensitivity in input methods (Owen)
* Hook up gtk_im_context_set_use_preedit() (Hidetoshi Tajima)
* Fix gdk_window_scroll() and other aspects of big windows (Owen)
* Remove need for X connection for class initialization (Jacob Berkman)
* Propagate key events to parents of focused widget (Owen)
* Don't export normal GTK+ marshalers, export deprecated compat marshalers (Owen)
* Many Win32 Fixes and improvements (Hans Breuer, Tor Lillqvist)
* Bug and documentation fixing (Matthias Clasen, Anders Carlsson,
  Jacob Berkman, others.)

Other Contributors:
  Darin Adler, Marius Andreiana, Erwann Chenede, Murray Cumming, Janet Davis, 
  Daniel Egger, Daniel Elstner, Jeff Franks, Alex Larsson, George Lebl, 
  Sergey Kuzminov, Eric Lemings, Arkadiusz Miskiewicz, Padraig O'Briain, Sven Neumann, 
  Kristian Rietveld, Nicolas Setton, Manish Singh,  Vitaly Tishkov, Sebastian Wilhelmi, 
  Michael Natterer

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.10

* GtkTextView fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* GtkTreeView fixes and improvements [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian,
  Manish Singh, Joshua Pritikin, Oleg Maiboroda, James Henstridge]
* gtkdemo improvements [Kristian Rietveld]
* Drag and drop fixes to generic code and widgets 
  [Owen Taylor, Damian Ivereigh]
* Documentation improvement [Havoc Pennington, Matthias Clasen]
* Spelling fixes [Jacob Berkman]
* Move signals to the GtkEditable interface [Kristian]
* Further stock image improvements [Jakub Steiner]
* Support text chunks for the PGN loader, add gdk_pixbuf_get_option()
  [Sven Neumann]
* Rename gdk_pixbuf_new_from_stream back to new_from_inline [Owen]
* Automatically call setlocale(), unless explicitly disabled [Owen]
* Property addition to various widgets [Michael Meeks, Owen]
* Support building with automake-1.4 [James]
* Make GtkRadioButton groups act as a single focus point [Owen]
* Move gdk_window_lookup etc. to be cross-platform [Matthias]
* Draw spinbuttons variably sized [Kristian]
* Separate GdkAtom out from X atoms for compatibility with future
  multihead changes [Owen]
* Require gdk_threads_init() to be explicitly called instead
  of piggybacking off of g_thread_init(). [Owen]
* Improvements to text-view/label/entry popup menus [Damian, Jacob, Owen]
* Bug fixes and cleanup [Matthias, others]

Other Contributors:
  Mark McLoughin, Mikael Hermansson, Soeren Sandmann, Anders Carlsson,
  Tim Janik, Murray Cumming, Hidetoshi Tajima, Padraig O'Briain, 
  Hans Breuer, Vitaly Tishkov, Dov Grobgeld

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.9

* Add editable text cells to GtkTreeView.
  Keynav, drawing fixes in GtkTreeView [Jonathan Blandford]
* Text widget no longer always has a \n in it. [Havoc Pennington]
* Text widget bug fixes [Havoc, Dov Grobgeld, Hidetoshi Tajima]
* Allow -1 for width/height in gdk_pixbuf_render_*(). [Matthias Clasen]
* Minor fix for major resizing problems in recent releases [Owen Taylor]
* Restore ability to set _set properties to TRUE for 
  GtkCellRendererText, GtkTextTag [Owen]
* Cursor drawing improvements [Owen]
* Win32 fixes [Hans Breuer]
* Mark various functions as deprecated or private.
* Misc bug fixes, portability fixes, and cleanups.

Other Contributors: 
 Vitaly Tishkov, Christian Rose, Frank Belew, Jeff Franks, Sven Neumann,
 Kristian Rietveld, Vitaly Tishkov, Joshua N. Pritikin, Matt Wilson, 
 James Henstridge, Detlef Reichl

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.8

* GtkTreeView and GtkTreeModel API cleanups/improvements [Jrb]
* GtkOptionMenu scrollwheel support [Alex]
* GtkModule search paths [Owen]
* Documenatation updates [Havoc,Jrb]
* Major Gdk cleanup [Owen]
* Miscellaneous other fixes/cleanups

Other Contributors:
  Joshua N Pritikin, Padraig O'Briain, Jakub Steiner, Matthias Clasen,
  Matt Wilson, James Henstridge

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.7

* Many Pixbuf (loader) improvements [Matthias Clasen, Soeren Sandmann]
* Added publically installed utility gdk-pixbuf-csource to generate
  inlined pixbufs in C source code [Tim Janik]
* Optional movement of button children on press [Soeren, Owen Taylor]
* Interactive searching in GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
* Sorting/ordering improvements for GtkTreeView [Kris, Jonathan Blandford]
* Animation of expander motion for GtkTreeView [Anders Carlsson]
* Lots of misc GtkTreeView fixes and improvements [Jonathan]
* New/improved stock icons [Jakub Steiner] 
* Code and API rework for window resizing [Havoc Pennington]
* Converted accel groups to GObject [James Henstridge]
* More property support improvements
* Add facility for "secondary" buttons in 
  GtkButtonBox/GtkDialog [Gregory Merchan]
* Disentangled child visability from MAPPED state [Owen]
* Plug/Socket improvements and port to the XEMBED protocol [Owen]
* Added priorities for styles in RC files, 
  support multiple parse contents [Owen]
* Made GdkVisual and GdkDevice GObjects [Alexander Larsson]
* Key binding improvements [Havoc]
* Added GtkWidget::event-after signal since normal event handling
  is now aborted as soon as a handler returned TRUE [Tim]
* Dnd fixes and improved icon support [Owen]
* Removed GtkPacker widget
* Fixing missing paired getters/setters [Kris]
* Nuked remaining GtkArg cruft, implemented container/child properties [Tim]
* Added window grab groups [Owen]
* Many frame buffer improvements [Alex]
* Win32 fixes and improvements [Hans Breuer]
* Warning fixes [Darin Adler]
* Miscellaneous bug and API fixes [Matthias et. al]

Other Contributors:
  Joshua N Pritikin, Hidetoshi Tajima, Manish Singh, ERDI Gergo, Jens Finke,
  Chema Celorio, Lee Mallabone, Vitaly Tishkov, Sebastian Wilhelmi,
  Nicola Girardi, Sven Neumann, Padraig O'Briain, Michael Natterer,
  Suresh Chandrasekharan, Jonas Borgström, Jay Cox, Michael Meeks,
  Mathias Hasselmann, Peter Williams, Thomas Broyer, Kjartan Maraas,
  Joel Becker, Jeff Franks, Brian Cameron, Skip Montanaro

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.6

* Properly renders strikethrough text
* win32 fixes
* Added "scale" property to GtkTextTag and GtkCellRendererText to do 
  relative font scaling
* Added "format_value" signal to GtkScale to reformat value text
* framebuffer fixes
* Property support added to lots of widgets
* Many GtkTreeView new features and API/implementation fixes
* Lots of new_with_mnemonic() convenience functions
* Change GtkImageMenuItem API to be more consistent/useful
* Added lots of new stock items/icons
* Rewrote GtkRange/GtkScale/GtkScrollbar, includes support for
  enabling/disabling extra scrollbar stepper arrows in gtkrc so NeXT
  themes won't need broken hacks
* Convenience API for GtkRange similar to the one added to GtkSpinButton
  a while back
* Make menubar/toolbar work properly with xthickness/ythickness of 1 or 0, 
  and move some attributes from program settings to user settings.
  Allows nice 1-pixel-bevel themes.
* Moved ::focus virtual function from GtkContainer to GtkWidget
* Plenty of bug fixes

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.5

* New default theme based on Raleigh theme for 1.2.x.
* Dependency on the ATK library added as a step to
  providing accessibility-enabling interfaces
* XEMBED-based GtkPlug/GtkSocket now basically works.
* Drag and drop of column headers in GtkTreeView
* GtkColorSelector work: hooks for saving and propagating palette, UI tweaks,
  and API sanitation
* Key binding fixes
* Configurable padding/spacing in a lot of places
* Invisible text in GtkTextView fixed
* SHM segments now created with a mode of 0600
* Bug fixes

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.4

* Win32 fixes
* GtkTreeView improvements and fixes
* Fix glib-2.0.m4
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.3

[ 5600 lines of ChangeLog ]

* API cleanups
* Win32 work (Tor, Hans Breuer)
* Focus improvements (Owen)
* Frame buffer improvements (Alex)
* Work on GtkTextView (Havoc)
* Much work on GtkTreeView (Jonathan)
* Selectable labels (Havoc)
* Converted many arguments to properties (Lee Mallabone, John Margaglione)
* Add exact regions to GdkExposeEvent, propagate it. (Alex)
* Added ability to have resize grips in status bars (etc.) using
  _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE protocol. (Havoc)
* Added mnemnonic mechanism to make setting underline accelerators
  much easier. (Alex)
* Add per-style property mechanism to allow themes to change 
  geometry parameters. (Tim)
* Added global settings mechanisms for settings such as double-click
  time. (Tim, Owen)
* Various support functions for new and old WM properties (Havoc, Alex)
* Add TRUE-stops-returns for boolean-returning signals (Ron Steinke)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.2

GTK Core:

* New stock-icon and stock-item system. Use themeable pixbufs in
  dialogs, buttons, etc. [Havoc]
* Theme engines reworked to use derivation and new object system. [Owen]
* Added GtkClipboard object for simple selection handling. [Owen]
* Make GtkEditable an interface, move implementation to GtkOldEditable for
  compat. [Owen]
* Better handling of default directionality. [Robert]
* Use GSignal as backend for GtkSignal and other GObject stuff. [Tim]
* Move theme engines to GTypePlugin. [Owen]


* Beginning of implementation of client parts of new window manager spec. [Owen]
* Make gdk_drawable_get_image() work with backing store. [Havoc]


* New text widget [Havoc]
  - Adjustable tab handling.
  - Ability to have scrolling side areas in new text widget for tabs/line numbers.
  - Many cleanups and small improvements.
* Improvements to submenu navigation [Nils Barth/David Santiago] and
  scrolling menus. [Alex]
* Simplification of progress bar API. [Havoc]
* Make GtkImage a generic image-display widget. [Havoc]
* New GtkTreeView tree widget. Model/view architecture, flexible rendering,
  large datasets, etc. [Jonathan]
* New GtkMessageBox widget for message display. [Havoc]
* Allow labels to have contents set from XML-like markup language. [Havoc]
* Make dialogs derive from GtkDialog and use stock buttons. [Havoc]


* Proper character set conversion for clipboard/selection. [Owen]
* New input method system via loadable modules; support on-the-spot
  preedit in GtkEntry and new text widget; allow switching input methods
  on the fly; include modules for XIM and demo Cyrillic-transliteration 
  module. [Owen]
* VIQR, Thai, and Inuktitut input methods. [Robert]
* Convert po files to UTF-8. [Robert]


* Full-alpha compositing for gdk-pixbuf on drawable. [Havoc]
* Add simple saving to gdk-pixbuf. [David Welton/Havoc]
* Add improved error handling with GError to gdk-pixbuf. [Havoc]


* Much work on Win32 Port. [Tor/Hans]
* Much work on Linux-FB Port. [Elliot/Alex]


* Start of new gtk-demo demo program. [Owen/Jonathan]
* Bug fixes and more bug fixes.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.1:

* GTK+ now uses the Pango library for text manipulation. All
  strings in GTK+ now are in Unicode, languages written
  from right-to-left, and complex-text languages are now supported.
* The gdk-pixbuf library for image loading and manipulation is 
  has been integrated with GTK+.
* The GTK+ object system has mostly been moved to GLib, separating
  it from the GUI code. Many significant enhancements have been
  made as part of this.
* A new text widget is now included. This started as a port
  of the Tk text widget, and includes such features of the Tk
  text widget as tags, marks, and unicode text support. It
  has been enhanced to support model-view operation and the
  full power of Pango.
* The GDK library has been extensively revised to support multiple
  windowing systems. The only fully functional backend in 1.3.1
  is the X11 backend, however, ports to Win32, Linux-framebuffer,
  Nano-X, BeOS, and MacOS exist in various states of completion,
  and at least some of these will be finished and integrated in 
  before the final GTK+-2.0 release.
* 32-bit coordinates are now supported throughout GDK and GTK+
  (they are emulated where not supported by the windowing system.)
* Many minor bug fixes and enhancements. Incompatible changes
  are documented in docs/Changes-2.0.txt

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.8:

* GNU Make 3.79 bug workaround
* FAQ and tutorial updates and improvements
* Miscellaneous bug fixes: CList, Calendar, rc-files, FontSelection

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.7:

* More header cleanups.
* Fixed activation bug for insensitive widgets.
* Locale fixes to RC file parsing code.
* Miscellaneous bugfixes for Item Factory, CList, CTree, X Selections,
  HScale, VScale, Pixmap, Viewport, OptionMenu, Entry and Notebook.
* Upgrade to libtool 1.3.4.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.6:

* container queue_resize fixes
* gtk[vh]scale: minor fixups
* rename idle to idle_id in testgtk to avoid conflicts with 
  broken libs
* More consistent naming of gtkrc files
* Added language support: ro, uk

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.5:

* more GtkCTree and GtkWindow bug fixes.
* more redraw/resize queue fixes, better expose event
  discarding code.
* more miscellaneous bugs fixed
* new option --disable-rebuilds to completely disable
  rebuilds of autogenerated sources.
* check for 5.002 now, to avoid failing autogeneration build rules due
  to old perl versions.
* fonts (and fontsets) are cached now.
* more autogeneration make rules and dependency fixups, we should be
  save with autogeneration up to make -j12 now ;)
* new window position GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER_ALWAYS, which will recenter the
  GtkWindow on every size change.
* major rework of window manager hints handling code, fixed a bunch of
  races with the new resizing code.
* the new wm hints and resizing code is absolutely perfect and bug free now,
  it only lacks testing ;)
* fixed up various rc style memory problems.
* gtk_widget_modify_style() now properly changes the style of realized widgets
  and references the style passed into it. if people worked around this bug,
  this will introduce a slight memory leak in their code.
  The code should typically look like:
            GtkRcStyle *rc_style = gtk_rc_style_new ();
            gtk_widget_modify_style (widget, rc_style);
            gtk_rc_style_unref (rc_style);
* fix problems with positioning menus offscreen.
* GtkText fixes for some crashes and drawing errors.
* Better handling for unexpected window destroys in GDK and GTK+.
  This should make it possible to use a GtkPlug and catch the
  case where its parent socket is randomly killed.
* FAQ updates.
* FileSelection i18n patches, RadioButton fixups.
* many translation improvements.
* miscellaneous other bugs fixed.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.4:

* DnD improvements (drags can be canceled with Esc now).
* suppressed configure event reordering in Gdk.
* rewrite of Gtk's configure event handling.
* major improvements for the object argument system (Elena Devdariani).
* major bugfixes for threading, GtkNotebook, GtkItemFactory, GtkCList and
* tutorial/FAQ updates, new file generation.txt on autogenerated sources.
* configure's --with-glib= is "officially" unsupported.
* upgrade to libtool 1.3.3.
* various buglets fixed.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.3:

* Upgrade to libtool 1.3
* Check for dgettext (for systems with old versions of GNU Gettext)
* Many bug fixes (see ChangeLog for details)

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.2:

* Improved Dnd behaviour with Motif applications.
* Bug fixes for the Gtk selection code.
* Minor bug fixes to the Gdk Atom cache and Dnd code (with --display option).
* Bug fixes and leak plugs for the Gdk IM code.
* Added gtk_object_get() facility to retrieve object arguments easily.
  The var args list expects ("arg-name", &value) pairs.
* Fixed mapping for GdkInputCondition<->GIOCondition, this should fix
  problems where closed pipes were no longer signaling GDK_INPUT_READ on
  systems with a native poll().
* Some cleanups to GtkLabel's memory allocation code (shouldn't leak memory
* We don't attempt to lookup xpm color "None" anymore, this should prevent
  eXodus (commercial X windows server) from popping up a color dialog every
  time a transparent pixmap is created.
* Fixed bug where Gtk timeout/idle handlers would execute without the global
  Gdk lock being held.
* Other minor bug fixes.

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.1:

* Many Bug fixes have been applied to the menu and accelerator code.
* GtkItemFactory can "adopt" foreign menu items now and manage their
  accelerator installation. This is often required to get GtkItemFactory
  like accelerator propagation between different windows with the same
  menu hierarchy and for centralized parsing and saving of accelerators.
* GtkCList/GtkCTree buttons should always display correctly now.
* Miscellaneous other bug fixes.

What's New in GTK+ 1.2.0 (since 1.0.x):

* New widgets: GtkFontSelector, GtkPacker, GtkItemFactory, GtkCTree,
  GtkInvisible, GtkCalendar, GtkLayout, GtkPlug, GtkSocket
* Many new features and robustness for existing widgets
* Theme support
* New DND implementation
* Internationalization of standard dialogs
* New key binding system
* Tearoff menus and menu accelerators
* Wide character support for entry and text
* Resizing code has been overhauled
* Queued redraws of partial areas
* Far better support for object arguments
* Speed optimizations
* Runtime loading of dynamic modules
* Support for GLib log domains
* Tutorial improvements
* A bug fix or two

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.1.16:

* Major fixes and improvements for handlebox
* A change to the way widget->requisition works. Now,
  widget->requisition is always what the widget requested,
  unmodified by the usize. See Changes-1.2.txt for details.
  This correct various bugs with gtk_widget_set_usize().
* Fixes for XIM on X11R5 systems
* Don't allow cut-and-paste of text in password-style entries
* --enable-debug is now on by default for the development release.
  (When compiling for "production", use --enable-debug=minimum)
* Handle systems where Helvetica is not present more gracefully
* Fixes for memory leaks
* CList and CTree fixes
* Bug fixes for drawing problems. 
* Miscellaneous bug fixes to GtkLabel, GtkCList, GtkCTree,
  GtkColorsel, Focusing, DND
* Tutorial improvements

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.1.15:

* Tutorial Updates
* Added --libs gthread to gtk-config 
* Bug fixes

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.14:

* Additions to docs/Changes-1.2.txt
* Just warn when loading theme engine fails
* CLAMP GtkScale digits to a meaningful range
* GTK_LOCALDIR is now defined in a better fashion
* New functions (feature freeze, we know...):
* Some locale fixups in gtkrc code
* Fixes to make gtk_radio_button_set_group() keep only
  one radio button in the group active
* Foreign windows are now always treated as viewable; this fixes
  a problem where updating didn't occur properly in GtkPlug
* DND fixes for 64 bit architectures, and for specifying operations 
  with modifier keys.
* Major revisions to GtkLayout: avoid having to create window
  for NO_WINDOW children, adjust allocations of children as 
  scrolled so queued draws work, and a resize is queued instead
  of allocating directly in a put() or move()

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.13:

* Dnd and selection bug fixes and memory purification.
* Widget sensitivity fixups.
* Tooltips windows are now named "gtk-tooltips" so rc file rules
  can match tooltips windows. Fixed interaction of tooltips and NO_WINDOW
* Spin buttons now update their values upon value retrieval.
* Overhaul of the resizing vs. redrawing logic to reduce redrawing needs
  a lot. Gtk makes full use of the draw_area coalescing code now, which
  got minorly improved as well.
* Containers map their Gdk windows after their children now to reduce
  expose event generation.
* Gdk event queue fixups, this solves the double-click problems people were
  recently having.
* Account for the fact that GSource's are only properly reentrant from
  within dispatch(), thus we don't do Gdk event processing from within
  check() or prepare() anymore.
* Rc files feature a bg_pixmap value of "<none>" now.
* Improved session management support in Gdk.  
* Automatic disabling of NLS if no gettext is found should work now.
* Removed deprecated functions, docs/Changes-1.2.txt gives an overview.
* Gtk+ development now requires GNU autoconf 2.13, GNU automake 1.4
  and GNU libtool 1.2d.
* More bug fixes all over the place.

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.12:

* Korean translation added
* Fixed memory leaks
* A few other bug fixes

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.11:

* Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, and Norwegian translations
* Removed deprecated _interp variants: gtk_container_foreach_interp, 
  gtk_idle_add_interp, gtk_timeout_add_interp, gtk_signal_connect_interp
* Lots of cast corrections
* Many fixes 

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.9:

* Check for broken glibc 2.0 mb functions and avoid them
* Label and Entry display fixes 
* Move main thread back to GDK, for locking when translating events
* Bug fixes

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.8:

* Added support for gettext and the localization of the standard
* Added line-wrapping for the label, and JUSTIFY_FILL
* Support reordering via drag and drop in  CList and CTree.
* Replaced GtkDrawWindow widget with a GTK_USER_DRAW flag
* Extended gtkpaned API to support minimum sizes and proportional
* Changed the handling of shared memory segments so as to 
  remove the need for GTK+ to set up signal handlers.
* Re-implemented event loop in terms of the event loop
  that has been added to GLib 1.1.8
* Added 'grab_focus' signal to allow keyboard accelerators
  for entries.
* Load locale specific RC files if present.
* Bug fixes.

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.7:

* Fixed memory mis-allocation in default files code
* Various event handling fixes
* Wide character support for entry and text
* Destroy widgets _after_ propagating unrealize signals through 
  widget hierarchy
* Only build XIM-support if available
* Tutorial and examples updates
* Added gtk_drag_source_unset()

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.6:

* The signal system now features emission hooks with special semantics,
  refer to the ChangeLog for this.
* Minor? speedups and memory reductions to the emission handling of the
  signal system.
* _interp() function variants are deprecated now. the corresponding *_full()
  variants are provided for a long time now.
* Dnd abort timeout increased to 10 minutes.
* GtkScrolledWindow inherits from GtkBin now.
* GTK_POLICY_NEVER is implemented for scrolled windows now.
* Lots of API clean ups.
* Incremental freezing abilities.
* Integrated widgets from the GNOME tree: GtkLayout, GtkPlug and GtkSocket.
* New window functions for transient relationship, default size, and 
  geometry hints
* Default rc files are now read in (<sysconfdir/etc/gtkrc and ~/.gtkrc)
  GTK_RC_FILES environment variable and functions are provided to configure
  this behavior
* Read doc/Changes-1.2.txt to properly adapt your code.
* Bug Fixes.

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.5:

* Theme integration
* Widget style modification is now handled through GtkRcStyles
* GtkPixmaps now grey out pixmaps when insensitive
* Notebook enhancements
* Shadow configurability for menubars and handleboxes
* DND enhancements
* gtkfilesel now supports automounters better
* Implementation of expose compression
* Queued redraws of partial areas
* Scrolledwindow (+Viewport) source incompatibilities, children that are added
  to a scrolled window don't get an automatic viewport anymore. a convenience
  function gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport() is supplied for this task
* Deprecated functions will now issue a message, informing the programmer about
  the use of this function. These functions will get removed in future versions
* Non-functional functions got removed entirely
* gtk_widget_new() and gtk_object_new() will now auto-construct new objects.
  A new function gtk_object_default_construct() is provided now which should
  be called after every gtk_type_new() to perform the auto-construction
* Improved argument support of several widgets
* Bug Fixes

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.3:

* GtkCList/GtkCTree now have the ability to:
    - hide/show individual columns
    - disable/enable column resizing
    - set min and max for column widths
    - set expander style of the ctree
    - set/get row and cell styles
    - set spacing between tree expander and cell contents in ctree
    - toggle auto_resize for columns
* Must enhanced DND support, removed old DND code
* Idle functions are now implemented via GHook, giving a slight speed
* An environment variable GTK_MODULES which takes a colon separated
  list of module names GTK+ will now automatically load at gtk_init() startup
* GtkFontSel now has support for an extra 'base' filter
* New function gdk_window_set_root_origin to get the real geometry taking
  into account window manager offsets
* New function gtk_text_set_line_wrap to toggle line wrapping
* New function gtk_widget_add_events which safely adds additional
  events to a widget's event mask
* New function gdk_event_get_time to get the timestamp from a generic
* New widget GtkCalendar
* New widget GtkInvisible - InputOnly offscreen windows used for reliable
  pointer grabs and selection handling in DND code
* New functions gtk_object_remove_no_notify[_by_id] to remove a certain
  data portion without invocation of its destroy notifier 
* gtk_spin_button_construct is now deprecated, use gtk_spin_button_configure
* gtk_clist_set_border is now deprecated, use gtk_clist_set_shadow_type 
* Removed functions gtk_object_set_data_destroy[_by_id] 
* Documentation additions/updates 
* HTML and plain text files are now included in the distribution
* Bug fixes, typeness corrections, and general fixups

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.2:

* Gtk+ is now featuring runtime loading of dynamic modules via the
  --gtk-modules= command line switch. such modules have to export a
  G_MODULE_EXPORT void gtk_module_init (gint *argc, gchar ***argv);
  function which will be invoked to initialize the module. since such
  modules may create new widget types, they are always resident.
* The tutorial has been updated again.
* Changes to menus including tearoff menus and accelerators.
* Better support for modal dialogs.
* Removed CAN_FOCUS by default from scrollbars and button children of toolbar.
* More improvements and fixes for GtkCList and GtkCTree (i.e. row sorting).
* GtkCTree rows can be unselectable now.
* The GtkCTree API has undergone major renames (see ChangeLog entry from Lars
  Hamann on Tue Aug 18 00:29:13 1998).
* A bunch of varargs functions changed to get va_lists working on systems that
  implement va_lists as arrays.
* Improvements to the gdkrgb code.
* Improvements to Gdk color handling so we greatly reduce server traffic and
  don't leak colors anymore.
* Improved internal widget tree iterators (the GtkContainer::foreach signal
  vanished because of this).
* Option menus can have the keyboard focus now.
* More fixups to the text widget.
* GtkFileSelection should behave much more nicely in combination with AFS now.
* Support for label underlining.
* Support for GLib 1.1.3 log domains.
* Documentation improvements.
* Configuration fixes on various platforms.
* Miscellaneous fixes to XInput support.
* Build with shared library dependencies on Linux
* Fix for a major bug in the type systems memory allocation code that could
  cause random crashes.
* Libtool update to version 1.2b.
* Lots of bugfixes and cleanups again ;)

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.1:

* Tutorial updates and additions.
* Key binding support for GtkListItems and GtkList.
* Extended selection mode and autoscrolling for GtkLists.
* A GtkCtree now operates on GtkCTreeNode* structures rather than GList*.
* GtkCTreeNodes can now be created from GNode trees.
* Bug fixes for GtkNotebook, GtkCList, GtkCombo and GdkWindow reparentation.

What is new in GTK+ 1.1.0:

* New widget GtkFontSelector.
* New featureful progress bar.
* New container widget GtkPacker.
* New object GtkItemFactory, GtkMenuFactory is deprecated.
* New key binding system, configurable via rcfiles, similar to styles.
* New widget GtkCTree with drag selections and keyboard movement and
  and horizontal scrolling. Features also implemented for GtkCList.
* Significant speedups to widget creation and destruction through caching
  colormap and visual queries to the XServer.
* Speedups for type creation and especially gtk_type_is_a() checks.
* Speedups in signal lookup, creation and emissions and connection handling.
* Minor speedups with object data allocation and destruction.
* Additions to the signal handling API (e.g. *_emitv).
* Support for rc-file reparsing.
* Resizing logic is now implemented on container widget basis, rather than
  for toplevel GtkWindows only.
* Buttons support relief styles now.
* Some widgets are now allocated through memchunks to behave more memory wise.
* Newly included file gtkfeatures.h which defines compatibility macros to
  test for certain API features upon program compilation.
* Child arguments support for container widgets.
* Far better support for object arguments, revamp of the underlying
  mechanism for speed and reusability. Child/object arguments don't
  need to be preceded by the "GtkType::" portion anymore.
* Removed GtkAcceleratorTable in favour of GtkAccelGroup, accelerator display
  is now performed by a new widget GtkAccelLabel.
* Overhaul of the resizing code. Resizing behaviour can now be specified
  on GtkContainer basis, so the underlying algorithm isn't only available
  for GtkWindows.
* GtkTables are now fully resizable.
* The GtkType system now supports an additional base class initialization
* GtkStyles and key bindings can now be looked up depending on the base
  types of a widget, through a new keyword `class' in rc files.
* GtkButton derives from GtkBin (finally).  
* More descriptive error messages on rc parsing.  
* Runtime information is available to query enum/flag definition values.
* Upgrade to libtool-1.2
* Legions of bug fixes, memory leaks, segfaults, of-by-something errors...
  including those that already went into the 1.0.x branch.
* A big bunch of features and cosmetic fixups that just got lost in
  the masses of changesonfigure problem when cross-compiling