This directory contains bits and pieces used in the default theme.
Right now, it contains a tool for extracting individual part 
bitmaps from a composed image, and source images for the default
check and radio buttons.

The decompose-bits tools takes an image where the first line contains
the colors for each part, and the rest of the image is the actual

The colors on the first line are:

 pixel 0: black
 pixel 1: dark
 pixel 2: mid
 pixel 3: light
 pixel 4: text
 pixel 5: text_aa
 pixel 6: base

The generated XBM bits for the base part include the bits for text and
text_aa as well; this is so that the result can be drawn either
with or without the text/text_aa indicator. 

Make sure that any PNG images added to this directory are added with
'cvs add -kb'.

Owen Taylor
9 February 2002