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2012-10-25  Rhys Ulerich <>

	* templates_on.h: undef complex for MSVC
	Thank you to Victor Zverovich <>
	for reporting the problem and providing the patch

2012-06-04  Rhys Ulerich <>

	* cdf/beta.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/betainv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/chisq.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/chisqinv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/fdist.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/fdistinv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/gamma.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/gammainv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/gauss.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/gaussinv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/geometric.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/gsl_cdf.h: Update FSF address
	* cdf/hypergeometric.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/nbinomial.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/poisson.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/tdist.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/tdistinv.c: Update FSF address
	* cdf/test.c: Update FSF address
	* contrib/wigner.c: Update FSF address
	* contrib/wigner.h: Update FSF address
	* histogram/calloc_range.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/calloc_range2d.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/copy.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/copy2d.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/maxval.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/maxval2d.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/oper.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/oper2d.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/stat.c: Update FSF address
	* histogram/stat2d.c: Update FSF address
	* mdate-sh: Update FSF address
	* randist/discrete.c: Update FSF address
	* randist/gausszig.c: Update FSF address
	* rng/gfsr4.c: Update FSF address
	* rng/mt.c: Update FSF address
	* utils/getopt.c: Update FSF address
	* utils/getopt.h: Update FSF address
	* utils/getopt1.c: Update FSF address
	* utils/strerror.c: Update FSF address
	* utils/system.h: Update FSF address
	* utils/xmalloc.c: Update FSF address
	* utils/xstrdup.c: Update FSF address

2011-12-01  Rhys Ulerich <>

	* doc/integration.texi: Clarify that integration workspaces may be
	reused multiple times following discussion on gsl-help mailing
	list.  Documentation ambiguity raised by Denes Molnar.

2011-04-13  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_nan.h (GSL_NEGZERO): define negative zero as explicitly
	floating point, same for positive zero.

2011-04-01  Rhys Ulerich  <>

	* doc/bspline.texi: Correct valid index range for Greville abscissae

2011-01-31  Peter Johansson  <>

	* (GSL_CBLAS_LIB): allow user to choose cblas via

2010-08-06  Brian Gough  <>

	* ode-initval2: added Tuomo Keskitalo's new ode branch with a
	gsl_odeiv2 prefix which is intended to be the new default.  Will
	retain gsl_odeiv for binary compatibility but old interface will
	be deprecated.

2010-05-25  Peter Johansson  <>

	* added variable GSL_LIBM from macro AC_CHECK_LIBM
	* added GSL_LIBM in edit substitution
	* using variable $GSL_LIBM rather than hard-coded -libm
	* using variable $GSL_LIBM rather than hard-coded -libm

2010-04-24  Brian Gough  <>

	* added macro for substituting isfinite by
	gsl_finite when needed.

2010-04-10  Giuseppe Scrivano  <>

	* utils/memcpy.c (memcpy): Use the standand method signature.

	* utils/memmove.c (memmove): Likewise.

2010-01-18  Brian Gough  <>

	*, added GSL_MAJOR_VERSION and

2009-07-09  Brian Gough  <>

	* added RETURN_IF_NULL macro to handle null argument
	in free() type functions.

2009-05-09  Brian Gough  <>

	* improve tests for C99 inline, and don't test when
	inline is not available

	* gsl_inline.h: added test for HAVE_C99_INLINE

2009-04-10  Brian Gough  <>

	* generate gsl-config gsl.pc from Makefile instead
	of configure, to allow make install prefix=...

2008-09-26  Brian Gough  <>

	* handle test for SSE in cross-compilation (fall
	back to checking if the ldmxcsr instruction compiles)

2008-07-03  Brian Gough  <>

	* added gsl_inline.h and build.h

	* gsl_mode.h gsl_pow_int.h: use new inline declarations

	* gsl_minmax.h: new header file for minmax functions, use new
	inline declarations

	* gsl_math.h: moved minmax functions to separate header file

	* test for C99 inline as well

	* build.h gsl_inline.h: added new header to handle GNU-style and
	C99 inlines

2008-03-17  Brian Gough  <>

	* remove hack to disable search for Fortran, Java,
	C++ required with earlier versions of autoconf

2007-09-01  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: changed default name to AX_PATH_GSL

2007-08-22  Brian Gough  <>

	* started moving definitions out of
	acconfig.h (deprecated)

2007-07-30  Brian Gough  <>

	* check ieeefp.h for isfinite

2007-04-23  Brian Gough  <>

	* acconfig.h (finite): don't redefine finite in terms of isfinite,
	which causes problems with system headers, use gsl_finite instead.

2007-04-17  Brian Gough  <>

	* use an actual floating point number instead of an
	integer for testing long double I/O.

2007-01-09  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h (M_PI_4): corrected typo in higher digits of M_PI_4
	(at ~1e-20)

2006-11-02  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h templates_off.h: added UNSIGNED definition for
	detecting types without negative values

2006-02-15  Brian Gough  <>

	* restrict darwin IEEE detection to powerpc, because
	new x86 macs are different.

	* removed automatic addition of compilation flags on alpha,
	these should be specified on the command-line through CFLAGS.

2006-01-07  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h: added an FP=1 definition for the floating point
	types, FP is undefined for integer types.

2005-08-05  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl/ need to remove makefile with later versions of

2005-04-05  Brian Gough  <>

	* added ieeefp.h test for solaris

2005-01-13  Brian Gough  <>

	* added case for 86_64 in IEEE arithmetic interface

2004-10-26  Brian Gough  <>

	* trim \r from test output for
	compatibility with Cygwin.

2004-07-29  Brian Gough  <>

	* modified all makefiles to use TESTS=$(check_programs)
	to get correct EXEEXT behavior

2004-07-23  Brian Gough  <>

	* added wavelet/ directory

2004-05-28  Brian Gough  <>

	* ran configure script through Autoconf's autoupdate
	to use latest macro names

2004-05-17  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: fix m4 quoting of first argument to AC_DEFUN

2004-03-17  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl/ (header-links): use test -r instead of test -e
	(to avoid problem on Solaris as described in autoconf

2003-12-20  Brian Gough  <>

	* define _GNU_SOURCE when looking for fenv.h

2003-06-17  Brian Gough  <>

	* converted to autoconf 2.5x, involved
	extensive renaming macros of HAVE_... to HAVE_DECL_.. and changing
	usage from #ifdef HAVE to #if HAVE

2003-06-16  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl/ (header-links): added a test for the existing
	file to avoid spurious error messages when making the symlinks

2003-06-12  Brian Gough  <>

	* Tidying up, removed old test for bug in gcc 2.95
	on PPC, removed OS/2 warning, removed references to clock function
	since benchmark programs are not shipped

2003-03-06  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_types.h: changed from internal macro _DLL to GSL_DLL

2003-02-09  Brian Gough  <>

	* added [] quotes in AC_TRY_COMPILE to protect
	nested macros

2002-11-24  Brian Gough  <>

	* check for presence of non-ansi functions in header
	files before running AC_CHECK_FUNCS to look in libraries, to
	support compilation with -ansi.

Fri Sep  6 15:00:40 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* acconfig.h (GSL_RANGE_CHECK_OFF): turned range checking off in
 	acconfig.h as it overwrites

Wed Aug  7 22:34:36 2002  Brian Gough  <>


Sun Jul 14 12:48:50 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* INSTALL: merged the MACHINES file into the installation notes.

Fri Jun 14 22:09:52 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_types.h: define GSL_VAR macro as ANSI C 'export' or
 	'__declspec(dllexport/dllimport)' depending on platform

	* changed 'export' to GSL_VAR macro throughout to make it easier
 	to build nonstandard shared libraries such as DLLs

Sun May 19 22:24:00 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	use AC_SEARCH_LIBS to find math library

Sat May 11 22:27:52 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* (ac_cv_func_printf_longdouble): fixed ieee
 	comparisons test so it actually works
	(ac_cv_c_ieee_comparisons): added a test for denormalized values

Fri Apr 26 19:53:31 2002  Brian Gough  <>


Sun Feb 10 21:28:29 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* BUGS: added a list of known but unfixed bugs.

2002-02-07  Mark Galassi  <>

	* THANKS: added Karsten Howes <>.

Wed Jan 16 16:55:25 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* acconfig.h: check whether IEEE comparisons work for

Tue Jan  8 21:38:23 2002  Brian Gough  <>

	* config.h (GSL_RANGE_CHECK_OFF): turn off range checking when
 	building the library, still on by default when compiling user

Mon Nov 19 21:40:30 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* standardised all files to #include <gsl/...> for exported header
 	files rather than having some as #include "...", to simplify build

Fri Oct 19 15:19:45 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl-histogram.c (main): use gsl_histogram_alloc instead of

Wed Oct  3 11:06:51 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* removed auto-expanding RCS tokens from comments as they
 	interfere with making patches

	* check for isinf(), finite(), isnan() as
 	macros. Also check for isfinite() as an alternative to finite().

Sat Sep 29 18:04:35 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: cleaned up arguments to GSL_CONFIG

Wed Sep 19 17:41:13 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl-histogram.c (main): turn off the display of mean and
 	standard deviation it is too confusing because it is not the mean
 	of the data itself.

Tue Sep 18 20:08:39 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* modified the expected test output to
 	account for the mean,sigma lines now produced
Wed Sep 12 13:39:55 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl-histogram.c (main): print out the mean and standard
 	deviation as comments

Sun Sep  9 22:57:11 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* print out a warning for OS/2 telling the user to
 	run an extra script

Fri Sep  7 14:32:01 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* added pkg-config file

	* avoid clobbering any LIBS specified, by not
 	putting -lm in front of them.  This allows the user to specify an
 	alternate math library for the configure script.
	(ac_cv_func_printf_longdouble): added generation of gsl.pc for

Thu Sep  6 21:08:10 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* added an option to specify an alternative math

Tue Sep  4 09:41:37 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* autogenerate gsl.spec from

Sun Aug 26 17:19:24 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* acconfig.h: fixed incorrect #ifdef for HAVE_FINITE (Henry

Sat Aug 25 10:25:41 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: moved includes to beginning of file to avoid
 	redefinition errors on OS/2

Tue Aug 21 23:54:45 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_nan.h (GSL_POSINF): removed incorrect use of _FPCLASS.. for
 	MSVC, these are flags not numerical values.

Thu Aug  9 22:51:00 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* added a macro for discarding a pointer, used to
 	suppress warnings from gcc about unused parameters

Sun Aug  5 20:35:09 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* move PPC bug test to beginning of configure
 	script, to save waiting for it to appear at the end

Sat Jul 14 21:13:55 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_nan.h: use C99X macro INFINITY where available

Fri Jul 13 21:31:01 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h: added macros for unqualified views, needed for
 	initialization of views

Mon Jul  9 11:22:16 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* made check for extended precision registers
 	independent of test for os ieee interface type

Sun Jul  1 22:44:00 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h templates_off.h: modified to support views

Wed Jun 27 12:15:19 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* work around case of broken log1p in OpenBSD

Mon Jun 25 10:21:17 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* catch case of openbsd, which is not supported yet
 	in ieee directory

Mon Jun 18 22:31:26 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* (GSL_CFLAGS): now just uses includedir for

Wed Jun  6 18:10:18 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* removed explicit dependencies from's since automake
 	now handles these automatically

Tue May 29 12:40:08 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* added missing wildcard to end of hpux11* to match
 	different versions of hpux11, e.g. hpux11.2.

Tue May 22 10:38:59 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: try to make C-code compatible with C++, also changed
 	return() to exit() as mentioned in the autoconf documentation.

2001-05-21  Mark Galassi  <>

	* config.guess, config.sub: removed these auto-generated files
	from CVS since they are built for developers by

Tue May 15 10:59:43 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* upgraded to latest libtool and automake

Tue May  1 12:19:01 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_nan.h (GSL_NAN): added definitions for Microsoft Visual C++

Mon Apr 30 13:46:39 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: split out gsl_pow_int.h and gsl_nan.h

Wed Mar 21 14:16:29 2001  Brian Gough  <>

	* (Usage): allow user to specify an external blas
 	library through an environment variable

2000-12-14  Mark Galassi  <>

	* gsl.spec, upped the version to 0.7+ since the
	release has been made.

2000-10-26  Mark Galassi  <>

	* ltconfig, removed these auto-generated files.

2000-10-26  Mark Galassi  <>

	* removed this file because it is auto-generated.

	* scripts/ fixed it so it's slightly better,
	but it still assumes that you run it out of $(srcdir)/scripts.

	* scripts/ put in a more standard path for perl.

	* AUTHORS: some changes and additions.

	* KNOWN-PROBLEMS: updated the list of known problems.

2000-10-04  Mark Galassi  <>

	* NEWS,, gsl.spec: upped the version to 0.7 as we are
	about to release.

Thu Jul 20 20:20:04 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: changed \? to \{0,1\} in the sed commands to allow for
 	SGI sed (from Steve ROBBINS <>)

Sun Jul  9 19:34:03 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.m4: modified to accept x.y version numbers as the first
 	argument in addition to x.y.z version numbers

Mon Jun 12 22:18:27 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* (SUBLIBS): added missing complex lib to top-level

Sun Jun 11 17:39:18 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl.spec (BuildRoot): fixed directory for install, it is now
 	/usr/lib/ instead of /usr/lib/gsl/

Tue Jun  6 20:02:02 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* acconfig.h, use HAVE_X86LINUX_IEEE_INTEFACE for
 	x86 instead of generic HAVE_LINUX_IEEE_INTEFACE

2000-06-02  Mark Galassi  <>

	* gsl.spec: added gsl.m4 to the list of files.

	* NEWS: added a mention of gsl.m4.

	* gsl.spec: small changes to fix the installation of doc files.

	* added some files (like MACHINES, KNOWN-PROBLEMS,
	...) to the distribution.

	* gsl.spec,, KNOWN-PROBLEMS: upped the version number
	to 0.6.  Also: gsl.spec now installes files like MACHINES,
	KNOWN-PROBLEMS, NEWS,... into the package's %doc file list.

Sun May 28 12:03:36 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl/ (header-links): use configurable macro variable
 	$(LN_S) instead of explicit "ln -s"

Mon May 15 19:16:31 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* added ieee mode setting to all tests, so that they can be run in
	double-precision even on extended precision architectures

2000-05-14  Steve Robbins  <>

	* acconfig.h: 
	* look in both <float.h> and /usr/include/float.h,
	to find FP_RND_RN, as some versions of GCC don't copy these
	symbols into the `fixed' header.

Thu May 11 12:47:19 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h (GSL_POSZERO): added macros for IEEE signed zeros, +0
 	and -0. They don't do anything useful yet, but use the macro so
 	that will be possible to work around compilers that don't
 	understand the difference between the constants -0 and +0.

Wed May 10 11:30:15 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h (GSL_POSINF): make use of HUGE_VAL which is actually
 	+Inf when IEEE is available, and can be detected by the NAN being
 	defined (it is only defined on IEEE machines)

Fri May  5 11:20:50 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* split out gsl_test code from err/ directory into test/ directory

Thu May  4 12:14:42 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* added GPL headers throughout

Mon May  1 22:11:32 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* modified all the makefiles to compile test programs as "test",
 	for simpler automated builds

Tue Apr 11 14:51:59 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* eigen/eigen_sort.c (gsl_eigen_sort_impl): updated occurrence of
 	gsl_matrix_swap_cols to gsl_matrix_swap_columns

	* gsl.m4, added gsl.m4 macros for autoconf

2000-04-03  Mark Galassi  <>

	*, (GSL_CFLAGS): replaced my gsl-config
	script with Christopher Gabriel's, which is simpler.

	* changed this into a no-brainer which does not invoke

Mon Apr  3 15:43:25 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* applied patch from C M Murphy <> to fix up
 	missing consts in header files.

Sat Apr  1 20:12:34 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: added some missing extra constants from BSD
 	(e.g. M_PI_2)

Wed Mar 15 11:16:14 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* added a directory for complex number support, complex/

Tue Mar 14 10:28:43 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* added support for including headers in C++ programs using
 	__BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLS macros

Sat Mar 11 11:18:33 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h: added a definition for ONE, to match ZERO

	* Changed matrix struct element dim2 to tda throughout

Mon Mar  6 19:48:27 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_version.h: added simple release-number based support for
 	accessing the version number at compile-time and run-time. This is
 	not a complete solution but it will do for now, as libtool
 	interface numbers are too complicated to worry about at the
 	moment due to other problems with libtool.

Thu Mar  2 20:52:50 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* templates_on.h (ATOMIC_IO): added an internal type for IO, for
 	the cases where it isn't possible to read and write a type
 	directly as text (e.g. char)

2000-02-23  Mark Galassi  <>

	*, gsl.spec: added a gsl.spec.  Seems to work.

	* overhauled; should work better now.

Tue Feb 15 18:55:05 2000  Brian Gough  <>

	* added directory for permutation objects, permutation/

Sun Dec  5 14:20:43 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* added multidimensional minimisation directory, multimin/

1999-12-03  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped the version to 0.5+, so that snaphots built
	out of CVS will not be confused with the 0.5 release.

	* AUTHORS, README, HACKING: changed my email address.

	* README: updated with some of Brian's suggestions.

	*, NEWS: fixed the new version to 0.5.

Tue Oct 19 11:15:16 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* added the eigen value directory, eigen/

1999-08-30  Mark Galassi  <>

	* started adding this script, for now cannibalized
	from gnome-config.

Fri Aug 20 11:10:54 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* support for IEEE on Tru64 from Tim Mooney

Mon Aug 16 21:10:23 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* added the minimization directory, min/

Fri Aug  6 11:15:58 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* removed need to configure for rand() and RAND_MAX
 	by providing a simple random number generator in the directories
 	that used rand().

1999-08-05  Mark Galassi  <>

	* put the THANKS file into the distribution.

	* added the --add-missing option to automake.  I'm
	surprised it was not already there.

	* added a + to the version, indicating that any
	snapshots made from anonymous CVS in this state should be
	interpreted as "after 0.4.1 and before the next version", and no
	other promises.

	* THANKS: added this THANKS file.  We appreciate all patches from
	people on the net, even those which are too small to warrant
	adding the author to the AUTHORS file.  The THANKS file should
	include everyone who sent in patches.  They should also be
	mentioned in the ChangeLog entry.

Sat May  8 21:06:31 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* now check for "extern inline" using a modified
 	version of AC_C_INLINE, since we use "extern inline" but only
 	checked for "inline", and some compilers only support the latter.

Sun Apr 11 20:40:35 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* libraries and include files are now installed in pkglibdir and
	pkgincludedir (e.g. /usr/local/lib/gsl/ and
	/usr/local/include/gsl/ by default)

	* libraries are now built and installed separately

Mon Mar  1 15:41:25 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: renamed gsl_fdf to gsl_function_fdf, so that it will
 	be more obvious what it is

Sun Feb 28 20:37:31 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_mode.h: added prototype for GSL_MODE_PREC(mt)

Tue Feb 23 14:18:39 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h (GSL_FDF_EVAL_F): improved names of macros

Sat Feb 20 12:14:07 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* split out polynomial root finding algorithms into a new poly/

1999-02-25  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped the version to 0.4.1; this is ready for

1999-02-06  Mark Galassi  <>

	* NEWS: udpated in occasion of the imminent 0.4.1 release.

Sun Feb 14 20:47:07 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* added gsl_mode.h to include_HEADERS

Mon Feb  8 18:39:35 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* added new type gsl_function for arbitrary functions with
 	parameters, and gsl_fdf for functions and their derivatives

Mon Feb  8 18:39:35 1999  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_complex.h: added GSL_SET_REAL(&z,x) and GSL_SET_IMAG(&z,y),
 	changed GSL_COMPLEX_SET(z,x,y) to GSL_SET_COMPLEX(&z,x,y) to match.

1999-01-03  Mark Galassi  <>

	*, improved, based on the gtk+  Added it to's EXTRA_DIST list.

1999-01-02  Mark Galassi  <>

	* introduced a test for hypot(), in case a system
	does not have it.

1999-01-03  Mark Galassi  <>

	* added this simple script which calls aclocal,
	automake --add-missind and autoconf, followed by ./configure with
	all the arguments.

	* configure,, */ removed these
	auto-generated files.

Fri Dec 11 16:50:27 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* AUTHORS: corrected the spelling of Gerard Jungman's name (it's
 	either Gerard or Jerry, but not Gerry)

1998-12-05  Mark Galassi  <>

	* made the version be 0.4after so it's clear that
	snapshots will be post-0.4.

	* HACKING: updated a bit to work with the new CVS repository.

Mon Nov 23 16:09:21 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_config.h: removed, it was an unnecessary hack just for
 	defining macros. Autoconf's config.h should be used by the
 	programmer instead.
Sat Nov 21 20:39:14 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* texinfo.tex: removed, this is a duplicate and shouldn't be
 	needed in the top-level directory (it is in docs)

	* move any included headers in _source.c files into the master
 	file that includes the _source.c, since this saves time when

	* standardized on HAVE_PRINTF_LONGDOUBLE

Fri Nov 20 15:14:53 1998  Brian Gough  <>

 	GSL_DBL_MAX, ...

	* added sys directory for miscellaneous gsl system functions like
 	max and min

Thu Nov 19 22:46:43 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* removed MAX and MIN

Wed Nov 18 10:40:18 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: added prototypes for inline functions GSL_MAX_INT

Tue Nov 10 20:05:27 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_math.h: moved the MAX(a,b) and MIN(a,b) to gsl_math.h and
 	renamed them GSL_MAX(a,b) and GSL_MIN(a,b) to avoid inevitable
 	conflicts with system macros.

Mon Nov  9 21:08:10 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* config.h: added MAX(a,b) and MIN(a,b) macros since we use these
 	everywhere. We assume that if they are defined by the system then
 	they do actually work.

1998-11-06    <>

	* add -mieee on alpha platforms, also check for both
	scanf and printf working with long double

1998-08-31  James Theiler  <>

	* (SUBDIRS): added utils directory

	* (AC_OUTPUT): added utils/Makefile 

	* (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): added strtol, strtoul; removed
	strerror since it's already hardcoded into the err/ directory

1998-08-30  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped release number to 0.4; about to tag and make
	the release.

1998-08-20  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped version to 0.4-interim as we prepare for a
	0.4 snapshot.

	* NEWS: now refers to 0.4 instead of 0.3g.  Also "commented out"
	(smile) the note that says "we need to do a better job with the
	news file", since it looks quite good now!

1998-08-19  Mark Galassi  <>

	* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): added ran-exppow.tex,
	rand-levy.tex, rand-gumbel.tex and rand-bernoulli.tex to
	EXTRA_DIST.  Now they are included in the distribution and a "make
	distcheck" goes further.

Thu Jul 30 16:12:05 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* now using a script to write the AR commands
 	explicitly, this should be more portable

Tue Jul 28 23:07:04 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* new style single build of libgsl.a

Fri Jul 10 19:57:49 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* removed AC_FUNC_ALLOCA since we don't use alloca
 	(it is not ansi)

Sun Jun 28 14:31:31 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* replaced the random/ directory by the rng/ directory and made
 	minor changes in randist/, siman/ to accommodate it

Tue Jun 23 19:49:22 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* added a top-level file gsl_config.h for detecting features when
 	users include the library headers. Currently it just turns on
 	HAVE_INLINE if you are using GCC or C++.

1998-05-16  Mark Galassi  <>

	* Brian fixed the error where libgslerr.a was not
	being installed in the 0.3e release, so I just bumped it up to
	0.3f to make a new release.

1998-05-14  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped the version to 0.3e, and this time I might
	actually make the public snapshot!

Wed Apr  8 18:30:48 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* Now using the automake variable check_PROGRAMS everywhere for
 	the testing programs (no need to build them unless we do make

Mon Apr  6 15:09:08 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* added matrix and vector subdirectories

Wed Mar 18 10:27:27 1998  Brian Gough  <>

	* gsl_complex.h: the typedef for 'complex' has been renamed to
 	gsl_complex, to avoid conflicts with C++ bindings and libstdc++

1998-02-09  Mark Galassi  <>

	* 0.3b is now released, so I upped the version
	number to 0.3c-interim.

1998-02-09  Mark Galassi  <>

	* upped version number to 0.3b

1998-01-30  Mark Galassi  <>

	* AUTHORS: added Gerry Jungman to the authors list.