This module contains various files needed to bootstrap GNOME modules
built from git.  It contains the following components:
 1. A common "" script that can be used to configure a
    source directory checked out from git.
 2. Some commonly used macros (quite a small set these days -- macros
    should be packaged with their respective modules).

To make use of the common autogen script, create a stub
script in your module that looks something like this:

---- Cut Here ----
srcdir=`dirname $0`
[ -z "$srcdir" ] && srcdir=.

if [ ! -f "$srcdir/" ]; then
 echo "$srcdir doesn't look like source directory for $PKG_NAME" >&2
 exit 1

which || {
	echo "You need to install gnome-common from GNOME Git"
	exit 1

. "$@"
---- Cut Here ----

Then put the following in your or file:
  AC_SUBST([ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS], ["-I $ac_macro_dir \${ACLOCAL_FLAGS}"])

This will make sure that autoconf macros will be found when you
rebuild the package without rerunning