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2009-03-28  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* macros2/
	Only pass --enable-maintainer-mode when AM_MAINTAINER_MODE is present

	FIxes #577037

2008-11-25  Vincent Untz  <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: add -DWNCK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED

2008-09-22  Christian Persch  <>

	=== Release 2.24.0 ===

	* Version 2.24.0.

2007-12-21  Sven Herzberg  <>

	Reviewed by: Christian Persch

	Abort when the first dependency fails. Fixes bug 469115.

	* macros2/ don't use the DIE variable anymore and
	abort on the first dependency failure

2007-06-08  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/ Don't print extra newlines when /bin/sh
	isn't bash. Bug #130346.

2007-06-08  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/ Don't print warning about missing
	arguments if we're not going to run configure. Bug #445584, patch by
	"Cygwin Ports maintainer" (

2007-06-06  Christian Persch  <>

	* doc-build/ Add datarootdir substitution.

2007-04-09  Christian Persch  <>

	* Bump version to 2.19.0.

2007-04-09  Christian Persch  <>

	=== Release 2.18.0 ===

	* Use automake 1.9.
	* Bump version. Dist as .tar.bz2.

2007-01-29  Mariano Suárez-Alvarez  <>

	Bug 377185 – Hide cmp output in

	* macros2/ Do not show cmp's output.

2007-01-29  Christian Persch  <>

    	* Add -Wno-portability to automake invocation. Bug #529120, patch by Philip
	Van Hoof.

2007-01-29  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/gnome-compiler-flags.m4:
	Fix --enable-cxx-warnings checks. Bug #360693.

2007-01-12  Shaun McCance  <>

	* macros2/
	- Fix for #377175 by skipping NO-AUTO-GEN directories, by Christian Persch

2007-01-11  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/ Default to AM 1.9. Bug #323868, patch by
	Christian Kirbach.

2007-01-11  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: Define more deprecation symbols.
	Bug #343441.

2006-12-01  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* macros2/ Make automake 1.10 work too.

2006-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* macros2/ exit from the check_m4macros function as
	soon as we have detected some undefined macros, rather than leaving
	the developer wondering what the problem is

2006-05-10  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* Fix a typo.

2006-03-10  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (configure_files): skip directories
	called "_darcs", similar to the handling of other VCS metadata
	dirs.  Fixes bug #321860.

2005-10-24  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (configure_files): update find
	expression to not exclude ".." from search.  Fixes non-srcdir
	builds (where $srcdir might be "..").  Fixes bug #319496.

2005-09-20  Stepan Kasal  <>

	* macros2/ Prefer newer versions of Automake.
	From bug #305641.

2005-09-20  James Henstridge  <>

	* bump version to 2.12.0

	* macros2/ (configure_files): when searching for files, skip directories starting with a dot.  This
	avoids Bzr, Quilt and Subversion bookkeeping directories among
	others.  Fixes bug #311951.

2005-08-17  Stepan Kasal  <>

	* macros2/ (add_to_cm_macrodirs): New function,
	prevents duplicates in $cm_macrodirs.
	(check_m4macros): Use it.  Read the dirlist file, if it is supported
	by the version of Automake actually in use.

2005-08-17  Stepan Kasal  <>

	* macros2/ (version_check): Set $variable_VERSION
	  to the actual version number of the tool.

2005-08-17  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ pass --force to gnome-doc-prepare to
	match other tools.  Fixes bug #311775.

	* macros2/ don't use syntax that non-GNU greps
	don't understand.  Fixes bug #313531.

2005-08-16  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ add checks for gnome-common macro
	names, and call require_m4macro for the appropriate names.  This
	can help detect $ACLOCAL_FLAGS problems earlier.  Addresses bug

2005-07-25  James Henstridge  <>

	* bump release number.

2005-07-19  Shaun McCance  <>

	* macros2/
	- Bumped up the default required version of gnome-doc-utils

2005-07-18  Christian Persch  <>

	* macros2/

	When configure.{in,ac} contains GNOME_DOC_INIT, actually call

2005-03-21  Sven Herzberg  <>

	* macros2/ added support for the gnome-doc-utils

2005-03-15  Stepan Kasal  <>

	* macros2/ChangeLog: Removed; the contents merged into the main one.

2005-02-11  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ preserve COPYING and INSTALL files over
	the "automake --force" call.  Fixes bug #161916.

2005-01-22  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* macros2/ Fix the (AC|IT)_PROG_INTLTOOL support
	for both places where we grep for it
	(version_check): If we are checking for automake = 1.4, then make
	sure we error out with that error when we find it, and not >= 1.4
	since we don't actually check for >= 1.4

	Fixes #129903

2005-01-03  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4 (GNOME_COMMON_INIT): add some code to
	add the directory given to AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to ACLOCAL_FLAGS.

	* doc-build/xmldocs.make (clean-local-doc): add rule to clean up
	copied entities if srcdir!=builddir.

2004-11-24  Mariano Suárez-Alvarez <>

	* macros2/ grep wants basic regexps, not extended
	ones: fix the regular expression for INTLTOOL.

2004-11-24  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* macros2/ Add support for IT_PROG_INTLTOOL which
	deprecates AC_PROG_INTLTOOL

2004-11-09  Jordi Mallach  <>

	* macros2/ Workaround automake-1.4 limitations by
	just using --force if $REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION != 1.4. This avoids
	Louie's wrath too. :)

2004-11-09  Jordi Mallach  <>

	* macros2/ Call all the bootstrap programs
	(libtoolize, intltoolize, gtkdocize, automake) using --force and
	--copy consistently.

2004-10-28  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ get rid of the code that modified PATH,
	this was broken.  It could cause configure tests to pass, when the
	subsequent build would fail due to path problems.  For more
	details, see bug #140210.

	* macros2/ if the directory is read only, skip it.
	This helps in cases where a directory from a failed "make distcheck"
	is lying around.  Should fix bug #136093.

	* macros2/ (m4dir): fix up the AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR
	check to work with sub-package's.

2004-10-27  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (ACLOCAL): if AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR() is
	used in, pass that directory to aclocal.
	Run libtoolize if the file calls LT_INIT (the new
	name for AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in libtool-2.0).

2004-10-06  James Henstridge  <>

	* doc-build/omf.make (uninstall-local-omf): use $(DESTDIR) in
	uninstall rule.  This is needed to allow packages to distcheck
	with newer versions of automake.

2004-09-14  James Henstridge  <>

	* bump version number to 2.8.0

2004-08-30  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ fix up error message when a required
	M4 file isn't found.  Fixes bug #147417.

	* macros2/ Revert Rodney's changes, since
	glib-gettextize has been fixed on the HEAD and 2.4 branches.

2004-08-16  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* macros2/ Add some foo to handle automake-1.9.x too.

2004-06-10  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* macros2/ Add code to check for mkinstalldirs in
	the shared automake files directory, and copy it in if we are using

	Fixes #144069

2004-05-26  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4 (GNOME_COMMON_INIT): since caching is
	turned off in all recent Autoconfs, it doesn't make sense to use
	it.  Change implementation to instead make sure ${ACLOCAL_FLAGS}
	gets passed to aclocal when called from the makefile.

	* macros2/ alter installation so that it puts the
	macros directly into $(datadir)/aclocal instead of

	* (REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION): use a modern version of

	* macros2/gnome-compiler-flags.m4: move from compiler-flags.m4 to
	reduce chance of collisions; some small cleanups.

	* macros2/ move from

	* (SUBDIRS): don't build bin/ and macros/ directories.

	* don't create makefiles for bin/ and macros/
	Since we don't actually build the support/ directory (since 2001),
	remove the matching parts from the configure script.

2004-05-13  James Henstridge  <>

	* simplify and update spec file.

2004-05-13  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ Change the order the various tools are called
	in to match that of autoconf's autoupdate tool.  See bug 138584.

2004-02-27  Sven Herzberg  <>

	* macros2/ fix #135557

2004-02-17  Mark McLoughlin  <>

	* doc-build/xmldocs.make: fix one last occurrence of
	not using $(DESTDIR).

2004-01-31  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Use automake-1.8 if available. Patch from (Alexander Winston). Bug #132966.

2004-01-25  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Deprecate the use of GNOME2_DIR and allow the
	use of GNOME2_PATH (bug #130516).

2004-01-02  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Run intltoolize after automake, since
	intltoolize wants mkinstalldirs now.
	Should fix bugs #130309 and #130366.

2003-12-13  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Change the use of head to be 'head -n -1',
	since the GNU version of head appears to have changed behaviour
	between version 5.0 and 5.0.9 somewhere. This should be portable
	across all versions now. Fixed bug #128867.

2003-12-08  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* macros2/ Update automake checks to check incremental
	versions in the correct order, Fixes #128691

2003-11-19  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Replace use of -or in a find command with -o.
	Makes things work for people with less functional versions of
	find. Fixes bug #127354 reported by Rolf Sponsel.

2003-11-03    <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: Removed ENABLE_WERROR and changed name

2003-11-01  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Make version checking work, as pointed out by
	Michael H Schimek in bug #125818.

2003-10-31    <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: Changed name of new macro to

2003-10-31    <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: New macro to disable deprecated
	functions and widgets when maintainer mode is on.

=== gnome-common 2.4.0 ===

2003-10-02  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* doc-build/ Distribute README in place of the
	non-existent ChangeLog. Doh!

	* Use the GNOME 2 script by default.
	* Version number bumped.

2003-08-23  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Define WARN_CXXFLAGS instead of
	overwriting CXXFLAGS (like WARN_FLAGS).

2003-08-10  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Show the version found for the various build
	tools like automake, autoconf, libtool, etc.
	Patch from Steve Chaplin (bug #119533).

2003-08-05  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Continuing to try and get the flags
	passed to g++ in GNOME_CXX_WARNINGS correct. Based on our best
	attempts, the current set should work for the widest range of
	g++ versions (see bug #118987 for the discussion).

2003-08-03  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Simplify GNOME_CXX_WARNINGS.
	Fixes bug #118987.

2003-07-28  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Default setting in the
	GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS macro is now "yes". This fixes bug
	#118479 (another good bit of debugging from Steve Chaplin).

2003-07-20  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Remove some redundant options as
	suggested by Steve Chaplin in bug #115475. The warnings list looks
	simpler now, but is no less functional.

2003-07-15  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Fix a typo when reporting "forbidden" m4 macros.

2003-07-04  Frederic Crozat  <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: don't use -Wsign-promo, it is 
	C++ only and causes warnings with gcc 3.3 when used on C.

2003-06-24  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

	* macros2/

	Remove --enable-compile-warnings from the default arguments
	passed to configure because it break GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS

2003-06-20  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Fix some strangeness in the gnome-doc-common test.

2003-06-19  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <>

	* macros2/ Inserted missing "cd $dirname" to effectively
	process subdirectories, since all it was doing was to process the
	toplevel dir multiple times.

	[Editor's note: also reported with patch by Elijah Newren in bug

2003-05-24  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* MAINTAINERS: Put myself in as maintainer.

	* Bump the version number to 2.3.0

	*,, macros2/, doc-build/*:
	Add in the infrastructure to allow user documentatin to be built
	from some common files. This will not affect existing packages.
	The changes required to use this are given in doc-build/README.

2003-05-21  Malcolm Tredinnick <>

	* macros2/ Ignore {arch} subdirectories. Fixes bug #113327.

2003-05-04  Malcolm Tredinnick <>
	* macros2/
	- Make this portable to Bourne-like shells. Fixes the problems
	  pointed out by Morten Welinder in bug #110177.
	- Extend the check_m4macros() function to handle Cygwin
	  environments. Fixes bug #110947.

2003-04-10  Ross Burton  <>

	* macros2/ Fix a typo in the glib-gettext checks.

2003-03-07  Malcolm Tredinnick <>
	* macros2/ Replace PACKAGE with PKG_NAME, since PKG_NAME
	is what is defined by the various applications' Also,
	call autopoint rather than gettextize when appropriate (when

2003-02-27  Mark McLoughlin  <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: fix mixed up order of arguments to
	AC_ARG_ENABLE that made --enable-compile-warnings not work
	as expected.

2003-02-26  Frederic Crozat  <>

	* macros2/ set WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5 variable to tell 
	Mandrake autoconf wrapper we want to check if autoconf 2.5x is here..

2003-02-24  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (forbid_m4macro): add function to forbid m4
	macros.  Forbid gnome-cxx-check.m4, to try and catch setups where
	stale macros are left on the system.

2003-02-21  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (version_check): if $variable is set, then
	assume it is correct and skip the version check.
	(autoconf): check for autoconf2.50 first, so we don't trigger
	Debian's sometimes broken autoconf version sniffer.

2003-02-19  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (GNOME2_MACROS): remove check-utmp.m4 (copied
	it to libzvt, which is the only thing using it).

	* macros2/gnome-deprecated-macros.m4(GNOME_CHECK_CXX): AC_REQUIRE
	does not work within AU_DEFUN, so change to a simple call to

2003-02-18  James Henstridge  <>

	* macros2/ (topdir): check to see if
	gnome-deprecated-macros.m4 ended up in aclocal.m4, and warn if so.

	* macros2/gnome-platform.m4: kill this too (with a deprecation warning).

	* macros2/gnome-cxx-check.m4: move to gnome-deprecated-macros.m4

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4: remove, and add a deprecation warning
	in its place.

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4: remove, and add an AU_DEFUN in its place
	telling people not to use it.

	* macros2/linger.m4: removed outright.

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: remove GNOME_GTKDOC_CHECK, deprecated in
	favour of GTK_DOC_CHECK.

	* macros2/gnome-gettext.m4: remove file (people should be using
	gettextize or glib-gettextize).

	* macros2/gnome-deprecated-macros.m4: new file to hold deprecated

2003-02-18  Jody Goldberg <>

	* Don't depend on a file that James just deleted

2003-02-14  Kalpesh Shah <>

	* macros2/check-utmp.m4: initialize UTMP structure properly. 
	Fixes Bug#93774.
	Patch reviewed by Andersca <>

2002-12-12  Jody Goldberg <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4 (GNOME_DEBUG_CHECK): now that autoconf-2.52
	  is a prereq for things the build broke on the use of
	  without the additional arguments.

2002-09-23  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* macros2/ exit if aclocal, autoheader, automake or
	autoconf fails to run without warnings. Usually compilation would
	fail afterwards with funky errors.
	This is more anal than the version committed to the gnome-2-0 branch.

2002-08-18  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* macros2/ hardcode aclocal-1.4/automake-1.4 so that users
	with both automake 1.6 and 1.4 installed get the right automake. Means
	compilation from CVS will now require the latest automake 1.4
	release, or manually creating symlinks called "automake-1.4" and

Mon Aug 12 23:49:41 2002  HideToshi Tajima  <>

	* macros2/ use portable -o instead of GNU-ish -or for
	  find test.

2002-08-10  Miles Lane  <>

	* macros2/ fix the "find" test so that the presence of is reporteded.  Each expression requires its own
	  -print flag.

2002-08-10  Sebastian Rittau  <>

	* macros2/ support for

2002-05-10  Chema Celorio  <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: fix GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS to work when
	  a parameter is passed.  The arguments to AC_ARG_ENABLE were swapped.

2002-04-01  jacob berkman  <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4 (GNOME2_X_CHECKS): kill bogus clearing

2001-12-11  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Up to 1.2.4.

2001-10-29  jacob berkman  <>

	* macros2/ add check for glib-gettextize

2001-10-15  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* macros2/, curses.m4: added curses.m4 (copied from
	  the gnome1 macros.  this file is needed to gdialog

2001-10-02  Darin Adler  <>

	* macros2/ Complete intltool support.

2001-10-02  Darin Adler  <>

	* macros2/ Add intltool support.

2001-09-20 Glynn Foster <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4: replaced  

2001-09-04  Frank Belew  <>

	* macros2/ change gettext regexp to work with non-gnu grep

2001-08-18  Darin Adler  <>

	* macros2/ Don't ask people to ignore xml-i18n-tools

2001-08-04  Darin Adler  <>

	* macros2/ Update gettext logic to allow anything that
	starts with AM and ends with gettext. This makes it work with
	AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT, which is what libbonobo is now using.

2001-08-03  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 (GNOME_PKGCONFIG_CHECK_VERSION): Removed.
	(GNOME_CHECK_PKGCONFIG): Use $PKG_CONFIG --atleast-pkgconfig-version
	to check for the pkg-config version.

2001-08-02  Michael Meeks  <>

	* Version 1.2.3

2001-07-26  Darin Adler  <>

	* Point to the new home of pkgconfig at instead of "" [sic].

2001-07-26  Darin Adler  <>

	* doc/usage.txt: Point to the new home of pkgconfig at

2001-07-20  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4: Require pkg-config 0.8.0.

2001-07-12  Darin Adler  <>

	already takes care of that.

2001-06-29  Laszlo Peter <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 (GNOME_PKGCONFIG_CHECK_VERSION): Fix
	  the regexp to process all 6 version numbers.

2001-06-22  Elliot Lee  <>

	* macros2/gnome-gettext.m4: N'sync with the gnome1 version,
	  bye bye buggies.

2001-06-13  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 (GNOME_CHECK_PKGCONFIG): Require
	  pkg-config 0.7.0 and fix download URL.

	* macros2/gnome-platform.m4: Require pkgconfig on the GNOME 2.0

2001-06-01  Peter Williams  <>

	* macros2/ s,Gnome,$PKG_NAME,g

2001-05-22  Darin Adler  <>

	* hack-macros/gnome.m4: Add BUILD_INCLUDED_LIBINTL for
	compatibility with the new gettext.
2001-04-16  Darin Adler  <>

	* A cut at updating the spec file now that
	the pkgconfig stuff and support stuff has gone away.

2001-04-14  Martin Baulig  <>

	*, Removed.

	* Set version number to 1.2.2.
	(--enable-platform-gnome-2): Removed this command line argument;
	this package is now the same for GNOME 1.x and GNOME 2.0.

	* acinclude.m4: Removed.
	* acconfig.h: Removed.

	* support/: We don't build this directory anymore; the GNOME 1.x
	version of it is in gnome-libs/support and the GNOME 2.0 one is in

2001-04-13  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 (GNOME_PKGCONFIG_CHECK_OPTIONAL_MODULES):
	Set variable `have_<name>' to yes or no depending on whether the
	module was found or not; allows you to define automake conditionals
	for optional modules.

2001-03-26  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* added to EXTRA_DISTS
	* added
	* gnome-common.spec: removed from repository as it appeared
	* new spec file using Martin's suggestions

2001-03-24  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/ Add the xml-i18n-tools stuff here.

2000-12-01  Martin Baulig  <>

	Released gnome-common 1.2.1.

2000-12-01  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/compiler-flags.m4: Improved compile warnings check; the
	--enable-compile-warnings parameter now takes 5 different
	values (no/minimum/yes/maximum/error). AC_SUBST(WARN_CFLAGS).

2000-11-29  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome.m4, gnome-gnorba-check.m4, gnome-fileutils.m4: Removed.

2000-11-26  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4 (GNOME2_X_CHECKS): Use

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 (GNOME_PKGCONFIG_CHECK_VERSION): Don't
	(GNOME_CHECK_PKGCONFIG): Check for pkg-config >= 0.4.1.

2000-11-22  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4: Added GNOME_PKGCONFIG_CHECK_OPTIONAL_MODULES
	to check for a list of optional modules.

	* macros2/gnome-platform.m4: Require GNOME_REQUIRE_PKGCONFIG.

2000-11-22  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-platform.m4: New file. This defines

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4: Disable the --extra-flags argument to
	pkg-config, this doesn't exist anymore.

2000-11-22  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4: New file. This defines
	GNOME_PKGCONFIG_* macros from pkg-config.

2000-11-21  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-support.m4, need-declaration.m4: Removed.

2000-11-21  Martin Baulig  <>

	* Set version number to 1.2.1.

	* (--enable-platform-gnome-2): New configure
	command line argument to enable support for the GNOME 2.x
	(PLATFORM_GNOME_2): New automake conditional.
	* Do the GNOME_SUPPORT_CHECKS here if we're on the GNOME 2.x

	* (SUBDIRS): Conditionally add support for the
	GNOME 2.x platform.

	* acinclude.m4: New file. Put stuff from gnome-support.m4
	and need-declaration.m4 here.

2000-09-30  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4: Switch to pkg-config to check for GTK+ 2.0.
	  Removed all `gnome_cv_passdown_x_*' variables and `USE_DEVGTK'.

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4 (GNOME_COMMON_INIT): Added the always-false
	  INSIDE_GNOME_COMMON automake conditional.
	(GNOME_DEBUG_CHECK): New macro.

Thu Aug 24 02:28:57 2000  George Lebl <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4: use the correct name in AC_PROVIDE

2000-08-06  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4 (GNOME_X_CHECKS): Renamed

2000-07-24  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/ Removed some old crap in it.
	* macros2/aclocal-include.m4: Removed.

	* macros2/gnome-x-checks.m4: Check for GTK+ 2.0.

2000-07-24  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/ Make it work with AM_GNOME2_GETTEXT.
	* macros2/check-utmp.m4: New file.

2000-07-24  Martin Baulig  <>

	Synced with gnome-libs/gnome-data.

2000-06-09  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/gnome-common.m4: We need this here as well.

2000-05-29  Martin Baulig  <>

	* Set version number to 1.2.0.

2000-05-29  Martin Baulig  <>

	* macros2/ New file. Install this stuff into

	* macros2/gnome.m4: New file. Copied from `hack-macros' dir.

	* macros2/ New file. Copied from `macros' dir.

1998-02-19  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* New sample file.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.
	* README: Likewise.