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#include "clusterautoconfig.h"

#include <stdint.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <libintl.h>
#include <string.h>

#include <logging.h>
#include "libgfs2.h"
#include "osi_list.h"
#include "inode_hash.h"
#include "fsck.h"
#define _(String) gettext(String)

struct inode_info *inodetree_find(uint64_t block)
	struct osi_node *node = inodetree.osi_node;

	while (node) {
		struct inode_info *data = (struct inode_info *)node;

		if (block < data->di_num.no_addr)
			node = node->osi_left;
		else if (block > data->di_num.no_addr)
			node = node->osi_right;
			return data;
	return NULL;

struct inode_info *inodetree_insert(struct gfs2_inum di_num)
	struct osi_node **newn = &inodetree.osi_node, *parent = NULL;
	struct inode_info *data;

	/* Figure out where to put new node */
	while (*newn) {
		struct inode_info *cur = (struct inode_info *)*newn;

		parent = *newn;
		if (di_num.no_addr < cur->di_num.no_addr)
			newn = &((*newn)->osi_left);
		else if (di_num.no_addr > cur->di_num.no_addr)
			newn = &((*newn)->osi_right);
			return cur;

	data = calloc(1, sizeof(struct inode_info));
	if (!data) {
		log_crit( _("Unable to allocate inode_info structure\n"));
		return NULL;
	/* Add new node and rebalance tree. */
	data->di_num = di_num;
	osi_link_node(&data->node, parent, newn);
	osi_insert_color(&data->node, &inodetree);

	return data;

void inodetree_delete(struct inode_info *b)
	osi_erase(&b->node, &inodetree);