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This is how are pull requests handled by FreeRDP

  1. Every new pull request needs to build and pass the unit tests at https://ci.freerdp.com
  2. At least 1 (better two) people need to review and test a pull request and agree to accept

Preparations before creating a pull

  • Rebase your branch to current master, no merges allowed!
  • Try to clean up your commit history, group changes to commits
  • Check your formatting! A clang-format script can be found at .clang-format
  • The cmake target clangformat reformats the whole codebase
  • Optional (but higly recommended)
  • Run a clang scanbuild before and after your changes to avoid introducing new bugs
  • Run your compiler at pedantic level to check for new warnings

To ease accepting your contribution

  • Give the pull request a proper name so people looking at it have an basic idea what it is for
  • Add at least a brief description what it does (or should do :) and what it's good for
  • Give instructions on how to test your changes
  • Ideally add unit tests if adding new features

What you should be prepared for

  • fix issues found during the review phase
  • Joining IRC #freerdp to talk to other developers or help them test your pull might accelerate acceptance
  • Joining our mailing list freerdp-devel@lists.sourceforge.net may be helpful too.

Please remove this text before submitting your pull!