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fc-validate \- validate font files
\fBfc-validate\fR [ \fB-Vhv\fR ] 

 [ \fB [ -i \fIindex\fB ]  [ --index \fIindex\fB ] \fR ]  [ \fB [ -l \fIlang\fB ]  [ --lang \fIlang\fB ] \fR ]  [ \fB--verbose\fR ]  [ \fB--version\fR ]  [ \fB--help\fR ]  \fB\fIfont-file\fB\fR\fI...\fR
\fBfc-validate\fR validates
\fIfont-file\fR(s) if each fonts satisfies
the language coverage according to the orthography files in fontconfig.
If \fB--index\fR is given, only one face of each file is
validated, otherwise all faces are validated.
This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax,
with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of
options is included below.
Only query face indexed \fIindex\fR of
each file.
Set \fIlang\fR as a language instead of current locale. this is used for \fB-m\fR\&.
Show more detailed information.
Show version of the program and exit.
Show summary of options.
Query \fIfont-file\fR for font faces.
\fBfc-validate\fR returns error code 0 for successful parsing,
or 1 if any errors occured or if at least one font face could not be opened.
This manual page was updated by Akira TAGOH <>\&.