conf.d/README Each file in this directory is a fontconfig configuration file. Fontconfig scans this directory, loading all files of the form [0-9][0-9]*.conf. These files are normally installed in @TEMPLATEDIR@ and then symlinked here, allowing them to be easily installed and then enabled/disabled by adjusting the symlinks. The files are loaded in numeric order, the structure of the configuration has led to the following conventions in usage: Files begining with: Contain: 00 through 09 Font directories 10 through 19 system rendering defaults (AA, etc) 20 through 29 font rendering options 30 through 39 family substitution 40 through 49 generic identification, map family->generic 50 through 59 alternate config file loading 60 through 69 generic aliases, map generic->family 70 through 79 select font (adjust which fonts are available) 80 through 89 match target="scan" (modify scanned patterns) 90 through 99 font synthesis