The elfutils documentation is very much a work in
progress. Contributions are welcome.
Please reports bugs at
Please send additions and patches to:

The elfutils utilities are a new implementation of many of the
utilities found in binutils and consequently, the documentation for
most of the tools has been the the man pages for binutils. For example
you could refer to readelf's man page for instructions on
eu-readelf. This has been fine up until this point but as tools gain
new capabilities, they will need to have their own individual man
page. Forking the man pages from binutils is acceptable and the
current plan of action.

New utilities that do not have an analog in binutils can have their
initial man pages generated using a tool like help2man.

The C language interfaces for libelf, libdw, and libdwfl are in
particular need of documentation. The aspirational goal is write these
in sphinx.