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Changes in version 1.14:

Version 1.14 is the largest bug hunt ever attempted in GNU ed. Other
goals of version 1.14 are to complete the documentation and to remove
any gratuitous incompatibilities with the POSIX standard. Thanks to Ori
Avtalion for initiating all this with a couple bug reports. ;-)

Byte counts, informative messages, command error messages, and the '?'
and '!' prompts are now written to stdout instead of to stderr. The
standard error (stderr) is now used only for diagnostic messages.

The current address is now correctly set to the addressed line after an
empty insert command.

Fixed inconsistent behavior of the substitute command. It incorrectly
reported 'Invalid pattern delimiter' when the two last delimiters were
omitted after a null regular expression. Now it consistently reports
'Missing pattern delimiter' if the two last delimiters are omitted after
any regular expression (null or not).

's/a/%' has been fixed. It incorrectly replaced 'a' with '%' instead of
using the replacement from the last substitution.

An infinite loop, happening when EOF was found in the middle of a
replacement string, has been fixed.

Ed no longer accepts newlines in the replacement of a 's' command if it
is part of the command list of a global command, because in this case
the meaning of the newline becomes ambiguous. For the same reason, the
last delimiter can't be omitted if the 's' command is not the last
command in the command list.

The substitute command now correctly sets the current address to the
address of the last line on which a substitution occurred, and leaves it
unchanged if no substitution is performed.

A bug in the calculation of address offsets has been fixed. '3 ---- 2'
was calculated as address -2 instead of the correct address 1.

Address ranges with the first address omitted are now accepted.

The current address is now correctly set to the addressed line (or to
the new last line if at EOF) after an empty replacement text in the
change command.

Repeated print suffixes are now rejected. It has been documented that ed
allows any combination of non-repeated print suffixes and combines their

The substitute command now accepts suffixes in any order.

The 'repeat substitution' command now rejects multiple count suffixes.

The 'p' suffix of the 'repeat substitution' command now toggles all the
print suffixes of the last substitution.

End of file on standard input now behaves as a 'q' command.

The modified status is no longer cleared after writing the buffer to the
standard input of a shell command. (Reported by Jérôme Frgacic).

The descriptions of the 'a', 'c', 'e', 'g', 'i', 'j', 'k', 'm', 'q',
'r', 's', 'u' and 'w' commands in the manual have been fixed.

Most tests in the testsuite have been improved. Bug reporting has been
simplified; only the failed logs and results are kept in the test
directory, which can then be (tarred, compressed, and) attached to the
bug report.